Aki Shock Us All by WyldClaw

Plot: if I had the rights to Pokémon (not just my OCs) I'd make my two-part fanfic become a real movie. Alas that can't happen except in my daydreams . Rats! Notes: Italics are thoughts. () Is translated Pokémon speech while " " is humans talking. There ares line similar to ones in " kung fu panda 2", the first harry potter film aladdin, and the second spy kids films . I couldn't resist – they fit the scenes.. The ariapion is MINE!

Revised 11/13/2016


"Get out of the way Aki! Don't let that .thing crush you" I shouted.

quickly she moved out of the way with her Agility. Moments later, Dark Dragonite slammed into the spot where she'd been moments ago. The force of the blow was so great it shook the room. I bounced back a few feet- nearly knocked onto the ground

" That was too close.." I was close enough that I could see the despicable dragon's dark scales ripple as it got up off the floor and glare at her . I saw that it had made a huge crater in the floor. I gulped.

(You missed) Aki blew a raspberry at it.

"Crush that pathetic mouse with Twister!" J yelled

The creature flapped its dark wings. Mini tornados came out of it towards her. "Dodge with Agility and then quick attack!" I shouted the first attacks that came into my head. I saw her hit the Dragonite square on-it's cries of pain roared in my ears. "Nice job, Aki! Now use slash on its arms. "

The attack hit it's mark and the dragon roared with pain. " Get that pesky mouse!" J ordered.

She jumped to avoid being hit with an Ice Punch but the attack clipped her right ear. Ice appeared on the tip of it. (That was my ear! Brrr)

(stand still so I can get the rest of you ) The dragon rumbled as it just continued attacking with attacks like Ice Punch, Fire punch and Mega Punch.

" Do your best to avoid it!"

. My stomach became twisted in a knot as she narrowly missed the attacks-.

(Why won't... you give up?) It growled.

I smiled. "That's because she's determined to best you, you oversized lizard" I replied back.

Her next command made my smile vanish. " That's it brat! Dark Dragonite surround that pathetic Pikachu with Double Team!" even before J ended there were four other Dragonites around Aki! I was astounded- the other dragons looked so lifelike it appeared to have used Substitute at least three times! They don't 't even look like copies.. That's not possible.

(That's not ... possible) she squeaked in terror, echoing my very thoughts.

"How can that be?" Dad asked.

Hunter J noticed the scared look on our faces and her eyes glinted. "Dark Dragonite's been genetically enhanced so Double Team creates realistically powerful Substitute- clones. Your pipsqueak is about find out how painfully strong their attacks can be!" Aki gulped. "Dark Dragonites, Slam and Mega Punch! Squash that creature to the floor!"

I could only watch in fear as all five dragons tried to make her part of the floor. She would avoid one then get punched by another. What can I do? What can I do?

It was painful to watch so I had to glance down at my feet and saw my shivering shadow for a few seconds . I realized something: the copies didn't cast shadows! I summoned my courage. Let this work. "Aki don't look right at the copies! Get the Dragonite with a shadow- that's the real one "

She nodded. At once she used Quick Attack, Tackle, Slash, Agility, Headbutt and Light Screen to avoid the blows and to try to take it down. Now that she knew which one to look for, she was doing better on the attack front. But it wasn't easy- the dragons kept on bombarding her with attacks. She looked and focused, Just as she discovered the real dragon. The copies slammed into her. I winced as she cried in pain then skidded across the floor. Mini tornados appeared in their wings and they unleashed the Twister attacks at her!

I saw that she was injured and knew she'd be worse if the Twister attacks hit. "Flatten yourself to the floor then Quick Attack Double Edge on you foe."

She heeded my warning and the attacks missed by inches. Then she used the combo attack on the dragons. The dragons created by the Double Team howled in pain and then disappeared. "Stupid rat!" J muttered.

Storm and I shouted at the same time, "Way to go aki!"

(That's my girl!)

Before I could call out a command, J yelled out, "Twister again! This time make sure it hits! Wipe the floor with it!"

The tornados appeared in its wings again. (Oh no not again!) She moaned- I could tell she was getting tired.

(Aki Run!) Storm yelled from Dad's arms- her ears twitched and she shuddered. I turned around to look at her- I knew that ear twitch. (I sensed J's mind. She's confident that creature is going to win cause she's gonna make it Shock Wave on her.) She whispered to me, her eyes fearful.

