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A week later Caroline found herself in a very compromising situation. Well, a situation. A Davina situation.

Marcel was probably going to kill her if Klaus didn't kill her first for doing something behind his back. Either way, Caroline was going to be a goner for sure.

But it wasn't her fault! At least... Not fully her fault.

Caroling had been contemplating transferring to a college in New Orleans, which would allow her to stay close to Klaus while she finished her degree in Event Management. She'd even brought it up to Klaus a few times in the past few days, but he had been adamant that things between the human and the vampire faction were still hesitant and she shouldn't be looking at school without him, which would have been fine for Caroline, except Klaus was apparently booked for the next several weeks and was unable to show Caroline a few of the colleges that had caught her eye.

Caroline, by nature, was extremely impatient and had decided it wouldn't be such a big deal to scope out a few of her options under the radar while Klaus was busy ruling a city. She could check out a campus or two, get a feel for each place and decide where to enroll within the week, setting her up perfectly for the Fall semester. The best part was, Klaus didn't even need to know about it, because she was just doing something innocent and safe. She had even taken Davina with her, upon the young witch's insistence, so they could both look at a few schools to see which best suited them. Besides, it wasn't like she was planning to do anything to draw attention to herself, so it shouldn't have been a problem at all.

Except that it was a problem. A huge, catastrophic problem.

Caroline and Davina had been fine, enjoying their first campus option, having lunch and gossiping like a bunch of school girls when a college guy had waved at Davina, beckoning her to come and speak with him. Davina had been shy at first until Caroline had practically shoved her in the guy's direction, telling the young girl to live a little. After all, the guy was pretty hunky. There shouldn't have been any harm in having a flirty discussion with a slightly older guy, but Caroline had been wrong.

So wrong.

She'd watched them walk off, but after ten or so minutes, Caroline had gotten a bit worried and trailed them, using her now finely tuned nose to sniff out the direction Davina had gone. If Caroline had been using her nose earlier, which she hadn't, she would have known that the guy who took off with Davina wasn't normal at all, he was a vampire. A few seconds after Caroline's discovery she smelled the sweet tangy aroma of human blood, shuddering when she realized it was coming from the direction Davina had wandered off to.

Not pausing to contemplate how badly Davina was injured, Caroline had sped to the source of the smell, ripping the vampire away from the now wounded Davina, who was lying unconscious on the ground in-between two seemingly abandoned buildings on campus. Caroline paused when she noticed the blood smeared around Davina's neck, startled to realize the vampire had fed on Davina and then fed her.

What the fuck- had been Caroline's last thought before she woke up in the alley, her neck in enough pain for her to assume the vampire had snapped her neck and taken Davina.

Ten minutes passed before Caroline finally found another scent trail to follow. Unfortunately, it was more of Davina's blood and the thought of Davina mortally wounded sickened Caroline beyond the point of sanity.

The last image Caroline had taken in of Davina kept drifting to the forefront of her mind, worrying her more than she already was. The only reason a vampire ever gave blood to a human was to heal them or turn them. If the vampire had just tried to heal Davina, wouldn't he have left the little witch passed out in the alleyway instead of taking her wherever he had? The only other option was turning her, and Caroline knew Davina would rather be dead than be a vampire. Caroline just hoped she had enough time to save her life.

God, Klaus was going to be so pissed. Couldn't she just stay out of trouble for one fucking week? But no, something insane had to happen and it just HAD to happen while she was out breaking a few of Klaus's rules. Caroline would have sighed in frustration if she wasn't so stressed.

Catching a strong scent of Davina and the vampire, Caroline whooshed halfway across campus, the setting sun helping to hide her shadow as she zoomed by countless people over the quad. Caroline came up on a large building, noting a sign claimed it was the men's dorm room.

The creep had taken Davina back to his dorm room?! Oh God. If that thug raped Davina Caroline would murder him. Her fangs lengthened at the thought, her anger propelling her into motion. Not wasting any time, Caroline followed the scent to the stair case, launching herself up six flights of stairs and yanking open the stairwell door. She made her way to the left side of the building, barely slowing when she realized a glass door blocked entry to the hallway, needing an ID to get through.

