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Regina's head shot up when she heard her name, she knew whose voice it belonged to; Emma. She was soaked head to toe, she pushed her hair out of her face as Emma walked slowly towards her.

"What are you doing here Emma?" Regina called to Emma.

"What are you doing? You're going to get sick!" Emma yelled through the pouring rain.

Emma walked over to Regina, she was now soaked as well, "Come on!" Emma yelled at Regina, she grabbed her hand and pulled, forcing her to stand up.

She wasn't prepared for Emma to do so and when the blonde pulled, Regina slipped and fell into Emma, bringing the sheriff down with her. Emma gasped, being startled at this and fell down to the ground getting covered in mud as did Regina.

"Jesus Fuck!" Regina yelled.

Emma struggled to get up, trying to help Regina up as well. The two women were a mess of tangled limbs and the mud was only making the difficulty of getting up even more challenging. Emma began laughing loudly as Regina tried to get up, who only fell down again.

"Oh what are you laughing at," Regina snapped, trying to sound angry but she couldn't help the smile that was upon her face.

Emma did nothing but laugh harder. Regina tried to get up again but fell for a third time, this time she fell with her face right above Emma's as the blonde stopped laughing almost immediately. Regina's eyes softened and she looked at the woman she had fallen so deeply in love with.

Regina leaned in closer and kissed the blonde gently on the lips. Emma instantly closed her eyes and kissed the brunette back. It took Emma a moment to get her bearings and pull away from the brunette quickly scrambling to her feet. She turned away from Regina and walked towards her care, the rain running down her face and everywhere else.

Regina got up and yelled after the blonde, "Emma, please don't go!"

"Why! Why should I stay?" Emma yelled back, walking towards Regina, they were standing face to face now.

"Emma..." Regina whispered softly placing a hand on Emma's cheek, and resting her forehead on Emma's forehead, "I'm sorry, please I'm just so sorry," she said softly.

"Regina.." Emma sighed.

"I love you," Regina whispered, she went to kiss Emma again but pulled back at the last second. She moved her forehead off Emma's and looked into the blonde's eyes. She didn't want Emma to reject her again, she backed up a few steps away from Emma.

Emma grabbed Regina and pulled the brunette towards her. She used her fingers to move a piece of hair out of Regina's face, she wrapped a hand around her waist and moved to kiss her but the thunder boomed loudly and lightning followed quickly after.

"C'mon we need to got out of the rain," Emma said and pulled Regina along with her, she got into her car and Emma got into the police car with her. Emma didn't say anything as she drove back to her apartment, she turned the music up really loudly making Regina sit there in an awkward silence.

Regina walked into Emma's empty dark apartment, Emma flicked on the power, but it didn't turn on.

"Power's out," Emma sighed, she turned around and looked Regina, who was still soaked, she stood there near the door in the dark.

The lightning was the only source of light. It lit up the sky enough so that the two could see each other. Emma walked closer to Regina and looked at her, she kept walking closer. Regina stood near the door watching as Emma walked closer. Emma closed the space between them and looked at Regina for a moment before pushing her into the door and kissing her.

Regina fell into the door, but she closed her eyes and kissed the blonde back running her hands through the blonde's hair. Emma wrapped her arms around the brunette and held her close kissing her neck softly and whispering in Regina's ear, "You're beautiful."

Regina shivered at Emma's words and held on to the blonde tighter. She ran her hands up Emma's sides, she wore a skin tight tanktop that clung to her wet body. Emma smiled as Regina pulled off her tank top. Regina placed her hands on Emma's bare stomach and pulled her even closer,she kissed the blonde, Emma wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck.

Emma led Regina up the stairs towards her bed. By the time they had gotten to her bedroom, they were both almost wearing nothing once they got up the stairs. Regina pushed Emma aginst the wall and kissed her roughly, she kissed the blonde's neck and everywhere else she could get to. Emma leaned her head against the wall running her hands through the brunette's hair, she smiled, whispering Regina's name softly.

They finally found their way to Emma's bed. Regina pushed Emma onto the bed, pulling the blonde's pants off, she kissed the blonde's legs all over, peppering her legs and stomach with soft kisses. Emma's closed her eyes and she sighed contently as Regina kissed her all over soothing the ache that had longed for Regina. All she wanted was Regina, she longed for her touch at night, she had missed her smile, even the snarky sarcasm, she had missed everything about her brunette lover.

