Chapter One

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I cannot recall how it is my brother and I came to live this way. My brother rarely speaks about our sire and carrier, he being too young to even remember them much. The only information he can ever give me was that our carrier was beautiful and kind... and that our sire was strong and that he cared for us with all his spark.

I asked him why, if they cared so much, that they would ever leave us to fend for ourselves.

He could not answer. He vaguely recalled a struggle... him hiding me, only a sparkling at the time, as our creators went to confront an unseen enemy. And then, nothing. I did not have the courage to question him further.

When my brother, Skybreak, finally emerged from our hiding place, our creators were gone. We were on our own.

Two voors after that fateful cycle, my brother and I survived living on the streets of Kaon. Sometimes we dug through waste receptacles for even a sip of energon. Other times my brother worked for some spare chips to buy us nourishment. Sometimes we begged. But, most of the time, we stole currency in order to survive.

It pained me, at times. Knowing that I was a thief. But, my brother often encouraged me that they wouldn't miss a few chips and that we needed it more than they did. I was always pacified with that.

But what I could never overcome was the sheer hatred we were met with. The screams of "Street vermin!" still haunt me to this day. Not that I would blame them. Perhaps, that is what we were.

Street vermin. Thieves. Criminals. Orphans. Two younglings, struggling to survive in a cruel caste society.

I often thank whatever deity that would listen that Cybertronians matured quickly. I may have been only two voors old but my frame was still rapidly growing as was my processor. We could survive easier that way. And my brother would not have to carry a sparkling around or look after a mischievous youngling.

The streets of Kaon forced you to grow up faster than if you were fortunate to have been born elsewhere, Iacon in particular. I often envied those who lived in such luxury. But, those negative feelings quickly dissipated. I had my brother; that was all I needed.

Though, with how mischievous he could be, it's odd that I am the younger sibling.

"Brother! What in the Allspark did you do?" Darkstorm asked indignantly as they both ran as fast as they could down the dark alleyway. Her spark hammered within her chassis as she heard the eerie sirens of Cybertronian enforcers.

"I uh... thought that no one was going to claim those chips," Skybreak answered sheepishly. "How was I supposed to know that the mech was going to call the Enforcers?"

She glared at him. That's the last thing we need, to be caught by the Enforcers, she thought. They had never been in a Kaonian prison but they both heard enough horror stories to know better. The Council was cruel to those who disobeyed even the slightest law. Severing of limbs. Ritual disfigurement. Or outright termination.

So, Darkstorm knew better than to go and do things she ought not. Skybreak, on the other servo, never did quite learn.

"Get back here, street vermin. And I promise we'll go easy on you," the Enforcer growled from behind them.

This only resulted in the two younglings hurrying their flight away from them. Fortunately, they knew the back alleyways and streets of Kaon better than they did.

Skybreak and Darkstorm split up, maneuvering expertly across the streets. The Enforcers were soon lost in the crowd as the two younglings went to their home. It was a rather narrow alleyway, dark and damp. Their home consisted of meager energon holding containers, stacked together. But it was adequate and kept our most of the moisture outside. They both stopped there, chassis heaving.

"I... got it," Skybreak grinned as he showed her a bag filled with Cybertronian currency. "Take that, Enforcers."

Darkstorm was not amused. Skybreak yelled slightly in pain as she slapped his shoulder plating. "Brother, what were you thinking? You could have been taken. You could've gotten us both taken. There has to be another way. We can't keep doing this!"

Skybreak glared down at her. "Well, if you have a better idea than I'd love to hear it," he retorted. "It's not like you complain when we're refueling."

Darkstorm pulled away with a slight vent as her facial plating lowered. He was right, of course. But, after all, it did get tiring after a while, always running. Always being in danger of being captured. Surely, there had to be more to life than this.

Seeing her saddened expression, Skybreak frowned and gently lifted her helm so her optics met his. "Hey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped like that... or put you in danger. But at least we have enough currency to feed us for a stellar cycle, at least. Isn't that something to celebrate?"

She nodded once more before hesitantly smiling. "It is... And you are forgiven, Brother."

Skybreak smiled widely before kissing her forehelm. "That's my sister. Now, how about we get some more-?"

"Oh, you're not going anywhere," a gruff voice interrupted.

Skybreak and Darkstorm both turned around to see an Enforcer, his sheer bulk blocking the alleyway and causing a shadow to fall over them. Before they could move to flee again, he had already roughly grabbed her brother's throat cables.

"Let him go!" Darkstorm pounded her small fists on his leg but to no avail.

"Thought you could steal and get away with it? Not on my watch," the Enforcer sneered down at her brother before picking up the dropped bag. He juggled it in his other servo, seemingly weighing it before chuckling. "There's at least a hundred or so chips in here, little mech. That's enough for you to be tried as a full-grown Cybertronian citizen. And you-" He turned his gaze towards the little femme. After her fists became sore, she had all but given up freeing her brother. She simply lay there on the ground, sobbing.

"I think a Correction Facility for you. 'll have you straightened out in no time."

"N-No," She looked up, streams of coolant still dripping onto her buccal plating. "Please. Let us go. I promise, we'll-"

"Never do it again? I've learned how much a street vermin's word is worth." Both of their sparks sank as the Enforcer pulled out some stasis cuffs out of his subspace. "By the power given to me by the High Council, I place you both under arrest."

