I woke up and felt the stiffness of sleep leave my body. Yesterday had been so eventful it was just exhausting. It felt good to just lay awake in the bed.

Ty, I have noticed your brain patterns have changed. Are you awake?

"Yeah, I am. What do you need bro?"

Arnold said that Bourne requested to be awakened when you wake. Shall I alert him?

I thought for a moment, "Am I the only one awake?"

No, Joker, some engineers, and one of the ground crew did not sleep.

"Then don't alert him. I need a break from having all the answers."

He is currently in the mess hall eating breakfast. He will know you are awake regardless when the pod opens.

"Son of a bitch, is there a glitch around that I can't see?"

There is one right behind you. Warning: it only leads to the shooting range.

"Fine by me", I focused on my back and felt the glitch take hold. After a quick trip through the glitch tube, I landed right in front of my locker. "Well, that's lucky."

Alert: Awakened ground crew is near you.

"Who the hell is it at this hour?" I looked at my omni-tool and saw that it was 3:00 am standard Earth time.

It would seem that Hero was unable to sleep. Or, possibly, was asked by Bourne to keep an eye out for you.

"Son of a bitch… again. Anywhere I can hide?"

Upper left corner has adequate shadow for hiding. Chances of being found rest at forty percent.

I took Drew's option and stuck my glaive in the ceiling and held onto it. It took a bit but I squeezed into the corner and managed to hide. Immediately following my maneuver the door opened.

Hero stepped inside and I held onto the glaive for dear life. I needed some time to myself and that meant no girls allowed.

She yawned as she walked over to the lockers, and started putting her gear away, almost directly below me. She had just finished storing her weapons when she moved to her armor. I looked away as best I could, although, the testosterone in me said opposite and held a very compelling argument.

Somewhat to my disappointment, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt underneath the armor, so there wasn't much to see. Then, due to the redistribution to my weight, the glaive came a little loose and moved an inch downward.

"You know, you might want to just get down from there before you fall and hurt yourself." She commented without looking up.

"Fuuuu-" The glaive gave way and I ended up landing right behind her followed by the glaive landing in between my legs. "-uuuck."

"Let me guess- you're trying to get some alone time?" She asked, as if I hadn't just fallen off the ceiling and nearly castrated myself.

"Bingo", I grunted.

"Yeah, good luck finding that on this ship. Though if anyone asks, I can say you snuck off on to the Citadel. Might buy you an hour or two."

"You would do that for me? Wait, we are still docked?"

That got her to turn around to face me. "Trust me, I know that feeling when everybody wants something from you and you can't get a minute to yourself. It's half the reason why I couldn't keep a fish alive for more than a day...but yeah, we're leaving in about 6 hours, so if you actually do want to sneak off to the Citadel, keep an eye on the time."

I sat up and grabbed my glaive. "Thanks for the info. So has the rumor past yet?"

"Well...there wasn't really one to start with...Apparently, Tali overheard you and Bourne talking, and…" She rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly.

Keeping a casual tone, I stood up giving my reply. "Well, Drew says that you apparently inspire that feeling out of me but don't worry. I'm not stupid enough to follow it."

"...Uh, thanks, I think?"

I stepped over to my locker and began grabbing out my stuff. "Yeah, I have been in this situation before. I say I like you. You don't return the feelings and I try to say that we could make it work. You would say you still have a connection to Thane and there is now a chance to have that again. I say well why don't we just see where this goes for now. You say that you would never do that. I walk away sad and you get to stay in one place knowing that I have a broken heart but at least I will get over it."

"Not even close. It's more...well...you literally ripped me out of Jason's head. That's just weird for everyone involved. And while you and Bourne can make fun of me for it all you want, Thane was and always will be my only true love." She crossed her arms. "And to be brutally honest, I'm wondering if you only are into me because I remind you of someone else."

Scenario 43, the chances for that one were slim.