Caroline wasn't about to let something like a pesky ID card keep her from saving Davina and she thrust her entire body into the door, smiling in satisfaction as it shattered around her. Wasn't that glass supposed to be bullet proof? What a joke. Caroline moved swiftly until she reached the door. She could smell them both, the vampire's stench practically clogging her nose. She was disgusted by his scent and wanted him dead.

Caroline kicked the door with her left foot, watching with slight fascination at how easy it was for her to break a door in half. She wasn't even winded! Obviously being a hybrid had some appeal. The vampire shrieked in panic, making a break for the door, but Caroline shoved her open palm into his chest, enjoying the crunching of his sternum bones as he was launched backwards and into a wall of his bedroom.

Davina was sprawled out on the creep's bed, but her clothes looked to be intact, but Caroline didn't trust it. Grabbing a large piece of splintered wood from the broken door, Caroline launched herself at the vampire groveling in a corner, yanking him up even as she plunged the stake halfway to his heart, enjoying the desperation and fear in his eyes.

"What did you do to her?" Caroline hissed, her new fangs lengthening and her eyes turning gold.

The young male vampire took one look at Caroline and pissed himself, stuttering while she tried to concentrate on not breathing to keep the scent out of her nose. It wasn't working.

"I took too much of her blood, so I gave her some of mine. But then you came out of nowhere and attacked me, so I broke your neck and took her back to my room so she could rest." He stuttered out through silent tears, no doubt from pain and fear, but Caroline couldn't force herself to care. Klaus and Marcel were going to have her head, especially if she didn't dispense justice to the punk in front of her.

Caroline pushed the stake deeper, forcing the vampire to look into her eyes. "I swear to God, if you're lying to me about your intentions, I'm going to shove this stake so far through your heart it will..."

"Caroline?" Davina called from behind Caroline, momentarily sidetracking the blonde from her death threat. Caroline turned toward Davina, breathing a sigh of relief when she noticed the girl was still definitely human and very much okay.

"Are you alright, Davina? This guy didn't do anything to you besides take your blood, did he?"

Davina looked confused. "What do you mean?" She asked before glancing at Caroline and blushing. "Oh. No, no he didn't hurt me." Caroline sighed in relief, some of the fight leaving her shoulders at Davina's statement. Caroline looked at the terrified vampire, thinking maybe she didn't have to kill him after all.

Caroline pulled the stake out roughly, feeling a tinge of amusement at the vampire crumpled to the floor, thanking her for sparing his life.

"Don't thank me yet." Startled, he looked up at her, tears in his eyes. "Do you know who Klaus Mikaelson and Marcel are?" The young male vampire nodded solemnly. "Klaus is my boyfriend and Davina over here is Marcel's ward." His eyes widened dramatically before she started crying again, sobbing loudly. "Stop crying." Caroline demanded, thankful when he obeyed without question. "Klaus will definitely kill you if Marcel doesn't do it first. Hell, I'm half tempted to kill you right now, just for being a little asshat." Davina laughed slightly, although her laughter held a frightened tone that made Caroline see red. Clearing her throat, Caroline continued. "If you value your life, you need to get the hell out of here. Do you understand me?" The male nodded. "Pack a bag and leave, don't ever come back to New Orleans. We're going to tell Marcel and Klaus what you've done tonight and I know for a fact they will hunt you down, so your best option of survival is to flee." The vampire stood up, nearly ready to bolt but Caroline grabbed him again. "I swear to God, if I find out you've been killing innocent people with this reprieve I've given you, I'll hunt you down myself and shove a stake through your heart. Now go." Caroline's tone was harsh and final. With a slight whoosh, the vampire was gone, leaving the two young women alone in a smelly dorm room.

"You sure you're okay?" Caroline asked Davina, gathering the teen into her arms and hugging her closely.

