"Murdered?" Loki murmured, blinking his eyes a little.

Harry watched his lover turn to stare off behind him and turned to stare the same way only to not see anything of significance.


There were images assaulting his mind, images, memories and the feelings attached to them. They were however, not his memories. He felt arms wrap around him, steadying, always steadying, and leaned into them subconsciously. He dimly heard the worried whinny of one of his children, Sleipnir. He had kept a self-imposed distance from Sleipnir, Fenrir and J├Ârmundgandr, fearing it would hurt to see them. And he heard Harry calling his name with increasing worry.

"Loki? You okay?"

Flashes of light, which he supposed were spells: one green, some blue, others with no color. He saw Harry's translucent, blue, stag in a couple of the memories. A flying car in one, one that produced a chuckle from him. A big, black dog ran across a path, tinged with affection and fondness from Harry; a giant, gold goblet in another, with fear, anger and sorrow; a mysterious veil that Sirius Black fell through, more than tinged with grief and anger; on top of a tower in a castle, with Dumbledore and Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy; on the run from Death Eaters with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger; the final battle against Voldemort, losing Remus Lupin and other people who wanted to fight for him...; traveling over to the States and meeting Tony Stark(flavored with humor and eventually anger); meeting Bruce Banner then meeting Thor and seeing Loki for the first time and their magics meeting up...

"Loki? Now, you're really worrying me. What's wrong?"

Loki blinked and stared at Harry, who had lowered them both to the ground while he was out of it. There were stablehands just standing at a few stalls past them, staring at him and Harry. Though, when he narrowed his eyes at them, they fled like the hounds of Hel were chasing them.

"You're blue..."

Loki stiffened and inched backwards, as the memories kept on racing through his mind. He now realized that he had dropped his glamours sometime during the past few minutes.

"Hey, Loki, it's me. You know me. I'm not scared of you," Harry remarked, holding his gaze and reaching out to hover his hand over Loki's. "I've seen worse. At least you still have a nose and..."

"What... What did you say?" Loki asked, other hand going up to tentatively touch his horns. He knew that his eyes had turned red, having changed with the rest of his body. Harry followed the movement with his eyes.

"I..." Harry sighed and blushed. "I kind of think you're... uh, attractive in this form."

Loki stared and stared some more. "You think this," he pointed at himself, "is attractive?"

"Yeah, don't make me repeat it," Harry said, dropping his gaze, still blushing more than a little.

Loki smiled finally, pulling up his glamours again and pulling Harry into a heated kiss. He heard a moan that he wasn't too sure didn't come from him as Harry's tongue slid into his mouth, touching his own. It didn't take too long for the kiss to grow more energized as they both shuffled closer to each other.

A loud whinny interrupted them and Loki glanced up to his horse.

"Interrupted by a horse," Harry muttered, snickering. "Experience something new everyday. Perhaps later then."

Loki raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes, standing up and extending a hand to Harry.

"Later for what, may I ask?"

"Stable sex."

"So, what made you zone out there a few minutes ago?" Harry asked as Loki went about tacking up his horse. They had decided to only take the one horse as Harry didn't know how to ride; though it wasn't like either one of them had any objections to riding together.

"I... You are a very strong wizard," Loki remarked.

Harry glanced over at him. He was leaning up against the wall, relaxed and watching.

"I suppose so. What made you say that?" Harry asked, walking over to stand in front of Lily and holding out a hand to let the mare sniff him.

Loki put down the hoofpick that he was done with and stared at the other man. "I watched you cast that patronus spell in third year. It was powerful enough."

Harry peered around Lily's head to gape at Loki. "How... 'Watched"?"

"I remember you back when I was on Midgard the first time," Loki started. "I remember our magic meeting in the middle while I was talking to Thor."

Harry was still gaping. "You mean, that exchange went both ways? Then, you've known about me all this time?"

Loki shook his head, turning to walk into the tack room that was meant for only himself and his... brother. He scooped the saddle, bridle, and the needed accessories and strode back out to the stable aisle.

"I had dismissed the memories and locked them away at that time," Loki murmured, stopping at the doorway where Harry had followed him. "And I suspect that Thanos put some kind of curse or spell on me when I was... with him. Your mentioning of your parents murder unlocked them."

Harry's gaze softened but he stayed nervous, rocking back on the heels of his feet. "So, you know about me, all of me then."

"Yes. Your uncle and aunt wouldn't still be alive, would they?" Loki asked nonchalantly, hoping his anger would be unnoticed, bypassing Harry and slipping on a saddlepad on Lily. He heard a snicker from Harry then the wizard came up to him and melted into his back, still chuckling. Loki shivered when he felt warm lips press against his neck then he turned around and wrapped an arm around Harry, staring at him intently.

