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Chantelle looked around the waiting room and smiled that everything was right where it should be. She was dead on her feet but she knew that she would last the day. Unfortunately last night had been hard and not just because of her nightmares. Last night was a rough night for Natalia so Chantelle had spent most of the night holding her sister and doing what she could to calm her down. She shook her head to clear it and then looked up when she heard the bell over the door jingle as it opened. She smiled as she looked at the older man that walked in. "Welcome to Healing Touch. You must be Mr. Clay Morrow. My name is Chantelle Miller and I will be your physical therapist."

Clay couldn't help but chuckle. "If I'm not Clay Morrow, Little Lady, then I am in the wrong place. But yes, I am Clay and please call me Clay. So what do I have to do?"

Chantelle grinned and shook her head. "If you'll follow me back I will take you into the room where you will be doing your physical therapy. I understand that you have arthritis in your hands and that you have been using cortisone shots for the stiffness and pain."

Clay nodded as he walked behind Chantelle. "That is correct. It doesn't seem to be helping much lately."

Chantelle nodded her head. "It won't help unless you do something else to help combat the stiffness. What I am going to show you today will help you a lot with the stiffness and pain that you have in both hands. Why don't you take a seat while I go grab something real quick."

Clay sat down on the exam table and looked around the room. His eyes widened at everything he saw and he shook his head. When he Chantelle walking back towards him he lifted an eyebrow. "Did you set everything up yourself, Little Lady?"

Chantelle rolled her eyes as she nodded. "The guys literally just piled everything into the waiting room so I had to drag it all back here and set it all up. In all honesty I am glad that they did because knowing my luck they wouldn't have listened to what I had to say anyways. I know that I'm small but I'm no lightweight. It only took me about two weeks to get everything set up the way that I wanted it because I could only work on it for a half day at a time. So anyways what this is, is a cream that you need to rub into your hands three times a day. It will feel hot when you first put it on but that is how it is supposed to feel. Now after ten minutes you need to wash the cream off and then flex your hands and fingers for about five minutes. I will give you a list of exercises that you can do that will help combat stiffness and the pain you feel every second of every day. We will start with little weights and then move up to bigger weights."

Clay nodded. "Alright, Little Lady. After all you are the professional here and not me. So how long have you been a physical therapist?"

Chantelle smiled slightly. "Since I was eighteen and a half years old. I use to work at a hospital in New York City. When I moved my sister and I here I decided I would rather open up my own physical therapist practice then work at a hospital again so that I could pick and choose my clients and the times I worked. I have to take care of my sister so I can't work constantly because I need to be able to be there when she needs me. As it is today is the first day I will be away from her for about six hours straight and I'm worried about her. Luckily I have made a good friend and she will go and check on Nat for me before she has to be at work."

Clay lifted an eyebrow. "You're a little young to be taking care of your sister ain't ya? Where is your mother?"

Chantelle snorted and shrugged. "My mother is drug addict that is probably dead by now and if not then she is close to it. I haven't seen my mother since I was sixteen years old and that is fine by me. I have had custody of my sister since I was sixteen and I haven't regretted it at all. My sister is my life and there isn't a damn thing in this world I wouldn't do for her. I'm sure you know what that feels like, Clay."

Clay nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, I know how that feels, Little Lady. I would do anything for my wife, step son, and my brothers to make sure that they are safe and protected. I think that you should know that Abby told my wife about your past."

Chantelle chuckled. "I figured that Abby would, Clay. Ever since I have met Abby she has been protective of me. She is what I wish my mother would have been like. I knew the second that I walked out of the diner that Abby would say something to Mrs. Morrow but I couldn't bring myself to care about it. I just didn't feel up to getting into it with your wife so I didn't. My life hasn't been peaches and creme since my father died when I was fourteen years old. My life has been one hardship after another since I put him in the ground but it is worth it because I have my life and my sister's life. Nothing is worth anything if you don't have someone to love by your side. Nothing in life that is easy is worth having and that is one lesson I have learned well and truly. Now pick up the one pound bar bell and do some curls with it in each hand. When you bring your hand back down from the curl uncurl your fingers, flex them, and then wrap them back around the bar bell and repeat that ten times in each hand. I know that it sounds easy but trust me it isn't especially once you get past the third one."

Clay nodded and did as he was told. After the third time of doing the exercise he could tell what she meant. It took him another twenty five minutes to finish both sets of ten on his hands and he let out a sigh of relief when he put the bar bell back on the floor. "Damn, Little Lady, that was torture."

