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Without letting his presence be known, the husky shut the door on the fun that the human and lupine were having. Jacob made his way into his bed room and fell back onto his bed. It would seem that the moment was burned into his mind, but he had no clue why it was affecting him so much. His mind was desperately finding possible outcomes to the situation, but none of it helped his emotions. Anger, sadness, regret, and a tint of jealousy swirled in his heart.

Leaving the young detective to be caught in confusion of what he wanted. He was able to rationalize that most of the reason for this plethora of mixed emotions was about his friend, Luke. Seeing as he only met Keith days ago, the flood of feelings were most likely for the young lupine.

"Maybe they were all right..." He clutched the goggles in his hands and held them close to his chest.

"I still can't believe I'm going through with the porn idea..." Marcus sighed as he rubbed his temples, still discussing it with Wolf.

"If ya need help, feel free to let me into the project, do you know how many ladies would want this body?" The blue fox glared at the mercenary.

"But that's pointless, you're not even going to sleep with them!"

"I just said they would want me, I never said I was going to fuck 'em." Marcus hung his head again as he wished this situation would end. "Besides, I'd be doing you a favor, maybe you'll get to see your first shirtless guy up close."

"I already have, Keith works out in his boxers. He was doing push ups when I first met him." Wolf closed his eye and began to think of the moment.

"Was his ass facing you or away from?"

"Facing me... WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS!?" The fox snapped at the owner of his home and noticed that they were having a conversation... despite the topic, he was speaking somewhat casually with the rival of his father.

"Your fault for spilling it out, so how'd he look, wonder if we can get to see his ass later..."

"Will you stop talking about my friend's ass for one minute!?" Marcus scolded the older lupine to get a chuckle from him.

"Fine, only because your tantrums are getting annoying." The fox calmed himself and steadied his breathing.

"Still, since we're going through with it, does that mean I'll have to pose?" Wolf nodded and confirmed his fear.

"Don't worry, pup, your clothes will be on, since you're underage, we so much as get one pic with you without a shirt and the whole academy gets shut down for child pornography. But Luke and Jacob are more than welcomed to strip for the camera."

The fox felt his cheeks burn red from the thoughts of the photo shoots. He really wasn't looking forward to it, but he needed the academy to get their funds up to earn more live battle experience.

The next day, the human woke up and remembered that he needed to check his Email. After a brief look through messages, he noticed a message from his buddy.

"No fuckin' way!" He yelled in excitement after reading through the first sentence of it's contents. His outburst of joy and disbelief woke up the whole Manor. The first of the occupants to react to Keith's morning wake-up call, was none other than the owner of the home.

Wolf kicked open the door and threw one of his boots at him. Hitting him right between the legs in his pride. Letting out a groan in pain and crumbled to the ground, holding his pained area.

"Next time I chucking my steel toe boots at you." The older lupine warned, grabbing his makeshift projectile weapon. The others stood in the doorway to see the human in utter pain as Wolf walked out.

"You gave him the boot, didn't ya?" Luke asked, grinning while trying to suppress his chuckles.

"Yup." The young lupine grabbed his sides as he began laughing hysterically, needing to sit down as to not fall over. Marcus ran over to his friend and winced at the pain stricken face of the human.

"Keith... Are you going to be ok?" He asked, realizing that he was getting worked up over nothing seeing Keith smile through a few pain tears.

"I'll be fine... I've been hit there by worse things... Besides, happiness is numbin' my pour body." Outside the room, the husky stared in amazement at how long Luke was laughing, three minutes and not a single break for air to refill his lungs.

"Why are you so happy?" The fox asked, a bit confused how someone can still smile after taking a blow to the balls.

"Mah buddy's comin' to Corneria!" A boot flew into the room and nearly hit the redhead again hadn't the fox caught it first and toss it back. "Thanks..."

"I'm happy that your friend is coming here, is their a reason?" The fox ask, keeping his ears open to anymore oncoming enemy fire.

"He's moving here from Earth, and comin' to see Roy and yew guys sing..." He lolled his head back, exhausted from the pain.

"Um... Maybe you should stay home..." Marcus suggested, Jacob's ears twitched at the moment, finding interest in the opportunity.

"I'm not sure..." Keith replied, eyes closed."

"It will be fine, I'll look after you." The husky volunteered for taking care of the human for the day.

"Alright, I'll make sure to pay attention in class this time and write more notes." Marcus agreed to the conditions and planned to force himself to listen.

"Wait, yew haven't been paying attention in class?" The dark blue eyes opened and looked at the blue fox. Marcus began to sweat from nervousness and did not want to admit to it.

"No!" Upon screaming his lie, the infamous boot flew back in and repeated the earlier events. The two winced at the high groan Keith made, while Luke was now choking over his own guffaw.

"It... wasn't even me..." Keith muttered through pain tears. Taking the moment as his escape, Marcus rushed to his room to get ready for the day and hoped Luke was as well. If he ever stops laughing.

"Why do we have to walk again?" The young Lupine asked as he looked at the smaller fox beside him.