"Aki! Avoid the Twisters with your agility! Make sure the Shock Wave doesn't hit you!" I told her, starting to get really worried, as she became a quick blur. Shock Wave was a move that had a one hundred percent accuracy rate.

"You little sneak! How did you know I was going to have it-" J glanced over at Storm-her face in an ugly smile? "It's that creature. Never mind the fact it can't use electricity -it can read minds. It's worth a fortune! It's mine. "

I ignored her, reached in my bag pulled out a SuperPotion spray bottle and kept my eyes on Aki-who was doing a great job avoiding the Twister attacks. "Now use your Slam, Headbutt and Tackle attacks" I kept my voice calm as she switched to those attacks. I walked over to Dad and handed it to him. " Here she looks like she needs it"


(Look at her go!) Storm looked at her daughter.

I looked at Aki as she slammed into the Dragonite and gave it a good headbutt. "Good girl. You're doing great. "

She winked. (Piece of Oran berry cake)

(How many times do I have to try and kill the same stinking mouse?) It rumbled as Aki nimbly dodged the attacks ...until an Icy Wind attack caught her off guard. The cold attack pushed her back a couple of feet.

(Not... enough you total beast)

Hunter J told the dragon to use Ice Beam on the floor to make her trip. I bit my lip as she raced around using Agility and Double Team trying to avoid the ice attack, which soon covered the field in slippery ice. Come on Aki!

"She's in trouble!" Dad commented as aki's movements got slower and she slipped on the ice. Oh no!

She looked up to see the dragon looming over her. (Yipes) she swallowed back her worry.

(You're not going anywhere pest! Time to chill out. ) The enhanced Dragonite rumbled as it unleashed a massive Ice Beam attack before I could shout a command out. It froze her to the ice covered floor in a thick block freezing all but her head and immobilizing her in an icy cast.

"AKI!" I yelled.

(Help me!) She cried out and I saw her fur turn blue under the ice.

(Mom! Derek! Ash! Please Help me -i'm stuck! ) She tried to break free but couldn't. I couldn't do anything- seeing her trapped like this hurt me.

"Please let her go! You're hurting her! ". J and the dark dragon laughed coldly as she tried to free herself from her prison with zero success.

J waved her finger at me. "Oh no, brat I'm not through with it yet. Now Dark Dragonite! Shock Wave that wimpy excuse for a Pikachu super hard!" she yelled. A strong blue blast of electricity came out of her dragon's horns and hit Aki! It hurt her more because of her ice beam prison.

(YEEEEOOOOW!) She hollered.

Storm' s eyes went wide with horror as the electricity hit her daughter. Dad, Storm and I yelled at the same time.




I felt the same way she did. I learned in school that Shock Wave was so powerful that if an Electric Type got overloaded with electricity from the attack it would make them really sick-perhaps even kill them. I didn't know if that applied to Aki du to her lack of electric current in her body-or not but just watching it made me sick. No please no. I can't take any more of this- this torture


The attack stopped ten minutes later. To my horror she was hardly breathing and had electrical burn marks on her fur. She was still trapped in the ice. Storm's eyes were wide with fright (please be okay, baby. Please,, please ) she whispered

My face felt hot as I bit back tears. "Is she-she's not... She can't be-" I couldn't finish the sentence. This is all my fault- I dragged her into this. I told Pikachu I'd try to keep her from getting hurt. He'd use use Thunderbolt and Electro Ball on me if he were to see this.

Dad shook his head. "I don't think so. Look- I saw her ears twitch."

For a heartbeat nothing happened Then Aki's chest rose. (Mom... Derek.) Her voice sounded weak as she panted between words (I'm... okay) . I exhaled with relief. I thought she was a goner.

The despicable dragon crushed Aki's ice prison with its foot and kicked her to the other side of the floor, she didn't move. (Pathetic) it rumbled as it met my eyes. (Simply pathetic and weak. If that's the best you can do against me, human, and then you might want to surrender)

I bit my lip as I mentally prayed . Arceus, Ho-oh, Mew, anyone up there. please let Aki survive and let us make it out of here in one piece. Please oh please. My palms were sweating as my body shook. . if any of them heard my prayer and answered me maybe just maybe I stood a chance. The tough part was not showing J I was afraid.

J looked over at us. " I can see you shaking. Your runty rat is weak beyond weak -"

Dad and I yelled at the same time " she's not she weak!"

