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If there was one area where the magical world far outstripped the mundane one, it was in the medical field.

When a muggle breaks a bone, it can take months to heal. And even when it does heal, sometimes the bone will not function to the same degree as it once had.

In the magical world, a talented healer can mend a bone in seconds back to its original condition.

When a muggle gets a deep cut, it takes a professional to stitch the wound closed so that it can heal naturally, and even then the body has the chance of the wound getting infected. Plus it leaves a nasty scar.

One doesn't even need to be a healer to heal a flesh wound caused by non-magical means. A basic healing spell would be enough to heal the injury without a scar.

The magical world had even come up with a cure for the common cold, something that the muggle world had been only able to treat the symptoms for. In fact, Hogwarts' own potions professor had been the co-creator of the potion that was able to rid a witch or wizard of a cold in minutes. For the last thirty years, the potion had never failed to cure the disease.


Until now that is.

"This just simply isn't making any sense!"

The Hogwarts hospital wing currently had 4 occupants. Obviously, one was Hogwarts' resident nurse, Madame Pomfrey.

Two were Potions Masters, Professor Slughorn and Lily Potter.

The last occupant of the room was laying in one of the hospital beds and he was not happy.

"Do you think it has something to do with his different body temperature?" Lily suggested.

"Could be, could be… Or perhaps… No that's ridiculous." The mustachioed professor mused to himself.


The three adults in the room hastily ducked as two, foot long icicles soared above their heads.

"And Lily, you're sure he's never gotten sick before." Madame Pomfrey asked worriedly.

Lily shook her head, "Never. We never really gave it much thought."

"So we have nothing to compare to." Slughorn summed up.

The occupant in the bed had finally had enough, "Is there anything at all you can do? Get rid of my stuffy nose? My fever? At least get rid of my sne… sneez.. snee-ACHOO!" This time two quaffle sized snowballs flew across the room.

Lily patted her son's hair comfortingly, "I'm sorry baby, no one's ever had to deal with an elemental being sick before. All the potions you've taken don't seem to be having the same effect that they would on a witch or wizard. All we can do is monitor you until you get better naturally."

Harry groaned and sank back into the hospital bed. "There's no way I can go to class, is there?" He asked with resignation, already knowing the answer.

Professor Slughorn glanced over at the opposite wall where Harry's unintentional elemental magic had been impacting. Large divots of stone had been gouged out of the wall and lay scattered on the ground. Sometimes it was a icicle, sometimes a snowball, an ice flake, there was even a pair of swords made out of ice. Whenever Harry sneezed, his magic formed into some kind of ice construct and shot out at high speed.

"I'm afraid that would probably be a bad idea, Mr. Potter." The mustachioed professor said, "Have no fear however, I'm sure one of your friends wouldn't mind bringing you your class's homework and notes."

"I'm sure Hermione would jump at the opportunity." Harry grudgingly agreed.

"It'll be fine, Baby. You'll be all better in a week." Lily said comfortingly.

A week passed and guess who was still sick?

"I hate it here." Harry grumbled with his arms crossed.

"Cheer up mate! It's not too bad, least you… uhhhhhhh… you know, I can't think of a brightside to this." Neville admitted sheepishly.

Erin bopped him upside the head, "Nev, shut up."

"Ow! Why do you always have to hit me?"

"It's the only way to get anything through that thick skull of yours."

"I guess that's what I can expect from such a mean, vindictive girl. Why did we ever make friends with you?" He said woefully.

"We made friends with Harry, he just happened to drag you along." Erin said imperiously.

"And here I thought you kept me around for my good looks." he said jokingly, "And I suppose we just drag you along for your fantastic personality?"

"What else?" Erin said flipping her hair and mock-admired her nails. "Hermione's the brains, I'm the personality and good looks, you're the comic relief, and Harry is the walking popsicle. We're kinda like the A-Team."

Hermione swatted them both on the shoulder. "Knock it off you two, we're here to cheer Harry up. Not listen to the two of you butt heads with each other."

Anna giggled, "No let them talk! It's funny!" She was communicating with them via communication mirror.

"Non, me too! He eez very funny!" Agreed Gabrielle. Anna happened to be visiting the Delacour's house with their mother when Harry decided to give her a call from the hospital wing. His days were very boring just sitting around all day, he ended up calling her often.

"Please don't encourage them, Anna." Hermione said exasperated.

Before anyone could respond, Luna came skipping into the room. "Afternoon Neville, Hermione, Erin, Sick Harry! Oh and Anna and Gabrielle too! Yay!"

"Luna." Anna said through clenched teeth. For some odd reason, through the brief interactions Anna had had with Luna through Harry's mirror, Anna had decided that she did not like Luna. They all could tell but none of them knew exactly why.

But for some reason, Luna absolutely adores Anna.

"Anna! I love your hair today!" Luna squealed as she got practically nose to glass close with the mirror.

Anna, who had her red hair up in a ponytail, scowled at the compliment. "Thank you. Luna." She once again gritted out through her teeth.

Luna giggled, "That's what I love about you, Anna. You're always smiling and nice to me!"

Those in the room wondered how Luna could mistake Anna's clenched glare and angry tone for anything other than what it was.


There was only one thing in the castle that made that dolphin like sound.

"Snorky! You found me!" Luna said happily as the ice creature came trotting happily into the hospital wing and jumped into her mitten clad hands.

"Harry, Gabby and I have to go. Mom and Mrs. Delacour are taking us shopping. I'll call you later." Anna said.

"But that's not for-" The mirror went blank before Gabby could finish.

"Awwwwe, that's a shame. I wanted to talk to Anna about more Snorky." Luna said mournfully.

"Luna, why aren't you wearing shoes?" Hermione asked, just noticing the blonde girl's feet.

"I don't know. I couldn't find them this morning." Luna leaned in really close to Hermione and delivered in a stage whisper, "I believe that nargles may have taken them."

"Nargles." Erin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Shhhhhh! Not so loud." Luna whispered fiercely, looking around the wing as if a nargle might pop up. "They're really mischievous creatures, they like to take people's things and hide them but luckily they can be repelled by wearing a necklace of butterbeer corks. Which is why-" She pulled out a 6 pack of butter beer bottles from her bag, "I brought these!"