"Maybe because the only people I trust driving are staying home at the moment." The fox sighed as they walked. Luke may be a great pilot, but his style was that of a Hotshot, so his driving is the same, and Marcus wanted to get to the academy in one piece and without a ticket.

"That hurt my feelings..." The young lupine put on a fake pain stricken face. Marcus couldn't help but laugh at the usual joke from their childhood.

"So, how are you and Keith doing, getting along real well?" The blue fox asked, wanting to catch up with his best friend. Despite living in the same house now, Marcus still hasn't gotten to speak with Luke one on one.

"Yeah, you can say that, REAL well." Luke chuckled, but the young fox was lost.

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say, we're getting lucky the past few nights..." Marcus froze in his tracks, from what he remembered, getting lucky was something to do with what Luke wanted at the party. Putting the context and applying it to Keith.

"You mean...?" The young Lupine noticed that the fox wasn't by his side and turned to look at him in a panicked and confused state.

"You ok?"

"Answer my question and I'll answer yours..." The fox's tone trembled a bit, heart racing as he awaited for the answer.

"Me and the human have been fucking, nothing more nothing less." Luke shrugged it off as if it was nothing, but he never expected it to anger his best friend, still didn't believe it when the fox's fist connected with his jaw. Having not been ready for the violence, Luke plummeted to the concrete, looking up to see the rage in the fox's eyes. "What the hell was that for?!"

"He has a girlfriend, you can't do that to Eleanor!" It was the obvious reason, but not his own reason to resort to punching his best friend. The black haired lupine sat up and still looked up at the fox, light blue eyes squinting at him.

"Sorry, but most of it isn't my fault, it's happened more than once, and Keith was very responsive and willing, part of it is also his fault for keeping the relationship with her." He brushed his hand through his hair and dusted himself off as he got up.

"What do you mean?"

"The day of the party when Keith and that chick got back together, did he look happy?" With that said, the lupine walked on his own, leaving his best friend behind to ponder over the facts.

Keeping the last sentence fresh in his mind, and going back through the images of that night, he saw a faint look of disappointment in the human's face along with sadness and despair, all hidden under a slight grin.

After Marcus and Luke had left for their classes, Jacob placed the human in bed and made sure to shut the door. He help but snoop around the room of the mechanic to find objects of interest.

"How are you holding up, Keith?" The husky asked as he looked through the closest to find many jeans, dress shirts, and jumpsuits. One thing he noticed was a lone hat, nicely placed on top of a box.

Hearing a groan, Jacob turned to get a look at the human. His eyes tightly shut but still conscious based on the rise and fall of his chest.

"Fuckin' boot man..." He muttered, wondering how the hell Wolf was able to hit him dead on the second time. The husky picked up the hat and inspected it, a red cap and brim with a logo of a tow truck that was also red. Opening the box, he found several pictures and began looking through them all. The first that caught his eye was that of Keith along with two other men. One being a brunette, the other having raven black hair. Keith wearing the same hat that sat a top the box. The brunette man wearing a similar hat, only blue colored scheme.

Looking through other photos, one of the whole family of brothers, and yet no parents. Another of Keith with Roy along with the brunette man and a younger looking boy that had the same light brown hair smiling wide next to the younger brother. Roy having a small blush on his cheeks but still managing a smile.

"Wonder is this has anything to do with the friend visiting..." The husky was glad to have found more insight to the redhead's past, great timing as weel, seeing as he did not want to dwell on the topic of Luke and Keith's relationship together.

The fox sighed as he waited to see the Dean. After freaking out and punching his best friend, Marcus was not in a great mood. It stung that he hurt his own friend due to jealousy, but he couldn't help but feel that he wasn't in control at that moment.

"Marcus, the Dean is ready to see you." Now that he remembered the 'idea' to get the academy money, the fox's legs felt as heavy as lead. He blushed as he walked into the office and took a seat, getting forced to make eye contact with the Dean.

"Mr. McCloud, what is it that you wanted to speak to me about?" Marcus breathed in a gulp of air and exhaled deeply.

"I have an idea to raise money for the live dogfights..." He trembled as the idea was getting closer to being revealed.

"Well what is it? Don't let me die of old age first before telling me."

"Well, it was actually Wolf O'Donnel's idea..."

"Is it legal?" The fox nodded his head, still shaking and heart beating in his throat.

"To help raise up the Credits, we should make a website containing... modeling pictures of the students... and sell subscriptions..." Marcus hung his head, feeling ashamed to voicing the fundraiser. The Dean stayed silent for a full minute before pushing the frame of his glasses back to it's rightful spot and coughing.

"You mean... Porn?"

"Not porn if the privates are hidden..." The fox reused Wolf's counterargument to the same question.

"Put up a sample site with a few individuals, if it works, I'll allow you to continue with it and take photographs of anyone in the academy. But I must assure you, do not turn it into pornography..."

"I won't..." The fox felt all the blood rush to his head.

"You may go now."

"Thank you..." Marcus rose from his seat and exited the office, still shaking nervously. "Now I gotta get sample pics... Great."

Beware Wolf and his boot... Nuff said. Anyways, this chapter was more of comedy, but it had it's serious moments and past revealed. Hope ya guys enjoyed!