J's entrance by WyldClaw

Plot: want dementors from harry potter to suck out your soul? Didn't think so . don't assume I own Pokemon OR steal Derek and Aki without asking me! Italics are thoughts. () Is translated Pokemon speech while " " is humans talking. Oh yeah, I've never seen the episodes J is in {haven't watched the anime in years} so I don't know how she talks or anything. If I get anything wrong please don't hammer me with flames, Enjoy!


He groaned at the sound of my voice. "mmm?"

(look) Aki pointed with her paw .

"oh!" A small gasp escaped my mouth. he looked pretty worse for wear. one of his eyes was swollen and there were bloody wounds all over him. One shoulder was messed up real badly and there was a dried deep gash on the other shoulder. Burns covered his face and arms. His shirt and shorts- what he must have been wearing that night were ripped and had red marks on them. He was mumbling something that sounded like mom's name through the gag on his mouth .under His hands and legs were tied behind him-with the strangest rope I'd seen- it was pink and looked to be made out of a thick rope.. anger boiled up inside of me. who did this to him?

Upon closer inspection I saw a pulsating pink gas band over a regular rope. The pink gas band was over the net as well.

Aki sniffed it and then backed away . (I think that pink gas thing is Dream Mist) it took a few minutes gazing at it but something clicked. she looked up at me (that explains why your mom couldn't find him) . it blocked off his mind. But if someone put dream mist on the rope and net then they must know about the bond. But it's pretty confidential . how would they know?

"Turn around! It's me!" I said as I walked around to face him. at the sound of my voice he slowly looked up. his eyes were big as Electrodes and he tried to say something through the gag. Aki and I studied the Dream Mist net. It looks strong

(I can break that with my Iron Paw and Ice Punch attacks) she told me. dad shook his head. I stepped to the side. Aki's right forepaw glowed white as She let out a battle cry. she slammed it into the net as it became surrounded in white sparkles. She did the attack at least four times until the net was frozen. Next she used Mega Punch which then shattered the net into a thousand tiny fragments on the ground and her paw returned to normal.

I knelt down and yanked the gag off his mouth. he gulped the air greedily.

Aki went to untie his hands with her teeth . (yuck! I'm going to be tasting this foul stuff in my mouth for a week) she muttered.

I bent down and tried to untie the thick knots of Dream Mist infused rope around his legs. "What you doing here?" he whispered looking around the room as if he expected someone to barge in.

" rescuing you. I ... had to come. There was a ransom note next to mom and it said for her to come here or else. But I couldn't let her go after she had been injured-"

his eyes lit up. "she's still alive?"

Aki stopped chewing the rope for a few seconds to answer. ( injured badly and doesn't remember much of what happened. But other than that she's alive.) she went back to chewing the rope.

I nodded. "she... knows you're still alive but she couldn't locate you"

he smiled for a brief second. "knew Misty wouldn't give up on me easily . it's that stupid rope she put on me"

(Who you talking about ?) Aki said through mouthfuls of rope so it sounded more like 'foo yoo 'awking abou'.

I had a weird feeling who "she" was. "is she the same person who caused the injuries?" I blurted out.

A pained look appeared in his eyes . "yes"

"mom said that you had this look on like someone rose from the d-dead" I gulped.

"I thought she was... I didn't think she survived " he glanced again nervously around the room. He struggled against his bonds. "we have to get out of here before she comes back. She ... went in the back with Storm"

Aki stood up as she got one arm free. (show me where she is! I'll tear her to bits)

he shook his head . "Trust me, Aki. The person who has your mom... she's capable of unspeakable evils. you wouldn't stand a chance ..You don't want to know"

"Try us". I stopped untying him to listen. So did Aki.

He sighed. "Years ago in Sinnoh there was this bounty hunter May, Brock, Pikachu and I ran into a bunch-"

"Jaden's parents said something about a hunter .they encountered there. They said she was a sociopathic, greedy, b-URRRK" a huge black mass hit me in the gut and sent me flying to the wall. Dad and Aki yelled my name as I hit it hard. Holy Ho-oh that stung like heck! before I could move a huge dark tail pinned me to the wall.

my eyes followed the tail, my worry rising. The tail belonged to a Dragonite. NOT good. I'd seen the psuedo-legendary before. Mom had one she raised from a Dratini Dad gave her for Valentine's Day one year however there were some major differences between hers and this one . Aurora had orange skin, friendly eyes and a kind-hearted motherly nature. the one keeping me from running was way different than 'Rora'- DJ's nickname for her. It was pure dark and evil from its horns to the tail –. Its eyes locked with mine- unlike Rora there was no warmth - just pure coldness. I wouldn't be surprised if an Icicle Spear attack shot out of them . its hands looked much longer and much stronger than a regular Dragonite's. (human? Who are you and why are you here) it rumbled

I gulped- even it's voice oozed evilness. Think Derek think . "n-nobody... j-just a p-passing trainer." I said the first lie that came into my head. "I wanted to see what this place is. So I came inside and I saw that man-"

"is that so?" A new voice entered the room. I looked over the Dragonite's shoulder and saw an older woman dressed in a dark suit with silver and gray hair. Her face was stone cold. her icicle blue eyes glared daggers at me. She was carrying a squirming bag of some sort in one hand that she kicked. " Dark Dragonite, bring the boy to me".

