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Slash! ( Boy x Boy )



I wondered over Luna's words, though I couldn't wonder much, seeing as I had no clue what the blond spoke of. Looking to my right I noticed the mudblood giving Harry and the child in his arms inquisitive 'subtle' glances. In reality she was practically vibrating with the need to question him. I could tell Harry noticed, focusing on playing with the now alert child, but his magic sizzled with irritation. I decided to speak, her curiosity, and mere presence, grating on my nerves.

"Ask your questions already Granger! Your incessant squirming is bothersome" I said lowly. She flushed at being caught so easily, quickly regaining her composure,and pursing her lips at my tone, but asking her question anyway.

"Whose child is that Harry?" I wanted to snarl at the way she addressed him with such familiarity, as if she deserved to address him as such. Though, admittedly, she deserves it as much as I did. I watched as Harry fell into a role effortlessly. Playing the angry, self-righteous savior who rescued a poor abandoned young child such as himself. Harry's skill still left me in shock and small amount of envy. He played effortlessly, leaving Granger doe-eyed with pity and admiration. I looked away from the sight, finding it disgusting,though I am not sure why, I should be proud; In some ways Harry is a true Slytherin. Luna was watching the scene with a sad, knowing smile. As if she knew what Harry had gone through go gain such skill. No one should know, no one but me, Harry's best friend. Even I do not know all of the story. My subconscious taunts me with the knowledge that I never will know. And as much as I loathed to admit.

I agree with him.

"HOLD YOUR WANDS UP!" A man's voice yelled in the forest, the sound of running feet and shuffling leaves accompanying it. Harry passed the child to Luna, we fell into a dueling stance as Granger and Weasley raised their hands obediently. I sneered, resisting the urge to comment on their naivety.

Barty Crouch Sr. and Arthur Weasley burst through the trees.

"Sir, they are just childr-" The elder Weasley protested feebly. Crouch simply raised a hand, causing him to fall silent. "The dark mark was cast in this vicinity, can you explain to me how this occurred? Mr. Weasley?" Crouch drawled.

"None of us cast it! We aren't deatheater slime, except for Malfoy!" Ronald yelled. I sneered at him, not deeming his accusation with a response. As expect Crouch turned toward me, a hand laying outwards for my wand. The same wand I cast blood magic on to protect the child nobody has miraculously noticed in Luna's arms.

Once again, Harry Potter stepped in to save the day.

"Mr. Crouch, pleasure to meet you once again considering these unpleasant circumstances." Harry said, hold out his hand to shake, which the Crouch toke eagerly.

"Yes, of course Mr. Potter, truly dreadful." Crouch said, shaking his head mournfully.

Harry's gaze showed honest concern as he replied,"How many were injured?"

Crouch looked upwards toward the Dark Mark in slight puzzlement before returning his gaze back to Harry and replying."Not many, Mr. Potter, it is curious very curious indeed."

A rustling sound had all of us turning, wands in hand. A crying, glazed-eyes house elf bound through. Sinking to its' knees in front of Crouch. Sobbing it spluttered out, "Wink-y's a b-bad e-e-lf. She has failed Master Cr-ouch!" Crouch looked confused before a flash of understanding and anger flew across his face.

"You damned worthless elf!" He yelled at the cowering thing. The elf bowed lower, still sobbing out apologies. I turned away, looking towards Harry who was watching with harden eyes. My attention turned towards the elf once again, it emitted a loud wail, a small sock in its hand.

"I apologize for the disturbance, , a goodnight to you all. Come Weasley. Let us go." Crouch offered with a strained smile before turning disappearing back into the forest, leaving the still softly sobbing elf.

"What should we do with it?" Weasley asked stupidly, gazing at the house elf.

"What do you mean what should we do Ron?! Its a free elf now, it should be happy!" Granger yelled at the ginger. Proving her mudblood heritage, how little she truly knows. The mention of being free caused the elf to wail loudly once again. Clutching the ratty sock desperately.

Harry began to slowly approach the still sobbing elf. "Winky, correct?," Harry asked when he drew within touching distance. The elf stopped its incessant crying, nodding to Harry, who had crouched to met the elf's eyes.

"Do you want me to be your...master?" Harry asked hesitantly, pausing on master, if there was another word, I am sure Harry would have used it. The elf's eyes grew wider still, bobbing its head up and down excitedly. Harry stood, removing his wand and binding the elf to him,"I, Harry James Potter, do bind house elf Winky to the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. So mote it be." Silvers wisps exited the wand, attatching itself to Harry's and the elf's wrist before disappearing. "Now Winky, I want you to go to Malfoy Manor, help the other elves until I call you." Harry said, putting his wand in his back pocket. I grimaced at the careless spot. Winky disappeared with a small pop

"Harry Potter! How could you? That barbaric..its slavery!" Granger screeched. Truly, I have no clue why Weasley sticks around this chit. Weaselette is better.

