Author's note: Hello readers, I know what you're thinking, why am I writing another story? Well, the reason is, is that I got an idea from reading another fanfic and then my mind began to swarm with ideas. If you are wondering what I'm about to do, I'm going to attempt my third crossover, this time with Naruto and Fruits Basket. Be warned, this is entirely my own idea. I've been thinking, what if the Sohma family was living during the time of Naruto. I hope that you'll get the gist of what I'm thinking, but just in case, you'll find out in the story. Hope you all enjoy!




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Jutsu (in English form)

Demon/Summon talking

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(In the heavens)

Kyo sighed, bored. It had been interesting here at first, but after a while, he was tired of it. 'I wish something would happen,' he thought.

"Kyo!" a voice called. Looking over his shoulder, Kyo saw his silver-haired cousin, Yuki, coming towards him. "Did you hear? The gods are thinking of bringing back the Zodiac to the Sohma's," Yuki said, as he got closer.

"What?" Kyo asked, paling. "After what we went through? Why are they doing that?"

"Something about the balance in the current world being disturbed," Yuki said, sitting next to his cousin. "I just hope that they don't have as hard of time as we did."

Kyo nodded. "Wait, what about the cat?" he asked, worried. The cat had always had a second form that was controllable by a special bracelet that he had destroyed when his curse was broken.

"The cat will be placed in someone no one expects, according to them. One who was born outside of the family but with the blood," Hatori said as he came up. "The person will also have a burden that was placed on them by a step-parent."

Kyo sighed, rubbing his face. "And they think that this will help why?"

"There's a current struggle between the forces in the world, with ninja's abounding. Some of the people down there are picked the vessels of demons, not the ones we read about, but creatures that take the forms of animals with up to nine tails," Hatori said.

Yuki sighed, pinching his nose. "One of the containers will bear the cat's curse, won't they?" he asked.

Hatori nodded. "The tailed-beasts, for a time, will allow the person to bear the curse with or without the bracelet. Once they hit a certain age, though, the bracelet will have to be worn always."

Kyo groaned. "Great," he swore.

The three continued to talk about the plan the gods were making as others in their family came over, adding their two cents. They all hoped that whatever the gods planned, it turned out how they wanted.

Author's note: Well, there's the prologue. Sorry it's a bit short; there wasn't much I could do. The next chapter will be longer, I promise. It will also have more of the plot added, so I hope you enjoy. Ja ne!

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