I balled my hands into fists, " Don't call her that. " What i so wouldn't give to punch her again

She dismissed us with a wave of her hand and went on, looking at dad. "But it won't last much longer. You actually thought that useless thing would be able to take down Dark Dragonite? Foolish idiot! It's heart and emotions have been locked away so it will follow my every command. It was created to obey me. If I said to Hyper Beam it to bits it would do so without question" she indicated Aki and I felt the strong urge to pound J again for calling her an object rise up but i contented myself by giving her a dirty look. " Those creatures only exist to make a profit. Your way is weak- they don't need love or kindness. There is no good and evil in this world. There is only power... and those too weak to seek it. You two fall into the weakling category. I could easily have dark Dragonite kill it and then get rid of you "

(You do, you're beyond toast) Storm growled but again J ignored her.

"Seeing as that mouse in your arms can read minds and can be sold for a fortune, it more than makes up for the pathetic runt"

Storm shivered as Dad held her protectively with his good arm. . ". If you lay so much as a finger on my Pikachu again I'll stop you -Ugghggh" he winced in pain.

"Dad!" I yelled.

J pointed her finger at me and smirked. " You and what army? Him? You hand it over now i may change my mind about torturing you... too much. If you die, well, it doesn't matter to me."

(Don't) Storm's eyes ping-ponged from her daughter to me to Dad and back again. (She won't keep her word) she whispered

"I know, " He said softly. I got a look at his facial expression- a mixture of fear and worry. I didn't blame him one bit. From what I had seen so far J was utterly ruthless and had no regard for any form of life- human or pokemon. She's right- she'll go back on her words and then we're all doomed.

"Well? If you don't give that thing to me I'll take it from your cold lifeless fingers. Like i said in this world there's only power and those too weak to seek it. With that not so useless weakling at my side I will rise to power and take over even the league. No one will be able to stop me "

I opened my mouth to say some nasty words- words that- if Dad and I got out of this mess - would get my mouth majorly washed out with soap. But it was a different voice that beat me to the punch. - A familiar tired sounding voice (You're ... wrong) the voice panted.

Dad, Storm and I were astounded. "…Aki?"

(You're... completely wrong) she echoed as she woozily got up and faced J.

Storm's mouth dropped in a perfect o-shape. (My baby… my poor baby)

"Oh Aki." I was stunned. She was panting slowly and I saw the electrical burn marks plus cuts and countless bruises dance all over her body. There were still some ice patches on her fur and the cut from the Iron Tail attack on her side looked even worse now. There was a frosty nick on her right ear. One of her eyes was swollen and purple. She was battered badly- even her half tail had taken a beating. I was surprised to see that even after being frozen, massively shocked and beaten to a pulp by Dark Dragonite, she was still able to get up.

"How can that weakling still be alive? It is refusing to let itself be killed," J sneered.

" picked up that trait from her dad and I ," Dad muttered under his breath. . Storm nodded at this.

(You're... wrong... to think. that) she slowly said.

J looked over at the injured Pikachu then at her dragon. "What's it squeaking about now? "

Dark Dragonite glared at her as she spoke. (You're wrong about us... Pokémon are not just to gain fortune, we have feelings too- we can feel and hurt like humans. We... are not tools for getting money or trophies. Some of us may be different but are unique in other ways. Mom can't use electricity but she has her own special talents. Even Magicarps deserves love and respect for without a trainer's love and kindness they will never evolve into a ferocious Gyarados. With few exceptions we don't care for greed or power) she narrowed her eyes at Dark Dragonite at the word 'exceptions' (humans... and Pokémon have to have a mutual respect... in order to live together.)

Tears rolled down my face during her moving speech. "That's beautiful! You're doing great. You tell her the truth"

She smiled as she heard my words then turned her attention to J. (you are as evil a human as anything. You ... kidnapped mom and her friend... beat them-)

" Really badly" Dad muttered glancing at his wounds and Storm nodded.

She continued, her voice now a bit stronger (try to trick Misty into coming. Ash told me how-how in the past you ordered one of your Pokémon to crush him. You probably have done more cruel things i can't even name. There is only so much I can take and I've had it up to here with you! Let us go or-or else)

I thought her words would melt J's cold heart. -Please let us go. Please let us go. Then she screamed, "Dark Dragonite, use Blizzard and Icy Wind on that pathetic foolish rat! Beat it into the floor with everything you've got!"

"Dodge it!" I countered. she gritted her teeth and retaliated back with her own attacks.

(Rick 'em, rack 'em, rock 'em, and fight! You can beat that evil Dragonite) Storm cheered as Aki headbutted the foe.