She wanted Regina to love her, really love her and not just in sex, she wanted Regina to be hers forever. Emma couldn't help but smile as the brunette slipped off the blondes pink panties. Emma gasped as Regina blew softly on her, she moaned as Regina moved her tongue upward all the way to her clit, sucking softly as she did so.

She moved her tongue in different directions and patterns, driving the blonde insane every time. Emma was close Regina would stop and kiss Emma somewhere else on her body. Emma whimpered as Regina lifted her head once more, she looked into the blondes eyes who bore right into the brunettes, their eyes were both filled with lust and longing.

Her eyes instantly shut when Regina slid two fingers in. Emma groaned loudly as Regina moved her fingers slowly at first, she kissed the blonde's neck softly as she thrusted her fingers, she smiled when Emma wrapped her arms around Regina holding her even tighter, she thrusted her fingers hard.

"Oh god.." Emma moaned loudly as Regina thrusted her fingers, "Regina..." she gasped, Regina looked down at Emma as she drove the blonde to ecstasy. Emma screamed out as Regina thrusted her fingers harder once more, she pulled her fingers out, Emma already missing the contact of the brunette.

Regina made a move to get away from Emma, "I-I uh I should go," she smiled awkwardly.

Emma looked at Regina and grabbed her before she could even get off the bed, she placed her hands on each side of Regina's face and stroked her cheeks softly, "Please... don't go, stay with me," she whispered to the brunette, "I love you Regina," she said and Regina, pushing her onto her back.

"Really?" Regina said pulling back from the kiss for a moment.

"Really," Emma smiled.

This time it was Regina who kissed Emma, kissing her with all she had, the blonde returned the love she had wanted so badly. All she wanted was Emma right now, and all she could do was smile because for once, in what seemed like forever, maybe she could finally have her happy ending. And a happy ending she would get.

Emma pushed the brunette back down against the bed and kissed the hell out of her. They kissed, touched and made love until they could barely breath any longer, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

When Regina woke up the next morning the bed beside her was empty, and for a moment she was scared Emma had ran away again; but when she smelt the cooking food coming from downstairs she smiled. She got up out of bed and pulled on a pair of Emma's boxers and one of her tank tops.

She walked down the stairs to find Emma cooking bacon, eggs and toast, the blonde was wearing a baggy top and a pair of shorts, "Good Morning!" Emma said with a bright smile.

"You sure do know how to go all out," Regina said, she laughed when Emma pouted a bit, but she walked over to the blonde and wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed the blonde on the lips softly, "I love you."

Emma kissed Regina back, "I love you too," Emma smiled, remembering that she could do that now, whenever she wanted.

All of a sudden the front door swung open and in came a babbling Henry, "How should I know where my mom wound up Ruby!" he walked into the apartment backwards while talking to Ruby, "I'm not a mind reader!" he exclaimed.

"Well I think I know where your mother is," Ruby laughed as she looked at the wide eyed women.

"Really where?" Henry asked and spun around to put his coat down, "Oh!" He said.

"Henry.. I-I was going to tell I uhm," Regina said not quite sure how this would end up as she didn't know how Henry felt about the entire situation.

"Operation Swan Queen worked! MOM!" Henry yelled, "You made the queen get her happy ending," he said with the biggest smile.

"What in the world is going on?" Mary Margaret said as she walked into the apartment, she looked to Henry then Regina and Emma who had jumped apart from when the door open. She knew right away by the way they were dressed what had went down in here, "finally!," Mary Margaret laughed.

"I know right!" Ruby laughed as well.

"This is fantastic!" Henry exclaimed.

"Well... So much for a quiet morning," Emma laughed, "Care to join us for brunch?" the blonde asked everyone.

"Oh please, I am starving," Henry said.

"Oh thanks Em," Ruby smiled.

"I would love to," Mary Margaret said with a smiled.

"So..." Belle said slowly, "Who dropped the L bomb first?"

"Regina," Emma said with a smirk.

"I was just brave enough to admit it," she smiled.

"Oh shut up you," Emma said annoyed, but she couldn't hide the smile on her face, she leaned over towards Regina and kissed her on the lips.

"Aww look at those love birds!" Ruby exclaimed with a smile.


It had been a year since the two had been dating. Emma proposed to Regina a few weeks ago and of course the brunette had said yes and now they were all celebrating. Ruby cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured everyone's drinks.

Emma smiled, for the first time really feeling like she belonged, for the first time in her entire life she felt wanted and loved. And she really could not be happier. She had the greatest family and she knew it.

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