I have 3 different oneshots that I'm working on: Still Tired, Road Trip, and Roll Me Away. So, you have those to look forwards to!

I used to love playing this game.


It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, actually, it was daytime. School isn't really open at night. It just looked like night because of the cloud cover.

Either way, the stormy part was true.

Jackson Jones sat in a classroom full of anxious kids, bored out of his mind. The teacher had left to go to some sort of teacher-y meeting. She said she was only going to be gone half an hour, but with the complete silence and the dull pounding of the rain, minutes felt like hours. Jackson sighed, putting his head down on the desk, resolved to taking a nap to help pass the time. Just as he closed his eyes, though, there was a burst of thunder and screams, then it felt strangely dark.

He opened his eyes-not that it did much good. It was pitch black.

There was scattered laughter and a few muttered apologies as everyone realized what had happened. It was just a power outage. These things do tend to happen during thunderstorms.

Everyone just kind of sat still for a few minutes, unsure of what to do. Then there was a harsh white light as someone turned on a flashlight in Jackson's eyes.

"Sorry," they apologized, and directed it somewhere else. "Guys, I found a flashlight! And my deck of cards."

"A deck of cards?" Someone-Jackson thought it sounded like Matilda-interjected. "What do we need a deck of cards for?"

"Well..."There was a shuffling sound. "I thought we might be able to play a game or something. You know, like Murder in the Dark."

A murmur ran through the class at the word murder. Jackson could almost imagine Matilda frowning as she said: "What kind of game is that? Are we actually allowed to kill people? I thought they frowned on that kind of stuff in school."

"No, of course not! I mean, about the 'killing people' part." The person insisted. "It's just a game. I'm guessing you don't know how to play?"

As the person explained how to play to everyone who didn't already know, Jackson zoned out, thinking hard. He wasn't sure he wanted to play a game with Murder in the title, especially since that was how Mom died. But then again, listening to how to play("When you find someone that the murderer has already gotten, you can shout 'Murder in the dark!' and the game stops. after...") It didn't sound too bad. Besides, it was only a game, right?

He was still considering when someone bumped into him, then poked him in the arm. Hard. "Hey-" He started to say, but the person interrupted him.

"Pick your card," they(she, maybe?) said. "We'll pass around the flashlight in a second."

Jackson felt around for a second until he found the cards, then drew one. The speaker immediately moved on to someone beside him.

Sure enough, they passed around the flashlight, and Jackson got a glimpse of his card. 7 of Spades. Great. A random person. Not the murderer, who got Ace, or one of the 3 ranked detectives, who got king, queen, and jack respectively. Now all he had to do was hide and hope no one found him.

Eventually, everyone saw their card(there were about 30 people in the class) and the game could begin.


Jackson hurried through the hall, trying to step as quietly as he could, without knocking something over. It wasn't easy, but every once in a while lightning lit up the interior of the school through the windows.

He checked the rooms, but there were almost always other teacher-less classes in there, so he passed them up. Finally, after a good 15 minutes, he found two rooms, facing each other, that seemed empty. He took a cautious step forwards into one...

He tripped over someone, crashing into a desk, knocked something glass onto the floor(oops) and generally made a lot of noise. Whoever it was was laying on the ground without moving, which meant that the murderer had been through here. Remembering what he was supposed to do, Jackson cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled "Murder in the Dark!"

Right after he did this, there was a flash of lightning. For a brief second, he could see that the person he'd tripped over was Ruby. Double oops, Jackson thought, wincing inwardly.

There was a scramble of footsteps, then a blinding flash of light as a terrible shriek split the night.

Heehee! Writing this is actually a lot of fun. Originally, I wrote one long chapter, but then I decided to split it into three. So, sorry for short chapters, but hey! At least we get cliffhangers! (Some worse than others...!)

LoL(Lots of Love. I am not laughing at you, I promise.)