"I'm almost seventeen, you know. I can take care of myself." Caroline snorted. "Are we really going to tell Marcel and Klaus what happened today? They're going to be pissed."

Caroline sighed.

"I know. Sometimes doing the right thing is such a pain in the ass." Davina giggled, allowing Caroline to escort her across the broken door and out into the hallway.

"You did what?" Klaus and Marcel drawled out in unison, Klaus's voice dangerously soft while Marcel's held such strong emotion Caroline was sure it would knock her off her feet.

"I think we're focusing on the wrong thing here, you guys. On the bright side, Davina and I have ruled out one of the four colleges on our list, so that's always nice." Caroline ventured, gulping when she noticed Klaus's eyes narrowing until she was sure he couldn't see her through the tiny crack in his lids. "Or you could look at this in an even better way, because now you know that I'm definitely serious about being in a committed relationship with you!" Caroline clapped her hands enthusiastically, although her nervous pacing practically gave her away. Caroline didn't want to face Klaus's wrath so she was grasping at straws and everyone in the room knew it.

Davina rolled her eyes, staring at Marcel impatiently. "Look, nothing bad happened, okay? Caroline took care of it. Can we go now?"

Marcel's eyes changed to black orbs, the veins around his eyes protruding dramatically. "You were almost killed D, and you think it's not a big deal? What do I have to do to let you know that you mean everything to me? I don't know what I would do if I lost you, especially if it was to anything other than old age. You can't leave me." Davina rolled her eyes again but made a beeline for Marcel, wrapping her arms around his waist and clinging to him more like a lover than a child.

"I'm sorry you were so worried, but I'm fine, Marcel. I promise. Can we please go back to our house now? I really want to get some studying in before class tomorrow." Marcel nodded his head, eager to get her back to the safety of his home. He had a faction of loyal vampires that patrolled the perimeter while Davina slept and he knew he would relax a bit more if he knew she was definitely safe.

"How has school been going since Marcel enrolled you a few weeks ago?" Caroline asked, mostly to change the subject to anything else, hoping to distract Klaus from murdering her with his glare of doom.

Marcel jerked Davina behind him, hissing at Caroline. The blond shrank back for a moment before she glared at him in outrage. "Oh no you don't, blondie. Davina is grounded from seeing you for at least a month. You're a terrible influence." Davina groaned aloud, tugging her arm away from Marcel so she could throw her hands up in the air and storm out of the room, leaving the three immortals in some sort of odd staring contest.

"How dare you! Does he know who I am?" Caroline looked to Klaus before glaring back at Marcel. "I was the reigning Miss Mystic Falls for nearly two years, okay pal? That pretty much means I'm the greatest influence in the world!" Caroline threw her hands on her hips, staring at both men in outrage.

Klaus was the first to break the tense silence, a rare smile covering his face as he laughed at her, clutching his stomach protectively as the laugh bellowed out of him. Marcel followed suit, laughing so loudly Caroline assumed the glass would shatter all around her.

"It isn't funny." Caroline sniffed, holding her head up high as she stepped around the two men who were bent over laughing, making her way down to the courtyard and into the kitchen, grabbing a blood bag from the fridge and drinking it cold.

Rebekah chose that moment to walk into the room with Stefan, both of them grimacing at the cold bag in her hands. "Don't you want to warm that up first?" Stefan ventured carefully, not liking the look in Caroline's eyes.

"It was either devour the cold blood or kill Klaus and Marcel. I chose the safer option for them."

Caroline huffed in irritation, wiping a small bead of sweat from her forehead. Why was this so hard? Caroline could do a black flip back handspring into a front tuck with no problem and yet there she was being thwarted by her own damn hands. She stared down at the dainty things before her, hoping she could stare at them until they became scary curved talons of destruction. Why wasn't it working?!