Hunter J sent a dagger at storm with her cold eyes. "You stay out of this.. you're next."

( evil Dragonite, evil Dragonite, if Aki can beat it…GREAT!) Storm cried the last word.

"Go Aki! Show that dragon whose boss! Give 'em all you got!"

(I'm trying the best i can. It just won't -oof! ) Her words were cut short as the dragon Mega Punched her. I winced as she took the hit.

(This is too easy. you're a pathetic wimpy cloud) Dark Dragonite rumbled as its tail glowed an eerie silver-iron tail.

Not Iron Tail again! What can i do to help her? Think, Derek! Get your brain out of this state of shock "Shock! Thats it!" Summoning my courage I had left I shouted, "! Aki Give it a shocking dose of reality! Thunder Kick the field"

Her foot glowed a pale yellow. (This 'pathetic cloud' is gonna bring on the thunder!) She jumped in the air- missing the silver tail by inches and smashed the ice field with the glowing foot. The Thunder Kick ended up shocking the Dragonite who was still on the field. It staggered forwards for a few minutes as if dazed then resumed attacking.

I turned my gaze to Dad for advice. He's the expert trainer and I'm Just a kid. "What do I do? That thing is going to cream her!"

"I don't know, son. You just have to trust her." He replied. What if I'm her to death? She looks wiped out. Her fur puffed she tried to ram into the dragon's belly but got knocked back by its wings and tail.

She was pretty stubborn. Every time she got hit down by the dragon she got right back up and try it again. . There was a faint glow to her body. After a few minutes Dad's jaw dropped. "I think I know what she's doing"


(I don't see how it's possible but she's trying) Storm added (and I believe succeeding)

"What? What's she trying to do?"

"Just watch, Derek, " he said. Aki rammed into the dragon only to be knocked away by an icy wind attack. She got shakily back up and tried ramming again and again. Although the creature used icy wind, Wing Attack, Gusts and Twister to stop her she kept on trying to knock it down.

Each time, her body glowed lightly with golden electricity. It hit me as the light covered her.

My jaw dropped. I realized what the Pikachu was doing. How? It can't be possible. "Holy freaking Miltank! Aki is trying to use... "

(V-volt tackle) storm ended with awe. Now the golden light covered her entire body and there was a look of pure determination in her eyes.

J and I commanded at once: "Finish it off! Rock tomb!"

"Never thought I'd ever say this but Aki use V-Volt Tackle!" The name felt weird to say.

(You're mine mouse! Dodge this) Dark Dragonite stomped on the floor as Aki, her body looking black and white through the light, bolted across it, expertly avoiding the sharp rocks that came out of the floor. (Stand still so I kill you)

(I don't think so. Try to dodge this!) She hit it right in the gut. It howled in pain and stumbled back a few feet. Even when she was taking the recoil damage she looked pretty intent on bringing that Dragonite down.

She did it twice more but then as she was taking the recoil damage I saw the dragon trip her with a Tail Whip. ( Whoops).

As she skidded across the field we saw it flew over and grabbed her tightly with its claws. (lemme go you brute!) she cried out in vain.

Dad and I came to the same conclusion s It flew up to the top of the ceiling .

"oh no! "

" it's about to use Seismic Toss!"

Then it dove straight down, slamming her into the floor. As she hit the floor I cringed. that is going to hurt.

(Fight me like ...a Pokémon) She cried feebly as she slipped on the wet floor. The creature ignored her as it put one massive foot over her body to prevent escape. It wore a triumphant look on its smug face, as did its master.

(Game over.) She closed her eyes.

"No!" I screamed. "Aki! Aki! Wake up!" I shouted but she didn't reply. Ho-Oh, anyone please help her

Storm was struggling in dad's arms. (Let me at it Ash! let me at it! I'll slash it to shreds! I'll-)

"No. It would just beat you the same way as her," He said fearfully.

Hunter J smiled cruelly. "That mouse is beaten. It put up a good fight but it's finished. " I wanted to smack the smug look off her face as she addressed us. "I told you nothing could beat Dark Dragonite. You thought that weakling had enough power? That creature is nothing but a fool. All this talk about love& respect" She spat on the floor. "Now brats, any final words?" She looked at us.

" oh I've got some words for you J ,,, just none that I can say in front of my son" Dad replied.