"Look, from what Tali said, you had something for two women on the ship. It wouldn't be Ashley, or you would have tried to hide that from Bourne. It's unlikely to be Liara or Tali, since the former was just a friend back in your world, and your relationship with Tali wasn't a good one. And since I doubt you're into older women, Chakwas is also out." She crossed her arms. "Which leaves me, and the crazy version of me."

"That's the other thing, I don't know what's going on. I don't want a relationship but at the same time I feel like I have know one that really get me."

She shrugged. "At least you're not the only one on the ship." She chuckled. "After all, Wrex and Cecelia are pretty much trigger happy lunatics, and you've got two other people who have voices in their head...plus, the crew actually believes in the reapers, without the same proof that we have."

"I don't see how any of this helps me."

She tilted her head to the side. "As you reminded Bourne yesterday, I have at least most of your memories."

"Not of when I let go of my emotions, when I became more powerful than anything. Hero, when I let go and did, I became ruthless. I wouldn't hesitate to kill you. I wouldn't hesitate to destroy this whole world and move on. I didn't just cut when I was in Saren's head. I cut when I became a monster." I finished grabbing my gear and stored it on my person. "Well, looks like that's it. I'm off to tear up the Citadel and see what kind of trouble I can get in."

She put a hand on my shoulder as I turned away. "For it's worth, I'm sorry about what I said before...plenty of people have looked into that abyss- but not as many have crawled out after we fell in."

I shrugged her hand off. "Hero, I'm the one person that can get over anything and that abyss was nothing to me to get out of. I am", I gave her my smile, even though she couldn't see it through my visor, "the User."

"As I recall, you said something back on Eden Prime about how even Kevin Flynn needed help." A wall of purple energy appeared a few feet in front of me,though unlike with Bourne there was enough room that I didn't walk straight into it. "And like it or not, you can't do this alone. Even if you do 99.999 percent of the work, there's still that last bit you can't do. Only Cecelia can kill Saren, and Bourne's reality warping is the best advantage against his code powers. Just a little something to keep in mind." The wall disappeared before I could reply, and I heard her walking towards the elevators.

You seem to have been dissed and left.

"Shut up Drew." Within two seconds of saying that, Bourne walked into the shooting range and that little bit of alone time was all I got. "Look, it's Buzz Killington."

He paused for a moment. "Is it sad that the one thing we have in common seems to be the fact we pretend to kill things for a hobby in our spare time?...yes Arnold, we realize that was the point of Halo, this is different because it's a hell of alot more realistic...and is there a reason you didn't tell us he was awake?" He cocked his head to the side, apparently listening. "Then why didn't you say you'd have to ask Drew for permission yesterday when we asked?!"

"Huh, well, since you are here. Want me to teach you how to do some mediocre code manipulation so that you don't take anymore of my skills away?"

He crossed his arms. "Well, something occurred to us when we saw Hero just now on the elevator. If she knows most everything you do...why hasn't she used any of it? She's yet to point out any glitches, or anything like that." He shrugged. "As you're so fond of saying, you're the only User here. It may not be something you can teach. Not like we can teach you how to bend reality...yes Arnold, we think the two things are different...okay, so they're different ways to do the same thing. Doesn't mean the methods themselves are related."

I put my hand against a locker and focused on it's color, then I focused on making it pink and it was done. "There, all you have to do it imagine it in steps and whalla. It's done."

He reached for the locker, and then stopped. "Arnold, when you ramped up the strength...no, we're just being cautious...you said Spartan-2, and we're well aware of what one of those can do...Really? Really? You just took it there?!" He shook his head. "Does this thing not come with a mute button?"

"Arnold, shut it...now." I kept my voice steady and focused. "Bourne, put your hand on the locker and close your eyes. You should start to see the locker on a background of matrix code."

He put his hand on the locker, seeming to be extra gentle. "Just out of curiosity, how exactly would you be able to tell whether or not my eyes were closed?"

