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Chapter 2

"Is it really necessarily to polish and shine the car everyday?" a very annoyed Raven asked. Garfield was cleaning the opposite wheel when looking up to his girlfriend. "Well Cy just wants to punish us and -" He was met by a pleasant view of her C-cups pressed up the bonnet while she tried to reach a distant spot. Gar made an audible gulp he couldn't tear his eyes away. "And?" Raven was oblivious of Garfield's staring.

She felt a wave of lust towards her and looked up to find him staring. "Uh, I uhm. Mmm. What?" Garfield stuttered out forgetting where he was, what he was saying and what he was suppose to be doing. Raven straightened herself up looking at herself.

She was wearing a purple fitting tank top with black gym shorts. Raven raised her eyebrow up and putting her hands on her hips. "You were saying?" She asked amused by his lost of the train of thought. "Wow, Rae you make me wild." Gar whispered in awe. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and red jumper pants with duo white strips on the sides. The shirt complimented his green skin and was hiding his V-line. Raven got a mental image of Garfield shirtless and water rolling down his body…

"Not now. Cyborg will kill us if we do as much as kiss in front of his 'baby'. Help me polish the bonnet." She said in her monotone voice. The sooner she can finish up with this piece of metal the sooner she can go and place that special spell on her room.

For the past month between daily car washes and crime fighting Raven was searching for spells, scriptures and markings so if she and the Changeling would be, how Starfire puts it, having the fun of the romantic intimacy, the powers will stay contained in her room. It was frustrating to hold her and Garfield at bay. Not going too far and stopping every time when it gets too hot. But now she found the spell and the appropriate marking.

When Garfield came back from retrieving the buff cloth he was now met by Raven's perfect buttocks just begging to be grabbed. He couldn't resist. He's been helping himself everyday and he needed to feel her again. He wanted to feel her warm up. He wanted to smell her scent mixed with her arousal.

Raven jumped up when she felt something hard against her rear. Garfield placed his left hand just above her womanhood and his other across her chest. Trapping her in his arms. He took a deep breath inhaled her scent it smelled so good. He pushed her closer to him. "Ah. Rae you smell so good." Garfield then moved her medium length hair away and nibbled her neck. Raven was paralyzed by the sensation. Today, of all the days he had to this. With the full moon tonight she needs to contain herself. "And you taste so good." Garfield whispered in ear. "What are you the big bad wolf now?" Raven comment dryly.

Garfield turned the pale beauty around and wrapped his arms around her. "It is full moon tonight. I might go out hunting." He grinned at her. Over the past years he always knew that on full moon nights Raven retire early for bed early, ever since the incident of her sixteen birthday. Now after being a couple for ten months he wants to find out why. He always felt good on full moons but he also tried to contain his inner beast. The beast is more restless on full moons.

"Yo. Love birds I don't want you do anything nasty on my baby. Now get out of here!" Cyborg said while entering the garage via elevator and giving them an angry stare. Beast Boy moved back giving Raven some space. She reached for her hood, realizing she doesn't have one she decided to get Cyborg back for interrupting them. "I believe that your baby has seen every mechanical excitement between you and Bumble Bee. I refuse to clean the honey you left in the back seat." When she was satisfied with his fuming blush she teleported back to her room leaving a laughing Changeling behind.

"Oh, oh Dude… she got you good." Garfield wheezed. Victor stumped angrily to the T-car's backseat. "Dude there's nothing there. But thanks I'm never driving on the back seat again." The Changeling laughed while going back up to the training room. Nightwing wanted to spar a bit.

It was eleven pm and the entire tower was dawned in a red light and an annoying alarm screaming. The Changeling stormed past Raven's door when he heard her cursing. 'Since when does she curse?' He wearily knocked on her door. "Hey Rae you okay in there?" He asked in a concerning voice. "Garfield get in here and help me." Raven demanded on the other side. He opened the door and saw Raven tied down to her bed. Now this site would be very appealing if the city wasn't in danger. "Now why can't you use your powers?" While helping her loosing the knots he couldn't help but ask. "I used a spell on the ropes to keep my contained till morning light. And I can't use my powers on the ropes once it's tied, till the morning." Raven explained. The Changeling wanted to ask another question but was teleported to the common room.

