Sorry this took so long, another idea popped into my earlier before, so I wrote it out. ***************************************************************************

Anakin turns on the radio, "Who's hit, over?"

"F8 is, in the back. Their shield has malfunctioned, over."

"Everyone protect the ship let it go first, looks like we're going to have to fight this one, over and out."

The ships back up and let the damaged ship sail in front.

Anakin turns the radio on again, "F8, go to Corascant, tell the Jedi Council of this, over."

"Yes sir, over and out."

The ship zooms off, at hyper speed in a flash of light.

"Alright everyone get in the fighter ships, but have one still fly the transporter, over."

"What about you sir, over."

"I'll be in a fighter ship as well, over and out." Anakin arises and turns around but then finding Padme in the way.

"Be careful out there please, come in one peace," She says, her eyes welling up with worry.

"I be back, don't worry Padme, I promise." They embrace tightly, Padme letting her tears drop. Anakin let's go and settles himself in a ship, and zooms off into the battle outside.

(I forget what you call those fighter ships, sorry.)

Blast! Boom! Crash! Bang! Bash! Collapse!

"There's too many of them sir, we're dying out fast, over."

"We have to destroy the Death Star, It's what's providing them shields."

"But our people keep getting killed before even getting near the Death Star, sir."

"Keep trying."

"Yes sir."

Back at the ship with Lei and Luke-

"We have to help them Luke."

"I know."

"But how."

"I know the fight ship."

"But I don't know how to fly it."

"I do, I fly all the time back at Tatooine. Come on." They sneak out the passenger seats, and to a fight ship.

"Alright are you secure in there," asks Luke.


"Do you have a helmet on?"


"Alright, now you control the firing ok."

"What buttons are which?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"I don't know."

"Figure that out when we fly. Alright, maybe this starts the ship." He pulls a red lever causing the ship to move.

"Looks like you guessed right."

"Alright here we go."

The ship backs up a little.

"Wrong way!"

"I know, I know! Ah, here we go." The ship goes forward and zooms off into space.

"Wow big battle," says Luke amazed.

"Uh oh, there a Sith Fighter coming right at us!"

"Then hit it!"

"Alright." She presses a green buttons and out comes a big blast, and makes the Sith Ship explode.

"Whoa, I guess that wasn't the right button."

"Well at least you killed it."

"All right, we should sneak around, I know hide behind the transporters and then I'll throw these bombs at The Death Star," says Lei.

"Alright good plan."

Luke turns around the ship and flies behind the transporters and then on the Side but a fighter ship is behind them shooting at them.

"Uh oh, just keep flying!"

And the chase goes on, but then an explosion makes them almost bang into the Death Star, with the Fighter Ship Coming at them.

"Come on move it's going to kill us!"

"Not yet."

At the last moment, Luke flew downward causing the Sith Ship to crash and explode. The Death Star becomes damaged, causing the shields to go down.

"The shields are down sir, over."

"What who did it, over," asks Anakin confused but happy.

"One of ours caused and Sith Ship to explode making The Death Star to damage, over."

"Well who did it, over."

"Hi dad, over," says a familiar voice.


"And Lei, over," says Lei.

"I am thankful for what you did but land back in the transporter, over and out."

Anakin and the former prisoners took out the ships and the Death Star, but unknowing of a pod escaping.

"Great job let's head back to Corascant, over and out."

The ships zoom off behind the Transporters heading to Corascant. ***************************************************************************

A celebration begins! The heroes parading down streets waving to the roaring crowds, Luke and Lei stand with their parents next to Windu and Yoda.

"Grateful we are, for your bravery, heroes you both are," says Yoda giving them a medal each.

The crowd grows louder, cheering for their young heroes, future Padawans for the next generation to come.

But something else would be coming as well, a new Emperor, Darth Sidious. ***************************************************************************

The End.

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