Back to Bay City

I decided to repost this (in fact, I never should have taken it down!) because I am considering doing a longer sequel to it. For now, enjoy it as it is! P.S. I borrowed a character from General Hospital's history for this. Thank you for checking it out.

Part 1 of 3

The invitations had been sent out weeks before and the majority of them came back with R.S. . Ally Fowler was naturally thrilled to open them and see that so many people from her past were coming to the wedding. The only R.S.V.P. missing was one from her father, Sam. Sam who had abandoned the family so long ago for a stupid country music career that went nowhere …

However, she was determined not to dwell on it. Not when she had the perfect fiancée in Jason Quartermaine. He was everything a young woman could ask for – kind, courteous, loyal, handsome and most of all, loving. Remy Woods, her best friend, liked to joke that he was a regular boy scout. Remy still had her impertinent, irreverent sense of humor that she had apparently inherited from her biological mother, Paulina. They had made peace over the years and were now close as Ally and her own mother, Amanda.

"Speaking of Mom, where'd she go?" Ally wondered aloud as she set aside the three inch high stack of R.S. and looked around the grand Hutchins-Cory mansion.

As if on cue, Amanda bustled into the mansion . "Hello, sweetie," she greeted her daughter, her daughter who looked so much like Amanda herself except around the eyes where she was all her father. Sometimes it hurt to look into Ally's eyes and see her past staring back at her. A past she had tried so hard to forget …

Amanda sighed internally, chasing away her ridiculously melancholy thoughts and pulled a box out from behind her back.

"Is that for me?" Ally asked with a wide smirk. She definitely had her dad's dimples as well…

"Of course," Amanda said. "I'm not the bride-to-be."

Ally smiled as Amanda passed the box to her. It was beautifully wrapped in white and gold foil paper. "Can I open it?"

"Don't you want to wait for Jason?"

"No, the wedding is three days away, Mom. We are trying to stay apart so that we can really appreciate our honeymoon … if you know what I mean."

Amanda nodded. "Oh," she said simply and laughed.

"Who's it from?"

"Your grandmother," Amanda said.

"Why is she sending it so early?" Ally asked as she began to tear open the package. "And why didn't she just give it to me herself?"

"She just said the bride-to-be deserved to be spoiled."

Ally laughed and opened the box. Inside was an expensive French bath and beauty set. "Wow," Ally said. "Is she trying to say I need a bath?"

Amanda chuckled. "Hardly. She just wants you to pamper yourself."

"That's grandma for you," Ally said with a wide smile and set the gift aside. "When does she get back from the office?"

"In an hour or so."


"So for now, what else do we need to do, daughter of mine?" Amanda asked.

"I think we can relax," Ally said. "For now."

Amanda nodded. "Okay, sounds great."


Lila Winthrop woke up to find herself entangled in the limbs of her husband, Cass. "Mmmm," she said.

He smiled. "Did you sleep well?"

"Fabulously after last night," she said with a purr and a wide grin.

"Good. I am glad we understand each other again."

"Oh we certainly do," Lila said in her Southern accent. "We most certainly do."

Theirs was a complicated relationship but ultimately a loving one. Cass knew he had found his soul mate in Lila, his second chance after losing Frankie so viciously and cruelly years before. True, Lila and Cass fought a lot but their makeups were more than worth it. Lila was still volatile as ever and quick to scheme and throw around her weight but Cass loved her. Every single inch of her, even when she was unnecessarily jealous of his continued friendship with Felicia Gallant. That had caused their most recent argument, the fact that Cass was representing Felicia in a copyright infringement case, but now things were healed. For the moment. Nothing would ever be simple between them with a man as headstrong as Cass and a woman as impetuous as Lila but they belonged together and nothing would ever change that.

And at the upcoming Fowler/Quartermaine wedding, he intended to ask his wife an important question.


Donna held her granddaughter's Michelle's hand as they left the symphony hall in New York City. Her daughter Marley was right beside her holding Bridget's hand. The girls naturally protested that they were too old to hold hands with their relatives but Donna and Marley insisted that on these busy streets, it was a necessity. Maybe Marley and Donna subconsciously realized that sometimes they held on so tight to the twins because they didn't want to lose them the way they had the twin's mother, Vicky. But if they thought it they didn't say so.

They hailed a taxi cab and everyone road in near-silence as they were driven to their upper eastside hotel suite.

Upon arriving, the twins immediately jumped out of the taxi and ran into the building. There was in-house Wi-Fi and they had both brought their laptops and wanted to IM their friends back in Bay City right away.

Donna and Marley slowly followed them inside and took up residence on the sofa. They didn't say anything for a long time until Marley turned to face her mother. "Do you think we're making a mistake?"

Donna watched Marley's contorted face. "What do you mean?"

"I mean … Do you think we're making a mistake with the girls? Teaching them that every time things get rough the not-so-tough get going."

"You mean to say, we are running from our problems?" Donna said. "Now would we ever do that?"

"Yes," Marley said with a weak smile. "Bridge and Miche need stability. We can't pull them out of Bay City every time we get a little restless."

"This was your idea, Marley …"

"I know, Mom, I know. It's just that I wonder sometimes. Jamie and I have been separated for months but we're doing okay, working towards reconciliation, and then the wedding invite arrives in the mail …"

Donna nodded. "I know. I know."

And she did. They both did. Whenever there was a happy or festive occasion in Bay City, they ran for the hills. Somehow feeling that it was unfair to their Vicky and Jake to enjoy themselves in any way. Vicky had been cut down in the prime of her life, her husband Jake as well, and it hurt still ten years later. They had "survivor's guilt" according to their joint therapist and they felt guilt that they hadn't always accepted wild, free-spirited and crazy Vicky Hudson-McKinnon as she was.

Marley looked over at her mother again with tears pooling in her green eyes. "It's not too late you know."

"To attend the wedding?"

"That too. But I mean, it's not too late to start living again."

Donna smiled and wiped away her own stream of tears. "Vicky would want that for us wouldn't she?"

Marley nodded. "Most definitely."