"You're amazing, Luna." Harry said gratefully. He'd been on a strict diet to get rid of the cold which meant light food and lots of fluids. He hadn't had anything particularly tasty in a week.

"Oh poo, I should have got more. This is only enough corks for one person." Luna said with a pout.

"Er- it's okay, Luna." Harry said. "We'll just help you make one for yourself by helping you drink them."

Luna blinked owlishly, "Drink them? We can do that?"

Neville slapped a hand to her forehead, "Yes Luna, we can."

"Really? I didn't know that, usually Daddy uses it to water Dirigible plums."

"Well usually, you're supposed to drink butterbeer." Erin said trying to stifle his laughter.

"Okay then!" Luna then popped a cork on one of the bottles and downed the whole bottle in one go.

"How is i-" Neville began but stopped when Luna held a finger up.

A moment passed before Luna let out the single largest belch any of them had ever heard.

"This stuff is amazing! I can see why Daddy waters the Dirigible plums with it." She said brightly.

"And that concludes the single strangest conversation I've had in a long while. Sorry Harry, I hate to leave you alone but I gotta go to quidditch practice." Neville said, packing up his bag.

"And we have 3 feet of Transfiguration homework we still have to finish." Added Erin.

Neville groaned, "Which I'm gonna have to finish after practice."

"It's okay guys, really!" Harry said, "You've been here an hour already."

"I'll stay!" Luna chirped.

"See there you go, I won't be lonely now." Harry added.

"You sure Harry? We can do our homework here if you'd like." Hermione said.

"Seriously guys, it's fine. Go." The three accepted his plea and left the wing.

"Here! I brought blank parchment and crayons." Luna said, taking a one of the newly vacant seats.

"Thanks Luna." Harry said, used to the girl's quirkiness by now… mostly at least.

So that's how Harry spent the next hour, coloring with Luna and drinking butterbeer. He honestly should probably be studying or reading some of the notes Hermione took for him, but he'd done that all morning. Coloring wasn't exactly something he loved doing, he actually found it a bit boring. But, like with everything, Luna found a way to make it more interesting.

"Look Harry! I drew a flying castle!" Luna said brightly.

"Wow Luna that looks…" Harry trailed off looking at Luna's drawing. It was really quite good, it actually reminded him a bit of Hogwarts just without some of the battlements and other structures. It was floating in the air on an island that was chained to the ground by monsterous black chains. But that wasn't what really caught his attention. She drew it over a ford of water with a range of mountains behind it, these weren't drawn with much color yet but the peaks and angels of the mountains were perfect. So perfect in fact that Harry could hardly believe it.

Hell, Harry had spent the better part of his nights snowboarding down them while he was in Arendelle. He'd recognize them anywhere.

"Luna, where did you see this castle?" He asked intently.

"Nowhere silly, it just popped into my head the other day."

"Uhuh… You're sure?"

"Mhmmm! Sometimes ideas just pop into my head. A flying castle, some spanish speaking french fries, a giant dragon, an island full of crumple horned snorkacks, oh I even drew one of you!" She said excitedly digging through her bag.

"Aha! Here see!"

She handed him a sheet of parchment, and there was indeed a drawing of him. Incredibly detailed as well, she seemed to have used colored pencils this time instead of crayon. He was looking off into the ocean, standing on a hill of some sort. Luna truly was an amazing artist,

Only it wasn't him. Well it was but it wasn't. He had the same messy black hair and the same green eyes. But there were some major differences.

"You drew me with a beard." He observed.

"Mhmm! Beards are manly."

"And I have a sword."

"I thought that if you can't have a wand, you need something even cooler."

"And am I wearing a suit of armor?"

"It matches the sword!"

"And why am I missing a hand?"

"I haven't drawn that part in yet, but your missing hand is actually holding the hand of a beautiful queen!"

"A beautiful queen?" Harry asked bemused.

"Yup! And she's going to extra beautiful with pale blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a dress made of snowflakes!"

"Uhuh." Harry said back sounding dumbfounded when in actuality, his mind was racing at a thousand miles a minute.

Everything Luna just said hit a little too close to home, well his second home. Arendelle. How could she have drawn the mountain ranges so perfectly without having actually been there? And this beautiful queen… it didn't take a genius to recognize that she was describing Elsa to a T.

"Do you not like it?" Luna asked worriedly.

"No, no, no, it's great! Luna, really. I… I gotta go see the headmaster." He settled on. He was the only other person in the castle that knew about Arendelle, the only person he could talk to about this.

"Are you sure you're well enough, Harry?"

Harry waved her off, "I haven't sneezed since yesterday and I am feeling a bit better. Just cover for me if Madam Pomfrey comes out of her office."

"Aye aye captain!" Luna gave him a salute before going back to her drawing.

"Actually Luna, can I show the headmaster your drawing?" He asked.

"Do you think he'll like it?"

"I'm sure he'll love it."

"Okay then! I'll work on finishing the drawing of you instead!"

"Sounds good, Luna."

The headmaster's office was actually rather close to the hospital wing so Harry didn't run into anyone on the way there. Which was good as he was wearing only his hospital pajamas and was barefoot. Thankfully, the cold stone of the castle floor didn't bother Harry in the slightest.

"I'd like to see the Headmaster, it's important." Harry said to the stone gargoyle outside of his office. It took a second but the guardian moved out of the way and let him pass.

"Come in Harry." Harry head called from within the office before he could knock.

The office hadn't changed since the last time he had been in, harry observed as he entered. Same only spinning silver instruments, same bookcases, same portraits of all the past headmasters, and same incredible phoenix on a golden perch beside the desk.

"I'm fairly certain you're still supposed to be in the hospital wing, Harry." Dumbledore said from behind his desk. Harry could see the stylized W that the wizengamot put on all their documents on some of the parchment on the desk.

"I know sir, and I was a moment ago, but this couldn't wait. I apologize." Harry placed Luna's drawing on the desk. "Luna drew this."