Chantelle smirked. "I told you that it wouldn't be easy. But that is about it for today. I'm just going to put a hot water bottle on your hands for about ten minutes and then you are finished for the day. I can see you again on Wednesday if that works for you. I would say tomorrow but I have to take my sister to a doctor appointment and then have to find some place for my car to be looked at since it's been about three thousand miles since it's last oil change. Also not to mention that I have to find someone who can fix a broken window for me and patch a whole in a wall."

Clay's mouth dropped open in shock and he shook his head once Chantelle was back and had placed two hot water bottles on his hands. "Come by TM tomorrow after your sister's doctor appointment and I'll take a look at your car for you. As for the window and wall I'll get someone to fix it for you."

Chantelle shook her head. "I can't ask you to do that, Clay. I'll find someone to do it myself."

Clay shook his head again and glared. "You didn't ask, Little Lady. I offered to do it so you don't have to worry about it. Listen, Chantelle, you are barely twenty years old and you have a shit load of stuff on your shoulders. It is not a weakness to accept help when it is offered. You can't live your life in the past because if you do then your future is going to pass you up and you won't even know it. I get that you have been through hell but you survived it, Little Lady. You are taking care of your sister so let someone else take care of you if and when they can. You can't do everything on your own or you're going to burn yourself out and then will where you be? So you just let me worry about finding someone to fix your window and wall. Okay?"

Chantelle nodded with wide eyes. "Yes, Sir."

Clay rolled his eyes. "I'm not a Sir, Chantelle, I am just Clay. Now why don't we go and get some lunch?"

Chantelle shook her head. "I can't, Clay. I have another client coming in about five minutes."

Clay frowned. "Alright then I'll bring lunch to you here in a bit. Anything in particular you like or don't like?"

Chantelle groaned. "I'll have a salad with french dressing and some chicken strips with barbecue sauce with a coke to drink. I'll give you some money for it."

Clay waved his hand as he stood up and handed the water bottles back to Chantelle. "Don't worry about it, Little Lady. You can treat me to lunch on Wednesday if it makes you feel better."

Chantelle smiled and gave in. "Alright then. I'll be done with my next client in about thirty to forty five minutes. I'll walk you out because he should be here by now."

Clay nodded and led the way out of the room and to the waiting room. He frowned when he saw the teen that Chantelle would be working with. He knew the boy's reputation and he had a feeling something was going to happen. He shot a glare at the boy and then looked back at Chantelle. "I'll be back in thirty minutes, Little Lady." He then walked out of Healing Touch and over to the diner where he knew Gemma, Jax, Tig, Happy, and Quinn would be waiting on him. He walked in and went straight to the booth and sat down with a frown on his face. "I'll be leaving here in about twenty minutes and going back over to Healing Touch. I am going to take Chantelle some lunch since she couldn't come because of a client. However she told me thirty minutes but I'm going sooner because of who her client is."

Gemma frowned but before she could say anything Jax asked "Who is the client?"

Clay's frown grew. "Damien Redding is her next client. He may only be seventeen years old but I don't like his reputation and I don't trust him enough to leave him alone with Chantelle for that long. By the way, Gemma, you will be happy to know that she opened up somewhat to me. She had a feeling that Abby would tell you about her past and she said she didn't care. Oh and I have her coming to TM tomorrow so I can take a look at her car for her. I also talked her into letting me send someone to her house to fix a broken window and to patch a hole that is in a wall. She was going to work on finding someone tomorrow after she dealt with her sister's doctor's appointment. She didn't want to let me do it but I kinda didn't give her much of a choice."

Gemma chuckled. "That is my husband for me. So how did your appointment go then?"

Clay smiled. "It went pretty damn well. I have to admit that after doing the exercise she had me doing that my hands feel better than they do even after a cortisone shot. I have another appointment on Wednesday but I forgot to ask her what time so when I take her lunch to her I'll ask her. Speaking of her lunch I should put in her order."

Gemma nodded and motioned for their waitress and waited until Clay gave his order and Chantelle's order before she said "So what do you think of Chantelle, Clay?"

Clay sighed and ran a hand down his face. "She is a slip of a girl. She knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. She didn't talk down to me or anything. She explained what she was doing and why and then explained what I could be doing to help myself with the pain and stiffness in my hands. She loves her sister dearly and would do anything for her as she proved when she killed the man who hurt both her and her sister. Although I got the impression that she killed him more because he dared to hurt her sister than the fact that he had hurt her. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she doesn't hold anything back. She is stubborn to a fault and has trouble accepting help but yet she gives in gracefully when she realizes that she isn't going to win an argument. I'm pretty damn sure that I'll come to see her as my own daughter given the chance."

