The attack by WyldClaw (note- I wrote this a few years ago)

Plot: If you think I own pokemon you must've been hit with a giga impact attack cause I don't! It takes place about 12-12 ½ years after the 'will I be a good dad " prequel. I'll mainly be using pokemon from Kanto-Sinnoh in this fic. There might be a few Isshu ones/ attacks thrown in but not many [I'm old school- give me Kanto and Johto generations any day]. Author's notes: " "is humans talking, italics are thoughts. * Indicates untranslated serpent tongue, while the translation is in {}. Yes i based serpent-tongue of Parseltongue from Harry potter. () Is translated poke-speech? Character guide is below. Ready? Here we go

Narrator: it's been over twelve years since Ash and Misty had Derek. Since then the world has changed a lot. Two pairs of former foes are now on fairly good terms; Professor Oak retired leaving the lab in the hands of Gary and his wife Dora. New gyms and pokemon have popped up. In fact a trainer's school now exists in Pallet City, formerly known as Pallet town. However, there is a secret that's preventing Derek's parents from letting him go. Let's peek inside a certain house on Doduo Drive shall we?


It was a warm summer evening in our house in Pallet City when it all started. We were having eggplant Parmesan for dinner but my mind wasn't on the food but on something else. I pushed my piece on my plate around with my fork. My parents looked up at me.

"What's the matter Derek? " Mom asked concerned. At thirty-eight years old she was still pretty with her red orange hair flowing just past her shoulders. She was trying to feed my two and a half year baby brother Aiden, who had reddish brown hair and hazel eyes, his dinner. Despite her best efforts, most of the food was on her light blue shirt. "Aren't you hungry?"

I shook my head. "Not really, Mom. "

My five year sister Delia Jane, or DJ, looked up, her face smudged with cheese and tomato sauce. She had short light brown hair and brown eyes. "Are you sick? Did you eat something bad at the reception?" she asked. Dad looked up from his own plate at her words.

"Not really, DJ. I just ate a lot there after the graduation. " I half-lied. Though who could really eat after with those reporters bombarding me with questions? "Plus there were tons of paparazzi "

Aiden looked at me. "puh-er-at-tee?" He tried sounding out the word.

Mom chuckled as she wiped baby food from his face with a napkin. " It's pronounced paparazzi, sweetheart," she said. "It means people who take photos of famous celebrities doing regular things"


" Are we famous Mom?" DJ asked.

My mother nodded. "it's because of your father and I, dear."

" Is that why there' s always people with cameras at my softball games that aren't part of the family?"

"That's right pumpkin." Dad smiled. "And they were there as I was taking you to your first day of school. . You have to know how to deal with them and answer their questions politely. Some of them can be very nice."

He turned to me. "Speaking of them You said that there were a bunch of them asking you questions at the reception. What sort of questions did they ask you?" He looked at me oddly.

I saw myself looking into those black eyes so like my own. "Just... Questions about what I was going to do next, if I had a goal in mind and if I was going to start a journey of my own." I mumbled the last five words.

My parents looked strangely at each other as if having a silent conversation. Finally Mom said, "Well that's nice. I'm surprised they weren't surrounding Sami. Her dad is Gary. " Dad stabbed his dinner viciously and that was the end of that conversation.

After dinner DJ and Aiden went up to their room with Mom to get ready for bed. Then she came back down and we washed the dishes.

" Jaden said he was going to talk to his parents about being a trainer" I said casually. The subject of my best friend, well at least his parents, was a sensitive one around my parents.

Dad stopped washing the dish in his hand, put it down on the counter and looked at me. "I'm surprised they'd let him."

Mom gave him a look. "What do mean by that, Ash? He's a normal boy just like Jordan is a regular girl; never mind what their parents did. I think it's good that he wants to go explore the world. What did they say?"

"Uhh" I looked at my shoes. "He hasn't said yet"

We finished the dishes in silence. They went into the living room to talk quietly. I stared out the window at the remaining sunlight, which flowed, over part of our backyard. I saw a few of Dad's Charizards fly back in for the night. I sighed. I wish I could fly like them- I'd actually be able to see the world then.

I turned away from the window and walked over to the mirror. My reflection stared back at me. My unruly black hair flopped all over the place and my bangs fell cross my face- I pushed them behind my ear. I wore my favorite tee shirt-a grey one that had a picture of a Ponyta racing across it and a pair of patched shorts. Two green eyes winked at me. I grimaced as I took in the thin scars on my cheek. My friend Sami Oak needed my help a few days ago getting an unfriendly Purugly out of a tree. It chose to use me as a scratching post we were able to get the cat out after a while. I hate puruglies. That thing was worse than Meowth when we have to give him a bath.

