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"Thank you for having me." T.k. bowed to Sora, while Matt just stood behind him, a slightly bored look on his face.

"Don't worry about it T.k." Sora smiled and let them in, closing the door behind them. Matt looked around, his eyes resting on a pile of bags on the table.

"What's that?" He walked over to the bags, and looked in them to find tons of different things. Sora and T.k. walked up next to him, and Sora pulled the things out of the bags, laying them in rows on the table.

"Well, there's dragonwood, apache tear, niaouli, thyme, irish moss, coral, honeysuckle, ginger, and pine." Sora pointed to each of the different things as she said its name. "Are you guys hungry? I was thinking of ordering some pizza." Sora went into the kitchen and grabbed the phone. "What do you guys like on your pizza?"

"Pepperoni and black olives." T.k. said, picking up the apache tear and looking at it.

"Doesn't matter." Matt went over to the couch, and sat down, turning on the t.v. Sora ordered the pizzas, and went back to the table, where T.k. was currently looking at the thyme.

"You need all this to do the spell?" T.k. placed the thyme back on the table, and went over to the couch, sitting next to Matt. Sora came up behind them and sat on the back of the couch.

"Yeah I do actually. I'm so glad you two are here, you can help me with the spell." Sora smiled and gave Matt a noogie, causing him to protest loudly.

"Why exactly do you want to do the spell?" Matt didn't even looked at her, but watched the t.v., while he fixed his hair.

"Hmm.that's a good question." Sora laughed nervously, as Matt turned around glaring at her. She held her arms up in defense, as if to hope that the glare would go elsewhere. "Hey, you can't blame a girl for being curious, now can you?" Matt glared at her even more, and she ended up falling off the back of the couch, landing on her back. "Ok, ok, so I thought it'd be fun, no need to have a heart attack over it Matt." Sora laid on the floor, looking up to see T.k. looking down at her. The doorbell rang, causing everyone to look at the door.


"Mimi." A voice said, sounding like it came from far away.

"Nrf!" Mimi grabbed her pillow and tossed it at the noise.

"Mimi.!" The voice came again, and something shook her softly.

"Mugh.five more minutes." She rolled over and pulled the blanket over her head.

"MIMI!!" The voice ripped the blanket away from her, causing her to yell in surprise and roll off the bed.

"Itai! Itai!" Mimi held her head, as she opened her eyes, looking up at Tai. "What was that for Tai-kun?" She asked, standing up and glaring at him.

"It's time for dinner." He was wearing the dress and wig, and looked pretty much like a Mimi clone. Mimi nodded, and tossed her pillow back on her bed. "You do know that you have to come as me, right?" He continued, tossing some clothes on her bed.

"N-Nani?! I forgot about that!" Mimi looked miserable.

"Cheer up Mimi, at least all you have to do is stand there. Besides, it isn't all that bad." Tai turned around as Mimi changed into the clothes. She put her hair in the helmet, before putting it on and turning around.

"How do I look?" She asked, striking a pose. Tai just laughed as his eye started to twitch.

"Mimi, don't look so girly! And try to make your voice deeper, or else people will start to talk."

"Oh.I mean um sorry there Princess." She laughed, her voice a bit deeper, yet still a bit different then his.

"Here Mimi, let me help you." Tai went around to her back, and began adjusting some of the straps. "Like this." He pulled on one strap, squeezing Mimi's stomach a bit.

"Oww! Hey! Not too tight!" She crossed her arms over her chest and scowled.

"You're only wearing this for tonight, so just be happy that you don't have to wear it all the time." Tai walked in front of her and looked her over, nodding, before going to the mirror and fixing the wig. A knock on the door startled them, and they turned to see a guard standing there.

"Dinner is ready, Princess." He looked at Mimi a bit strangely before leaving.

"Hear that? Time for us to go. Come on!" Tai grabbed Mimi's arm and pulled her out of the room. Upon reaching the stairs, Tai let go of her arm, for other guards were lined up along the stairs. Brushing the dress he was wearing, he began to walk down the stairs as gracefully as he could, Mimi behind him. Lifting his head high, he smiled and concentrated on looking happy, yet forgetting about being graceful. A boy about his age with blonde hair was at the bottom, looking up at him, a grin on his face. Getting nervous, Tai tripped on his dress, and fell down the stairs, only to be caught by the boy.

"Are you alright Princess?" He asked, concern apparent on his face. Tai nodded, but when he noticed where the boy's hands were, he jumped away from him.

"Pervert!" Tai faked a girl scream, causing Mimi's eye to start twitching.

"Oh shit, I'm so screwed!" Mimi mumbled, as she followed Tai and the boy to the dining room.

~*An hour later*~

"We're going to be getting wed soon, are you happy Princess?" Prince Michael asked, looking at her all starry eyed.

"Oh yes! I can't wait!" Tai laughed, causing Mimi's eye to start twitching even more.

"Really? Too bad we have to wait a few weeks, I would like to be with you sooner, alas I cannot be." Michael sighed and ran a hand through his golden locks.

"Why not?" Tai looked at him, confused about this. Michael looked at him surprised.

"Because you had said a certain date, and I do not want to break it." Tai laughed, and scratched the back of his head nervously. Michael moved a bit closer to Tai, causing Tai to move back in his chair.

"Unless you want to marry sooner.." Tai let out a squeak of surprise, before he fell off his chair, his legs in the air, looking a bit like a flower with the dress and undercoats all spread out around him.

"Princess!" Before anyone could move, Mimi quickly helped Tai back up. Tai, red as a tomato, sat back down.

"I sure seem to be clumsy tonight! Must be something in the food!" Laughing, everyone just looked at him a bit weird. "Er, I need to go um freshen up, I'll be back in a minute." Getting up, it took all of Tai's patience to keep from running out of there. Mimi quickly followed behind him, and the two of them stopped out in the hall.

"Tai-kun! Pull your act together or someone will figure out what we did!" Mimi glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I'm sorry, but that guy is freaking me out!" Tai leaned back slightly and looked in the dining room. "I feel sorry for you, having to marry someone like that. But you're probably in love with him, right?" Tai laughed, but was surprised to have Mimi slap him.

"BAKA! I LIKE YOU! NOT HIM!!" Realizing what she did, she covered her mouth with her hands and backed up a few steps. A few of the guards along with servants looked at them, before going back to work, whispering.