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Chapter 1 : Alone

Hogwarts Train - 1991

"Hello, we met at Madam Malkins, I'm Draco Malfoy, heir of the Malfoy family. I never caught your name..?"

Harry looked up from the potions book he was skimming and glanced into the small blond boy's eyes. The haughtiness was still there, but the intent in his visit was surprisingly genuine.

"Hello, I do remember you Draco, I'm Harry Potter." Harry waited for the widening eyes and over-exaggerated explanation of " Your Harry Potter! " Like the scruffy red-head who exited not to long ago. Harry was pleasantly surprised when Draco barely twitched at the introduction, holding out his hand, Draco said nervously, " Pleasure to meet you heir Potter, do you...want to be friends?"

'Heir Potter? All I have is my trust fund...I think'

"Sure, Draco, I'd love to." Harry said as he grasped the appendage, leading Draco to the seat opposite him.

After chatting about their childhoods experiences with accidental magic the duo made themselves comfortable as they continued to chat the entire train ride of Potions and Quidditch. Then Draco brought up Hogwarts' Houses.

"Oh Harry, you'd fit Slytherin very well, but I don't recommend you going to my house."

'Is Draco suddenly taking back his friendship? I really...like him'

"...Why do you say that Draco? Some red-head by the name of Weasley told me all Slytherin's were evil. You don't believe that rubbish do you?"

Draco scoffed at the mere notion of a Weasley speaking to him, let alone taking his advice. "No but, most Slytherins support the Dark Lord, and wouldn't look highly upon if "The-Boy-Who-Lived" entered in the Dark Lord's old house. I'm saying this for your safety, of course. Seventh years can be vicious."

"Thank you Draco, I'll convince the hat for Gryffindor, where everybody will expect me. And I'm not completely light, but more of a light grey. I am very uninformed of the goings on in the wizarding world. I just learned of magic."

Draco furrowed his brows at the Declaration. Harry Potter living with muggles? It was unheard of! But seeing the suddenly closed off expression on Harry's face Draco hastily changed the subject. Dwelling on the subject later.

Harry grasped Draco's hand in another handshake as they headed towards different boats, secure that Draco would be a true friend.

Harry Potter sat on the tacky red couch , twirling a golden locket with the inscription True Friendship Never Dies with a bitter smirk on his naturally pale face. He will not cry for his former best-friend. Or maybe it was a one-sided companionship, seeing as Draco humiliated him in the Great Hall the moment Harry's drunken lips touched the blond's. The Potter heir let out a another bitter laugh as he remembered the events.

Flashback Begins!

Harry was standing by the drinks, watching in amusement as everyone danced and laughed. He usually avoided parties like these in the Great Hall but he knew Draco would come. And he couldn't bring himself to stay away from the Malfoy heir any longer. The two-week Yule break went by agonizingly slow without his best friend. As much as the raven-haired boy would love to visit Malfoy Manor, the two conflicting...mindsets would create too much tension. Though Harry has been recently wavering in his admittedly small light grey mindset, going to the Library and reading about all magics and their uses. The truth surprised and annoyed him. How ignorant and naive has he been presenting himself in these four years at Hogwarts? Harry set his eighth cup of Butter Beer down -the stuff was addicting- as he spotted a tuft of silky blond hair.

Coming to stop a few feet from the Malfoy heir Harry toke in his clothes with ill-suppressed attraction. Slicked back, as always, ' just shagged' blond hair shown in the light as the slate eyes toke in his surroundings. Wearing an open silver robe with a button down navy blue shirt and tight grey dress pants Draco looked amazing.

' Beautiful' Harry's drunken mind supplied

"Hey Harry! How was your Yule, did you enjoy my gift?" Draco asked enthusiastically. To any on-watchers the Malfoy heir was as cold as always; they couldn't detect the slight twitch of a smile as he looked at Harry.

"I love it Dray, it's really nice!" Harry dragged his shirt down, showing off the glinting gold locket with elegant handwriting adorning his pecks. Draco drew closer as he chatted idly to the Potter heir about various subjects. Harry watched fascinated at the movements Draco's lips made as he spoke and how he didn't look at him in reverence or awe. In Harry's drunken state, he didn't question his growing attraction to the blond and cut off his next sentence with a kiss.

The kiss was short, the Malfoy heir quickly jerked back, face stoic as his eyes swarmed with emotions. Confusion,disbelief, anger, and the one that made Harry's emerald eyes grow a little cold. Disgust.

"So you're a faggot!? You think I'm a poof like you Potter?" Harry quickly began to sober at Draco's loud voice and the accumulated bystanders. Harry dropped his voice to a slightly harsh whisper.

"Draco, It was an accident I swear, you shou-"

"Malfoy, Potter! It's Malfoy to you. The only thing I should do is get away from you."

"Wait Dray just-" But Harry was cut off by the look Draco was sporting. Pure disgust warring with rapidly growing hatred was shown in the pointy Malfoy features.

With almost dead eyes Harry exited the Great Hall, ignoring the pitying glances, the sneers of disgust, and the twinkling blues eyes of an old man.

Flashback Ends!

Harry twirled the locket once more before preparing to throw it into the blazing fire-place. Instead he pocketed it as he traveled up the stairs toward his dorm.

'This locket must be worth something. Borgin and Burke would gladly buy it off me'

Suspicion heightened as he remembered Dumbledore's twinkling eyes. ' Right now it doesn't matter what Dumbledore did to me. Draco still hates me and will make my life hell tomorrow.'

Harry laughed once more as he read the inscription.

True Friendship Never Dies

It's just too bad their friendship was never truly alive.