Dumbledore's beard twitched in amusement, "It is a very creative drawing, Ms. Lovegood is quite the artist."

"Look at the mountains, sir." Harry pushed on, "I'd recognize those mountains anywhere. Those are in Arendelle."

The headmaster's eyes immediately sharpened, "I see. And is this all she drew?"

"No sir, she also drew one of me. Well, kinda. It's me with a beard, sword, and armour. She's not done with it yet, but she said I'll be holding the hand of a beautiful queen. Sir, she described Elsa almost perfectly when I asked."

"Indeed." The aged wizard leaned back in his chair with his hands steepled in front of his chin.

"Well sir? How can she know this? Only 7 people in the world know about Arendelle."

"Tell me Harry, do you remember what I told you when you told me you made friends with Ms. Lovegood?"

"You asked me to look out for Her. And that I'd understand why with time." He answered.

"Indeed I did, I actually thought it would take longer for you to realize what Ms. Lovegood is. They are rather hard to spot unless one knows what to look for."

"Look for what? Sir, what is going on with Luna?"

"Ms. Lovegood is a seer, Harry." The bearded wizard said simply.


The headmaster chuckled, "I see that you are unsure as to what that entails."

"No, no, I know what a seer is. They can see the future and make prophecies. I researched them when I was looking for any other rare abilities like my elemental ability."

"You are correcting your assessment of seers but you are also wrong." Dumbledore explained, "You see, Harry, there is a common misconception about seers."

"There is?" Harry asked bewildered.

"Indeed, a great deal actually. Seers cannot make prophecies. Only prophets can create prophecies. Seers can… well for lack of a better explanation, seers can see the world without restraint."

"What do you mean sir?"

"How to put this… Ah! Well imagine the world is a kaleidoscope."

"A kaleidoscope, sir?"

"Indeed, a kaleidoscope is an ingenious muggle device that, when looked through, displays a myriad of different colors, patterns, and designs through the use of colored glass lenses. These designs can change into a multitude of different designs, altering our perceptions of the world that we see. It is the same as the world we live in, we are all blinded by lies, by love, by hate, by time, by life and death. A normal person would look through a kaleidoscope and be unable to see past the designs and colors.

"A seer can look through a kaleidoscope as if it were clear as glass, able to see the world as it truly is. Not blinded by the light, able to see through the darkness."

"I am still very confused, sir." Harry deadpanned.

"Ahhh, yes, I see. Hmmmmm. Well seers can see things that others can't."

"I imagine that's why they are called SEE-rs, sir?"

Dumbledore chuckled, "Indeed, that is why."

"And they can see what? The future?" Harry asked.

"Possible futures." The professor corrected, "Seers can see possible futures, or world lines, if you'd prefer. There are infinite possible world lines going in the same direction in time, only with slightly differing changes to the world line to differentiate between them. It is similar yet different to the infinite universe theory."

"You've lost me again, sir."

"Have I? Oh, I apologize, Harry. Sometimes I get caught up in my ramblings and forget I am not speaking to someone who is as educated as I have been. But unless you want me to explain several hours of chronological theory to you. Just know that Ms. Lovegood can see some of the possible outcomes of the future. Not all of what she sees will happen, but it can happen. She can also see past any lies or false perceptions that are found in the world."

"What do you mean by that sir? Does that mean she can tell when someone's lying?"

"Not anymore than anyone else can, Harry. What I mean is that she can tell who people are, who they really are, despite what they may project outward to others or even inwards towards themselves. Ms. Lovegood can see past all the barriers we put around ourselves and tell the true nature of someone."

"Like an empath?" Harry asked, having read about them as well when he was researching.

"Similar, empaths can sense specific emotions of others. A seer simply gets an instinctive feeling about a person."

"So, summarized up, Seers can tell if a person is a good person and they can see possible futures?" Harry said.

"And even the past, at times." The headmaster confirmed. "Truly a spectacular gift."

"But sir… How can you tell which of Luna's drawings are of the future? I mean she drew one of french fries that spoke spanish. And a castle flying over Arendelle is almost as ridiculous."

The headmaster let out a laugh, "Who knows? One can never tell what the future truly has in store. As for the french fries… Simply one of the many quirks of Ms. Lovegood, I'm sure… Or simply are rather bizarre possible future.

"Which is why they are extremely valuable to those who would abuse such a gift. Prophecies are unchangeable, encompassing all world lines, meaning that the knowledge of the future they give cannot be changed. They will happen no matter what one does to try and prevent it from happening. Knowledge of the future that seers produce can be used to guide those down a certain path."

"Which is why you asked me to watch out for her, because people might want to abuse her gift." Harry realized.

"Indeed, if dark forces were to learn of ms. Lovegood's gift… She would become a target for capture, much like you unfortunately are."

Harry's mind flashed back to New Years, only instead of himself being taken, it was Luna.

"I won't let anyone hurt her." Harry nearly growled out.

"And neither will I, Harry." The headmaster soothed, "As long as she remains within these walls, no harm will come to her."

The two lapsed into silence, the aged wizard allowing the young elemental to process his words.

"What- what should I do, sir?" Harry asked.

"Do?" The headmaster let out a chuckle, "Harry, what makes you think you need to do anything other than what you already have done?"

"Luna can see the future, sir. That isn't exactly normal, how am I supposed to treat her after learning this? What am I supposed to do about all of this?"

"Be Ms. Lovegood's friend. There is nothing more you need do, Harry."

"Her friend…" He asked wide eyed. Was it really that simple?

"Mhmm, her friend." He said with a twinkle in his eye. "Ms. Lovegood is no different than she was an hour ago. Despite being a seer, she is still an 11 year old girl who needs the support of her friends and family. So all you must do, Harry, is be her friend."

"I think… I think I can do that."

The headmaster chuckled once again, "Then I suggest you make your way back to the hospital wing to be with your friend before Madam Pomfrey discovers your absence."

Harry grimaced, "Good idea, sir… I'll be on my way then." He quickly walked out of the office, his bare feet rapidly making slapping sounds on the ground.

"He truly is a remarkable young man, wouldn't you say Fawkes?"