Gemma grinned. "Good."

Clay chuckled but before he could say anything someone ran into the diner and yelled "Someone call the police! There is something happening at the new business Healing Touch."

Clay jumped to his feet along with Jax, Happy, Tig, Quinn, and Gemma and hightailed it out of the diner and down the street and into Healing Touch. He saw red when he saw the mess in the waiting room and followed the noise he heard back into the exercise room. What he saw there made him angrier than he had been in a while.


Chantelle looked at the teenager and nodded. "Hello, Mr. Damien Redding, my name is Chantelle and I will be your physical therapist. If you will follow me back we can start."

Damien got up from where he was sitting and followed Chantelle back into the exercise room. His eyes roamed over her body and he smirked. He had no doubt that he could get her to sleep with him. He wiped the smirk off of his face as she turned towards him. "Nice to meet you, Chantelle."

Chantelle fought the urge to roll her eyes and pasted a fixed smile on her face. "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Redding. If you have a seat on the table we can get started after I ask you some questions."

Damien nodded and sat down on the table. "You can call me, Damien. Mr. Redding is my father."

Chantelle nodded and bit back a sigh. "Alright then, Damien, how long have you been having trouble with your shoulder? I know that it says in my file that you injured yourself in a football game a couple months ago."

Damien nodded again. "I'm the Quarterback on the high school football team. I got rushed during our final game and the way the person hit me and the I landed was wrong. I've been having problems since then. My doctor figured that since it was still hurting me that physical therapy would help."

Chantelle nodded and smiled slightly. "There are several exercises that can help with a shoulder/rotator cuff injury. First off you need to apply heat to it twice a day for fifteen minutes and then apply ice to the injury for fifteen minutes about five minutes after you take the heat off. Another thing you can do is some basic stretches to get the mobility back in your shoulder. Today I'll just be going over the mobility exercises that you can do to help yourself get better. You will need to do these exercises about three times a day and make sure that you are not doing any heavy lifting because that can aggravate your injury."

Damien smirked. "The only heavy lifting I do is when I'm screwing a girl."

Chantelle glared. "I would appreciate it if you keep comments like that to yourself."

Damien narrowed his eyes. "Don't act like you don't want me. I see the way you look at me."

Chantelle rolled her eyes and stood up. "I do believe that we are done here. I don't think I will be able to be your physical therapist." She turned on her heel and walked out of the exercise room and into the waiting room. She could feel his eyes on her but she didn't acknowledge that fact. Once in the waiting room she turned to look at him with hard eyes. "You should leave now."

Damien strode forward until he had Chantelle backed up against a wall. "I don't think so, Baby. We have some time yet and I know just what I want to do with the time we have left."

Chantelle rolled her eyes. "I don't think so. And don't call me baby. I want you to leave and you are NOT welcome here again!"

Damien smirked as he slapped Chantelle across the face. "Don't tell me what to do, bitch. Now you are going to do what I say and not put up a fight."

Chantelle gave a hard laugh. "I don't think so. If you touch me again you will regret it. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BUSINESS!"

Damien grinned. "I do like them feisty." He smirked as he slapped Chantelle again. His smirk slid off of his face though when he fell backwards when she pushed him. He picked up the closest chair to him and threw it at her and laughed coldly when it hit her in the head. He then started to walk forward only to jump out of the way when she threw the chair back at him. He took the three steps it took to get to her while she tried to recover from throwing the chair at him and grabbed her by her hair as he yelled loudly "LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT SO QUIT FUCKING FIGHTING ME! IT WILL BE MUCH MORE PLEASURABLE FOR YOU IF YOU JUST GIVE IN LIKE I KNOW THAT YOU WANT TOO."

Chantelle cried out and tried to scratch Damien as he literally dragged her back into the exercise room. She was trying to fight him off as he threw her onto the floor but she kept remembering the night that happened six months ago and she couldn't get loose enough to cause him any damage. When he went to strip her pants off of her she screamed and kicked out. She heard the bell jingle on the door and screamed again. When she heard running footsteps she sighed in relief but cried out when she felt Damien wrap his hands around her throat. She saw a woman look into the exercise room with wide eyes before holding up a finger to her and mouthing that she would be back with help as everything started going black. With what remaining strength she had left she lifted both of her arms and slammed then on Damien's ears and moaned in relief when he let go of her throat. She bucked her hips to throw him off of her and forced herself onto her knees. She slowly started to crawl away even as pain racked her body but she didn't get more than a couple feet away before she was sent face first onto the floor by Damien as he jumped on her back.