"Concentrate," Klaus warned her sternly, expecting obedience. She wanted to smack him upside the head every time he said something condescending like that. Couldn't he tell she was concentrating? What did he think she was doing? Deciding on what color to paint her nails? Caroline sighed again, which had to have been the hundredth time in less than thirty minutes. She would much rather bashed her head against a wall until she blacked out than keep failing so miserably at the task before her.

"It's not working."

"Because you're not concentrating." Klaus walked over to where Caroline was sitting, grabbing both of her hands in his. Caroline felt a sharp sting along her skin and looked down, noticing the claws that were now becoming a part of Klaus's hands. How could he do that so fast, without a worry or care in the world? All he'd told her to do was 'concentrate', 'imagine it happening', blah blah. None of that was working for her. Maybe it was because she was so new at the supernatural and Klaus had literally had CENTURIES to perfect the art of 'concentration'.

"Show off," Caroline muttered, feeling defeated. Since when did she let something that was hard completely crush her spirit? She'd had hardships thrown at her her entire life and she'd always prevailed. To put it mildly, Caroline saw every challenge as a threat and she made sure to annihilate any threat or opponent in her way. She was fierce, strong, intelligent and dedicated so why the hell couldn't she get her stupid fingernails to turn into claws? Klaus did it like it was no big deal, but she'd been staring at her hands for half an hour and nothing had happened. Nothing at all.

"Focus on your hands. See them how they are." Caroline stared at her hands again, noting even the smallest wrinkle in her skin, memorizing it so that she would know the fine nuisances of them even if it was pitch black. "Good, Caroline. Now imagining them turning, morphing into something as similar as my own." Okay. She could do that. "Envision your fingernails thickening, lengthening into claws until you can feel them replacing your nails and become ferocious and deadly." Ferocious and deadly. Got it. "Focus." Caroling glared down at her hands, her breath caught in her throat as she willed claws to protrude from her skin.

Two minutes passed.



Caroline threw said hands up in exasperation. "This sucks, it'll never work!" Klaus smiled at Caroline, grabbed her hands in his yet again and pulling her slightly towards him. Caroline scooted from her seat on the bench, leaning over until they were as close as the table would allow.

"Relax, love. Give yourself time. You'll catch on." Caroline glared in his direction, wanting to wipe the nice smile off of his face.

"I don't think I enjoy you being the positive one in this relationship. I much prefer you broody and pensive."

"Do you now?" Klaus asked, running his fingers lightly up and down her arm, smirking when she shivered in response to him touching her. Klaus wrapped a hand around the back of her neck, dragging her until her lips were only a fraction of an inch away from his.

"Well, sometimes I like it when you look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like it's the first time you've ever seen the sunlight."

"Perhaps it is, love." Caroline rolled her eyes, although she enjoyed his tone.

"You know what I mean." Metaphorically, obviously.

"Indeed I do. I once felt as if the Earth was one vast pit of darkness until your light broke through and brought me into its majestic rays of sunshine and love." Klaus held a hand to his heart, his words dripping with sarcasm.

Caroline shoved him playfully, laughing in spite of herself. "You're such a jerk. How did I ever decide to be with you again?"

"I do believe it was my charm and accent that wooed you to my side."

Caroline laughed, kissing him tenderly. "It had to be that because I highly doubt I fell for your nasty mood swings." Klaus grinned down at her before lifting her up into his arms, letting her hands wrap around his neck as he made his way up the stairs of the compound and down the hallway to their bedroom.

"Where are we going? I thought I needed to practice more."

Klaus maneuvered flawlessly down the hallway, nudging the bedroom door open with his shoe before toeing it closed behind them. "I'm planning on showing you just how you fell for me." Klaus kissed her passionately before setting her down on he bed, removing each of her shoes before he reached for the zipper of her jeans, pulling it down slowly.

"I told you I was too smart to be seduced by you," Caroline whispered heavily as her jeans and panties were gone in the next instant, leaving only her tank top and bra.

"Then it was a good thing you seduced me first, wasn't it, love?"

Caroline sighed happily, grabbing Klaus and dragging him down to her, intent on showing him how to properly seduce someone.

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