The majestic bird gave a musical happy trill in response.

Luckily, the conversation between Harry and the Headmaster hadn't taken too long and Madam Pomfrey was still in her office.

His mind was still reeling from the information. Luna? A seer? What the actual hell. The loveable quirky girl he had met in the forest feeding sausages to thestrals. The girl who believed in magical creatures that no one else thought existed. The girl who watered plants with butter beer, is a seer. A seer like Nostradamus, a man who was considered by many magicals to be one of the wisest men to ever exist. And Luna was like him.

"Look Harry! Snorky made a drawing too!" Luna exclaimed happily skipping over to him the moment she saw him enter the wing. She was holding up a sheet of parchment that was covered in illegible purple scribbles. Snorky was perched on her shoulder and was chirping with pride in his accomplishment.

"It… looks… great Luna." Was all he could say.

She nodded her head happily in agreement, "I thought so too. He calls it "A pervicacious perambulate through the embranglement that is life." I told him it sounds a little sumptuous but what do you think?"

Harry thought that he'd probably have an easier time understanding Dumbledore's explanation of time than he would understanding what Luna just said.

"I don't even know how to react to that name." He said honestly.

"Hmmmm, I guess we'll have to debate on this more later Snorky. Oh! Oh! Oh! I finished my drawing too!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him back over to his bed where they had been coloring previously. "See, I told you she'd be a beautiful queen!"

Any doubts about Luna not being a seer went out the window right then and there. Luna is a good artist, and she did a fantastic job of capturing the beautiful likeness of Queen Elsa.

The only other possible way Luna could have learned what Elsa looked like was if she had been to Arendelle and seen Elsa's resting place within her palace.

But… if Luna could see the future, then in what possible future was Harry holding hands with Elsa alive and well?

"And that's another 10 points for Gryffindor!"

"Whoohoo! Go Neville!"

"For the last time, he wasn't even part of that play. Or any chaser play." Harry pointed out dryly.

"I don't need your negativity in my life, Harry. Whoah! Nice save Neville!" Erin said with eyes focused on the match.

"That was Wood, the keeper! Neville's the seeker, he's up there near the teacher's stands!" Hermione said in exasperation.

"Well they're all flying so fast that they're hard to keep track of! I don't know which one to cheer for, but I know one of them is Neville. So now the entire Gryffindor team is Neville!"

"It's still easy to tell who's who!"

"Oh yeah? What about our beaters! They look exactly the same!"

"They're TWINS!"

"Calm down, Mione. She's just trying to rile you up." Harry stepped in.

"And it's working!" Erin said brightly, "Sorry Mione, you just look so cute when you're arguing and getting all flustered."

Hermione, now blushing red, was unable to form a response.

"Look Neville's diving! Our Neville, not the other Nevilles! He's seen the snitch!" Erin exclaimed.

Quite honestly, Harry couldn't see if Neville was after the snitch or not. All he could see was that his dirty blonde best friend was in a steep dive, and the Slytherin seeker was hot on his tail.

And wasn't that a surprise, the Slytherin seeker this year was Draco Malfoy. Malfoy wasn't half bad of a flier, there wasn't any doubt about that, but most of the school believed he bought his way onto the team after Malfoy Sr. bought the whole Slytherin team new Nimbus 2001s, the latest broom on the market.

This match was the answer to the age old quidditch question, did brooms make the player? Gryffindor was obviously more talented and more experienced working as a team than their Slytherin counterparts. But their brooms were far outclassed, even Neville who was riding a Nimbus 2000 that he had gotten for his birthday the year previously.

It was a tight game, the score fluctuating between both teams. One minute Slytherin was in the lead, and the next Gryffindor was. This game would come down to seekers.

"Come on Nev." Harry said more to himself than to cheer with the other Gryffindors. He could now see a glint of gold several feet in front of Neville, this wasn't a feint.

"Malfoy is closing the gap between on Longbottom fast, both seekers racing just feet above the pitch field." The voice of the commentator, Lee Jordan echoed, "The snitch is headed straight for the wall of the stands! They're neck and neck now! 50 meters to the wall, 30 meter, 10 meters! Malfoy pulled up! Longbottom keeps going! 1 meter! Longbottom pulls up! He has the sni- Oh! Ouch! That had to hurt!"

The moment Neville pulled up, he made a grab for the snitch and snagged it just as it began to veer right. But he pulled out of his collision course with the wall a moment too late, causing his leg to be squashed by the wall. He barely managed to stay airborne.

"Do you think he's okay?" Hermione asked worriedly, nervously chewing on one of her fingernails.

As if to answer her question, Neville pumped his fist into the air in triumph, clenching the snitch tightly between his fingers.

"He's got the snitch! Gryffindor wins 250-110!"

The Gryffindor stands went ballistic with cheers.

"Yeah I think he's fine!" Harry said over the cheer of the crowd.

"Whoohoo! Go real Neville!" Erin cheered wildly, her face painted red and gold in support of the house of lions. She also had a red and gold pennant in one hand and in the other was clutching one end of a banner (the other end being held by Dean Thomas who had helped make it with Luna) that said "GO NEVILLE!" In flashing red and gold letters. She was wearing one of Neville's practice jersey's that he'd lent (she stole from his locker) to her. She had declared herself his 'Super-Fan.'

"Come on! Let's go down to the locker room to congratulate him!" Erin said as they began to filter out of the stands.

"You two go on ahead, I'm gonna wait for Luna to exit from the Claw stands." Harry said.

"Sounds good, Harry. We'll meet you upstairs in the common room for the victory party." And then the two brunettes had left Harry to wait for Luna on the path up to the castle.

They had invited Luna to sit with them in the Gryffindor stands, but as it was her first quidditch match at Hogwarts, Luna had decided to sit with her own house.

Her pale blonde hair stuck out among the house of Ravens, plus Snorky was rather easy to spot, his white coat a contrast among all the black robes. But even if she had her hair covered and Snorky wasn't with her, Harry could have spotted her. She had a rather noticeable lack of people on either side of the bench she had sat on. She had sat alone in her house stands. Not a single one of her housemates wanted to sit by her.