"Look, if you don't do it, I am going to take Hero's Locust and get Danny to mod it instead of standing here with you."

"Sorry, sorry. It's the stupid amplification thing. Makes you emotional, makes me even more of a smartass than usual. Alright, let's see what I can do."

"The amplification phase ended while we were sleeping. You are just being an ass." I wasn't in the mood for him being a smart ass and was trying to make the best of a bad situation.

He didn't reply, and seemed to be focusing solely on the locker. However, nothing at all seemed to be happening.

"Focus on the method, not the result. Picture the new color falling like a curtain over the locker and it becoming that color."

"We can't even see the damn locker. All we can see is- believe it or not- our eyelids."

I crossed my arms. "How did you do it before when you deleted my memories?"

He pulled his hand off the locker angrily. "We don't know, alright? All we remember is some serious pain along the arms where the nanites were, and more pain at the back of the skull. All we saw was the same red code everyone else could see, nothing like what you're talking about."

I walked up and put my hand on his head. With one read I skimmed his code file and found that his ability to manipulate code was behind a pain barrier. The information just made me sneer at the results.

"You put up a pain barrier between you and your ability to manipulate code."

"We did, or the AI did to make it so we couldn't?" He asked, shaking his head. "Look, it's not the pain that's stopping us. We're no stranger to it. The issue might be...look, the sad truth is, we were kinda obsessed with this game. Maybe it's easier for our brain to perceive it as reality than code, and that's the block? The AI could just hide it under the pain block or something. Powerful as you are, it's not outside the realm of possibility- especially since its entire goal is to make this as hard as possible."

I leaned against the wall, "Yeah, you're probably right. I'm gonna head to the Citadel and see what kind of trouble I can get in… Maybe see if I can find a girl that I can chill with and have no emotional attachment to. One that isn't an alternate reality version of another I like."

I grabbed my stuff and began walking to the door.

"...dude, did you just say you have a crush on Cecelia? Wait, don't answer that, we don't want to know." I heard him opening his own locker. "We're going to go try out the new powers you unlocked, and test out Arnold's upgrades a bit. Just make sure you don't get left behind when we leave, alright? Because while that would be somewhat humorous, it'd also be a pain in the ass."

"Yeah, oh I also forgot to tell you that out of all the different ways that Hero could tell me there was no way she would give me the time of day. It was senario 43, the least likely. Which was surprising since I never made a move on her."

There was a momentary silence, before he was right next to me. "Wait, how exactly did a rumor get her to do that? So far as we're aware, you've only admitted it once- to us."

"A little quarian told her. Little eavesdropping bitch just knows how to ruin my life."

"Eavesdropping? How could...she have...heard us...oh son of a bitch."

It took me a second to pick up what he was thinking but once I got it, it hit me like a sack of potatoes. "You don't think… Nah, she couldn't possibly comprehend what we were saying."

"It's not just that. Before you walked in, Hero and us were talking. And we specifically mentioned...different universes. She wouldn't recognize Iron's name, but we might have hinted at Saren's powers." He put his head in his hands. "How did we screw up that much? We just assumed that she wouldn't be able to hear instead of waiting five minutes to talk." He angrily punched the wall, and his arm went in up to the elbow. "...Damn Arnold, you went all out with the upgrades." He tried to pull his arm out, but apparently was stuck, judging by the way he was yanking at it.

"Something wrong?"

His arm started glowing green, and the wall bent outwards, allowing him to easily pull his hand out. "Not in regards to that." He turned back to me. "But…we also mentioned that 'the mind link' was down, which was why we were talking aloud. If that's one of the things Tali heard...that shouldn't be too hard to explain, but if it gets to Cecelia, she'll want to know why we didn't tell her. And if the universe thing gets to her, she might just throw all three of in the brig for sounding like a bunch of lunatics- or LARPers, which'd probably be just as bad in her mind."

