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Let's Play

Partly out of natural competitiveness, and a desire not to fail in front of his cop, Bane was determined to understand this game he was going to be playing with Blake on the weekend, especially once they had the details nailed down so to speak about when they'd be meeting up. Thankfully one of his men had complained more than once about his little brother, who was old enough to join them but was apparently too obsessed with video games to be interested in anything else, so it was a simple enough matter to arrange to meet said brother for some lessons, especially since he was willing to pay for them.

The kid, Luis, was about fourteen and immediately struck Bane as a great deal smarter than his older brother. There was knowledge in his eyes, both street and in general, obviously wary of him but wanting the money badly enough to put up with him for a couple hours. The boy's bedroom was small and decorated with gaming posters, a variety of consoles, systems, and games stacked neatly off to the side beside a very old television the kid must have scavenged somewhere, as it looked to be the boy's age or older.

"So you just want to learn Mario Kart64, right?" When Bane nodded Luis gave him a considering look out of those thoughtful brown eyes, still sizing him up for the moment. "Well it's not hard, unless you're a complete idiot, so if you want I'll show you how to play Smash Brothers too. That's Blake's second favorite game."

"And what do you know about Blake?"

Either the kid missed Bane's cool tone or was too busy setting up now to care as he rapped the television a couple times to get it the images on the screen to go back to color. "Word on the street is you and he are maybe bumping hips these days. My friend Adam's been at St. Swiftins for almost two years now, since his whore of a mother ran off on him, and those priests like to trot your man out like a prize horse or something, to show street kids how they can turn their lives around and shit. I've met him a couple times, anyway, and he's okay. Not preachy or anything, and he plays a decent game. Word is Father Riley is having kittens over the idea of you two hooking up." The kid grinned at him conspiratorially over that.

Taking a seat on the floor beside the kid Bane studied him, asking him if his friend and the other boys at the home were giving Blake a hard time over him, not liking the idea that his man might be receiving backlash from them too.

"Nah. Adam said he hasn't been by since word got out, but most of the guys figure it makes sense, you being his type and all. I mean some say the usual shit about him cause he's gay and a cop, but Adam and I think he's a good guy. Here's your controller."

Taking the weird, three pronged device, Bane studied it for a moment and then turned his attention to Luis as the boy pointed to each of the buttons in turn, explaining their purpose and how to use them in the game they were about to play.

Then it was time for them to pick their character, Luis informing him that he could have anyone but Yoshi. Apparently Yoshi was Blake's character of choice. "If you want the bad guy that's Koopa." The boy added with a smirk, pointing that character out too.

"You're not afraid of me." Either that or the kid had the best poker face he'd ever seen. Luis was aware of the possible threat he posed, but wasn't truly scared of him.

Luis didn't lose his smirk, shrugging his bony shoulders in typical teen fashion. "The mask is pretty fucked up, I'll give you that, but Blake wouldn't fuck you if you're the type to hurt kids. Kids are one of his weak spots. He's always sneaking Adam and the other guys candy and junk food cause the priests are so strict about it. Anyways, he thinks you're alright, so you must not be as bad as people make you out to be. Besides, this neighborhood's way better with you around, and that idiot brother of mine isn't here much anymore cause he's always with you guys, which suits me just fine."

"You two don't get along?"

Snort. "Rick thinks it's stupid, that I go to school and try and shit. That I wanna be more than a loser gang banger who's nothing but muscle like him. Me and Adam, we're gonna design vid games when we get older and graduate and shit. Mr. Wayne, of Wayne Enterprises, he sponsors Swiftins, ya know? There's a standing order that we can apply to work for him, get special consideration and all. Blake says he'll help us too, he likes our ideas and stuff. He hates the kinda games Rick likes. You don't wanna get him started on the 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise."

"I've heard his opinions on those games."

"Yeah, they're pretty stupid. But then the kids that play them, most of them, they don't know fuck about drive-by shootings and real fucking violence." That he did was clear in the boy's voice before he shrugged that off too. "So we playing or what?"

"Let's play."


When the day of their date came Bane was fairly confident that he would be able to give Blake a run for his money so to speak. He hadn't fared so well against Luis, true, but according to the kid Blake was no real match for him or Adam either. He'd done better in Smash Brothers, so if that game was played as well Bane was fairly sure he could beat Blake at it. The video games were both surprisingly fun, he'd enjoyed his time with the boy and had actually been invited back to play sometime for free.