"Bunch of pricks." Harry muttered to himself.

Harry knew that Luna didn't have any friends other than the four of them. She sat alone for meals. He never saw her talk to any of her year mates, or anyone else for that matter. But Luna never seemed to mind, She simply talked to Snorky when she sat alone during meals.

"Arseholes." He said through gritted teeth as he leaned against the stadium supports. He noticed some icicles forming on the rafters above him and forced himself to shake off the unpleasant thoughts by taking some slow deep breaths. It would probably be a bad thing to collapse the quidditch stands just because he couldn't control his temper.

Harry waited for another ten minutes but still no sign of Luna. The stadium was already empty by this point

He sighed, "Merlin I hope she didn't take one of her 'scenic' routes up to the castle again." Luna was a big fan of wandering, one time Harry had to go searching for her after she was over an hour late to a study session he had planned with her the previous day. He found her on the fourth floor playing chess with one of the magical talking portraits. Luna was many things, "easily distracted" was definitely one of them.

He decided to make his way to the Ravenclaw side of the quidditch pitch stands. Odds are, Luna just got distracted by something cute Snorky did and had been gushing over him for the last 5 minutes.

Luna wasn't there. Huh…

"Where are you, Luna?" He muttered. He doubted he missed her walking past him, maybe she went towards one of the back entrances near the-

Harry's thoughts were cut off when he heard the sound that only Snorky could make. That unique high pitch squeaking was rather hard to mistake for anything else. Only it sounded different than normal. Normally it was a gleeful, laugh like sound. Now it was a panic filled cry for help.

Harry took off in a sprint, following the cry underneath the quidditch stands. He hurdled over and ducked under the thick wooden beams that supported the stands above him. He'd never been more happy for his workout routine than he was right now. Anyone else in school would have been out of breath by this point.

He jumped over one more wooden beam and nearly lost his footing from the shock of what was waiting for him on the other side.

Snorky was there, surrounded by four large boys in Slytherin robes. Harry only recognized one of them; Alexander Montague. The tiny ice creature was struggling to stand up, 4 of it's 6 legs had been broken off- no, more like smashed to bits.

"Just silence it already! I'm tired of hearing it scream. Anyway, mudblood, like I was saying. Just because our parents told us to stay away from Potter, doesn't mean we can't go after his friends. And seeing as how he's taken a particular liking to you…"

Harry then noticed Luna, unmoving and propped up against one of the beams. She was stiff as a board and expressionless. A full body-bind, Harry idly noticed. A full body-bind completely paralyzes all your body's muscles in place, but one can still hear, think, smell… and cry. Luna's face was streaked with tears. And- and was that...

"We'd thought we'd remind him that he's not welco-"

Harry didn't know when he moved the 20 meters that separated himself and the 4 boys. When he saw the blood on Luna's mouth and the quickly forming bruise across her cheek, all he saw was red. He blinked and the next thing he knew, his fist was plowing into Montague face, knocking the much larger boy to the ground allowing Harry to land on top of him.

"YOU THINK! *punch* YOU CAN HURT! *punch* MY FRIENDS! *punch*" He bellowed in rage, putting his all into every punch. Harry was about 5 inches shorter than Montague and about 40 pounds lighter. But that didn't stop Harry from beating the ever living hell out of him. He felt Montague's nose break but he didn't even pause, he kept pounding it to mush.

"Potter get off him!" One of the other Slytherins yelled, grabbing the back of Harry's robe's to pull him off. Harry reared back and elbowed him in the gut, surprisingly sending him flying back in a blizzard of snow, crashing through one of the thick wooden beams.

Harry leapt off Montague toward one of the other Slytherins, a growl tearing from his clenched teeth. His right hand lashed out in a downward slash, claws of ice forming on the ends of his fingertips and shredding through the boy's robes and into the flesh on his chest. Red glistened on the ice tips of Harry's fingers, the boy collapsed with a pained scream as his torso began gushing blood.


Harry was lifted off his feet from the force of the spell, his head swimming, but he wasn't knocked out.

He lept back to his feet, quickly shaking off the dizziness, and grabbed the Slytherin's wand before he could react.

He froze it.

The boy dropped his wand with a hiss of pain, his fingers no doubt frostbitten, the wand shattered when it hit the ground.

"You basta-" Was as far as he got before Harry's punch hit him in the gut, dropping him to his knees in pain. A baseball bat of ice formed in Harry's hands, Harry cracked it across the boy's head the next second, knocking him out cold.

He was breathing heavily, that whole exchange probably only lasted a couple of seconds but he was still shaking. He didn't know if it was from rage or exertion.

A pained chuckle came from where Montague lay on the ground. "Thoo've reelly doon it now Potta." He wheezed through his broken nose. "Thsay goo'bye to Hothwarths! They'll kith you ou' for thiths! Erryone will knoe you're a monsther! Thay shouda expthelled you lathst year, you killth two people already!"

Really? Really!?

Harry had to laugh at that, so he did. Just a disbelieving chuckle as he covered his face with his hand, this arsehole was really unbelieveable.

"You think I give a SHIT about that!" He growled out, slowly walking towards the downed boy, dragging his ice bat behind him on the ground.

"I guess you're Death Eater Trash Daddy probably told you about New Years, yeah? That's the only way you could have known that I've killed someone.

"Well let me tell you something, Montague, you're goddamned right I killed those two arseholes! You call me a creature, an abomination, a monster but you're wrong. Death Eater's are monsters, Voldemort is a monster. And you? You're just what those monsters shit out in the morning!"

He tore his hand away from his face, his teeth clenched so hard that he could almost hear them creaking from the strain.

"But me?! I'm what's gonna comes for them! I'm what monsters are going to fear! They just don't know it yet!"

Montague was finally able to see Potter from where he lay on the ground, and that's when he learned what real fear was.

Blood dripping down his knuckles, clenching that ice club with a bone crushing strength as he held it over his shoulder. A white mist was rolling off of him, slowly covering the whole area in a light fog. Razor sharp icicles had formed and hung innocently from the rafters, as if just waiting for a slight tremor to knock them loose and skewer him to death. And the cold, that devastating cold that cut through him like a knife. Even the pain from his broken nose couldn't distract him from feeling colder than he ever had.

