Retell of Fairy Tail Chapter 16 - Fighting Festival Arc Part4

What can a difference do? A lot! The difference... Natsu is married to Mirajane. It changes every arc from meeting Lucy till the end of Fairy Tail. It's a retell of Fairy Tail.

With his spiky blonde hair.. his black jacket flying back with the draft from the two large open doors, and the slight tingle of electricity running around. Inside the Cathdrel, the tallest building in Magnolia it was tense. Two men were standing up to each other, one older but the other pissed off.

"They really did fail.. if you've found out my location then one of my Teams member either betrayed me or was defeated." Laxus began to say as his eyes watched every movement of Natsu's. If he had defeated one of the members of the Thunder God Tribe.. it meant he was strong and had changed. Your average mages couldn't even be on the same levels as the members as he trained them himself.

"Making someone else do your dirty work isn't cool Laxus.." Natsu replied with a smirk as his words basically meant he had met one of them and defeated that person as well. Natsu's onyx eyes watched Laxus, his bulging muscles, the yellow electricity jumping off of his skin, and how he was itching let loose.

"Is there a problem with that? If I'm going to become the Guild Master soon.. It won't matter what I do." Laxus began to laugh as he explained his reasoning to Natsu. It was true.. he was going to take away his Grandfathers tittle and take over Fairy Tail. They would keep the strong and purge the weakling that floated around. Soon the embarrassment that was Phantom Lord making Fairy Tail look like a fool would be gone. Fairy Tail would be the strongest and largest guild in Fiore.

"Right.. like you would become the guild leader.. hey while at it maybe you should be a Wizard Saint as well." Natsu laughed as he began to make a fool of Laxus and laughed at him. He already knew that Master Makarov would rather die then give Laxus, his own grand son the reins of Fairy Tail; Laxus was far to cocky and didn't see Fairy Tail for what it truly was, the home of so many family and friends.

"Oh really.. now. Then I guess it's time I get rid of some trash." Laxus began to laugh as lightning began to form all around his body. Yellow bolts ran around his feet, jumped around his hands, and pulsed around his chest. Suddenly the yellow electricity began to surge as Laxus disappeared out of site.

Before his eyes he saw Laxus disppear. Once that had happened, he knew that the fight was on, quickly he began to sprint towards the back of the Cathdral where Laxus has been standing. He made sure not to run in a line as he dead on sprinted towards the back. He had to keep moving so Laxus wouldn't have a chance at attacking.

"Lightning Fist!" Laxus screamed as a large bolt of lightning touched the ground right in front of Natsu and it suddenly transformed into Laxus as his meaty muscly fist was aiming straight at Natsu's face.

But due to his speed, Natsu was able to jerk to the side as he narrowly evaded Laxus; fist and slid pass the blond. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu screamed as he dodged the attack and fiercely threw his fist back at Laxus.

A fiery hot fist came straight at him, but he easily saw it coming, and quickly used his foot to push himself back to dodge it. Laxus smirked again as he began to see that Natsu wasn't to shabby of a fighter. Maybe he could at least make this fight somewhat fun. "Lightning Kick!" Laxus screamed as he took his back leg and began to swing it at Natsu's head. He had only taken a step back when he dodged Natsu's fist, so he was still in range of him.

His leg was covered in lightning as it went towards Natsu, but Natsu dodged to the side under it as he then used both of his grounded feet to propel himself at Laxus's gut. "Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" Natsu yelled as his head slammed into Laxus's chest , knocking the wind out of the lightning mage. Natsu's fire quickly began to consume Laxus as they were both rocketed straight into a wall with Laxus being slammed between Natsu and the wall.

"Damn.." Laxus muttered as his fierce orange eyes radiated how pissed he was becoming. Natsu had already gotten back up and was on his feet looking at him. The wall behind him had a large hole in the wall where his body impacted it. Slowly Laxus stood up and got back into a fight position. Now he was beginning to get mad.

"That was a nice attack.. but your going to have to do better then that to take me down.." Laxus began to laugh as he began to stretch his large muscles. Suddenly his eyes locked onto his prey and bolted towards it with inhuman speed.

One second he was standing still, the next he had looked straight into a pair of eyes that were locked onto something. It took a fraction of a second for Laxus to appear in front of his combatant. Natsu began react as he took a step forward with fire pulsing around his fist. "Fire Dragon's Fi-." Natsu began to call out as he prepared to slam his fist into Laxus. But before he could, Laxus firmly embedded a lighting covered fist into his face.

Bam! As if he weighed nothing, Laxus' punch sent him back as Natsu was sent flying. He landed on the ground and continued to roll, unable to stop due to lighting locking-up his muscles. Before he could even do his own attack, Laxus was on him and pummeling him. But he knew he couldn't lay there as his head throbbed he rolled over onto his stomach as he looked left and saw a leg slamming into the ground where he had just been.

