This is my first Holby city fanfiction, I came up with this idea don't know if its going to be any good but basically it's about Jac and her daughter, Emma and it is one shots going through challenges and changes which they face together through each year of her life.

I have a slight plan for this fanfiction but I'd love ideas and if I get more ideas for a certain age then I might add another chapter in for that age (hope that made sense)

I haven't stopped writing any of my other stories but just came up with this and thought I might as well write it and see what people think.

Btw Jonny is in her life, they just don't all live together. It may seem like at times Emma isn't spending times with Jonny but it's just because it's mainly about Jac and her daughter. Also I know that in the future the staff will change but I'm just having them the same throughout this story or it will get confusing as it is moving on so quickly

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Age 1

It was 6 o'clock in the morning when Jac rolled out the bed. She heard the cries of her daughter in the other room. Slowly Jac got out the bed and walked into the bedroom. She saw her nearly 14 month old daughter jumping on the cot with tears streaming down her face.

The tears quickly stopped and a large grin appeared on the small girls face. She stretched her arms out in her mother's direction, babbling to herself wanting to be picked up. Jac walked up the small girl and slipped her hands under Emma's armpits picking the girl up. She moved her hand so one was supporting her by the butt.

"Arg, you need your nappy changed" Jac said in disgust. Emma started laughing at her mother's reaction.

"Well I'm glad you find it funny" Jac said seriously. She placed the small toddler on the changing matt and quickly changed her nappy. Jac picked the little girl up and carried her into the kitchen. She placed Emma in her high chair and was getting out some porridge to make the girl. It was winter now and Jac wanted Emma to have a warm meal to set her up for the day.

Emma usually loved her porridge but today was different. She wasn't having any of it. Jac got increasingly frustrated at her and nearly both of them red with angry by the end of it. Jac had managed to near enough force over half of the porridge down her throat.

Jac picked the girl up annoyed with her and carried her into her bedroom. Emma knew what she wanted and she wasn't going to stop until she got it. She slipped her hand down Jac's top.

"No" Jac shouted pulling the girl's hand away. Emma tried again.

"No" Jac replied doing the same action again. Emma started crying. Jac placed the girl in the circled play pen while she had a shower. She attempted to put the girl down but Emma was grabbing onto Jac's pyjama top.

"Stop it, Emma" Jac said praising the girl's small chubby hands off her top. She eventually was free and ran to the shower. She kept the shower door open and could hear Emma crying the whole time she was in the shower. She got out the shower and quickly got tired. She then got changed. Emma was happier when Jac was in the room and she could see her but she still hadn't gotten what she wanted.

She held her arms out for Jac to pick her up.

"Come on, you" Jac said jumping the girl over the fence. She held her hand and Emma clung onto Jac's hand as she stumbled into the livingroom. She couldn't walk and needed a lot of help from Jac. Emma then started babbling and grabbing Jac's top again.

"Okay, but just this once" Jac said. She placed the girl on her knee and sorted herself out, undoing her nursing bra and letting Emma latch on.

"Gently" Jac said as Emma started sucking. Jac was trying to wean the girl off and only breastfeed her once or twice a day.

Once Emma had had enough, Jac got her work together and Emma's day bag and they got into the car.

They quickly arrived at the hospital and Jac went to the crèche with Emma. She attempted to put the girl down but she just clung onto her mum's neck.

"Emma let go" Jac said. Emma shook her head crying even harder than she previously was.

"Come on, look why don't you read this book" Jac said opening a "Hungry Caterpillar" book. She started reading the book and Emma relaxed.

"Good girl" Jac said before passing the book and then the small girl to an assistant. She sneaked out the crèche and sighed as she arrived on the ward.

"Oh not in a good mood, Ms Naylor" Mo asked. Jac gave her an evil glare.

"Oh sorry, I'm only trying to help" Mo said in defence.

"Sorry, Emma wouldn't settle at crèche and now I'm late" Jac said. She arrived at her office and got straight to work. She heard the door open and looked up.

"Knock next time Maconie" Jac said knowing it wouldn't make a difference.

"So how was my little angel today?" He asked.

"She was a little messy, wouldn't eat her breakfast and then fussed until she got my milk. Then she wouldn't settle at crèche" Jac said listing everything which had gone wrong this morning.

"Maybe she doesn't like it at crèche" Jonny said.

"No, she loves it, she is always happy after it. She just didn't want to leave me" Jac said.

"Well, that's a first" Jonny mumbled but Jac heard him. She huffed.

"Out Maconie" She shouted and he went away.

The day went reasonably quickly and Jac was just finishing up when she heard a knock at the door.

"Yes" She shouted in reply. The door opened showing Elliot and her little girl.

"Someone was the only one left in crèche and I knew you would be finished soon" Elliot said.

"Thank you" Jac said getting up.

"Mama, Mama" Emma said as Jac got closer.

"What did you say?" Jac said again.

"Mama, Mama" Emma said again laughing. Jac smiled pulling her daughter into her.

"Clever girl" Jac said beaming as Emma said her first word.

"Elliot, can you go and get Jonny" Jac said still ecstatic. She mumbled into Emma's ginger hair just how proud she was of her. Jonny then came running into the room.

"What's wrong?" He said completely out of breath.

"Listen, Emma who am I?" Jac asked pointing to herself so Emma understood.

"Mama" She said unsure.

"Good girl" Jac said. Jonny was speechless his little girl just talked. He pulled Emma into her arms and spun her around. Emma was laughing before clinging onto Jonny.

"Dada" Emma said poking Jonny in the eye. Jonny's eyes lit up. He wiped his eye about Emma poking it and pulled her into a hug. Jac came over and the three of them cuddled up.

"Mama, Dada" Emma said pointing to them as she said their name.

"You are such a clever girl" Jac said and Emma giggled.

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