"Don't worry, I'm sure she would keep it to herself. She cares more about what others think of her than the good of the crew right now." I replied waving him off. "Oh, and before I forget, hand me Hannah's Locust."

"What, you can't walk the three extra feet to get it yourself?" He commented as he headed for the shooting range. Despite that, he popped open her locker and tossed me the gun. "Do us a favor though- if you have Danny modify that as we assume you're going to- make a couple spares."

"No thanks Bourne, I don't think I will be helping you." Out of the corner of my eye I saw Danny step out from the wall. "How's it going bitches?"


I turned to look at Danny, arms crossed. "Well, let us put it this way-" I tilted my head up slightly, and there was a faint hiss as my faceplate opened. He made the mistake of looking over, and I saw his face turn faintly green. I tilted my head forward slightly, and it slid closed again. "And not only does this suit make make us look like shit, it apparently is going to explode- with yours truly inside of it...huh, wondered if that'd get past the conversion process."

There was no accurate equivalent…am I allowed to talk again, or does Ty's order to shut up still apply?

"We don't see how it's his call to make when it's our head...so long as next time we tell you to shut up, you shut up."

I do not recall any instances when you have done so.

"Shut up."

...as you would put it, touche.

I shook my head. "Please tell us you're bringing good news?... Scratch that, a lack of bad news would be enough to make the day better."

Danny crossed his arms. "I bring news. You're the one that decides if it is good or bad."

I sighed. "Not the answer we were hoping for, but could be worse...damnit, you'd think we'd know better by now than to jinx us."

"Yeah, so Ty, remember the terrorsome trio that we had to fight in our adventure?"

I would have facepalmed if the visor was open and I didn't want to fracture my own face with my new strength.

Safeguards are in place so you would not do so.

"Arnold, shut up." I said, emulating Ty's tone from earlier.

That's not going to work. You aren't Ty.

I grit my teeth, but stayed silent. At the very least he was better than Iron.

Ty smacked me in the back of the head- though it felt closer to a fly landing on me- and I could feel his scorn through the empty faceplate. "Will you shut up. Yes, I do remember them. Samus was a total bitch."

"In order- No Ty, we won't shut up, and while we hope we're wrong, it's logical to assume that you're bringing them up because they're here as well...or someone else just as bad is."

"Arnold, you make him shut up. Cut functionality to vocal cords… or else. Now, what's going on with the trio?"

I opened my mouth, but despite moving my lips, nothing happened. I angrily punched the wall again, deciding to wait until his guard was down to get him back.

"They aren't coming back", Danny's tone was a bit too chipper for comfort.

I made a questioning gesture, knowing there had to be more than that. Neither of them seemed to pick up on it though, and I felt like a bad mime.

"That's one hell of a relief", Ty gestured for him to go on, "But?"

Danny took the Locust from Ty and I saw it begin to morph in his hands. "But, there is a chance that Saren could make new ones. Luckily, though, the AI set up a stop on your way to Feros to sell your nanites story. Smart thinking by the way. People rarely question you when you say that you have tiny little robots running around in your brain."

I got a thought, and brought up my omni-tool, typing quickly. "They're more likely to believe that than the actual truth." The synthesized voice said.

"Okay, as long as you stop cutting in before I can actually ask a relevant question. Arnold, restore his vocal cords… and drop the we thing. It was funny until this morning."

I barely managed to stop a sigh of relief at those words. "Deal."

"Now, what should we expect on this?"

Danny handed the gun back to Ty and shrugged. "I don't know, just be ready for it."

I glanced at Ty, but he didn't seem to be about to ask anything. "You said that Saren could code new characters, right? Any idea if he'd be able to do something with Iron's powers- unlock new abilities or shit like that?"

"Nothing like that, Saren doesn't have a piece of Ty's armor this time to start corrupting his code with. So, he will only be able to port in new characters and do some of the simple things that Ty does."