I heard something move behind me. as a voice yelled (Banzai!)

I turned around and looked as Aki, Pikachu and Storm's littlest pup, jumped at me from the kitchen counter. I caught her in my arms in mid-air. "you little furball. " I said as she nuzzled my check. "You didn't scare me that time"

(Rats. you looked distracted so i thought i'd scare you)

" Silly mouse, tricks for kids" I tickled her ear as she sighed in content. " Where's Taran?." I asked, looking for her brother. The only one of her siblings still with my family, Taran was normally was near his sister.

Her ears dropped. (he was with the jolteons earlier. Dad said he was wiped out so he crashed in the barn with sunset)

she looked out the window. I looked over at her sole distinguishing feature -she only had half her zigzag lightning bolt tail. When she was little there was some incident and it was bitten off. The loss of her tail meant she was unable to use electricity for the most part. She saw Ron, one of dad's staff members, lead some jolteons back to 'the barn' -an enormous warm attack-proof shelter for the pokemon- with a gaze of longing. (I wish I could be like them. I'd give the rest of my tail to be able to use electricity, even know Volt Tackle)

Despite barely being able to handle electricity Aki was determined to learn her species' special move, which not only took a ton of concentration but lots of practice. Dad told me how long it took for pikachu to learn it. She has lots of guts. She took her gaze away from then and focused up at me. (Papa won't let me learn it) she sighed. (Say's it's too dangerous.) I felt bad for her- she couldn't really use electricity so she beat herself up a lot.. (He let Taran, Thora, Electra and Zapp know it but not me)

I could relate to that- being unable to do something you really wanted to that everyone else was allowed. "I understand where you're coming from. Dad won't let me go on my own journey"

(Have you tried asking him?)

'Plenty. He still says it's dangerous, I guess we're in the same boat Aki" I sighed. You'd think it would be easy for my parents to let me go on my own journey! They should be encouraging me to leave but they keep refusing. . There's something they're keeping from me and I'm curious as to what. The saying goes: curiosity killed the cat and I was born under the sign of the lion. Why wont they let me go.

We both groaned in frustration. As if reading my emotions a female voice answered (I understand your frustration but your parents they have their reasons). I turned around and saw Aki's mother, Storm, pad into the room. I looked down at her. (Aki, sweetheart it's because you're too impatient)

Aki jumped down from my arms and rubbed her fur against her mother's. I knelt down and gave her ears a scratch. Asides from her small size Storm looked like any other female of her species but with one snag. Due to a rare disorder called electrumus deficient disorder, she couldn't really use electricity a lot but she could use it in little spurts. Over the years dad developed attacks for her to use. But she had a skill that made up for it: She had this ability to read emotions or auras and sometimes even minds. "You know I hate it when you do that emotion reading thing."

She licked my cheek. (sorry but it was pretty strong. Your frustration's pretty clear) she turned to her daughter (Julie wants to help you practice your Mega Kick. She's underneath the Blue Apricorn tree waiting for you)

(Yahoo!) With that Aki bounded off. She got along great with Julie, a timid female Nidoran that Ron found on the street. Thanks to Aki, Julie was starting to open up a bit more.

My Pokegear around my arm went off with a chirp-a text message. I pressed a button on the side to see the message. It was from Jaden: said they'd 'talk it ovr'. Doubt it will happen pal. Keep fingers crossed. –Jade

Storm looked at the text. (You think they'll let him go this time)

"I don't know". I had a funny feeling I knew what they were going to say.

(That reminds me, your parents want to talk to you)

I groaned. "Lovely. Wish me luck"

(Just don't get on their bad side)

"Ha" I stood up. "You think i want to?"

I went into the living room. Mom and dad were sitting on the couch looking at something. As i got closer i saw it was one of their wedding photos. They looked up when they saw me. I decided to lie a bit. " I got a text from Jaden saying that his parents said he needs a partner for his journey."

Mom looked at me not believing me at all. " Really?"

"Uh... no. " I mumbled under my breath. " but even if they did say so then would you let-"

Dad stood up. "Absolutely not."

"If Jaden goes on a journey can-"


"But..." I began.

"For the hundredth time the answer is no"

"I've beaten every one at school at least three times. You were there when Principle Maplestone made that speech about me during graduation today."

"As much as I was impressed you're not going"

"Why are you against me going on my own journey? You know my friends all get to go-"

"You don't know what it's like out there."

