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The Changeling, formerly known as Beast Boy, slammed the door of the T-car you could hear the car creak under the force. Raven landed on the ground in the garage walking up to the fuming Changeling. Everyone allowed hear to heal them after their fight with Adonis but him. "Come on, Garfield. Let met heal you." Raven said with her calm monotone. "I'm fine!" Garfield growled walking to the elevator and went up to the kitchen without waiting for anyone. The other members stood there in silence. "Yo, that boy better hope he didn't hurt my baby or Raven will end up reviving him than healing." Cyborg said with fake anger walking up the T-car. Raven rolled her eyes and teleport herself with her Raven to the kitchen. "I hope friend Beast Boy will let friend Raven heal him." Starfire said while Nightwing, formerly known as Robin, took her hand and walked to the elevator and wait their turn. "I hope so too Star."

Raven reappeared from her raven and looks at the backside the Changeling while he hungrily ate anything tofu or vegetarian related. She gave a heavy sigh before she spoke up. "Gar, you're still under the influence of the adrenaline. Just let me heal you and then you can blow some steam off in the gym." Garfield ignores her and continues eating. The beast inside of him was roaring of the thrilling fight and now viciously arguing with Beast Boy in his mind to claim Raven. Adonis somehow got infected with the toxins again and became the beast form again. Adonis became his beast form and fought for dominance. Adonis tackled Raven down and licked her neck in a lusty manner and that drove the Changeling made turning into the beast once again. They fought for dominance and the right to mate no longer for justice. Now Garfield was struggling to keep the beast at bay one touch from his girlfriend always drove him wild but now he won't be able to control himself. Thus he is trying to avoid the contact.

Raven's patience was running out fast and her Rage was starting to surface. The Changeling could be so stubborn sometimes. Just then Nightwing and Starfire entered the common room with a hiss of the door. Raven paid them no heed her Garfield was wounded and needed to be healed. Her rage was growing as Garfield continued to ignore her. "Garfield." Raven hissed through her teeth angrily that it sent shivers down Nightwing and Starfire's spines and made them stop in mid step by the venom in her voice. "If you want to know what's good for you, you better step back." Garfield growled back at her stand up and facing her. He was now towering over her by a foot. This angered Raven even more she took a step closer towards him. They were arms length apart from each other. Richard took one look at this scene and knows for their safety they should leave the couple to sort it out. He took Starfire's arm and walked to her room. "Come on Star, we're going on a date tonight." He said to side track the alien princess. Starfire squealed and flew straight to her room with Richard in tow.

The action of Raven's rebellion excited the beast and angered Garfield. His eyes were flashing in anger and excitement. He growled at her while bearing his teeth, the beast wanted to show off his power and strength by this action where Gar wanted to warn her that he won't be able to control his and the beast's urges. Raven stared at his white and slightly longer fangs her demon side begged her to pin him down and have her wicket way with him. Her eyes flashed with her own angry eyes, she needed to heal him or he'll be badly hurt the next morning. Raven then jumped onto Beast Boy pinning him to the ground he tried to move away but Raven straddle him and tighten her thighs around him. Garfield pushed up his lower half in protest, Raven just pushed down harder and her left hand his right shoulder harshly while her right was glowing blue while she tried to heal the wounds on his upper torso. Garfield's control snapped her demon side drove the beast mad with lust and excitement and he had had her NOW! He push Raven off hastily and was on top of her in a split second it all happened so fast Raven's legs was still tightly on his hips. He pushed him self against her and now her legs was wrapped around his waist. Raven clawed against his chest and tear through the remain of his costume and left marks on his freshly healed firm chest. That pleased her inner demon and the complementing growl from him pleased her even more. Gar tried to reign the beast in he moved closer to her and licked her neck. To his pleasure Raven moved her head so she would give him more access. He smelt her arousal and it made his member grew hard against her. As Raven felt this she gave a small smirk 'oh what the hell, I'll heal him after this' She thought to herself and. She bit his lower earlobe while she pushed herself harder against his throbbing member. "Everyone still alive?" Cyborg announced and walked into the now heating scene. The lovers jumped apart and embarrassed being caught red handed but that soon quickly faded when each demon and beast gave their angry and annoyed stares to the half metal man. Cyborg shrinks to two inches tall and hit tail and run with a yelp.

