Author's Note: This story follows the Japanese traditions for Valentine's Day, where only girls give out chocolates. If people are interested in a second part (for White Day), please don't hesitate to leave a comment or a message.

Warning: AU, OOC characters (though I will try my best to keep them in character!)

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It was Valentine's Day at Grand Line High. The halls were decorated with red streamers and red hearts, courtesy of the student council. They take their jobs too seriously, but they were harmless. For the most part. He approached his locker with a bit of apprehension. Female students tend to think that he'd end up reciprocating their feelings when they offer him sweets, something he didn't enjoy. And just like last year, someone was already waiting by his locker.

Just like last year, it was Tashigi, blushing furiously behind her glasses, a red box in hand.

"Z-zoro" she stammered.

"Tashigi" He said, with a curt nod. He tried to ignore the fact that she was standing to close, and proceeded to open his locker.

"So you know what day it is today?" She asked, trying to sound casual, but her voice reeking of nervous effort. Of course her reddening face didn't help at all. Tashigi and Kuina had been best friends, even if his sister was older. They had shared the same aspirations of being the best swordswoman, in a sport dominated by men. Tashigi was in his grade, and he used to walk with her to his sister's class to pick up their bentos, or during the end of school to walk with the older girl home. It all stopped when she died.

Kuina who would have popular with the boys, Kuina who would be in the same year as her right now, if Kuina hadn't died, and if she hadn't been accelerated. Twice.

"Tuesday" He said, dismissively, dropping his bag in. He fingered the scabbard of Wado, the only sword he was allowed to carry around in school. Even if it was a weapon, his successive win at competitions still brought pride (and funding) for his campus.

Tashigi blushed harder. "Yes" She shifted her weight from foot to foot "And it's Valentine's Day."

Zoro stopped, his face obscured by the door of his locker. This wasn't the first time she had approached him, and as arrogant as it may seem, he knew it won't be the last. But all he could see in her was his dead older sister. Adopted, yes, but still his sister. Kuina was fond of the young swordswoman taking in their shared gender as a calling to mentor her. They were kids then, and he, with his shock of green hair, tried in vain to best fighter of their dojo. Failed miserably, all up until she died. Since then, Tashigi has tried to pursue him. For reasons even to him unknown. Maybe it was still the grief talking.

"Tashigi" He said, not bothering to look at her "I'm sorry."

He felt a hand on his elbow "I know" she said "You still love her."

She placed the box of chocolates in his open locker "But still accept this, maybe by White Day you'll be over her." And she left him, just in time for the first bell. He left the box in his locker, he would give it to Chopper later.

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