I frowned under my helmet. "From what Doctor Michel said, it sounded like he's basically Ty at max strength." And if he can port in anyone/anything, then we have all sorts of unknowns here…man, now I'm kinda wishing I hadn't rented the Alien Vs Predators game that one time.

Ty grabbed Danny by the shoulders. "Limitations for it. Now."

"It is limited to what you both played on your 360s. He can't access the internet as easily this time." Danny turned around and began leaving. "Now, my time is up. The AI said I can't talk to you until Feros so I will catch you laters."

In my mind, it was the same scenario I'd found myself in when Ty had first morphed his armor into Master Chief's: I had no idea what exactly could be brought out, but considering some of the powerhouses in video games, I doubted it'd be anything good.

That is a logical assumption.

"Fuck off Arnold, I'm not in the mood for your bullshit."

Ty turned to the door and began walking the same way Danny did. "Sounds like Arnold is giving you a hard time."

"Well, at least he hasn't tried to kill me like the last guy I had in my head. Yet."

Is that modifier really necessary?
"Considering that you're apparently going to explode on Virmire and blow me to hell, yes. Yes it is."

Ty stepped out the door and was finally gone.

I considered sending him a message to ask where he'd be on the Citadel, in case I wanted to go there myself without risking running into him, but I turned back to the range instead.

"Alright Arnold, if you're ready to actually help, let's see what these new powers can do."

I walked the short distance to the range, and brought up the program options. I'd tear right through Geth, so lets go for something tougher...Hmm, Blood Pack. Lots of Krogan, and Vorcha. Shreddable for target practice, and tougher guys to test how effective things are. I pulled my assault rifle over my shoulder as I hit the start. That'll work.

The environment changed around me, until it became what looked like the slums of Omega. Hmm, urban, but not a lot of cover. Then again, I don't plan on hiding much.

A trio of Vorcha rounded a corner, followed by a pair of Krogan. I smiled, and raised my hand. I wasn't really sure how to throw out Dark Channel, but I figured it was similar to warp, just without throwing it as an orb.

I pulled my hand back, and thrust it forward. My biotics were still green as they flared around me, as was the cloud of energy that hit the nearer Krogan in the gut.

I slid behind cover as friends instantly opened fire. Okay, that one works. Time for the next one. I stood up and spread my arms out like a scarecrow. Instantly, the biotic sphere appeared around me, and though a few shots hit me, between the sphere and my barrier, it just bounced off my armor by the time it hit. Now, to test the warping thing- I raised my hand in front of me, and one of the Vorcha started glowing blue. I yanked it down and behind me, and he flew the short distance towards me. For a split second as he entered the barrier, I saw the familiar pattern of warp covering him. Then it reacted with the energy field that had brought him in, and he exploded beyond hope of regeneration.

Two down, one to go. I thought as I ducked down behind cover again. I slid a knife into hand, using it to see over my hiding place. When they stopped firing to let their guns cool, I threw it at the Krogan I'd Dark Channeled, sending a warp field along with it. The explosion left only the second Krogan alive, and he struggled to get to his feet.

As he stood up, I sent a warp field at him and it began eating away at his armor.

But this time, I had no idea how to actually activate the power in question- Flare was nothing like my other abilities. "Uh, Arnold? How do I actually use Flare?"

Ty used a motion like a baseball pitch to activate it. Logic points to using the same method for the same results.

I pulled my hand back like I was getting ready to throw something, and imagined my biotics condensing into something I could throw. The sensation was different, and I smiled, figuring that that was exactly what I wanted. "Batter up!" I hurled it at the warped Krogan as he charged, and the result was an explosion that left me blinded for several seconds. When I was able to see again, there was no sign of any of the gang. Suddenly, a new Krogan rounded the corner, and I raised my arms. But when I tried to activate my powers, nothing happened. The only result was that his concussive shot caught me in the chest and launched me clean out of the biotic sphere and into a wall. I fell to the ground, dazed. I grunted as I got to my feet, which was apparently enough of a question for Arnold to understand.

