Seven Years Earlier

Quileute Forest

She knelt bare and beautiful beside the cold gushing stream, her long hands gracefully scooping up flowing tendrils of fresh water to splash onto her face. From this angle behind a thick copse of trees where his wolfen eyes were trained on her, he could distinctly see her sleek silhouette as she continued to refresh herself.

Her golden skin had a healthy supple sheen needing no sunlight to illuminate its human flawlessness. He was grateful for the sullen, cloudy weather of this small town. He didn't really favour bright sunlight.

His wolf was rearing to go after her, to run to her, to inhale her unique scent. Unknown to her, he'd been close to her long enough to memorize her scent, a deep, sweet musk reminiscent of crushed red roses and mulled wine.

The wolf wanted to taste that scent. He craved to rub his own scent glands all over her tawny body and make her submit to him...

He reined in the primal urge of his wolfen half with the ease with which he controlled all things around him. The man told himself that he wanted to leave this place immediately, to not disrespect her privacy even though she was unaware of his perusal. But he was honest enough to know as well that regardless of his wolfen needs, he as the man was deeply affected as well...As affected as each and every wolf since time immemorial each time they beheld their imprint. As affected as John and Aurora had been. He was living testament to the fact that the imprint bond could make a lover of an enemy...

For the thousandth time, he mentally cursed this circumstance. He had no need or want of an imprint! Even if he were to make himself known to her and she accepted him, his enemies would make every attempt to cut her down. It was already taxing on his strength to protect his empire, it was better if he kept himself out of her life...

From what he had observed of her stay in Forks, she wholly desired to sever her ties to the paranormal world that had engulfed her childhood friends and family. Bursting into her life and growling, "mine, mine" would most likely not be greeted with a warm welcome.

The shewolf leaned forward in her human nudity reaching out a slender arm to touch the water reverently. It took more effort than he thought it would to stifle the feral growl that rose in his wolfen throat.

Ye gods, you would think that he was a boy eager to slake his first passion, the way his wolf reacted to her! And he had a good inkling that if he were observing her as a man, his reaction would be no different...

He didn't like this. From ever since he knew himself, he'd never spied on anyone. Instinctively, he knew that he wouldn't be going back to Naomi and the others...that they wouldn't satisfy him any longer. Not while she lived and breathed...

And he knew he'd kill to ensure that she lived and breathed...for a very long time.

Even now he could sense them on his trail...his enemies...even though they were miles away from Forks. The rest of the wolf pack awaited him on the outskirts of Seattle, not venturing with him into the deep forestry surrounding the Quileute reservaton. As he preferred it. They would ensure that their enemies would not be following him on this little sojourn.

"You're only fooling yourself if you think you can keep away from her.." One of his brothers had remarked before he'd left.

"I'd suffer the distance quicker than I'd suffer her death..." He'd responded curtly.

Sadly that wasn't an exaggeration. If they only knew about her they would try their damndest to kill her, at the very least to kidnap her to ransom. Even now they were getting ever closer to his trail. Despite his stance on imprinting, he couldn't help but wish that circumstances were different.

Now he watched the unbearably sad expression taking form on the stunning sharp features of her face and an unfamiliar urge engulfed him. He wanted to soothe her, to make her forget what ever it was that troubled her. He wanted to enclose her in his arms and tell her that one as beautiful and unique as she should be wreathed in smiles. Should be spoilt and pampered. But there was no time for that. Yet.

He sensed the restlessness of the pack where they awaited him and a crushing sense of loss darkened the wolf's mood. His huge paws slowly dragged against the dry forest floor as he silently and slowly backed away. Each step felt like moving a mountain. As he forced his wolf to run away from her, he resolutely swore to rid himself of the dark shadows haunting him for too long.

And when the time was right, nothing and no one would prevent him from returning for her...

A.N. So this is the beginning of my version of Leah's story...this is a sequel to Healing Fire. The story will unfold from mostly Leah's pov...hope the prologue is not too confusing; will reveal this mysterious imprint soon enough! Oooh getting that fluttery, excited feeling a new story brings!

This story takes place seven years after Healing Fire though this prologue is really set just after Leah returned to Forks from going to Volterra with Seth and the Cullens to rescue Jane...if you haven't read Healing Fire, you can check it's my first fanfic story centred around Seth and Jane!

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