The dragon released its grip on me and I fell to the floor. before I could move blue electric sparks came from its claws. (Oh no you don't) Aki rammed the dragon's tail, latched onto it and bit with her might.

It screamed in pain and the electric sparks vanished. (How dare you touch me, you pest) it tried to fling her off its tail by smacking it against the floor but she held firm despite getting lots of bruises. (Get off my tail you runt)

The tail turned a glowing silver as she unfastened her teeth and jumped off . but she wasn't fast enough. An Iron tail attack caught her side and threw her across the room. She fell to the floor. I saw she had a decent cut on her side from the attack. . "Aki! Are you –" I started but a jolt of electricity hit my legs and my muscles froze up.

I couldn't move as the dragon picked me up, dragged me across the room & held me in front of the woman. I was so close I saw my frightened expression reflected in her cold eyes. She looked from dad to me to aki and back again as if looking to see if we were related. "Who are you brat?

" I t-told you I'm nobody just-"

Her eyes glinted. " haven't you been taught not to lie to people? You look too lame to be a trainer. You have no pokeballs and what person would train with that" she glanced toward Aki. anger bubbled up inside me but I remained quiet ." Dark Dragonite, tighten your grip "

( yes master.) it did as the woman commanded and my arms felt a sharp pain.

"what do you want with me? she smiled and a shiver ran down my spine but remained silent. "You vile woman! Let me go! Can't you tell my pikachu's injured?" it replied by giving me a sharp Thunderbolt for ten minutes. I screamed from the painful electric attack as Dad yelled too . I felt my shirt smoking from the attack and smelt burnt skin. I looked up into her ice-cold eyes. " Leave.. me, my pikachu and my... dad.. Alone" I panted.

"Your... dad? " The woman looked over at me, as if seeing the connection between us for the first time.


dang it Derek! Why can't you keep your mouth shut for once!

" I knew it! This makes it even better!"

That can't be good. I gulped

"I knew there was something familiar about you and your actions" She addressed dad. " Looks like someone's got your oh-so- foolish 'heroic''" she said the word sarcastically, "qualities. How pathetic." She spat on the floor

Dad glared - a look I recognized too well. "Leave him alone J! This is between you and me besides it's been over twenty years!"

Te woman-J- laughed – which made my spine tingle. "You think that's a reason for letting you go free? I told you before twerp, you ruined my life! I was going to sell that rat of yours- I remember thinking it was powerful. I was right. But you tricked me into taking that no-good, worthless pathetic one! My employer wants to get revenge on you too as well as that scrawny excuse of a wife-"

That does it! I had enough of her talk. Using my left arm I socked her in the gut as I kneed Dragonite hard - enough for it to release its hold on me. They both screamed in pain . I ran over to Dad. Aki was already there. "Are... you okay?"

She nodded and licked my hand. (Yeah. I got a bit bruised but I'm fine).

"She's twisted and beyond evil. I know I shouldn't hit a girl. She's so twisted I'm not counting her as a girl." I muttered as I bent down and resumed untying the rope.

Dad nodded. "She's one of the evilest humans I ever faced. Her Drapion nearly squeezed me to death once"

"What?" my jaw dropped. I knew Drapions were really powerful but to actually sic it on a human & order it to crush them to death was unspeakable evil. There was no word to describe it . I finished untying it and with some encouragement from Aki we got him to his feet. " How did you escape from -"

(DUCK!) Aki yelled. we ducked as a huge Ice beam flew over our heads. We turned around saw the door behind us now encased in thick sharp ice. (Now how do we get out?) she muttered as she clutched my jeans.

"We're trapped like a raticate," I muttered. Thinking quickly I turned back around I told aki, " mega punch!"

Her paw began to glow but J screamed, " stop the attack or I'll skin it" and Aki froze.

she had an evil looking smile despite being punched in the gut a few minutes ago. "You forgot about something" she held up a trembling yellow creature with one hand, a sharp dagger under her throat. Storm!

"Tell the runt to stop or we'll find out how filthy this thing's blood really is. Do it now " she threatened.

