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You'll Always Be My Hero

Chapter 3:

"You're not invited..." Sara said as if it was so obvious.

"What do you mean I'm not invited?" Jessica frowned upon her sister.

Is she seriously being an annoying big sister, right now? Jessica thought to herself. If so, let me just please die in a hole.

"I mean that only cool people are allowed in." Sara informed her sister like she was a two year old. "People who actually are decent enough."

"It's an all school dance, Sara." The brunette beauty said through gritted teeth at her overly obsessed sister.

"The operative word being 'dance', little sister." Sara pointed at her sister's feet. "Embarrassing." Sara whispers to her friend beside her, AJ.

AJ was one of those girls who obsessed over Christopher Wilde. Thinking he was the most spectacular thing that graced the earth. Though when Chris still lived here in Michigan AJ did have a HUGE crush at Christopher.

The comment really stung Jessica, but truth be told Jessica was an amazing dancer. She was gifted with the passion and capability of dancing. Her parents from a young age saw this and nurtured it much like what Chris's parents did.

It was one of the things that brought the two families together. The parents supporting their children's talent and the children (Chris and Jessica) doing their best in developing their talents. Though Jessica's parents were more level headed than Chris's.

Jessica knew the comment was acted out of pure jealousy from her sister. Her parents may never admit it but it was crystal clear that Jessica was their parent's favorite of the two, even their grandma likes Jessica more. She could see the hurt in her sister's eyes, every time her parents side with her.

"Don't worry I'm just there to cover for the school paper." Jessica informed her sister, tiredly.

"Oh." Her sister responded feeling a little bad for her sister's sake but her thoughts were cut off by an equally obsessed friend.

"Are you bringing your camera to California?" AJ asked the oldest Olsen sister, thoughtfully. "AJ, Of course I am." Sara replied while rolling her eyes.

"Because we still need more pics of Christopher Wilde." AJ brought up a big pink photo album with Chris's picture at the middle, making Jessica's eyes go wide. "Talking, walking, singing, dancing, moving, breathing."

"Why are you so hung up on this guy?" Jessica blurted, her eyebrows scrunched up together. AJ and Sara looked at her dumbly.

"This guy?" AJ asked incredulously.

"Now see what I live with?" Sara motioned her hands at her annoying little sister.

"I feel sorry for you." AJ said sympathetically, patting her friends arm.

"Little sister, when we go to California, you can go play shuffle board with grandma, but I'm going to meet Christopher Wilde." Sara said dreamily.

"Just how are you planning to do that?" Jessica asked the pair.

At once AJ opened up the book, Jessica regretted the second she was the font age it showed pop up pictures on where her ex-best friend is most likely to be.

"Well we've mapped out his every single move for the past 18 months!" AJ squealed and clapped to herself same with Sara.

"I know when and where he's likely to be every second of every day. About the time we leave for Los Angeles, he'll be having his daily meeting with his managers." Sara stated before she and AJ sigh dreamily.

Jessica looked at them disbelievingly before marching off to the stage, where she can dance and keep her thoughts and emotions in bay.

Daniel Wilde walked into the room holding a cut out of his son followed by his wife, Sherry.

"He's late" Sherry said looking at her watch.

"Oh, he'll be here." Daniel assured his wife, while positioning the cardboard cut off of his son.

"You need to manage him better." Sherry told her husband, like a pro.

"Hello, we both manage him." Daniel said waving his hands in the air,

"Sorry." Sherry apologized."It's just that lately he's not acting like his usual self. He's always staring off into space and doesn't have his usual childish glee."

Daniel nodded agreeing with his wife. Christopher was acting weird lately and he could only think of one possible reason, why? "I think he misses Jessica."

Sherry looked at him nodding in agreement."You're probably right, but we both know that he's avoiding her so that the paparazzi wouldn't stalk her and invade her privacy."

"But I wish he knows that what he's doing is also hurting Jessica" Sherry finished with a sigh escaping her plump lips.

"He knows. He's not a kid."Daniel reasoned with his wife. Sherry was about to say something but was cut off by Christopher.

"Yeah, What's up?"Christopher entered the room, wearing casual clothes.

"Your late" Sherry told her son, sternly.

"Hey, How you doing' son?" Christopher's father greeted him with a hug, which he returned.

"Ah, great. Excited." Chris answered his father.

"Oh, honey honey honey." Mrs. Wilde fussed at her son's clothing choice. "You could of cleaned up a bit?"

"What I'm" Chris sniffs his under arm. "...totally clean."

Sherry sighed, looking at her husband. "He looks like a street kid. Not a movie star."

"He looks fine." Mr. Wilde reasoned, turning to look at his only son. "Just be yourself Christopher."

Then suddenly the doorbell rings. Sherry Wilde let out an excited squeal. "Their here."

Sherry giddily went and got the door. Daniel faced his son and went in a stance, that looked like one of those huddles in football, with his hands together in fists. "Alright, this is it bud. You're chance at what we've always wanted."

"Alright." awkwardly Chris bumps his fists.

"Oh Allen, please come in." Sherry welcomed.

Allen looked around the house, admiring every detail. "Sherry, Daniel great place you got here."

"No, actually this is Christopher's but we kind of work here." Allen raised his eyebrows at the comment, his eyes finally landing on the biggest star of the moment. "Christopher Wilde."

"Mr. Smith." Chris shook his hand, smiling wide, but fake. This is going to be a long afternoon...