"If I said yes, what would you do?" Harry questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"If I said I would go back down to Midgard and kill them slowly, what would you do?" Loki returned, smirking.

Harry snickered. "Knowing you, I would have no problem with it. Only if you don't tell me what you do, then yes, my aunt and uncle are still alive. However, I would rather you not kill my aunt or my cousin."

Loki narrowed his eyes.

Harry sighed and tucked his head against Loki's chest. "They're family; I take care of my kin, as you Asgardians put it."

Once Harry stepped and swung onto the mare's back, he leaned against Loki's back and sighed contentedly. "Okay, I'm set back here."

"Very well, let's go then."

Harry tilted his head in confusion when they didn't immediately move. "What's up?"

Loki turned around, staring at him as if he didn't think he was worthy.

"Loki, what?"

"You made your cloak blue..."

"Yes, yes, I did," Harry grinned.

Loki returned the smile, if a little more hesitant.

"It is your color after all," Harry murmured with a small smile.

Riding on a horse was very different than riding on a hippogriff, it turned out. The obvious difference was that horses had no wings but Harry just wrapped his arms around Loki's chest to make up for anything. He had asked Loki about teleporting, or whatever he called it, to the edge of the Bifrost but he had said it was too dangerous; they might end up teleporting all the way off the Bifrost. Loki had predictably shuddered when he had said that but Harry had agreed to riding, there wasn't an issue.

It took about fifteen minutes to get to the beginning of the rainbow bridge then another thirty minutes to get to the edge of it. Harry wasn't exactly bored by the end of the ride, having watched the center of Asgard as they passed by the city then watched the Bifrost. It was beautiful, the blue skies above them and the sun then the sparkling energy of the bridge below them.

As Lily slowed to a canter then to a trot, Harry could see that they were coming to the jagged edges of the Bifrost. And he could see a person in golden armor; the guy was tall and he had horns, much like Loki's helmet did.

"Who's that?" Harry enquired, shuffling backward a little then dismounting. He watched as Loki dismounted and went to stand next to him.

"That would be Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost," Loki answered, staring at the man. They both watched as the man turned around and stared at them.

"Harry Potter, Master of Death, The Boy-Who-Lived."

"Well, that's creepy," Harry commented, raising an eyebrow. "At least I don't have to introduce myself now."

Heimdall nodded slowly. "You are welcome here, Midgardian."

"Nice to know," Harry replied with a hesitant grin then lost it as Heimdall gave him a look.

"Oh, no. I know that look." Harry backed up a little, moving to stand alongside Loki again, who stared between him and Heimdall with a frown.

"Harry?" Loki asked, staring at him bemusedly.

"He is going to say there's a prophecy about me here, isn't he?" Harry surmised then stared at Heimdall. "Aren't you?"

Heimdall visibly sighed then grinned a little. "Yes, I was."

"See? I told you," Harry grumbled, looking at Loki with a grimace.

"Heimdall, what is this about?" Loki asked warily, narrowing his eyes at the warrior god.

"If there's a prophecy about me here, then why did Odin seem to not know me?" Harry questioned.

"That is because he does not know that it is you that the aforementioned prophecy is about," Heimdall replied.

"Would this prophecy put him in harm's way?" Loki asked, pulling Harry closer with an arm.

"Not quite. However, it is in motion as we speak," Heimdall offered, looking between the two of them.

Harry sighed. "Great, just great. Another freaking prophecy! When will it end?"

Loki stared at Heimdall then at Harry. "Would you tell us of this prophecy?"

Heimdall stared between them, slowly shaking his head. "No."

Harry groaned, putting his arm on Loki's shoulder and hiding his head on it.

Loki smiled when Harry started to mutter into his shoulder about freaking prophecies and freaking people who were cryptic. Though he did startle a little when Harry's mutterings turned into hissing. Loki could feel Heimdall's eyes on them and he was beginning to get as Harry had put it, "creeped out".

"Harry? Did you just switch languages?"

"Fuck... Maybe?" Harry turned to look at Loki with a sheepish grin.

"Do you want to explain?" Loki remarked, glaring at Heimdall then turning to look at Harry.

Harry glared at Heimdall and surprisingly enough the god turned around, giving them some privacy.

"When you saw my memories, you didn't happen to see all of my second year, did you?" Harry asked.

Loki raised an eyebrow. "I believe so. Ah, that's your..."

"Yes, that's parseltoungue," Harry answered, nodding as he continued to flush red. "It sounds like hissing to other people."

Loki turned to pull Harry fully into an embrace. "I am not going to be disgusted over a matter as small as this."

Harry stared at him then stilled, glancing down then back up. "Really? That did it for you? Really? Seriously?"

"We're certainly a pair," Harry muttered, grinning. "I think you're attractive when you're literally blue and you think parseltoungue is attractive."