"Titans! Trouble! It's Plasmas and Cinderblock. Raven and Changeling take Plasmas and the rest with me against Cinderblock Titans go!" Nightwing ordered and every one stormed out. Nightwing took his N-Cycle, Starfire was flying above him, The Changeling turned into a hawk and fly alongside Raven and Cyborg took the T-car.

Nightwing threw his wing-a-rangs to distract Cinderblock while Starfire head on and shooting starbolts from her hands. Cyborg was behind Cinderblock shooting with his sonic cannon. Nightwing used his bo-staff to give height and kicked dead center in Cinderblock's chest. Cinderblock stumbled backwards crashing a few cars.

Plasmas shoot some toxic at a green tiger and five blobs of goo forming mini-Plasmas's with went straight for the Changeling. Raven knew she needs to get back to her room now. She took a lotus position in mid air. She chanted her mantra and flew with her soul self into Plasmas' mind and sending him back to his sleeping form. The mini-Plasmas's are returned to blobs of goo. The police game with Plasmas' sleeping pod. Raven gave a quick report. And they went down town to Cinderblock.

Cyborg shot a giant net out of his cannon Starfire caught the opposite end and pulled it over Cinderblock. As soon as he fell down the street Nightwing tied him up. The Changeling and Raven arrived the same time as the police, Nightwing gave a full report on both.

"We are victorious. Shall we celebrate at the hut of Pizza?" Starfire asked energetic. The police drove the criminals back to prison. "I rather go home and just charge my energy levels are really low." Cyborg said with a large yawn. Raven teleported away without another word. Nightwing and Starfire drove off on the N-cycle. "Come on BB. I'll give you a ride back." Cyborg offered the Changeling while walking back. "As long it I don't need to sit in the back." The Changeling said heading for shot gun.

"You guys finished Plasmas up pretty fast." Cyborg started with small talk. "Yeah, Raven used her soul-self as soon as we got there." Changeling answered back. Cyborg drove into the underground tunnel to the tower. And they were surrounded in darkness. "Doesn't that take a lot of energy?" he asked with much concern. "Hey we all trained and became stronger over the past five years since the Trigon incident, but yeah that does take a lot of energy." The Changeling said. The ride was silent back to the tower.

Garfield rushed to Raven's room; he wanted to know why his girlfriend ties herself up. He entered her room and saw nobody in the room. The curtains were open to the view of the open ocean and the full moon. His inner beast was now channeling into his owner. Garfield picked up the scent of his mate. Before he knew what's going on he collided with the wall with painful impact. "You better get out before it's too late." Raven spoke in lusty voice. Entirely different from her calm and collective monotone. This new way of speaking aroused the beast. Garfield only purred. "It's too late."

Raven grabbed a fistful of his hair and kissing him viciously. "I know you and the beast enjoys it hard, dirty and rough. Tonight I need it." Raven said she pulled back her hips away and slammed it against Garfield. He hit his head against the wall. He needed to contain himself but the beast was too strong and the fact that Garfield wanted it too didn't help.

Garfield turned them around pushing Raven up against the wall. She pulled his head by his hair. Giving her more access of his muscled neck and biting hard. He tore her leotard open underneath. Raven bites his earlobe. He dropped his pants down and hammed into her hard. Raven gasped when her muscles tried to accommodate the sudden movement. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Raven pushed him away when logic caught up with her. She saw Garfield looking at her with the eyes of the beast. He was hungry for her and was impatient.