"I've been to Cherrygrove City on field trips. For Mew's sake I'm twelve and a half! Grams said when you were my age you had already competed in two different leagues"

"Two and a half actually" he muttered half proudly half embarrassed under his breath. " Times were different then"

He gave me a cold look with his black eyes but I didn't flinch. He sighed and turned to mom. I knew there was something they weren't telling me. "Mom, please..."

She looked from dad to me. and back again. "Sweetie, it's not that we don't want you to go"

"Then what is it?"

"You're too young to know" dad mumbled

" That's not it is it? It's because you don't think I'm good enough. Sami's dad is the pokemon professor of kanto and he's letting her go on journey."

That was another lie-Professer Gary hadn't said anything about it to her. "It's not that-" Mom began.

"Then what is it?" I raised my voice.

"Derek, Aiden and DJ are upstairs. " Mom reminded me.

"It's ...complicated" Dad said.

"liar" I bolted upstairs into my room and slammed the door- hard.

I looked around my room. Pictures and photographs littered the wall. I went up to my favorite drawing- one my cousin Rosie Sketchit did during a visit when I was seven. It was one with some pokemon looking at me doing a victory pose with one hand and holding up a big trophy with the other. A title above the picture read "future kanto champ'. She had my uncle's drawing ability so it was incredibly lifelike. "Like that will ever happen except in my dreams" I sighed and flopped down on my soft bed.

I heard Dad's voice from the other side of the door. "Derek? Can I come in?"

"Leave me alone!"

"Look, you don't understand-"

"That I'm your son and you want to keep me stuck here forever? Why can't you just let me go off?" I yelled. "I'm perfectly capable of handling myself so why can't I go?"

"I...can't " his voice was low.

"Why not?"

"I promised"

"What? You scared that I'll be stuck in your shadow for the rest of my life if I go? Why can't you see that I can handle myself? I hate you! I wish you'd disasapear from my life "

I heard him mutter something under his breath before heading downstairs. Serves him right Just cause he's my dad doesn't mean he can't keep me here forever. I mean, yeah I've been to the battle frontier conference before- I know that there are tough foes out there. I've made my own mark for myself at school but Nooooo!

About fifteen minutes later there was another knock on the door. " I told you go away Dad! I'm-"

"I'm not daddy". I heard my sister's voice. "It's me, Pikachu an' Aiden. Can we come in?"

I got up and opened the door. In came DJ, Aiden and dad's Pikachu. I half-closed the door behind them. She looked just like a mini version of my grandma, whom she was named after. A blue tee shirt and pokeball print PJs pants. In her left hand she carried a stuffed My Little Ponyta doll while the other one held Aiden's hand.

" We were reading and heard yelling," She explained. She ran over to me and hugged me.

"I Scareded too" Aiden said as he toddled over to me. He wore his onesie with Bulbasaurs on it.

I knelt down to face them and ruffled his hair as he sucked his thumb "hey, don't worry squirt. I'm still in one piece"

"Dad and I were at it... yet again"

DJ hugged her Ponyta doll. "why do you an' daddy fight a lot?"

(cause they are too much alike) Pikachu sighed. (you are so your father's son)

"Is that a good thing?" DJ asked him.

(Kind of. It means they're both stubborn and hardheaded)

"Am not" I muttered under my breath.

(Oh yes you are)

"How's that bad-" DJ began.

Suddenly the door slammed shut and I heard the lock click shut. At that sound we jumped. "Wh-what was that?"

(I don't know) Pikachu looked around, sniffing the air as if trying to figure out what or who locked the door.

"Look!" Aiden pointed at the window. Somehow next to a large spray bottle materialized. "What's that? "

His eyes went wide as we watched it spray out a thick cloud of this blue powder around the room. As the powder hit me I immediately felt sleepy and saw that my siblings were fast asleep on my floor. Pikachu scratched at the door (Ash! Get hell...) his voice slurred as the powder took effect and he fell sleep.

As I gave into the powder I heard the voice of Sibyl, one of dad's assistants in my head, "forgive me for this. You will understand why soon enough".

XTime shift x Time shift X time shift X time shift X time shift X time shift X time shift X

"...Don't wanna go to school"

(He'ssss not waking up)

'Five more minutes mom" I muttered sleepily.

"Dude, wake up"

"It's the winter- I don't have to go to school"

"Okay you asked for it," A human hissed in serpent-tongue. {Come and arise up young derek- san. Come and rise up! Caterpies aplenty wait for us under the earth. Trouble afoot!}

" Son of a Luxray!" I jumped up into the air- my heart pounding fast I opened my eyes, looked around and then saw the culprit- a blurry figure standing in my room. " I hearing hate serpent-tongue in my ear. "

I rubbed my eyes to wake up. The figure came into view. When I saw whom it was my heartbeat went back to normal. " Thanks for the wake up call Jade. Even thought of using the alarm clock?" I grumbled at my best friend Jaden.

