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Raptor swore for what must have been the millionth time since landing, bullets flying past on all sides.

I hid my irritation only slightly better. "Remind me to ask for a pay raise when we talk to Anderson after this." I said, flicking a knife into hand, and using it as a mirror to see past the corner of the crate we were hiding behind.

It'd been about two-and-a-half weeks since we'd taken Sovereign down. Unsurprisingly, despite all the awards we'd had heaped upon us,The Council was more ready to believe in Santa Claus than the Reapers. So instead of having us do anything worthwhile to prepare for the coming invasion, we were out here wiping out the last remnants of the Geth forces.

I wasn't surprised that they'd ignored us, but I'd been half hoping that with me backing up Shepard up, they'd have been at least a bit less skeptical.

I'd also been hoping that last remnants would have meant that this abandoned warehouse would only have a few Geth, maybe 50 at the most, something we figured two Spectres would be able to handle. We were currently pinned down by at least thrice that number.

Raptor had run out of Thermal Clips pretty much as soon as we went in. Luckily, I'd held onto my older weapons, and so she was currently using my Assault Rifle to inflict as much damage as she could, while I held them off on my side with my biotics and shotgun.

"I don't suppose you have a plan?" Shepard asked as she ducked back, shields barely holding.

"You're asking me about a plan?"

"Who else am I going to ask, the Geth?"

I saw an opportunity and threw a singularity at a group of the synthetics. I followed it with a warp field a moment later, causing a biotic explosion.

I glanced back at the hallway we'd entered through. "It's about a hundred meters back to the door. Our options are to call in for backup, or make a break for it."

"If we call in back up, the Geth are going to just mow them down." She said, shaking her head. "And our radios are jammed anyway."

"Well, that's just perfect."

"At least it means its easier to decide which to go with." She said, forcing a smile.

I glanced around the corner, and pulled my head back as a rocket flew past the crate. It landed close enough to drop my shields to half strength. "No kidding. We stay here, we're slaughtered." I slid my shotgun onto my hip. "I say we get the hell out of here and just bomb the place from orbit."

"Great, except for the part where they shoot us in the back. Even as fast as we can run-"

"Who said anything about running?"

After a moment of confusion, she groaned. "Do not tell me you want to carry me and do that charging thing?"

Another rocket hit nearby, this time closer to her.

She tossed me back my gun and moved close enough for me to pick her up bridal style. "I swear, this is just embarrassing."

"Then I suggest you hold on so I don't leave you here with your embarrassment." I deadpanned, biotics surrounding us both.

A moment later, I was standing in front of the door, and I hurriedly hit the button to open it, putting up a barrier around us, though the Geth were pouring on everything they had onto it.

The door finally slid open, and I stepped through, still holding Raptor. I heard it closing, and sighed in relief, glad to be out alive.

A moment later, something hit me square in the back, and I was sent flying forwards, dropping Raptor mid flight, and landing hard enough to knock the wind out of myself.

"Alright, that's it. We're both asking for a raise after this." I heard Raptor say, but her voice seemed faint, and my vision seemed to be fading as well.

"I think...I might also need...some new...armor." I managed to get out amidst my coughing. I saw something flying from my mouth as I coughed, staining the ground red.

I dimly heard Raptor swearing as her footsteps moved my way, but couldn't hear anything after that.

Then, my world went completely black.


Loud music blared around what was left of the Fluxx. A huge piece of Sovereign had lodged itself through the roof and punctured through to the next level. Danny was sitting behind the bar pulling every alcoholic drink he could out and setting it on the table.

when the amount of drinks on the table got around twenty-one, he stopped,."Well, that's it. Looks like the party will have to try and continue with only twenty-one bottles of whiskey."

I grabbed one of the bottles off the counter and cracked it open. "Make that twenty."

"So, you really are just going to drink it." Danny probed as he sat up from behind the counter.

I took a swig and then handed it to him. "I'll share. It's a long climb back."

"It would be easier if you got some armor that would enhance your strength like mine instead of the rags you are wearing." Danny pointed out and took a swig.

I looked down at my armor, it was mostly if not all was melted. It was missing the right gauntlet and had a gaping hole in my chest. The shoulder guards were completely ripped away leaving nothing but the under skin to protect my arms. It was a piece of shit but it did take a direct shot from Saren/Sovereign and survived so it might be lucky.

I shrugged Danny's comment off. "Hey, I don't see you throwing away your piece of shit."

"Mine is just charred, not just holding together by the duct tape I use to repair it."

I snatched the bottle away from him and took another drink. "Can we go now?"

He nodded and then pointed at a wall. "We can glitch jump from there."

"I can't do that, remember?"

Danny put his hand out to motion for a handshake. "Then, I will just copy and paste it into you."

I gave him an inquisitive look. "You sure about this?"

My best friend just smiled and stretched his hand out further, "Nope."

Throwing all caution and worry to the wind, I took Danny's hand. Immediately, the red matrix code in me lit up and I saw a bunch of red ones and zeros crawl to my hand. I looked at his arm and saw that it was fully green and was trying to hold off the red matrix code.

Once the code reached a stable position, a blue zero flowed down his arm and stop just on his wrist. The zero then stretched horizontally until a line formed across the zero diagonally. The stretch finally stopped when it split into two. The zero that was closest to my arm moved over to me and Danny let go ending the clash.

I looked over to the wall, there was a blue rip shaped line made of ones and zeroes. "It worked."

I looked back at Danny and he had his hands on his knees. "Yeah, cool, sweet."

I scoffed at Danny's exhaustion, "Tired?"

"No", Danny stood up and cracked his back. "Just took a lot out of me."

I took a long drink of the whiskey and then offered Danny the bottle again. "Well, you know what they say. When you are feeling sick... I forget now drink some whiskey."

Danny took the whiskey and screwed the cap back on. "Nah, we need to get going to the bar."

Shaking his head he grabbed the bottles and put them in the holding parts of his belt. With a turn on his heels, gave me the come on motion and I followed him to the glitch. He pressed his hand to the wall on the glitch and closed his eyes. Focusing, he made the glitch open up and pull him in.

Making my way up to the glitch, I placed my hand on it and thought very carefully. It opened up and I was pulled in. The glitch became a tube, carrying me faster than I could ever hope to travel. It was blue and the code that lined it changed from blue, to red, to yellow. It had to be the fruitiest way to travel in the entire history of the world.

Then, the tube sat on the color red and began to weave and bob. Something about it told me that it wasn't going to end , the zeroes and ones changed to say error.

I was then tossed and thrown as the tunnel began to stray off of my intended path. It continued to move until I was falling straight down. The tunnel finally ended with me face planting into grass.

T117: Well, this should be an...interesting meeting.

S7: I just realized something.

T117: That you left the oven on at home?

S7: Oh shit, I did. But that wasn't it. I just realized that you copied Masterchief.

T117:...You're saying you just now realized that the numbers are a Halo reference?

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