She feared for the worst. But, before the Enforcer could place a stasis cuff on her brother, a deep baritone voice interrupted.

"Excuse me, Officer. Perhaps, I can be of assistance?"

The Enforcer raised an optic ridge before turning to the voice's owner. It was a tall, strongly-built Seeker with a regal bearing and gold facial plating. He was painted in a vibrant blue and gold and looked to be close to being fully mature; he would be considered a teenager in human terms. A nearly identical Seeker stood next to him painted in green and silver.

"Who are-?"

"Forgive me for my poor manners. My designation is Dreadwing and this is my twin brother, Skyquake." Skyquake made no move to say anything. He simply glared openly and heatedly at the Enforcer. Dreadwing turned towards his twin, a seemingly unspoken conversation being made due to their rapid change of expression. Finally, Skyquake vented and turned away, trying to form his facial plating into a civil expression.

Dreadwing turned back to the Enforcer. "My brother and I were walking back from our shift and we could not help but notice that you were about to arrest these two younglings."

"Yeah?" the Enforcer bristled. "What about them?"

"We wish to thank you, kind officer, for finding them. You see, they are our siblings and ran away from home."

"But, that still does not change-"

"If there is any punishment to be had, allow it to be on our helms," Dreadwing interrupted before reaching into his subspace and pulling out a similar bag of currency. "Perhaps, we can compensate you for your services? To thank you for reuniting us."

The Enforcer looked back between Dreadwing and the bag of currency before smirking. Dreadwing inwardly matched his expression. The Enforcers were so corrupt that all you had to do was offer them currency and they would turn a blind optic to whatever you did.

"It was my pleasure, Skywing," the Enforcer said off-handedly before gratefully taking the currency and dropping her brother. Darkstorm immediately ran over to her brother as he lay on the ground, coughing and rubbing his sore throat cables.

"Brother! Brother! Are you all right?" she asked frantically.

"Y-Yeah," he waved her away. "I'm just fine." Darkstorm helped him to shakily stand before he turned to the two Seekers with a smile. "Thanks for the save."

"Let that be a lesson to you, youngling," Dreadwing smiled softly. "You should have more prudence in the future. Especially when it comes to Enforcers."

Skybreak's expression turned sheepish. "Y-Yeah... Right."

Meanwhile, Darkstorm stared up at the two strangers, her spark filled with awe. Not only did they save her brother, but they offered some of their own currency to make sure that he was free. "Why?" she asked softly. "Why did you save us?"

"I suppose my twin and I know what it is like, to live on the streets alone."

More coolant threatened to spill from her optics as she ran forward, embracing the Seeker's leg. "Thank you," she whispered.

Dreadwing leaned backwards slightly, aghast at the sudden embrace, before smiling softly and leaning downward. She could feel the Seeker's strong arm envelope her backside and wings as he returned the embrace. "You are most welcome, little one."

Darkstorm smiled brightly up at him before doing the same to his brother. "And thank you, Skyquake!"

The large mech chuckled slightly. "Eh, it was nothing. 'T was really Dre'wan's idea, but you're welcome."

Skybreak turned as Dreadwing began to address him. "May I ask where your creators are, little one? Did they send you to steal that currency?"

Skybreak crossed his arms. "My designation's not little one. It's Skybreak. And I did it because we don't have any creators." His facial plating fell slightly. "At least, not anymore."

Skyquake and Dreadwing exchanged another secret look. After several klicks of secretly speaking to each other, Skyquake threw his servos up in surrender. "Fine, fine. You win. But let me tell you something, Bruda, I am not going to play sparkling-sitter, got it?"

"Amhail is d'a huna laini kwa cro'i bog pha'sti," Dreadwing replied with a subtle teasing smile. Skybreak merely scoffed at this.

"D-Dreadwing," Darkstorm began, her curiosity being too great for her to overcome. "What are you speaking?" She knew it wasn't the Kaon dialect of Cybertronian that she and her brother spoke or the Iacon dialect that they knew to distinguish. It sounded different, more musical. And she rather liked it.

"Seeker cant," Skyquake answered, looking at her in shock. "You're a Seeker yourself. No one's ever taught you?"

Seeing her shaking helm, Dreadwing turned towards his twin. "I do not believe they were raised on Vos as we were, Bruda." Dreadwing turned back to Darkstorm. "Perhaps... we can teach you sometime? And we shall have all the time in the world if you say yes to our proposal."

Skybreak raised an optic ridge. "Proposal?"

"What would you say to living with us? The quarters will be meager since we are only paid on a gladiator's salary and not a popular gladiator's at that. But, it will be better than living on the street."

It was then time for her and her brother to have a secret conversation. "Can we, Brother? Can we?" she whispered in her excitement.

"I don't know, 'Storm..." he began hesitantly. "We don't know these two mechs. Who knows if they could-?"

"But they saved us from the Enforcers. And they offered us a home. Surely they can't be all that bad," she insisted. Her brother seemed to dwell on this, his lip components pulled down in a pensive frown. "Please, Brother... I'm tired of stealing."

Her brother at last seemed to give in. "Fine. But don't cry to me when things go bad."

He smiled however when she embraced him. "Thank you," she said happily before turning to the two Seekers. "We... will gratefully accept."

A/N: Seeker Cant Translations- "Amhail is d'a huna laini kwa cro'i bog pha'sti" -As if you do not have a soft spark for younglings.

"Bruda"- Brother

"Dre'wan"- Dreadwing

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