"Hermione, it is not slavery, I was saving Winky's life." Harry said, his tone laced with patience, but he magic still sizzled with irritation.

"It is slavery Harry, I don't know how you can't see it." Granger says in that patronizing, mudblood know-it-all tone of hers.

"Harry, the portkey is scheduled to leave in five minutes. Granger can impose her incorrect idea of how our world works on Weasley for all I care." I drawled. Granger looked mildly insulted, whether on being incorrect or that no one cares I'm not sure. She is lucky I have even uttered her last name, but I do not want the humiliating rendition of last year. My nose was swollen for weeks after Granger put her dirty hands on my face. That did not hurt as much as the look Harry graced me from my position in the dirt. Coldly telling me not to utter the fowl word in his presence before leaving me to heal my wounds.

Harry walked towards Luna, taking the once again sleeping child before coming to my side.

"Have fun Harry Potter." Luna said with a bright smile. The portkey began whisking us away, leaving me with enough time to raise an eyebrow at the blond.

Harry's displeasure shrouded the foyer the second he landed. Silence echoed throughout the room before a startling realization hit me, he was not irritated with Granger's incessant harping. It was me.

"You knew didn't you? Of what was going to happen tonight." His voice was almost whisper, but it was to calm, to cool, and too in control. Leaving me no option to play ignorant or buy time.

"I'd heard whispers, snippets of my father's floo conversations in the night," I easily admitted, there was no point hiding. Harry always had an uncanny act of telling who lied to him.

"Has it slipped your mind of my status? Did you so conveniently forget I am the ' Boy-who-lived'?" His voice was silky and grew softer with each word. I was reminded of my godfather, how he seemed to grow calm when angry.

I couldn't help it, I was instantly defending myself, keeping my voice just as quiet. My subconscious pointed out that I could never became calm when angry. "You did fine with Crouch didn't you, being the 'boy-who-lived, Potter' ." I bit out spitefully. He snorted softly at my response. Turning his back to me as he walked away. His tone returned to normal as he said," Back to Potter, now are we Malfoy? It would do you well not to forget I saved your pale little arse back there, I would appreciate if you appreciated that small little fact. Have a goodnight." Then he was gone. Leaving me wonder if I was more if an idiot than I thought.


I shouldn't be surprised really. I should be used the betrayal the unfairness of my life. Even better I should not have even given Draco a chance. Another chance.

But misery loves company and Draco just so happens to be perfect for me. But, Salazar why does it hurt so badly.

And what do I have to do to make it stop?

I set the child down in my bed. He curls up instantly, falling into peaceful sleep. Something I wish I could have experience in my younger years, before I learned to control my magic it was simply not possible.

I exit the room, not knowing where to go, but not wanting to stay any longer. My unhelpful thoughts travel back to the deatheaters. Draco once asked me if I remember if something second year I believe. I remember snippets unlike last time. I remember letting all my hatred go, allowing it to consume me fully. But when those filth called me 'My lord' it was as if a curtain fell back. Everything was clear and I remembered what I did not moments ago. Only I didn't want to dwell on the fact that I almost killed those men tonight. And that I wouldn't have felt remorse. These blanks..these lapses of this how Voldemort fell? Is this growing darkness inside of my going to take root until It controls me when I prove I can not control it? Is this the beginning of the end?

I toke in my surroundings. I was in the training room. It seemed that I always trained to relieved stress. I set the dueling to Master, ripping through the dummy's with ease I did not have prior. It was only thirty minutes when I finished. My mind blank from my problems. I slide slowly down the wall as I began to process prior events.






My anger returned full force when I remembered the blond. Who coerced, manipulated me, into attending the match.

'And guess what Potter, you bloody fell for it.'

I did. Hook, line, and sinker. If it was anyone else they would have used that chance to kill me. I would be dead now.

I stand, making my way to Lucius' rooms. It may not be the smart, logical thing to do now, but I want answers now. I speed up slightly as dark, wild, magic washes over me. Caressing my own magic to come out to play. I turned the corner, seeing my intended target at the end of the hall. Lucius must have noticed my magic, he turned, eyes widened slightly. I felt a grin slide across my face as I began to saunter forward. More confidence in each step as I reveled in his dark magic and my own mixing together. We were face to face now, being so close, his magic fighting mine, I forgot my reasons. I almost forgot why I was angry. But I didn't want to think. I wanted to feel and I wanted him to feel as much pain as I have today.

So naturally, I violently crashed our lips together.

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