'For real..?' Natsu thought to himself as hefted himself up. Running to get some distance from Laxus, when he turned back around, Laxus wasn't there.

"Starting to understand our power difference now..?" Laxus loudly said as he spoke calmy behind Natsu. He could feel the hair on his neck stand on edge and spun on his heel. Laxus expected Natsu be scared, but to his surprise the Dragon Slayers eyes were only showing excitement.

"Yeah.. I am.." Natsu replied back to Laxus as he began to show off his white canine teeth in a smile. Now things were really getting heated up. Natsu suddenly bursted himself with fire covering his body as he began to focus his magic. As the flames burned, the temperature dramatically began to rise higher then ever. The flames were so hot they began to change colors. First they went pure orange, then yellow as the sun, and then began to grow darker as they went Ice Blue. After it continued to change color as it got ever darker, it went green, then to a dark purple. It didn't stop until it went so dark, that it was the same as the when the night sky.

Laxus was in shock. In front of him Natsu's flames had gone pitch black. When was he able to change his flames.. and what was special about these dark flames? Laxus stood there waiting, he felt uneasy, but he couldn't let this showoff know that.

Slowly his flame covered body began to dissipate and reveal Natsu, with the only noticeable difference being his sclera turned from white to black. The flames reappeared, covering his hands, as he entered his fighting stance. Now the black flames were only on his hands as he got back into a fighting stance.

'Something's off..' Laxus thought to himself as he stayed in his own fighting stance and prepared himself for anything. His orange eyes watched as Natsu took a simple step forward but rocketed towards him at insane speed. Laxus was forced to dodge right as he grunted and followed Natsu.

As he dodged, Natsu simply smirked. He quickly turned around, kicking his leg out, and hit Laxus dead-on. He watched as the attack sent Laxus flying.

"Gah!" Laxus grunted as received the kick. At first he thought he would be able to take it without a problem. But as the attack hit him, he realized his mistake. What ever those black flames where, they had enhanced his power like crazy. They had changed him and enhanced his physical attacks.

"So.. are.. your going to tell me what those black flames are?" Laxus asked as he waited. He was winded from the hit, but stood tall. Instead he was able to use his feet to slide against the ground and slow his momentum down. Know he was curious, what ever those flames were he was able to stand at the same tier he was.. at the moment. Know he was going to have to use is own secret power up to take the advantage.

"Heh.. my wife.. this is her power that she lets me borrow." Natsu replied as his eyes glared at Laxus. "Demon Fire Dragon Mode" As Natsu spoke, his voice became warped just like Mira's when she transformed. Natsu was extremely excited to see what his training with this form did for his power, sure when he went back to normal he would feel like he rode transportation for a couple hundred hours, but it would be worth it to take down Laxus. Natsu was now revved up and using his mode that he had trained and only gotten because of Mirajane. Even though it used massive amounts of magic and made his insides feel horrible after using, he was going to use it as it was the only way Laxus was going to go down.

"Oh.. huh.. guess that should've been ovious." Laxus laughed as he began to grin. Suddenly his magic surged around him as he stopped holding back, his form began to change as patches of his body were covered in scales, in addition his senses heightened. Magic coursed through every one of veins as scales began to appear all over his fore arms. His eyes were able to easily focus on Natsu and his ears could hear every movement he did.

Natsu stood there now shocked. He had never known this fact, how did he even contain this magic? How was he able to keep this a secret? He was flabbergasted, but there were more important things to deal with.

"So.. when the hell did you become a dragon slayer?!" Natsu almost screamed out. The scales, the scent, and how his eyes looked at him, there was only one type of people who had those charisitics; dragon slayers. Those eyes could lock onto any target and not loose focus, they could hear every movement, and the scales.. well they looked like dragon scales on a human. Now Natsu wanted to now know how the hell Laxus had Dragon Slayer Magic.

"Lightning Dragon Slayer," Laxus spoke. "Don't worry, if I feel like it I'll tell you after I rip you apart." He then laughed as he went towards Natsu again, but this time they were both more powerful and stronger.

Of course Natsu wasn't dumb enough to just stand there, he pushed off as well as he met Laxus half way and both of them slammed there fists into each other's as there magic hit. The black demon flames and yellow intense dragon slayer eletricity pounded again each other as they collided and exploded, both were pushed back some, but not over. Quickly both went back at each other as raw magic was on there tips of there fingers. There magic was dancing and they were both letting loose.

Boom! The ground shook as Laxus's fist impacted the wall and blew it out. Smoke filled the area as Natsu had dodged and kept moving. One mistake could be fatal, one mistake ment he would go down. He knew from when he was younger that Laxus was strong and was not to be over estimated.