She swore as he flipped her over and started going for her pants again. She kicked out a leg and grinned when she heard him grunt in pain as it connected to his balls even as he unbuttoned her pants and started to pull them down. She then reached out blindly with her right hand until it wrapped around one of the weights that Clay had used earlier. Just as she was bringing it up to hit Damien in the head with it she heard the pounding of several pairs of feet as they ran into the exercise room. She let out a sob of relief when she saw Clay standing in the doorway. She looked at Damien who apparently didn't hear Clay or any of the guys that she saw behind him. "You lose."


Clay ran over to where Damien had Chantelle pinned and heard her say hoarsely "You lose."

He pulled Damien off of Chantelle and threw him across the room as he motioned for Gemma to stay with Chantelle as he strode over to where Damien laid panting with Jax, Tig, Happy , and Quinn behind him. "You picked the wrong woman to try to force yourself on, Redding. How do you think daddy is going to like knowing that his son is exactly what he fights to put away? Do you think that your daddy will go easy on you just because you are his son? I'd kill you if I thought I could get away with it. Instead I'll just watch as they take you away in handcuffs."

Damien paled. "My father won't prosecute me."

Clay shook his head. "Your father is first and foremost an advocate of rape victims. There is no way in hell he will let you get away with what you have just done. You should have kept an ear out for people coming in because we're not the only ones who saw what you were doing. A woman saw you and went to the diner to get help and to call the police. I would love nothing more than to see you get your ass beat but I won't go to jail for the likes of you. If you come near Chantelle again I will hurt you."

Jax stepped forward and glared down at the boy. "I snapped a picture of what you were doing before Clay pulled you off of that girl. There will be no way in hell that you will get away with what you just did to her. You picked the wrong girl to even try to do what you just did. I can't decide if you are stupid or if you just didn't think about what you were doing. You had to have heard Clay say that he would be back shortly. You just attacked a girl in my town and that won't go unanswered. You had better watch your fucking back because when you least expect it you will get the shit beat out of you."

Happy stepped forward and drew his leg back and then with all the force he could manage he let it fly forward with his steel toed boot. He couldn't help but smirk when he heard Damien cry out in pain. "Oops my foot slipped. If I ever find out that you were within two hundred feet of this place or within two hundred feet of this girl I will skin you alive, boy."

Clay went to say something but didn't get the chance because Gemma called out "Clay, we need an ambulance. I think the little bastard broke a couple of Chantelle's ribs and her arm."

Clay growled and pulled his cell phone out while Jax and Happy went over to where Gemma was at comforting Chantelle. He quickly relayed what he knew to the dispatcher and ended the call just as he heard a voice call out "Clay, where are you guys?"

Clay took in a deep breath and let it out. "We're back here, Hale, and I just called for an ambulance."

David Hale ran into the exercise room and his eyes widened in shock at what he saw. "Jesus Christ! Is Chantelle alright?"

Clay shook his head as David came to a stop beside him. "Gem thinks that she has a couple of broken ribs. This bastard was in the process of pulling her pants down when we ran in and I pulled him off of her and threw him across the room. Happy's foot accidentally slipped and landed in the bastard's side."

David snorted. "Well that isn't good. Happy didn't hurt himself did he?"

Clay chuckled. "Nah he is alright. He is over with Jax and Gemma keeping an eye on Chantelle."

David nodded. "That is good then. I'll arrest Redding and take him to lock up and then come by the hospital to take Chantelle's statement. I'll also get some pictures taken here so that we have the evidence to convict him."

Clay nodded. "We'll be at the hospital with Chantelle if you need one of us."

David nodded again and bent down and roughly pulled Damien to his feet. He quickly read him his rights as he snapped the handcuffs on the boy before he led him out of the room and out of the building just as the EMTS were walking in. He stopped long enough to tell them where Chantelle was at and then dragged Damien to his car and put him in the backseat roughly not even caring that he cause the boy to knock his head on the roof of the car.


Clay, Quinn and Tig went over and stood around next to Chantelle, Gemma, Jax, and Happy as the EMTs came rushing in. All three watched carefully as Chantelle was checked over and loaded onto the gurney quickly. After conferring with Jax, Happy, and Gemma they followed the EMTs out of the building. Clay took the keys Chantelle had handed him and locked up as Gemma jumped into the ambulance with Chantelle.

Jax, Clay, Happy, Tig, and Quinn followed behind the ambulance to St. Thomas. When they got inside they made their way to the waiting room of the Emergency Room where Gemma was already standing. All six of them talked quietly as they waited on new about Chantelle.