Using Flare requires the majority of the energy you can muster. Although you recover quickly, it will still make it impossible to use other powers afterwards for about ten seconds.

I looked up at the Krogan, eyes blazing. "How long has it been?"

You still have a few seconds.

I rolled to cover as the Krogan fired a carnage shot at me. "This guys time just ran out." I vaulted over the cover and sprinted at him.

Powers will return in three...two…

"One." I punched him with everything I could muster, and added my biotics to it. He was sent clean through a nearby wall.

I believe the term for that is overkill.

I smiled as the simulation faded. "Yes, yes it is. And I like it that way."

Suddenly, the door to the room opened and Cecelia peaked through. "Good, you are here. Ty went to the Citadel and caught up to me. Anyway, straight to the point, he is chasing down some people I used to run in a gang with and he is losing blood fast."

I looked at her, than at the simulation room. "He hasn't even been gone for 10 minutes, how did he manage that? Never mind." I answered my own question. "What do you need from me?"

"I need your help catching up. You can do that biotic charge thing and Ty is car hopping trying to catch them. He has a communicator and a tracer on him so we can meet up with him."

When'd he get that? I wondered, but didn't ask since there wasn't enough time. "Even if the Normandy elevator got upgraded, the ones on the Citadel are too slow." I headed for the door. "Are the Cargo Bay doors opened right now?"

She nodded. "We're resupplying. Why?"

"Then we have a shortcut. C'mon." I sprinted through the doors in that direction. It was a few seconds before I realized I'd left her in the dust. "Man Arnold, when you upgrade, you upgrade."

It would be more efficient to carry her there rather than wait for her. Also, Drew has sent a message. Ty has exceeded the amount of blood one can lose and still function properly.

I growled a few choice profanities under my breath and hit the comm. "Shepard, just got a message from Ty's suit AI. He's lost too much blood to function properly...I'm going to have to go after him without you. You'd only slow me down."

Given her previous reactions when Ty has gone solo, that may not be the wisest thing to say to her.

I cut the com feed with her before she could reply. "Rather beg forgiveness than ask permission in a case like this."

"Hey, Bourne, you there?" I heard Ty's call come from in my helmet.

"If you weren't bleeding out, I'd be asking what the hell happened. As is, you can tell me over a beer later." I rounded the corner and looked at the open bay doors. "Where are you right now?"

"In the Presidium. They tried to pull a drive by but I managed to get Shepard to cover and then jump on one of their passing vehicles. Don't ask me how, Drew did it. Now, I have sealed off their exits so all they can do is fly in circles around the Presidium."

"Any chance you can open a glitch from there to the cargo bay? It'd be a lot faster than what I'm planning."

"I'm on top of a motherfucking car! There is no possible way for me to pull you to here. The glitches only interconnect as long as they are part of the same structure! Fuck!"

"I thought you'd gotten off the car." I muttered. "Alright, just don't die until I get there." I sprinted at the open doors, thankful that the only person present wasn't in my way. I jumped, and used my biotics to slow myself down as I fell several stories to a different walkway. I landed with a faint thud and sprinted towards the doorway at the end. "Arnold, I need the quickest way to where Ty's at."

Analyzing Citadel Structure...there is a rental car facility on the way.

"Since I don't have enough for a deposit, I'm guessing you're talking about a little grand theft auto?"

Did you figure that out yourself?

I rounded the corner, and saw that the offices- and therefore the keys- were behind a set of solid metal doors.

I stopped in front of them, thinking. "Warp and throw?"

It may be better to save energy so you can stop the aircar. You can simply tear through this wall.

I smiled. "Sometimes I like the way you think." I thrust my hands forward, and true to what he'd said, they went right through. I gripped the edges of the hole and yanked it open until the space was big enough to squeeze my torso through. I looked around the office, and saw a wall of keys. I pulled one to me at random with my biotics, and turned to the lot- which had at least 6 dozen cars.