Gar looked to Raven with pleading and lustful eyes and spoke up with a hoarse mixed growl voice. "I. Need. You. Now." Raven smirk grew and she walked up towards him. Gar hit a bookcase hard. Raven must've opened a portal to her room and pushed them through. Raven's clawed around his ears and down his neck across his the length or his broad shoulders and draw them down his chest and ghosting over his abs, all whiled healing him just after wounds. The sensation it cased by flesh lightly tearing and reattached made his member harder tenfold and drew a deep satisfying growl. Raven moved closer to Garfield his lusty growl amplified her need to be filled more. She was now getting excited. She placed teasing kisses and nibbles across his jaw line to his sensitive elf-like ears and whispered seductively into his ear. "Then claim me…" This made Garfield trembles against her. He grabbed her waist and turned them around. Pushing her against the bookcase and kissed her feverishly.

His tongue was hungrily battle against hers for dominance. She was challenging him and proving to be an equal component. Gar now moved his right into between her legs which she spread at a teasing slow pace for him. His left hand was now massaging her soft yet firm breast. Raven moaned in pleasure and pushed more of her chest against his hand while her hand snaked down and around his back. Gar's right hand founds its way down to her rump and grabbed a handful. This made Raven impatient and she tore his shirt off with her powers shredding it into pieces. Her hands now roamed all over his naked upper body, feeling him up. Gar slipped his hands under both her thighs and picked her up to hook her legs around him. As she did he moved from the bookcase towards the bed. Raven took hold onto a fistful of his hair and slightly pushed herself up using her powerful upper legs. She then bumped down on his painful hard member and let out a sexy cry. This brought Garfield down to his knees. "Rae…" broke from his shaky hoarse voice. "We won't make it to the bed." He said in almost whine. Raven rubbed herself against him and nibbled on his ear while moaning breathlessly soft in his ear. Gar's arousal grew and he tighten his grip on Raven's rump and the crushed her on her soft carpet while tearing her costume ravenously.

His hands were feeling up the now naked woman underneath him. He placed kisses all over her neck and ear. He moved his kisses down to her breasts he nibbled the left and then the right while his left hand tweaked the left nipple. Raven arched her back a little giving him a pleasurable mouthful. He smirked at this and begins sucking. Raven moaned a little louder and this excited the beast. Gar continued and slipped his right hand down her slim form across her stomach round hips and stroking her thigh. Suddenly he slips one of his big fingers into the warm and wet womanhood. Raven gasp hard and her demon part overpowered her a while. She flipped Gar on his back and straddles him between her legs. She smashed her lips against his while rubbing hard the agonizing member. Her mouth moved over to his ear and whispered seductively "I'm going to break you."

She then pressed herself quickly and hard against him, receiving a loud groan. She moved down while placing kissed all over him. She stuck her tongue into Gar's navel and clawed down his chest to his pants. She then started to pull his pants down but met some difficulty due to the hard member filling the pants rather tightly. Her frustration got the best of her and she encased his pants in her aura and disintegrating the pants, underwear, socks and shoes completely. Garfield groaned as he member was released from its material prison. Raven stared at the large member while its owner lay panting hard on the ground. Raven wondered how that big member will be able to fit inside her.

This was both's first time and Garfield knew she need her time, he heard a woman's first time includes some pain when breaking through the thin barrier. Although, the beast was screaming out loud to thrust his length into her hard. "We can wait." The Changeling breathes out painfully. Raven shook her head out of her trance and placed her hand around his shaft and felt how it twitches under her touch. Garfield moaned and closed his eyes for a moment. She then hold on and moved her hand up and down while she move back onto Gar and kissed him filled with passion. He pushed his hips up with her rhythm while holding her small face in his hands to deepen the kiss. Raven then summoned a lonely condom from her drawer into her other hand. She then stops for a moment to Gar's dismay. She opens the package and stared at the round rubber, wondering how a little circle will be able to cover that!

