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"Okay, so you're going with your boyfriend and his brother?"

Harry groaned; he knew the three of them weren't going to get off to Asgard without teasing from Tony. "Yeah? Do you have a problem with that?"

"No," Tony replied, a small grin on his face. He was leaning on a pair of crutches as Bruce, Natasha, Clint and Steve had insisted on seeing Thor, Loki and Harry off. There were also a couple of SHIELD agents surrounding them, making sure the general public didn't come any closer as they were in Central Park. "You're going to have enough problems with meeting the in-laws."

Harry gaped. "Tony! Loki and I just met a couple of days ago!"

Then a beat later, "Blimey, has it really been that short? Did I really just meet Loki only a couple of days ago?"

Tony started to laugh. "That's how it all starts... First with sweeping him off his feet, literally as I heard it, then fighting a battle to save the world... "

"Tony! Do I need to threaten you with Pepper?" Harry exclaimed, blushing now then narrowed his eyes in thought. "Or... Steve?"

It was Tony's turn to pink up a bit. "Uh... you noticed that?"

Harry chuckled. "I noticed."

Tony glanced over at Steve who was not even paying attention to them right now; the super-soldier was chatting with Loki, of all things. Loki was holding the container that held the tesseract that Fury had given them. It had been Steve who had told, more like kindly ordered, the director to give the two Norse gods the tesseract and Fury hadn't been totally convinced but when Thor, Loki and Harry had backed the captain up, Fury had given in. Harry had been debriefed after he had woken up on the helicarrier then had told both Coulson and Fury that he would be taking temporary leave in the next few months.

Fury hadn't been happy yet again but Coulson had been the one to encourage it. Coulson had said that they needed to let him go for 'reparations' for what had happened when Loki had come to Earth.

Harry sighed, glancing around the group of people that had become family to him over the past couple of months. And he suspected that the battle and the forming of the Avengers was just the beginning for these people. They would probably become family to each other over the next few months. He would miss them.

"Harry, are you ready to go?" Loki asked, coming over and placing an arm around him. Harry peered over to Loki and grinned. Loki leaned over and Harry met him, lips briefly touching in a chaste kiss. The kiss was however well on its' way to growing heated and since they had company, Harry reluctantly pulled away. Loki grinned at him out of everyone's sight then turned to glance at Thor.

"Yes, I'm ready," Harry replied, hefting his duffel bag over his shoulder. "Steve, can I count on you to keep these people in line?"

"In line? What's that suppose to mean?" Clint exclaimed, mock glaring at Harry.

"It means you guys get into enough trouble without me," Harry teased. "Just, try not to... ugh. Just don't get seriously injured or something while I'm gone, okay?"

"I'll look after this one," Natasha remarked, pointing at Clint. "I've been doing that all these years so far."

"Yes, I can do that," Steve replied, a grin on his face.

"Thanks," Harry said then remembered something. He reached into his duffel and pulled out a normal small muggle backpack. He had put the endless space charm on his duffel so a normal backpack did fit. "Bruce, here. Just in case."

Harry held out the pack to Bruce who looked at him curiously. "What's in it?"

"More calming drafts for you or anyone else," Harry replied softly. "They'll help if you need to not shift and you've gotten worked up over something, like say Tony badgering you over something."

"Hey, I'm not that bad!" Tony yelped, wobbling on his crutches a little. Bruce as he was next to Tony, reached out an arm to steady him.

"Am I?"

"I have written statements from Pepper and Natasha that say otherwise," Harry replied, chuckling.

Clint, Bruce and Steve chuckled while Natasha grinned lightly.

"Fine, just fine," Tony grumbled. "Mock while you can. Clint, this resulted in you not getting a new bow."

"Uh, wait, I mean, you're an awesome guy, Tony," Clint pouted.

"Thanks," Bruce muttered, shuffling over to stand in front of Harry.

"Your welcome."

Harry chuckled at Tony's gleeful expression then turned to look at Loki and Thor with an expectant expression. "I'm ready."

Loki held out the tesseract for Harry and Thor to grab hold then Harry saw Loki do something with his magic and then he saw blue light.

"Uhhh..." Harry trailed off as he gaped. The three of them had landed in front of what looked like a palace. There were golden pillars all over the place and giant statues of probably what were long dead famous guys in front of the doors. The palace itself was ginormous; he hadn't ever seen something that big before. There were guards at the doors and warriors walking around the palace grounds. There were beautiful trees placed everywhere and plants that had flowered.

"Have we rendered Harry Potter speechless?" Loki asked, grinning at him as he handed the tesseract to Thor.

"I think we have," Thor said, laughing a little. "Welcome to our home, Harry."


Harry was brought out from his gaping at everything when he saw a young woman and three men race from the doors of the palace. He again gaped at the weaponry the four of them were carrying and tried to subtly inch closer to Loki.

"We're not under arrest, are we?" Harry whispered, half mockingly and half...not.

"No, these are my friends," Thor said loudly, beaming at the four people who had come to a stop in front of them. "Harry Potter, meet Lady Sif, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun. My friends, this is Harry Potter."

Lady Sif walked up to him, not even paying attention to Loki yet and looked him over. "You seem familiar. Have we met before?"

Harry pondered that, narrowing his eyes. "You saw me when you four came to Earth to see Thor. Only briefly though."

Sif's eyes widened. "You're a human?"

"Not quite," Harry replied, glancing at Loki who had gone quiet at their approach. Harry reached out an arm to wrap around Loki's waist in reassurance.

"Not quite? What does that mean?" Volstagg asked, a curious expression on his face.

"I don't exactly want to talk about it," Harry muttered, all but trying to burrow into Loki's side, who wrapped an arm around him in return. Harry did feel Loki's muscles relaxing a little at having Harry close by and he was startled to realize that his own body relaxing at having Loki this close too.

Sif turned to finally look at Loki at last, having glanced between Harry and whom he was attached to. "So the betrayer finally returns home."

"Sif..." Thor said in a warning tone. "Leave him be. He helped us in the final battle."

"He helped you?" Hogun finally spoke.

"Thor! Loki, you're alive!"

They all turned to see an older woman walk out from the palace doors with two guards walking behind her.

"Mother," Thor said, smiling at the woman.

"Who's that?" Harry asked.

"That is Frigga," Loki replied quietly. "My mother and Thor's."

Harry watched as Frigga pulled Thor into a hug. "She seems nice."

Frigga, after having released Thor from her hug, came over to stand in front of Loki. "My son."

Harry heard Loki give a quiet 'oomph' when Frigga pulled him into a hug and he grinned.

"You're alive," Frigga murmured, loudly enough for Harry to hear.

"Mother..." Loki replied.

"I mourned you, Loki," Frigga said, pulling away finally. "And now to see you alive; it's a blessing. And who is this?"

Loki turned to look at Harry, smiling. Though Harry could see that his smile was a little strained and he figured that was to be expected.

"Mother, this is Harry Potter," Loki said, walking back to Harry's side and wrapping an arm around him.

"Your friend?" Frigga remarked, glancing between the two. "You two look to be more than just friends."

"We're... I suppose," Harry glanced at Loki who nodded at him before continuing, "boyfriends?"

Frigga stared at him before breaking into a big smile.


Loki stiffened at the loud booming voice. Harry noticed that Frigga too grimaced a little. Though the woman quickly masked it.


"Odin, I take it?" Harry murmured, tightening his hold on Loki.