Mamoru walked under the moonlight, enjoying Chizuko's presence. But he felt a shiver run up his back as he saw the silver moon turn red. What now? He looked to his right, and was startled to see Chizuko look up at the moon, triumph shining in her black eyes. He stared as he saw the girl he thought he loved turn into a youma. Her green hair squirmed and transformed into tiny snakes, and her smooth skin broke out into scales. "Finally, I'm free! The Master has finally infected that Moon Princess!" She cackled. She turned her yellow eyes to Mamoru. "And now, it is time for me to have my meal." Her snakes shot out, their mouths widening as they prepared to bite into the victim in front of them.

Mamoru quickly transformed into Tuxedo Kamen, and jumped, barely dodging the snakes.

"You were a youma?" He asked, disbelief behind his masked face.

"Yes. I have been hypnotizing you to get you away from the Moon Princess, and have been manipulating the dreams of her friends." She replied. "Why, did you think Chizuko loved you?" She added with a sneer. Mamoru felt rage flare up. How dare she trick me into loving her, keeping me away from Usako. He used his rage to fling several roses at her. The youma only smirked, and swatted the roses away, but was shocked when it felt something pierce her from behind. She gaped at him, and disintegrated with a cry of outrage.

"Usako…must get to her." Mamoru muttered as he headed off.

The moment the rose impaled youma, the Sailor Senshi felt the disrespect they held for Usagi disappear. It took the four a while to realize what happened to them.

"That bitch Chizuko, she's the one that made us kick Usagi out. She hypnotized us to hate her, and then hypnotized us to forget that she hypnotized us!" Makoto realized.

"We have to apologize to Usagi and explain everything to her." Minako urged. Rei nodded. They all turned to the direction Usagi's house was at, but stopped when they saw Ami staring at the sky.

"What's wrong Ami? We have to go." Rei hissed, but stopped when she saw what Ami was looking at.

"Guys, look at this." Ami whispered. Makoto and Minako looked up, and feared the sight they were seeing.

"Why is the moon…red?" Minako asked.

"Could it be…"Ami trailed off.

"We've got to hurry, c'mon guys." Rei said.

Usagi stumbled around, a black glow around her. She felt a searing pain from her bones, and spread throughout her body. As she headed home, a voice in her head kept repeating the same words again and again. Let it go, Usagi. Let it go.

When she reached the front of her house, she saw everyone there. They were worried, but to Usagi, it seemed as if they came to rub their betrayal in her face. They already left you. What do you have now? The voice asked.

I have my family…

You are a reincarnation of the Moon Princess. If Beryl didn't attack, they wouldn't be your family. The voice harshly pointed out. As reality crashed down on Usagi, she felt the pain grow. Just as she passed by everyone, she collapsed.

"Usako!" Mamoru cried out. They all rushed to their fallen friend. He cradled her head and noticed her heavy breathing. "There's something wrong with her." He looked up at Ami who was feeling Usagi's pulse.

"Her pulse is irregular. There isn't a steady beat," she looked at Rei. "Rei, can we take Usagi to your shrine?"


"Minako, can you go with Rei and prepare a room for Usagi?"

"On it."

"Makoto, help Mamoru carry Usagi back. I'll go get my stuff." Rei and Minako ran off, and Mamoru lifted Usagi up in his arms. Makoto, who didn't need to do anything, followed Mamoru. Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury to obtain her medical utilities. Mamoru looked at Usagi's face, and gently brushed away a strand of hair. You're going to be fine Usako, just hold on.

When they reached Rei's shrine, Mamoru ran up the steps, four steps at a time. Usagi's condition was worsening, and she needed to be treated fast. Wordlessly, Rei ushered Mamoru into the prepared room, and he gently laid her down on the blankets. Ami took out her small computer, and scanned the dark glow around Usagi. The screen showed a massive amount of evil energy, and it was increasing by the second. "Someone did this to her, and with this amount of negative energy, it could be fatal." Ami reported.

"What can you do?" Makoto asked.

"Let's see if she has injuries." She looked at Mamoru. He looked back at her in confusion. "Ummm…a little privacy please?"

"Oh, sorry. I didn't know." He exited the room, and paced in front of the door, worry lines creasing his face. After a few minutes, Minako came out of the room. She had a haunted look in her eyes, and she was shivering. "What happened?" He asked.

"Wings…" She muttered.

"What? Wings?"

"Black wings. Like a bat." She described. "When we felt her back, we felt something hard, and found wings. I came out because I got scared." She hung her head in shame. "What kind of friend am I?" The two stood there in silence for a long time until Rei came out and broke the silence.

"You guys can come in now." They went in and saw Usagi sleeping with a shaken Makoto and a concerned Ami, who was furiously typing things in her computer.

"Usagi's body is changing. She's developing inhuman features, but what I'm most concerned about is her mind. Our betrayal has affected her a lot, she refuses to wake up, which won't give us time to explain ourselves to her. By the time she wakes up, her transformation will be complete, and it will be too late." She explained.

"Isn't there a cure or a way to reverse the process?" Mamoru asked. Ami shook her head.

"That's what I've been researching for, but there isn't one."

"One question, what exactly is Usagi turning into?" Makoto asked.

"Well, based on the changes and the amount of negative energy, I think it would be like this," she showed her screen to everyone.

On the screen was Usagi, instead, her blonde hair was black. She had fangs, with the jet black wings behind her. Her eyes were red, and a black crescent moon was imprinted on the left side of her face. "And this is the amount of power she would have." Numbers appeared next to the picture, showing a power equal to the crystal.

"Oh my god…" Rei whispered.

Mamoru looked at the picture, and then at Usagi. How could I do this to her? She's going through all this because I was weak against Chizuko's hypnotism. As tears welled up in his eyes, he saw Usagi's eyes flutter open. His eyes widened, and he quickly wiped away the tears.

"Usako, you're-" he stopped when he saw her eyes. They were cold and full of hatred, and the ocean blue eyes were now bloody red. She smiled, revealing her sharp fangs.

"Hi Mamo-chan, what are you doing here?"

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