Getting into Blake's apartment was annoyingly easy, the man needed to get into a building with better security, Bane made his way to the stairs and took them up to Blake's level, approving of the fact that the place was at least clean and kept in good condition. But again, the security sucked and good cops were not the most popular people in Gotham.

Arriving at the correct door, he could hear music he didn't recognize but didn't automatically dislike through the thin wood, Bane lifted a hand to knock.

He didn't have long to wait, the sound of locks being undone something Bane could approve of, and then there was Blake standing in the doorway with a welcoming grin on his oddly sexy and yet cute face, the bright green shirt the older man was wearing featuring a picture of the cartoon dinosaur named Yoshi Luis had told him about.

And just that quickly, a mere finger snap, Bane forgot everything but how much he wanted Blake.

Moving in Bane jerked Blake up against his chest with one hand, the other diving into the other man's hair so that he could position Blake's lips right where he wanted them so that he could press his own against them in a kiss that made it very clear just how much he'd been wanting to do that since that teasing little kiss Blake had given him in the car far too long ago.

After a moment of stiff surprise Blake relaxed into it, letting Bane have what he wanted which just made Bane that much more determined to take more, to appreciate the tastes that were so uniquely Blake's and reveal in the fact that they could both take such pleasure from the meeting of their mouths and tongues.

Bane actually wanted to whine when Blake ended the kiss, though the teasing bite his bottom lip received before the other man pulled away was a small consolation prize.

As was the sight of Blake licking his lips before inquiring as to whether or not he'd be correct in assuming that Bane had missed him.


Looking both surprised and delighted, damn but he had a thing for the cop's dimples, Bane was pleased to have made Blake happy as he was told to follow him after he finished locking up. Doing precisely that and enjoying the sight of Blake's jean covered ass when it was in view Bane eyes widened a little when he looked away from Blake's ass and saw that there were two beanbag chairs situated in front of the large television. He'd always wanted a beanbag chair when he was a kid. Not that he'd ever owned one of course, by the time he could have gotten one for himself he was too old for such things…but still…there were two…

Having gone over to shut off the music he'd been playing Blake looked over him shoulder at him in amusement. "Don't worry, it will hold you."


"The bigger beanbag chair, it will hold you no problem. Or you can sit on the floor if you really want."

Trying not to sound like the kid Blake often told him he was, Bane stated that he would sit in the chair. And doing precisely that Bane had to work hard not to smile at how neat it really was, feeling the beans inside the chair shifting and molding to his form so that it was shaped exactly for him. "I didn't see these the last time I was here."

"I generally don't leave them out unless I'm going to use them." Blake explained as he took a seat beside him on the smaller bean bag chair. "So ready for your gaming tutorial?"

"I know how to play. There's no need."

"Huh. I just won a twenty dollar bet with myself. Excellent."

Confused, Bane asked him how he could have a bet with himself, and more, what the bet had been about.

"If I win a bet with myself I put money in my vacation jar, and if I lose I have to put it in my retirement fund instead. And the bet was that you would admit that Luis had taught you how to play the game rather than play dumb and let me think you were just awesome at the game when we got started."

Bane only had to think about it for a moment. "Luis told Adam, and he told you."

"Very good. The Swiftins boys all have my number, in case they get into trouble and need me to come get them. Or sometimes they just want to talk…or tease me about something, like you." The tone of his voice made it clear Blake had received more than a few calls and texts concerning Bane and their possible relationship recently.

"They don't like the idea of you dating me."

"Actually, most of them seem to find the idea rather sick, apparently. They're enjoying the way the adults in their lives are freaking out over the idea."

"Which is a black mark where I'm concerned."

Blake gave him a smile. "You've got some check marks too."

When Blake leaned over Bane was expecting a kiss on the cheek, not nearly enough as far as he was concerned but still physical contact, so he was both surprised and ridiculously aroused when Blake placed a quick kiss against his neck before aiming higher to teasingly nip the bottom of his ear before pulling back.

"It was sweet, you getting him to teach you. Definitely worth brownie points."

He hadn't been aiming to get brownie points, but he was all for them if it got him nibbled on.

Accepting the controller he was given, blue this time instead of the black Luis had had, Bane studied the layout to make sure the two were otherwise identical and then turned his attention back to Blake, who had a bright green controller that looked see through. "You like that green dinosaur quite a lot, don't you?"

"Yoshi's my man." Was Blake's teasing response, giving him a gently elbow jab for emphasis. "Or dinosaur, to be more accurate. Anyone who knows me knows I play as him whenever he's in a game. Same with me always doing my best to get all the railroads when it comes to 'Monopoly'. It's what I do."