"Any idea to tell which car this belongs to?"

Something suddenly was pressed against the back of my head. "You can ask the judge when you meet him. Turn around very slowly, and put your hands on your head." C-sec. Fan-tuckin-fastic.

"Worst day ever!" Ty shouted through our comm.

"Of all time." I agreed.

"I said, turn around." The officer insisted.

I complied, and saw that there were two of them, one Turian and the other a human. It was the human who had a pistol pointed directly at my head.

"Open the faceplate." The Turian ordered, reaching for his own gun.

The shock from seeing your face might startle them enough to give you an edge, but it may also cause him to fire his weapon on instinct.

I grit my teeth, wishing they'd picked somewhere else to be. Hope they get good health coverage. My hand flew up to the humans wrist, yanking it to the side. I heard something snap as everything below the elbow twisted with it. I gave him a shot to the gut, more carefully this time, and he fell the ground, gasping for air.

The turian's gun was aimed at me quickly, but I just threw him into a wall biotically. His head hit it hard, and he slumped to the ground. I hoped he was only knocked out, but I couldn't take the time to check." Arnold, any idea which car to take?"

It would seem they left the engine running in their squad car.

I turned, and saw that he was right. It was parked right at the edge of the lot. "Good. Sirens will get people out of the way."

I would suggest you hurry. Ty has an hour left before collapse.

"Good thing I won't have to obey the speed limit then." I commented as I got in, filing away what he'd said to ask about later. "Let's see what this thing can do."

I floored it, and flew backwards into one of the cars in the lot. "It can do reverse. Good to know."

Alert: I have sent a backup of my self to Drew incase of death by crash.

"Funny AI." I muttered sarcastically as I threw it into drive. "Just be glad I'm driving instead of Raptor."

True. Likelihood of crashing is only 81%, as opposed to 97%.

"Don't tempt me." I chuckled we lifted off. "Let's go save that idiot before I change my mind."

(I hope he changes his mind.)

^You are such an ass. Why the hell are we getting coffee when you say shit like that?^

)Oh you have no sense of humor.(

*Also, am the only one that thinks it's a bad idea to give all these guys caffeine?*

^Do you think we should mention that we hijacked that plane to get here?^

~Where the hell are you?~

^Disney World.^

*So, T117 said he was staying at home cause he was this close to getting Blood Pack mastery...but I'm starting to think he's just smarter than he looks.*

^So, what you are saying is that he looks stupid.^

*Well, if Bourne and Iron are supposed to look like him-*

(Go to hell.) )Hardy Har har.(

^So, Iron, do you wanna go scare little kids at the Tower of Terror or sneak into the Small World ride and change the song so that they are singing 'User' by Disturbed?^

(How about we go hijack a couple of the mickey mouse costumes or something and just wreak havoc in those?)

^Dibs on the Beast costume.^

(Oh yeah, forgot Disney owns Marvel now...Dibs on being a Jedi!)

*I already called dibs on the flight over here.*

(Damnit!...Wait, why do you want to-)

)Cause with the biotics she can actually do jediish stuff to entertain the kids.(

^Why did we bring her again?^

)Cause I don't want to babysit you idiots the whole time, and neither does she. We're trading off.(

^Well, why did we bring both of you? Iron and I would have had more fun without you.^

)Because dude, it's Disney World. Who would want to miss out on that?(

^Yeah, but how did you even find out in the first place?^

(...Uh, I don't know. I didn't tell him. Certainly not while under threat of being blown up again.)

^Flaker! Seriously, you didn't see me telling Layla or Danny.^

~But you posted, 'Going to Disney World with Iron. Fuck the rest of y'all.'~

^That was after I had already stolen the plane and was in the air.^

)Yeah, but Iron also kept broadcasting the plan over the link when he was trying to not do just that.(

*Also, he wrote his note and left it on the fridge before he'd even left...while Bourne and I were still in the apartment. I literally watched him write the note and then stick it to the fridge.*

(What? But I wrote it in code!)

