Presenting: The world's shortest chapter! Hope you like it. You know, if you like this sort of thing.



Heathcliff stared blankly at the bowl of cereal in front of him. He didn't want anything to eat. Couldn't everyone else see that? No, he didn't want food, no, he didn't want a therapist, no, he didn't want anyone's 'consolations'. None of these would bring his two best friends back. All he wanted was to be by himself for a little while. Thank God Duncan had survived; he was in the hospital, but at least that was better than a coffin.

Heathcliff growled a sigh and shoved the cereal away from him. It tipped over and spilled, but Heathcliff didn't care. It was unimportant anyway. There was nothing to do. School was canceled indefinitely while the detectives tried to figure who was responsible. He tried to tell them who it was, but they didn't listen. Of course, that's when they all turned into dolphins dressed like Sherlock Holmes and the entire school was swallowed by a curiously large snake with basketballs for eyes, so maybe he just dreamed that he tried to tell them. Or maybe the police already knew who it was and the detectives never existed in the first place, but Heathcliff doubted it. He watched the milk from the cereal drip off of the table, not noticing the door opening and closing behind him, even though his both of his parents were at work.

He didn't notice the hushed giggle that carried through the room.

He didn't notice the hand that barely touched his shoulder.

He eventually did notice, however, the cold knife at his throat.

Oh well. At least Duncan, Matilda, and Flinch survive, right?