Aki's paw went back to normal but her fur-spiked- she was furious. Tiny sparks were puffing out of her cheek sacks. (That's my mom! Let her go!) She growled as loud as she could. (You evil witch! Mom!)

Storm's ears perked at the sound of her daughter's voice. (.. Aki?)

I scooped her up so Aki wouldn't hurt herself and got a shock as I did- both literally and figuratively. "What did you do to her?" . I felt my blood boil yet gain up at the sight. she was very pale and like Dad she was thin. red cuts and wounds danced over her body. I shuddered when I saw whip marks over her. One of her paws was hanging limply at her side , she had trickles of red running down her fur.

( derek...help) she gasped.

"Don't move or else " J terrorized us, holding Storm in a vice-like grip so she couldn't move without injuring herself- the knife right under to her throat. J looked me in the eyes. "You. Boy... battle me."

Storm shook her head (no derek.) she whispered (don't. she won't fight fair.)

I shook my head. "you're part of my ohana. I won't leave you behind"

(I'm not worth it. You've got to get out of -) J 'accidently' moved her closer to the knife, which dug into her fur. A new line of red appeared.

"stop it. I'll-I'll battle you. " I stood up as tall as I could. "Let storm go first" I tried to sound brave but inside I felt like jello.

She looked down at her captive. "This thing has a name? Worthless is what it is. It can't use any electrical attacks so no one will buy it. it's weaker than a kakuna. And what's that supposed to be? " She looked at Aki. "Useless number two? Its tail is totally ruined and cut. How can that thing even battle or fight "

Aki tried squiggling out of my arms. (Useless? I'll show her useless. Lemme at her Derek) she muttered

I understood her anger. As much as I wanted to let her at J, I didn't want to risk Storm's life. I shook my head. "No. I promised your dad I wouldn't let you get hurt."

( okay ) she stopped squirming and her fur lay flat. Her cheeks stopped sparking.

"She's not worthless" I yelled at J. "pokèmon, whether they have a huge amount of power or different talents, aren't worthless. Nor are they things to be sold on the black market- they are wonderful creatures to be treated with love and kindness and respect. Storm has her own uniqueness so she's one special pikachu " I saw her look at me with a look of gratitude

"Love and kindness? Respect?" Pah!" J scoffed. Another little hiss of anger escaped from Aki's throat. "That is the most sickening thing I've ever heard. You're just as soft hearted as him " she glanced toward dad with a look of pure hatred. "He is a pathetic wimp-"

No one insults my family like that! "That's my dad you're talking about!" I yowled. "He's accomplished more brave things and goals than you ever will!" I raised my voice. "I don't know what happened in the past and frankly I don't give a Raticate's rear. I won't battle you unless you release Storm so let her go now"

J removed the dagger from her throat and looked at her with distain like she was a piece of Growlithe poo. ". It's useless anyways". She then flung the mouse as hard as she could across the room- not before giving her fur a little nick with the blade. Storm sailed through the air and fell into a corner. "Good riddance to it"

Dad rushed over to her as Aki jumped down out of my arms and walked in front of me. (She's going down. She is so toast for what she did to mom) she looked at me- there was a fierceness in her eyes.

J calmly put the knife away. She gazed at aki then back at the evil dragon and said four words that made my blood run cold. "Dark Dragonite, kill it"" No sooner had she said those words it lunged!

my heart pounded super fast when I saw the black dragon lunge at her.! "get out of the way Aki! Don't let that ... thing crush you" I shouted.

With rapid quickness , Aki moved out of the way with her Agility. Moments later, Dark Dragonite slammed into the spot where she'd been moments ago. That was too close . the force of the blow was so great it shook the room. I bounced back a few feet- nearly knocked onto the ground. I was close enough that I could see the despicable dragon's eyes full of hatred as It got up . I saw that it had made a huge crater in the floor. I gulped.

(You missed) Aki blew a raspberry at it .

"Crush that pathetic mouse with Twister!" J yelled.

The creature flapped its dark wings. Mini tornados came out of it towards her. "Dodge with agility and then quick attack!" I shouted the first attack that came into my head. I saw Aki hit the Dragonite square on-it's cries of pain roared in my ears. "Nice job, Aki! Now use slash on it's arms . "

The attack hit it's mark- the dragon roared with pain. She jumped to avoid being hit with an Ice Punch, which clipped her right ear . Ice appeared on the tip of it. ( That was my ear! Brrrrr!)

The dragon ignored her and just continued attacking with Ice, Comet and Mega Punches , with Aki narrowly missing the attacks-. (why won't... you give up ?) it growled.

I smiled. "cause she's determined to best you, you oversized lizard" I replied back.