She gave a shy quizzical look to an amused Garfield. 'She looks so adorable when she is clueless.' He took the band from her and stretched it over his straight and hard member. He then put his hands on her hips and kissed her lightly on the lips and the poured all his passion into the kiss. Her hands found their way to his neck and then moved them to his shoulders to steady herself onto of him. She slowly moved down on the member having his tip inside of her she slightly jumped only to miss him inside of her instantly. Gar was kissing her neck and collarbone. She moved down till his member touched her sensitive barrier and stopped. She looked for his eye and saw him begging her to go on, he was only a third inside of her and he desperately wanted to bring her down into his lap but he wanted her to feel comfortable. She kissed him again and lifted herself up and came down with force breaking her barrier and she bit into his neck. Their world shook with force and the bite high wired every fiber of his primal and every other part of his being.

He switched places with her and slowly moving in and out of her. She a made soft moan with ever thrust. Every moan she made Gar harder and the scent of their arousal amplified his need to go harder but he held back he didn't want to hurt her. Raven felt him shudder and she knew he was struggling to hold back for her sake. Her eyes were clouded with passion and lust and she felt her demon side surface once again. "Harder… Faster" She demanded and he complied with her wishes. He buried his face into her violet hair with his mouth close to her ear. She heard his ragged breathing with every thrust into her. She gave another gasp as he reached a new sensitive spot.

Garfield noticed this and began to focus on the spot whit inhumanly strength and speed. He felt her tighten and tighten around his member making it almost too hard to move. Gar was could feel she was close to her braking point. Then somehow she ended on top and riding him harder and harder. She was panting part of his name in short breathes then Garfield couldn't hold back anymore he wanted her to be able to release first but he couldn't hold. He roared her name and simultaneously she screamed his name in full. After their release she slowed down and lay on his chest. Both of their respectively muscles twitched together as he was still inside of her. He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his around her and they both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Garfield woke the next morning holding onto the beautiful violet haired woman in his arms. His Raven. He hugged her slightly and realized he was still inside of her. He slowly pulled out as to not wake her missing her immediately. At that moment Raven wake from her wonderful sleep violet orbs finding green ones. "Morning love." She said and kissed him on his lips. "Nah, GOOD morning love." He replied with a cheeky smile. "No, it's a great morning" She said with a grin. "Smart –ass" He chuckled and kissed her again. Raven tried to stand up and walked awkwardly towards her bathroom. The Changeling saw this and felt guilty at her painful walk and quickly walked over to hold her in his arms. "Sorry…" He apologized solemnly. "It'll heal throughout the day. Besides I enjoyed myself." She said resting her head on his chest. She moved slightly away and traced a finger over his lips to his neck over the bite mark and her hand glow blue. He touched her hand, hummed and looked her in the eyes. "Please let the mark." He asked her in his deep loving voice. She hesitated and continued to trace his muscles over his healed chest, his defined abs and gasp at his groin area. He looked down and saw the bruises. He smirked when she looked shamefully into his eyes. Her hands glowed blue again, again he stopped her. Her facial expression became stern. "You can only keep one wound." She said in a mocking stern voice. Garfield chuckled a bit before he kissed her passionately. "Then I'll keep the one on my neck to show that I'm yours. Forever." He said. She nodded her head and healed him.

They walked hand in hand through a trashed tower to a worse common room. "What the hell happened here?" Garfield asked while they entered. "Oh friends it was the most terrifying hour. The first one came and shook the entire tower. Then the second and the tower kept on doing the rattling and shaking till the third broke every light, window and every other electronics and fragile object we own." Starfire said while she throws out every broken appliance apparently it was everything. Cyborg crudely cursed the nature and its earthquakes while trying to fixed the TV. Nightwing watched the "Breaking news" on a bad reception big screen. *News Reporter* "Jump City survived three repeated earthquakes one worse than the next, luckily nothing to serious." Raven blushed deep crimson. "Gah! Nothing serious? It's like the dammed quake was settled full force on the tower. It's gonna take me a month to fix this tower." Cyborg said still behind the TV

An ear deafening scream broke through the tower and all eyes were on Starfire. "Oh friend Raven and Beast Boy! You are showing affection in public!" Starfire happily announced and gave them a bone crushing hug. Raven's blushed deepened and Garfield nervously laughed while scratching his neck. "And what happened to your neck?" Starfire asked as she pointed to the Changeling's neck. Cyborg but two and two together and then fumed. "Yo, you two are so grounded. For every day I'm gonna spent on this tower ya'll gonna clean, buff and shine my BABY!" Cyborg shouted while pointing at the embarrassed pair.

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