"I had to wake you up somehow. I swear you sleep like a Snorlax" His hazel eyes looked at me as he brushed a strand of his shaggy maroon hair out of his face. He wore a white tee shirt with the emblem of his parents' shop- a pair of forks behind a red rose. His Seviper, Severus was at his side.

There was something wrong- I noticed there was a worried look in his eyes, which was strange. "Jade, what's wrong "

"Derek, something happened here last night" his tone was serious. "I -I saw the police cars on my way here and there was a smashed window... "

I looked around the room in a panic and remembered the door slamming, the spray bottle. I saw the door was off it's hinges and there were scratch marks on the door. Oh no! Mom and dad are going to kill me!

"DJ, Pikachu and Aiden! Where are they? ...They were here last night and-"

(Don't worry) Severus waved his tail blade. (Your ssssiblings and pikachu are ssssafe with your grandma. you were the only one ssssstill asleeep when the copssss came)

"wh-what?" I stopped for a second. "cops? What happened?"

Jaden bit his lip. " we don't know. we heard the news on the radio that there was a break in here. The living room looks pretty bad. But nothing of value was stolen but..."

If nothing of value was stolen and pikachu was in here .. I felt like a Blastoise sent a huge ice beam into the pit of my stomach. I hurried and put on my shoes – I fell asleep in my clothes the night before- and raced down the stairs. "Mom ! Dad! Mom? D-" I stopped at the entrance to the den.

As I stepped into the den my stomach turned. What in the name of the legendaries happened? I looked around and saw red stains that looked like blood on the wall along with claw marks. the photographs from the mantle were scattered. broken stuffing was ripped out of the pillows. The walls and furniture had ice on them. One of the windows was smashed. The living room looked like a battle had taken place. I looked down at my feet and saw shards of broken glass so I sidestepped around them. There was a bustle of activity in the center of the room.

A picture on the ground caught my eye so I carefully picked it up. As I looked at it a tear fell down my face. It was a picture of mom, dad and me as a baby at their wedding laughing at some thing. we all had cake on our faces. I was really young at the time so I didn't remember it but I heard them talk about it so much it felt like I did.

"Excuse me Derek, can I talk to you? " I looked up from the picture and saw a police officer with chestnut hair and blue eyes address me- a growlithe at his side. I looked up and recognized Mr. Smithson, one of my classmate's dads. He was a nice guy- blind in one eye so his K-9 growlithe partner, Sasha, was his Seeing Eye dog.

I nodded as I carefully put the photo in my pocket. "Y-yes?"

"As you may have noticed something happened here last night" his eyes swept the mess that was the living room "we don't know what happened but we do know one thing for sure. your dad is gone"

Dad's gone? My jaw dropped. "Wh-what? Gone?"

Sasha looked at me sadly (just that. I can't find his scent anywhere. Not only, that his pikachu's mate is missing too. All I found were pawprints and blood) her gaze followed to some pawprints on the ground.

Storm's gone too? I felt like I had been hit with Stun Spore-I couldn't think or move.

Behind me I heard Jaden mutter two four letter curse words under his breath in serpent-tongue. "*Sssy'ak! Sz'yet*".

Sev hissed the translation, which I couldn't agree more with. . I kept on going back to the yelling match I had. It's my fault. I told dad that I hated him and to leave me alone. It's my fault. It's my fault. I told him to disappear

I must have blanked out for a few minutes since because Mr. Smithson said "Derek? Are you okay?"

I shook my head. "Sorry-I'm just worried"

Sasha licked my hand. (It must be hard for you and your siblings but we'll find him.)

Mr. Smithson looked at me. "Do you know if your dad had any enemies? Any one who would have had a big grudge against him or your family"

I racked my brains and thought hard. " Sorry Mr. Smithson, I can't think of any one like that. He's a pretty likable-". But then I saw something that made me lose my concentration.

The group at the other end of the room got up from the ground and I saw Sybil, her curly sandy hair giving her away. ". Careful with that arm " she was saying to the paramedics. " is the ambulance waiting outside? Easy does it Misty"


"I tried to prevent it. They're gone" I heard mom's voice.

As the group went past I felt rooted to the spot. Mom was in the middle of the circle of paramedics but she didn't look like herself. There was a red line under her chin. Her skin, was ice blue, as if she been in a snowstorm, had bloody scratch marks on it. Her right arm was in a makeshift sling. I saw red lines on the sling. She was shivering and muttering something like 'I should've stopped her."

To be continued...