Just a short drabble on one of my favorite couples.

Mitchell was a snuggler, Anders did not see this coming.

Maybe it was because he was a vampire, or because he was once a soldier, but for some reason Anders had this idea that Mitchell slept on his back with his arms at his side or crisscrossed over his chest. However this "hideous and ignorant vampiric stereotype," as Mitchell called it, was not the case. Mitchell rarely stayed in one position while he slept, and he would eventually end up snuggled against the norse god before the night was over. It became part of Anders' morning routine to wake up with his Irishman somehow wrapped around his smaller frame. He jokingly called him "clingy" at first. But one night, after hearing Mitchell murmuring broken pleas and apologies to people long dead, Anders stopped poking fun at Mitchell for seeking such a simple comfort as human contact.

And some mornings, when he woke up to his love's head resting on his chest or nuzzled into his neck, with their legs entangled together, and with Mitchell's arms wrapped possessively around his waist, Anders would admit that he liked it, and needed it too.

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