But all of that wasn't what sent terror coursing through his veins. It was his eyes that really put the fear of death into him. Eyes that were once an emerald green had changed into a chilling ice blue. Even in the evening light, the glow could be seen from them.

And in those eyes, Alexander Montague saw no empathy, no pity, nothing. Nothing except a rage that bordered on madness that would consume any that stood opposed to him. It was these eyes that caused Alexander Montague, heir to the Noble house of Montague, to pee his pants in terror.

Harry raised the bat over his head, "So please, Montague, do us all a favor, and leave my friends. The FUCK. ALONE!" And Harry brought down the bat on Montague's head.


No spell was cast but Harry was immobilized, completely unable to move. The ice bat he had in his hand was halted meer inches above Montague's face. This wasn't a full body-bind. Somehow Harry knew he could move, but he just couldn't even think about attempting it.

He couldn't turn to see who it was that had arrived and stopped him, but he really didn't have to. He recognized the voice.

"Harry… Calm yourself. Please." The soothing voice of Albus Dumbledore pleaded with him.

No. Now was not the time to be calm. This arsehole needed to pay. To hurt. To realize what happened to those who hurt the ones he loved.

"He's had enough, Harry… Look at your hands Harry, they're covered in blood. I know you're not a killer, don't prove me wrong."

Harry's eyes began to dim from their vicious blue glow, but it still wasn't enough. Harry wasn't the kind of person to care much about what others thought of him. There was only one thing in the world that Harry truly cared about.

"Luna needs you, Harry."

And just like that, it was as if an entirely different person was standing there over Alexander Montague's prone form. The bloodlust and killing intent Harry was exuding disappeared. The oppressive aura of cold that had nearly brought Albus to his knees when he first felt it had disappeared as well. And his eyes had returned to their usual emerald green that were capable of such kindness and warmth.

"Luna!" Harry dropped the bat and rushed towards his blonde friend. Dumbledore flicked a countercurse in her direction to dispel the body-bind still affecting the girl. Then he made his way healing the other downed boys, healing wasn't his specialty but one didn't live as long as he did without knowing some healing spells. He conjured a patronus message and sent it to Madam Pomfrey to let her know to expect new residents.

Luna's tears had frozen to her face after the brief exposure to Harry's magic, but that didn't stop new ones from forming. "They- they- they hurt Snorky Harry! An-an-and I could do anything but watch." She sobbed into his arms.

Snorky had been able to crawl over to his mistress and was cradled in her arms, squeaking in fright? Sadness? Worry? Pain? Harry couldn't tell.

"It'll be okay Luna, I can fix him." With nary a thought, Snorky's legs reformed themselves good as new. But that didn't stop his worried squeaking.

"I was so scared, Harry." She whispered. Harry had never heard her like this. She wasn't speaking in her usual dreamy tone that she always spoke with. Instead, there was a noticeable quimmer as she spoke and Harry could feel her shoulders quaking as he held her. Harry just now realized how small Luna really was, as small as Anna.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, I'm sorry I- I'm sorry, Luna." He hugged her tighter.

"You- You're my friend right Harry?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Her tearfilled, silver blue eyes looking up at him for assurance.

"Of course I am, Luna."

"They- they said I had no friends. That you were just pretending and you'd leave me."

"I'm always gonna to be your friend, Luna. Always."

"Albus! You said you needed- Oh shit." Sirius' voice went from panicked to resigned the moment he caught sight of the situation.

Ice covering the wooden beams underneath the stadium, a good number of them damaged beyond repair. Four boys, bloody, beaten, and bruised lying on the ground being healed by the headmaster. And his Godson, hugging the form of the young first year girl he had befriended as she silently cried in his arms.

He sighed.


Harry was someone of many firsts.

He was the first born of Lily and James Potter.

He was one of the first to step within the Kingdom of Arendelle in centuries.

He was the first elemental known to be studied by academics.

He was the first non-wizard to attend Hogwarts.

Incidentally, he was also the first Hogwarts student to be suspended in nearly a century.

"Do you have any sevens?"

Harry groaned, he had 3 of them. He was gonna ask her if she had any on the next turn! "Yesssssss. How do you always know?" He asked as he handed over the cards to his sister.

She grinned mischievously and happily accepted the cards, giving her enough to get her down to only 2 cards left.

"That's a secret!"

"I know you're cheating somehow."

"Maybe, maybe… But you'll never figure it out!"

"So you admit it!" Harry exclaimed pointing an accusing finger at Anna.

"I admit nothing!"

Harry slouched back down into his chair. This was the 12th game of go-fish they'd played in the last week and a half and he had yet to even come close to winning a single game.

It was November 16th, 10 days since he had been suspended from Hogwarts. And, well, it's been an ordeal to say the least. He'd been extremely close to being expelled and had almost faced criminal charges for what he'd done to the four boys.

The only reason he hadn't, had been because they had attacked Luna first and he was seen as defending her, if very violently. Him being a minor and overcome with rage had also helped his case. What hadn't helped his case was the damage he had done to the stadium and the damage done to the four boys.

Harry hadn't been the first to get into a fight with a fellow student at Hogwarts. Not by a long shot. Hell, magical fights between student's were almost a part of Hogwarts culture. There was the "no magic in the corridors" rule but no one really followed that because it was so hard for teachers to enforce. But usually it was a hex of a jynx that was cast, something meant to be more embarrassing than harmful. Well Harry didn't have those non-lethal options. Almost all his magic was lethal in someway, but in his rage filled mind, he didn't have the focus or the willingness to use the less than lethal kind he was capable of.

So he had been suspended until the New Year, which was about a month and a half of school. That was a lot of school missed but Harry didn't mind.

Yes he missed his friends at Hogwarts, but it wasn't like he wasn't still in contact with them.

"Oh? Hold on Harry, I'm getting a mirror call." Anna said, pulling her mirror out of her pocket. It's twin, the one that belonged to Harry, was left at Hogwarts for Harry's friends to use while he was at home.