Back and fourth they threw punches and kicks. A few made contact but none did any real damage, it wasn't until they both realized there stale mate that they decided to start burning threw there magic and push even harder.

"Demon Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu screamed as he pulled back his arm and suddenly the black fire bursted as his arm began to go forward. At the same time Natsu was pushing his arm forward, he took a step forward to connect the punch with Laxus's chest as he was able to do the movement fast enough that Laxus coudlnt dodge.

His chest felt as if he couldn't breath, he could feel his rib cage rattle, and bones began to bend and move. Pain coursed through his body, as he again tried to breath. The punch that Natsu had landed on him was hard and strong, but also showed that he was getting serious. "Heh.. you.. think that.. hurt?" Laxus gasped between breaths of trying to suck air into his lounges. He was trying to bluff as he felt the pain in his body.

Natsu chuckled to himself as he gave Laxus a smile as he glanced at Laxus and again went running towards him. From the way he was breathing and where he was resting his arm on his stomach.. he could tell Laxus was in pain. The punch fully impacted and was landed on him. He could now easily tell that Laxus was simply trying to lie as he percervired through the gruesome pain.

"Fine.. if you want to do it this way.." Laxus began to say as he huffed and suddenly stood up stand up straight. He sucked Ina's much air as he could and at that second his opponent knew all to well that familiar motion. "Lightning Dragon Slayer's Roar!" Laxus screamed as a jet stream of yellow bolts of lightning was fired at Natsu who could only put his arms up to block the attack.

Feeling the jolts of eletricity hit him was painful. Slowly he was pushed back by the raw power that Laxus had and was using against him. Finally as the roar let up, he pushed back, and broke the attack as he began to pant. A tingly feeling was felt in his arms as every few seconds eletricity jolted. A hard attack had landed on and hurt him. But Natsu prevailed as he looked up and waited for Laxus who was also standing there panting. Both of them were equals.

"Heh.. magic going down fast." Natsu muttered as he felt the strain on his muscles and heavy breathing. He was beginning to run out of magic as he grew tired. His arms were aching and his back leg that was keeping him upright was shaking. Natsu looked up and saw Laxus in the same state. Bent over breathing hard and hopeing that he would just fall over and be defeated.

"Seems with our magic running out, the climax is here." Laxus began to chuckle and began to charge his magic. He feel his veins pulse and burn with the eletricity as he readied himself. "One last all out attack." Laxus muttered right after as he brought his hands to his mouth and prepared for his largest attack yet.

"Couldn't agree more.." Natsu replied with his own classic smirk as black charcoal fire began to spin around him. The last remaining amount of magic began to surge as he grunted and summoned all of it. Suddenly he sucked in for air as he readied himself for the most powerful roar he could do. His soar muscles and cuts burned as he locked his legs to hold himself in place and slowly he brought his hands up to his mouth.

"Demon Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu screamed as his magic surged forward and a deep black flaming roar spiraled out of him towards Laxus.

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!" Laxus yelled as bolt of lightning began to come together and produced a roar of yellow bolts. With all his power he pushed it off towards Natsu as he heard him cast his own roar.

Both dragon slayer's roar impacted each other in between each other as they began to fight. Back and fourth the magic streams went. First towards Natsu, then he pushed back, and it went towards Laxus. He quickly retaliated as he pushed out his magic roar faster. Inside the Cathdral it was being lit up by Laxus and the other where Natsu was it, was pitch black as the benches were destroyed and the hanging lightning were pushed towards the walls. Everyone in town could feel how deep the pressure was of the heavy magic being used. The two roars were using a tremendous amount of magic.

Crack. Boom! All at once both roars finally collapsed and exploded as both openers were blasted back in ether directions. Both Laxus and Natsu were exhausted and drained as the slumped over. Natsu was the first one to drop as he coudlnt even manage to leave his eyes open to see if he was the first or last to fall.

"To think.. he would be even." Laxus muttered under his breath as his eyes slowly closed and saw the slump over Natsu already down. As he was falling into the black, he could only think about how Natsu just fought him as a equal. Natsu had grown already.. and was still becoming more powerful. Finally the darkness took Laxus as he slumped over and the long extraneous fight had ended.

Creek. The cathedrals doors slowly opened as both opponent were silently sleeping from the lack of magic. The city had gone quiet and two women had entered the building. One was a white haired girl and the other was a blue haired one. The white haired one quickly ran to Natsu as the blue one ran to Laxus to see if both of the guys were alive and ok.

Finally the fight was over and it was now time to reflect on what had happened. The future would hold many sad and interesting conservations coming up. Fairy Tail's fight was now over

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