"Protection." Was all she said and she summoned a condom from her drawer once she put it on Beast Boy; he rammed her into the wall hard. "Do your best, Beast." She said breathlessly. He gave an approving growl and moved harder and faster than before into her. Their tongues were fighting hard for dominance. Raven moaned heavily. "Come on Beast!" She gritted through her teeth. Garfield lifted her a little higher and she locked her legs around him tighter causing her virginal muscles to tighten more around his member.

Garfield dug his fingers into the solid wall with his palms on her shoulders and then moved impatiently hard. Raven dig into his shoulders as he moved faster and faster. The wall behind her was cracking and it became harder. Their bodies were covered in sweat and the remaining clothes were sticking to them.

Gar hit her sensitive spot and he felt their bodies were surrounded. He looked at her eyes were clouded with power. The faster he moved the brighter her eyes shined. Raven clawed down to his chest and back up. She gave another loud moan and making wonderful sounds while she tried to breath. The next moment Garfield felt a cold wind on him. He noticed Raven's powers must have removed the remaining clothes. Or rather destroyed it.

The beast gave a loud growl when he coming close and by the tighting muscles around him she was too. Raven pushed them away from the wall. A wall that now had imprint of her backside and various cracks. Garfield hit her again against the wall and making a new anchor place for his hand. Before he could thrust into her again he was blasted by her powers on her bed.

It took Raven two seconds to teleport herself in front of him. Her hand was covered by crackling black power and her face had lusty grin on. As she placed her hand on his chest Garfield felt his muscles flexing to their limits. The beast enjoyed this grow of muscles but it pained his member. Raven straddled him and gave a sharp hiss accommodating the stiff muscle but quickly recovered by moving up and down. Both their muscles tighten and finally they went over the edge.

Raven didn't stop at that and going. She clawed over his muscle chest and not healing this time making the pain linger while the excitement was building up. Garfield thought he was done after the first one but now he got his second wind.

Raven was moaning louder and tried to say his name. "Oh, oh, oh, Gar, Garfl" Garfield flipped her over he is going to be on top for the second orgasm.

They didn't stop until five in the morning when the sun came up.

Garfield pulled the blanket over them and cuddled with Raven. "So full moon, hey?" Gar said making little circles over his girlfriend's stomach. Raven hummed while she snuggled closer to him. "Yes. Although the same goes for you. I bet there were times when you and the beast were acting a one. Wild untamed and uncontained." Raven said with humor in her voice. He purred and they fell asleep together as the sun rise.

A very angry Nightwing was stalking on the bedroom floor. Grumbling and cursing at two certain titans that didn't show up for their Friday training. They were to always stay fit and in shape. The Changeling wasn't in his room but Nightwing had a good idea where else he could be. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw an outline of a body standing out of the wall.

Garfield heard stomping feet heading towards them. Raven was sleeping with her head on his chest and Gar had his arm wrapped around her. he gently shook his girlfriend from her sleep. "Hmm, What?" Raven asked while cuddling closer to his side. The knocking on her door answered her question. "Changeling, Raven. You better get up and come down to the training room or you'll" Nightwing's treat was interrupted by Raven. "Or you can leave me to sleep or I'll tell Starfire that you bought her an engagement ring." Raven smugly threatened.

Nightwing just cursed under his breath and did the walk of shame back to the training room. He doesn't know how but somehow Raven always had dirt on everyone and she knew how to use it.

"Are friend Beast Boy and friend Raven joining us today with of the training the body?" Starfire cheerily asked. "No, and Cyborg is over at Titans East for upgrades. So it's just you and me Star." Nightwing grumbled

Garfield was laughing hard at their leader's reaction and his girlfriend's wit. "Oh, Rae you're just too good. Say how bad do you think is the Tower's condition?" He asked while he chuckled. "I found a spell to keep my power surges inside my room, so the Tower is fine. Now shut up and let me sleep or I'll sent you to the training room in your birthday suit." Raven answered in a sleepy and annoyed tone.

"Talk about the lack of clothes, I think we should get s few new costumes. You vaporized my last one." Garfield said but he only received another hum and saw she was already dozing off.

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