"Hi Hermione!" Anna chirped when she saw the bushy haired brunette appear on the mirror.

"Hey Anna, is Harry there?"

"Yup, we were just playing cards. He can hear you." She said and turned the mirror towards Harry who waved when he saw her. Anna propped the mirror up on the table so she wouldn't have to hold it.

"How are you, Harry?" Hermione asked. They had been calling them on the mirror at least once a day since he left. Sometimes it was All three of them who called, sometimes it was just one of them. This time, it seemed to just be Hermione.

"Not bad, Mione. I finished that Herbology paper, thanks for sending those notes." Despite being suspended for a month and a half, he was still doing all his assignments.

"No problem. I'm sorry if I didn't go into enough detail about Mandrake root, I tried to draw in a diagram but it-"

"They were fantastic, Mione. Better than any note's I take."

Hermione beamed at him, "Good! Glad you got some use out of them. You know, Harry… Luna came back today."

Luna had gone back home to be with her father for a time after the attack. She hadn't left his side until her father had flooed to school, she had run into his embrace the moment he saw her.

He was one of the most bizarre men Harry had ever met. Slightly cross-eyed, with shoulder-length white hair, he wore a white cap whose tassel dangled in front of his nose and robes of an eye-watering shade of egg-yolk yellow. Harry could understand where Luna inherited some of her eccentric behavior.

Eccentric and odd he may be, but never let it be said that the man didn't love his daughter.

Harry still remembered his short conversation with the man.

"Harry Potter. I understand you are the friend that my Luna has written to me so much about."

"Yes sir." Harry replied.

"And Professor Dumbledore tells me that you are responsible for attacking the four boys who attacked my Luna."

"Yes sir." he answered again.

"Did any of them die?"

The question caught Harry flat footed, "Er- No, I don't believe any did."

"That is… unfortunate."

The response surprised Harry, "I would prefer that I didn't kill them, sir… But I can say that they will never touch Luna again. I'll make sure of that."

The man sighed, "I suppose that is all I can hope for… I would like for you to continue being friends with my Luna, Harry."

"Of course, sir. I would love to."

The Lovegoods had then headed home. Harry had received and sent two letters from Luna delivered by Hedwig (who was the only owl able to get through the Fidelius Charm around Potter Cottage.

"That's good to hear, how is she?" He asked.

"She's good, I think, well… it's hard to tell. I mean, you know Luna. The three of us will look out for her, don't worry about that. But I think she misses you, Harry. She's not as peppy as she normally is, and she hasn't let go of Snorky since she got here. I heard she even took him to class."

"The Professors allowed that?" Harry asked surprised.

Hermione chewed on her thumbnail in what seemed like stress. "I think the Professors feel guilty for not being there to protect her, for now they're letting her get away with it. And students aren't saying anything about her, I think they're afraid of you, Harry. No one will go near her now. I mean no one really approached her before, but now everyone actively avoids her. And the rumors! Merlin, you should hear some of the new rumors that spurned up in the one day she's been here! They've moved on from you turning into some demon of some kind, now it's to you fighting off the four boys because you and Luna are dating."

"Luna and Harry are what?!" Anna asked in shock.

"We're not, Anna! We're just friends!" Harry said quickly, blushing beat red.

Anna glared at her older brother suspiciously, "Hmmmmmm. Fine. I believe you. But you're not allowed to date any girl that I don't approve of."

"What?!" Harry exclaimed in shock.

Ignoring her brother, Anna turned back to Hermione, "Hermione, you're in charge of letting me know when some girl gets her claws in Harry."

Hermione looked like she was doing her best not to burst into laughter, "Will do Anna."

Harry just sighed, he was far too used to his sister's antics and her interest in his life by this point. But dating? He had no interest in dating.

"Moving on." Harry said, "How has the school been reacting to Dumbledore's 'New World Order?'"

What Harry meant by that was that Headmaster Dumbledore was reworking the way things were done at Hogwarts after the incident underneath the quidditch stands. New rules to stop violence at Hogwarts, Dumbledore himself began modifying the wards to detect what spells were cast within the castle, having a list of banned spells that, when cast, would alert the headmaster.

A new disciplinary board was formed and was attached directly to the board of governors to handle the discipline of students, teachers could still assign detentions for bad behavior but it was up to the board to handle discipline for any violence between students. Any student caught casting a spell at another student without that student's permission and without a member of the faculty present would face actions from the board.

Not all of the Board of Governors agreed with the new system. Some believed that it was too much of a restriction on the students, that magic shouldn't be monitored so closely like it was in Magical United States.

It was a close vote but majority was achieved in favor of the change.

Having 4 student's almost die on Hogwarts ground because of a fight between students was a wake up call that things at school needed to be run differently.

"School hasn't really changed much, unless you're one of the students who took advantage of the old system." She said disapprovingly, "Mr. Filch has been having a field day with all the student's in detention he's got cleaning the halls."

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'm sure he is." No one liked the Hogwarts caretaker. He was a mean, vindictive man who probably shouldn't be allowed to be around children. No one even knows why he was even hired by Hogwarts as the man was a squib. He probably should have found a job in the muggle world like most squibs do.

"The trophies in the trophy room have never shone so brightly." Hermione joked, "Malfoy can attest to that."

Harry looked at her surprised, "Malfoy? Really? He hasn't said or done a thing to us all semester."

"It looks like he was just afraid of you, Harry. He approached the three of us the day you left to gloat." Hermione explained.

"You've waited until now to tell me?" Harry asked a bit mad.

Hermione looked away, her face red. "I'm sorry, Harry. You were dealing with so much as it was… we all just agreed to let you know when things settled down."

Harry sighed, "You still should have told me, he didn't hurt any of you did he?"

She shook her head, "No, Erin can cast a pretty good shield charm now. Nothing he could send our was was able to even touch us. Professor Sprout arrived within a minute too to stop him."

"Malfoy is the blonde jerk from Slytherin you were telling me about right?" Anna asked.

"Er- well yeah he is. You won't have to worry about him when you come to Hogwarts, I'll make sure of that." Harry said.