)You wrote it with all the letters backwards. Then taped it to the fridge the wrong way so it was completely readable.(

^Dude, these are like the two people I absolutely do not want to be around.^

(Yeah, but this just means my brilliant plan worked.)


(You two are on this hijacked plane too, therefore if he and I get caught, you're also complicit for the crime.)

^That's stupid, we aren't going to get caught because the guy who we hijacked this from lives in an outhouse right by the airfield.^

(...Then why did he have a manticore chained up outside it?)

)And that statement/delusion alone explains why you suck at plans.(

^Okay, lets stop fighting or I will turn this thing around.^

(...Fine. Spoilsport. Try to cause a little chaos…)

^Yes, but your chaos ended up bringing more order! Don't you get it? You are a terrible villain and there is no real reason to be afraid of you!^

(...) Crazey Metal has logged off to go cry in a corner.

)I dunno, he could be worse at the job. At least he's kinda sorta funny at being psychopathic.(

^Yes, but taking over your body and becoming a god? It's like he was written in a children's book with the logic he uses to back that up. Saren on the other hand had a legitimate reason to take me on. Revenge, cold, maniacal, seething, revenge.^

*He had that too, he just was more concerned with the nutjobness.*

)And let's face it- T117's so vague with how exactly the reality warping works…Not to mention that whole 'could switch minds at any time' thing that kinda seemed like a deus ex machina for the sake of a better final boss.(

^Yeah, though I think we both had enough deus ex machinas to last the next couple books.^

)Yeah, those two morons did kinda make most of this up as they went...at least T117, I dunno about S7.(

^He had a general idea of how he wanted the plot to go but not where it would stop along the way.^

*Yeah, that's kinda how T117 is with SaWoF right now.*

~Yeah, this time Spike has made out a list of events and put in side plots along with intermixed tangents.~

)Trebor just kinda has certain scenes or missions planned out and just has to bridge the gaps- which is usually where the writer's block comes in.(

^Know the feeling. It's definitely hard to keep it going.^

)Still, at least he's got a backlog now, not even including this story.(

^Spike wishes he had that. He kinda just quit his job so his time is very constrained.^

)Yeah, whereas he has way more free time now cause his sports season is over.(


)Yeah, he's up to thirteen chapters written for SaWoF.(

~Cool, well, I think we ought to wrap this up quick so I can catch my plane.~

^Plane? Why are you at an airport?^

~Because you all left me here and I want to go to Disney World too.~

*Yeah, I was wondering why Ty was leaving you behind.*

)I figured he had a death wish or something.(

^Okay, both of you shut up because this was supposed to be a big prank and Iron and I were going to post a picture of us kicking the shit out of Goofy and be like "wish you were here, not." But he screwed it up.^

(Did you really think telling me would end up not getting things screwed up? Being a crazy nutjob is basically my entire characterization.)

^Well, you are requiring depth because this is getting old. Maybe a love interest or someone that you try to prove yourself competent.^

(...What. The Fuck. Is wrong with you?)

^Nothing, but I bet fans would agree with me that you do start to wear on people a bit.^

(...Yeah, but the fans also kinda were against this story. I think if he's having a good time, Trebor don't give a fuck what the fans think- he's doing this cause he thinks it's fun, and other people liking it is just a bonus.)

^... Wow, so you are part sage as well as insane.^

(Hey, I had some good ideas during SiaWoF.)

^No, you really didn't.^

(I managed to trick Bourne and Hero with that whole 'can only switch bodies once' thing, and almost ended up killing him. And before that I was able to take down every single person the ground crew, while holding back and having Bourne fighting me. I also figured out and/or explained most of the reality warping stuff that was actually explained.)

^Okay, so you are good for exposition.^

)I think the trouble is that he's supposed to be kinda clever, but it gets lost beneath all the nutjobness and stupidity.(

^Alright, let's go. 1473I2.^