"I know how to play 'Monopoly'."

"Really?" The word was purred out. "Well I'll have to keep that in mind."

Pleased, that particular board game could go on for hours after all, Bane forced himself to turn his attention back to the television, smiling as Blake selected Yoshi for his character, picking Bowser, otherwise known as King Koopa, as his own character.

"Any favorite course?" Blake asked.

"You can choose."

"Alright then."


Bane had debated with himself about whether or not he should let Blake win depending on the other man's skill level. Personally he would rather lose than be handed a victory, but he wasn't sure about Blake view on such things. In his experience some people could be fairly calm and laid back until their competitive natures were engaged, so there was always the chance that his cop was one of those people. In the end he'd decided to play things straight, and after a couple of hours of playing came to the conclusion that Blake was indeed just like him when it came to competitions of any sort. They both loved to win, gave it their all, and would punch anyone out who took pity on them because only the pathetic or young children deserved such treatment.

In the end Bane won by two games, offering to play more to give Blake another chance to win, which he just waved off after he'd finished muttering under his breath about how this would never have happened if Bane hadn't learned from a master like Luis, who knew all the tricks.

Finding the mini sulk more than a little adorable Bane didn't argue, content to set his controller off to the side and enjoy the view so to speak.

Of course as soon as Blake realized Bane was staring he stopped making his adorable faces, studying him in turn with a considering look on his face, which slowly became a grin that had heat flaring in Bane's gut, his body recognizing that expression even if his mind couldn't quite put a label on it.

"Well since I lost, I think I'll claim my consolation prize now."

And saying so Blake got out of his beanbag chair and took the short step and turn necessary to get in position to take a seat straddling Bane's lap as he leaned in for a kiss Bane was more than happy to give him.

It was like before, only this time Blake obviously wanted control and while Bane would have liked to have returned the favor of allowing it, the way the other man had let him have his way before…teenage hormones were a powerful thing, especially when someone was licking their way into your mouth. And while he was more than happy to part his lips to allow that, Bane couldn't prevent his own from joining in the fun while his hands slid under the hem of Blake's shirt, moving them greedily over the available expansion of warm skin there. The sounds Blake was making were mostly muffled, as were his own, but Bane took the eager way Blake was pressing himself against him to be all the encouragement he needed to keep doing what he was doing.

A beanbag chair wasn't exactly the most ideal thing to make out in though, and when Blake surged forward in surprise when Bane's hands grabbed his ass the two ended up tumbling over the side, rolling twice before ending up exactly the way they wanted, with Bane on top and Blake on the bottom, chest to chest, hip to hip with Blake's thighs falling further apart to help them fit together that much better.

And it was while they were kissing each other, without a thought that didn't have to do with the other, that Blake arched up to try to dominate the kiss more, resulting in them both becoming very aware of the fact that they were both extremely hard in their pants.

The physical proof of how much Blake wanted him had Bane lifting his head a moment to gaze down at his deliciously rumpled cop, who looked up at him with dilated eyes and sporting red, kiss swollen lips. He couldn't help but smile triumphantly at the sight.

"Well don't you look pleased with yourself."

Loving the sexy rasp of Blake's voice Bane nodded, not about to deny it.

Chuckling Blake reached up to bring Bane's head back down to take up where they'd left off, Bane going along with that idea wholeheartedly as his mind was quickly blown away as the kissing quickly turned into something else entirely as Blake very deliberately shifted to slot their erections beside each other's and started thrusting up against him.

Picking up the rhythm very quickly as he got his knees up and into position for optimum return, Bane growled low in his throat as his ass was grabbed this time, Blake's fingers digging in and kneading as they both gave up kissing and concentrated solely on rubbing off on each other.

Bane had never done this before, he wouldn't have believed it could feel so good to simply grind his body against Blake's, especially with their clothes still on. But he was quickly losing control due to sensory overload, losing both the rhythm he was trying to keep and very aware that his orgasm was approaching with a speed and strength that had him shaking all over while he pretty much failed to rein in his own body.

It was Blake's sudden and unexpected hips swivel that finally did Bane in, his determination to hold off on his climax going completely out the window. All he could do was cling and bury his face against the side of Blake's neck as he came, only vaguely aware of the fact that other man was still moving against his body at an even more frantic pace before suddenly going very still, Bane hearing his name being called before Blake went limp beneath him.

Game Over, so to speak.