Anna rolled her eyes, "I don't need you to look out for me, Harry. I can take care of myself."

Harry laughed and scooted his chair closer to her, allowing him to wrap an arm around her shoulders, causing her to blush. "Believe me, I know. But what's the point of being a big brother if I can't look out for my little sister?"

Anna slouched into her chair in embarrassment but didn't pull away from her brother's embrace.

"You two are adorable." Hermione gushed with metaphorical hearts in her eyes. She might prefer logic and books, but even she wasn't immune to cuteness.

The two siblings broke apart red faced.

"I just hope that this new system will stop the bullying at Hogwarts." Hermione said. "I don't know why the Headmaster hasn't put something like this into place sooner."

"Well when you think about it, the Headmaster has been in charge for a long time. Like really long time." Harry said, "Things were probably run a lot different back when he was in school, for all we know it could have been a thousand times worse when he went to school."

Hermione nodded her head in agreement, "That's a good point, Harry. I mean, the Headmaster was attending school right around the time muggles first invented the light bulb. Back then there was pretty much no regulation about what was taught in muggle schools, or how it was taught. I wonder what school was like back then…" Hermione trailed off, adopting what Harry called her 'thinking face.'

"Something to research later." Harry interjected before she got completely lost in thought.

Hermione shook herself out of her thoughts, "Yeah, sorry… Harry can I ask you something?"

"Sure Mione."

"And you'll answer truthfully?" She pressed.

Harry looked at her strangely, "Yeah… Of course."

Hermione let out a breath, "Okay, so, I just wanna know if you're sleeping alright."

"I've been sleeping fine, why do you ask?"

Hermione didn't answer but looked at Anna intently.

"He's not lying. No nightmares." Anna confirmed.

Hermione let out a sigh of relief, "Sorry, Harry. I was just worried about you. It's just… After New Years last year, you could barely sleep for a month."

"And you were worried that the same thing was happening again." Harry finished for her. He didn't blame her for worrying, last time he could barely sleep for more than an hour at a time and he'd lost most of his control of his element. He'd essentially been a wreck. "I know that I probably should be more broken up about what I did, but I've… well I've thought about it. About New Years and about under the quidditch stadium."

"And?" Hermione questioned.

"I've realized that if someone decides they want to spend their life hurting people, then I'm not just gonna sit around and let that happen. And I'm not gonna get broken up about some arseholes hurting my friends." It was actually Luna who spurred up this way of thinking when they first met. She was right, he wasn't the type to let someone hurt those he cares about.

Hermione ignored his use of profanity, "Well… As long as you're okay."

"Believe me, I'm fine. It's actually nice being home for a bit. There's nothing quite like the comforts of home."

"Yeah, he gets to see me!" Anna chirped.

"Well I was actually more excited to see Barry." Harry teased.

Anna blew a raspberry at him.


The sound of a huge explosion startled the Potter siblings. Only the sound hadn't come from their home, it had come from the mirror.

"Dammit Erin!" Hermione (surprisingly) swore as she glared somewhere that wasn't in the mirror's visual.

"Hermione! Are you okay? What was that?" Harry asked worriedly.

Hermione coughed and waved in front of her face as smoke billowed out from somewhere they couldn't seen. "I'm fine, Harry. Erin was just practicing some of her spell work and it seems she's moved on to summoning lightning without telling us!"

Hermione pointed the mirror in the direction that the smoke was coming from. There they could see Erin, sitting on the ground, holding her ears in pain obvious pain. A wooden target was a smoking ruin about 20 meters away from her. Harry could recognize that they were in the Room of Requirement, having spent so much time there himself.

"Mione, remind me to wear ear plugs next time I play with lightning!" Erin yelled.

"Maybe you just shouldn't play with it to begin with!" Hermione said angrily with a glare.

Erin looked over at her confused, "What?! Sorry, can barely hear a thing right now!"

Hermione waved her off and went back to the Potter siblings, "Sorry, she's been crazy with testing out new spells lately."

"How is she able to practice dangerous spells like that to begin with?" Harry asked, "I thought with the new wards in place, the professors would be all over it"

Hermione waved him off, "The wards don't seem to affect whatever is cast in the room. So she's been free to experiment and cast as much magic as she wants."

"You're okay with her breaking the rules? I'm surprised, Mione." Harry said teasingly.

Hermione blushed, her love of the rules and following them to the letter was well known. "It's not like she's using it to harm anyone, and it is educational." She defended.

"You and I both know that Erin just likes to destroy stuff." Harry said with a deadpan stare.

Hermione sighed, "You're right, I know. I'm enabling a pyromaniac. Please come back soon, Harry. You're about the only intelligent conversation I get half the time."

"Stay strong, Mione. I'll be back before you know it."

"You'd better. Anyway, I'll let you go, Harry. I gotta make sure Erin didn't rupture an eardrum with that last stunt." Hermione waved at the siblings, "Bye Harry, Anna. Talk soon!"

"Bye Hermione." The two chorused before the glass went blank.

"Hey Harry, you really are okay. Right?" Anna asked after a moment, "You're not hiding anything from us to try and be strong?"

Harry patted her head with a chuckle. "I'm not hiding anything, Sis. I really am fine. I guess you could say I've taken a bit of a new perspective on some stuff."

"Like what?" She asked.

"... I'll tell you someday." He said.

Anna crossed her arms. "Fine, as long as you're okay. But you WILL tell me."

"Yeah, yeah, I promise." He said with a smile. "But all you need to know is that I'm fine."

And truly he was. Sure he may have been suspended from a school that he fought tooth and nail to get into, but he wouldn't take back what he had done for anything. Not a single second.

Luna, in the short time that he'd known her, had come to mean so much to him. He weighed her safety, her happiness more than he did his own. He felt the same for all of his friends and family. And to preserve the happiness of the ones he loved, he'd sacrifice his own in a heartbeat.

He'd go against his personal hatred of using his elemental magic on others.

He'd fight any who threatened that happiness.

And, if necessary, he'd kill.

For his family and friends, he'd do anything.

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