(Not to mention my daughter.) Storm added then stated, (I'll say this. Whatever you do to us you will never destroy our spirits or our hopes. Goodness always overcomes evilness. Even if you break us, there will be more who will avenge us and take you down. You think that we ...are the only people who can stop you? No matter what it takes we will find a way to stop you, you menacing psychotic evil b-oh my Arceus! )

Her 'oh my Arceus ' was due to seeing aki open her eyes. She's alive! I thought she was a goner! I saw she was smiling. . Why's she smiling? (I have some words for you: EAT... MY... THUNDER ATTACK YOU FOOL! !) She shouted the last part as loudly as she unleashed an enormous Thunder attack underneath the creature's foot.

No freaking way! My mouth dropped open yet again. First Volt Tackle and now Thunder? It screamed as the attack went on. She went on for 10 minutes and stopped. The creature removed its foot from her body - it's body covered in electrical burns, smelling strongly of signed scales. The mouse dashed over to us as the dazed dragon wobbled around before hitting the floor with a piercing THUD- totally knocked out.


"WHAT? How could my dark dragon lose? How could this happen. " J yammered but we took no notice of her.

(The bigger and… more arrogant they are... the harder they fall) Aki panted as I bent down and hugged her.

" -how'd you-I thought you ...V-volt tackle-I thought it took- thunder. -" I couldn't get the words right on my tongue.

She licked my cheek. (Derek, do an injured mouse a favor and shut up for a minute) she said, not unkindly.

I looked and saw Storm was crying - I didn't blame her. She jumped down and started licking her daughter. (Oh, my baby. oh Aki) she murmured into her fur. She looked up and her voice tone changed in to a mix of terrified/relieved mother. ( Aki Sparka Thorina 'Chu... Don't you ever , ever scare me like that again! I thought- I th-thought…)

(Mom. I'm fine. I'm fine I'm alive. Take a lot... more than that thing... to take me out...) Aki slowly caught her breath. (Besides. with great power come a great need... to protect)

"What do you mean great power? "

Dad looked down at her. "Are you saying someone gave you the energy to do Volt Tackle? Thunder?"

She nodded. (Like a legendary?) Storm asked.

(Not really. It was you, Mom)

(M-me? how-)

"I think I-"

"Enjoying your talk? It's about to end, " J's cold voice sliced through my voice we looked at her. She had a crazed look in her eyes and had an enlarged pokeball in one hand-she had already recalled the fainted dragon.

"You either leave here with me or not at all. I have major plans for you. "

I gulped yet again. "But Derek and Aki defeated that Dragonite of yours J. " Dad pointed out. "And by official rules-"

"Rules, schmules." She waved her free hand. " When have I given a Raticate's ass about Rules, you annoying twerp?"

Dad became rigid at her last word. Storm padded in front of me. (I'll-) she winced due to her injuries and collapsed to the floor in a heap.

Aki leapt over to her mother. (Mom!) She carefully nudged her to her paws. (You can't battle. You're hurt)

(But you're tired from fighting... that powerful Dark Dragonite of J ) Storm tried to argue, looking at Aki's injuries.

(I can still... fight)

"She's right." I carefully picked her up and handed her back to Dad. "Leave this to us" I gave them dad's famous-we-know-what-we're-doing grin.

He opened his mouth. Storm spoke knowing what he'd been about to say (they'll beat her. they have their fathers' blood).

He closed it as Aki and I looked back at J as the mouse stepped forward. "We're ready "

"Your funeral, little brat. You thought Dark Dragonite was tough? This one's in a whole different class! Go! " She threw the pokeball into the air. It opened in mid-air and a red ball of energy came out.

As it formed the Pokémon, Aki and I both jumped. What in the world? "Wh-what is that?"

(Wh-whose th-that Pokémon?) Aki gaped at the new foe as the pokeball flew back to J's hand. It was a mixture of Ariados and Drapion- two different but deadly Pokémon. Its body was built of red-to-lavender body segments with black stripes ending with a tail with two stingers. Four yellow lavender striped legs came out of its side along with four segmented legs with pointed toes. Its eyes were pointed, with blue-colored upper parts. Large, sharp fang like white-colored features extended from its mouth and a white horn was on the top of its head. Two huge sets of strong Drapion claws on each side glinted. Two Ariados legs were in back along two tails with poisonous stingers. Dad looked pale as he took in the strong Draipion claws.

"This is a Pokémon of my own creation- steathly,, smart , loyal and... extremely my Ariapion and.. your doom" J said like a trainer introducing a shiny Delcatty. Then without missing a beat she yelled, "Shadow Ball that rodent!"

To be continued