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Mimi sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. "I hate being a princess, too many responsibilities, not enough free time." Groaning loudly, she picked up a brush and began to comb her hair. A soft knock came from the door, before being opened and a head popping in. "Tai-kun!" She got up and went over to her friend. "Did you find the spell?" She asked while hugging him.

"Hai hai!" He replied, a big grin on his face. "Are you sure you want to do this? You could be gone forever!" He cried, and latched onto her.

She patted him softly on the head. "I can come back when you reverse the spell." Taking the book, she flipped through the pages and stopped on a page. "See? I can come back when you read the spell. Tai-kun, you worry too much."

"Oh yeah! You can't go tonight! Your father has planned a dinner party where you'll meet your fiancé." Tai said, finally letting go of her.

"Nani?! I'm not going! You go instead of me!" She walked over to her closet and pulled out a few dresses. "Here! Try these..." Turning around, she saw her bedroom door open, and Tai nowhere in sight. Throwing the dresses on the bed, she stormed out of her room. "Taichi Kamiya! You better get back here or I'll personally hurt you!"

"Never!" Tai exclaimed, running down the stairs. Mimi ran after him, but instead, slid down the banister, and jumped off, landing on Tai. "Itai itai! Get off!" Mimi had him pinned to the ground and he was squirming around underneath her.

"Not until you say you'll do it!"

"Princess, Onii-san, you two should get a room before anyone sees you, or your father, the King will be mad." A meek voice said from behind them. Turning to see who it was, they were a bit surprised to see Hikari standing there.

"Kari-chan!" Mimi jumped up, and stood on Tai's stomach, causing him to grunt, before grabbing her ankles, causing her to fall back down on top of him. "Itai.." Mimi mumbled, before getting up, along with the help of Kari.

"Hikari, you should be doing your work, not standing around and talking to the princess." Tai scolded his younger sister, shaking a finger at her.

"Hai hai! Gomen nasai!" Kari quickly walked off, her cheeks a pale pink color. Mimi grabbed Tai by the ear and the two of them walked back up towards her room.

"You shouldn't have done that Taichi Kamiya!" Mimi said, as she closed the door. Turning around, she crossed her arms, a determined look on her face. "You know that you and Kari-chan are my two dearest friends, even though you're my bodyguard and she's a servant." Mimi glared at him for a minute, before going over to her bed and holding up a dress. "Now, which dress would you like to try on first?" She smiled at him, causing him to back up against the wall in horror.

"Anything but the pink one!" He cried, clawing at the wall to get away from her and the dresses.


"Matt, come here and help me with this chest." Sora commanded, trying to drag out a large chest from the corner of the attic.

"And exactly why are we up here?" Matt questioned, while helping her bring the chest over to where the sunlight shined in through the window.

"My Grandma talked about a book that she had, and I have always wanted to look at it." Sora continued, having difficulty opening the chest.

"I don't see what's so great about this book." Matt said, helping her open the chest. The chest creaked open, and dust filled the air. Sora waved her hand in front of her face, trying to see the things inside of it.

"Wow! Look at this!" Sora picked up a big old book, and blew on it, causing dust to fly up Matt's nose, making him sneeze. "Oh sorry about that Matt." Sora laughed at him as he just glared. Opening the book, she flipped through the musty pages, and stopped on one that caught her eye. "How to visit the past?"

"What's that? Sounds pathetic if you ask me." Matt looked over her shoulder and read aloud. "If the past is what you seek, then read the spell." Laughing he sat back, looking at the chest. "That didn't even rhyme! This is lame Sora, lets go get an ice cream or something."

"You go ahead Matt, this looks interesting." The writing on the page hypnotized Sora, causing a glazed look to come over her face. Matt glanced at her, and the look in her eyes surprised him.

"S-Sora? What's wrong?"


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