Truth comes out part 3 by WyldClaw

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(As butterfree lay on the ground he let out this long mournful cry. A few of the remaining butterflies saw what happened and let out this huge anguished cry and went near the body. He looked at us one last time and closed his eyes. Yung was too busy gloating and laughing maniacally to notice. He told the mirage celebi to use a combo of seed bomb/charge beam then Finish us with rock wrecker) Pikachu added. Noticing my wide eyed expression he put in (the legendaries saved us at the last minute with an enormous barrier right as the charge beam/ seed bombs were about to hit us. )

"But-how- i mean dad couldn't call them right? It's not like they are tamed pokemon. "

Mom gave a little smile. " It was Butterfree's last wish. We didn't see what the outcome was. Ho-oh and celebi told us they'd take care of yung for us and to take care of you and aki. Mewtwo teleported all of us plus Butterfree's body to the nearest pokemon center. . " She looked at them and then at me. "We got you and aki there just in time. But Aki paid a heavy price"

"Her tail. " I put in.

Pikachu nodded (not just that Derek. I don't know if it's because we Pikachus use our tails to gather electricity and that mightyena bit hers off or if she overdid her electricity. But. She lost her ability to use electrical moves) he looked really downcast as he said this. (Not being able to use electric attacks. Storm said it's the worst feeling. You like you're an outcast. She said its feels as if Arceus cursed you for a horrendous crime that you didn't commit. Aki was so conflicted- frightened and hurt- when she discovered her loss she bolted)

Dad scratched the mouse behind his ears. "Just like what happened we first arrived in hoenn the first time, huh bud?"

The mouse nervously chuckled. (yeah. But that was cause I was sick from that stupid magnet) he paused for a second. (Anyways I don't blame her for bolting when she learned what happened.) Pikachu sighed. (She was almost killed by a poacher-)

"What? How could a poacher do that to her?" I questioned.

Mom explained. "It was this ruthless poacher named Dodgy Dirk who thought he could boost her up and sell her on the black market once he learned he did Thunder as a Pichu . when he saw her missing tail he had his Carnivine beat her up to a pulp. He was about to kill her with her when Aurora and i got there just in time. She was utterly terrified . She didn't think we would want her around because of her disability and that she was useless. "

"That's horrible she thought that." I commented.

"I agree, son," Dad said.

Mom nodded. " She was a total wreck but i was able to get through to her. Anyways, when i mentioned the incident later she got all terrified again. So after much thought your father and i we talked Mewtwo into erasing your and aki's memories of what happened. But He said it wasn't as powerful as the ones he used in the past and sooner or later the memories would come back "

I remembered the dream and gulped. "Wh-what happened to b-butterfree?"

"We buried him underneath a beautiful cherry blossom tree that celebi herself planted. I th-think he would have liked that" Dad's voice cracked a little. "That's why the Battle Park's 's symbol is a pikachu's tail crossed over two butterfree wings" His eyes twinkled. "You'll be able to win one yourself with ... what is your growlithe's name was again? Flamie?" I opened my mouth but nothing but a tiny squeak came out. " She took some horrible knocks during the battle. I was impressed. Why didn't you tell us about her?"

I looked down at my bed sheets. "I don't know. I guess I just wanted to pretend that I didn't have famous parents," I mumbled. "At first I wanted to get her better but then I saw her try to battle nd we just started practicing. ... She saved us with that Ariapion- her fire attacks really came th-through and she learned Flare Blitz "

My parents and pikachu looked at one another, nodded and then at me. Mom started, "sweetie, we've been talking and we think that despite what you just went through, you've shown us that you can handle anything your journey throws at you."

I couldn't speak- my brain was still processing that last bit of information. Did she just say what i thought she did? Noticing my stunned look she nodded. "From what storm, Jaden and your father have told me, you handled yourself quite well with J- to the point that you took that horrid acidic strike attack for your growlithe."

(Storm said when J was holding her you refused to harm her since you made a promise you intended to keep. That's true courage. You also went to rescue them not knowing what was in store for you. That the spirit a true trainer needs) Pikachu pointed out.

"Y-you mean it? But –I nearly died from J's pokemon .. I mean after what you just told me –I didn't think -"

Mom cut me off. "Do you know how many times your dad nearly got us killed? "

"Hey, we survived!"

"Your journey isn't just about exploring the world. It's about finding yourself and finding confidences- though after that incident I don't think you need that " Mom chuckled. "You get to experience new things and ideas and make lots of friends. Heck I met your dad on his journey, " she kissed him on the cheek. "Maybe you'll find someone you really care about "

An image of Sami came to mind and I felt my cheeks burn hot. . "But do you really think I'm-" I stopped as dad brought out a small gray and red handheld electric device. Once again I felt my mouth dry up like ice on a scorching sidewalk. I knew what that device was. " Is that a... pokedex?"

" It's going to be a surprise for your birthday next month but I think you deserved It." dad beamed.

"Th-thanks. Y-you don't know how m-much this means t-to m-me" I was almost crying.

Mom smiled as dad put the pokedex – my pokedex - away. "It still needs a few adjustments, like a voice recognition, and an excellent navigation system so that you don't get lost like someone -" she looked over at dad who nervously chuckled. "But other than that it's all set. "

"When will I be able to go?"

"Well." he was a bit hesitant. "The doctors think they've got the poison out but they still need to do some tests since it was a deadly mix of two different poisons. Your ribs took quite the beating and still need to heal. Plus you lost a ton of blood and energy . "

(Aki still needs to recover and heal as well. So I'd wager about three to four months) Pikachu estimated.

"That's f-f-fine with m—me " I yawned, "I can w-wait "

Mom got up and planted a kiss on my forehead. "You look worn out sweetie. Get some rest- you still haven't recovered. I'll come by with your grandma, DJ and aiden tomorrow if you're not still tired from your ordeal. "

at the mention of that I felt hit with tiredness like I had been run over by a pack of was a rampaging Rhyperiors. "Sure thing mom" I mumbled sleepily as i closed my eyes. Not even a minute after my head hit the pillow i was in a dreamless sleep.

To be continued