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Here the story really begins.

Chapter 2-News

Kira Watanabe Finster looked out the window watching her two kids who were now 17 and 18 run up the sidewalk to the house.

"It was like only yesterday that I was changing Kimi's diaper and helping Chuckie go to the bathroom," she thought to herself. "They really do grow up fast. Now they're seniors in high school!"

"Hey Mom," said Kimi while bursting in the house. "Today is Friday, so we have no school for the next two days and then we only have three days of school because our fall break begins on Thursday and ends next Monday."

With that she and Chuckie took off upstairs, probably to chat online or to talk on the phone.

Kira went back to the couch to sit and read, as soon as she did she started to think about fall break. She had heard that Angelica's family was going to Hawaii and the Carmichaels were going to New York. "I don't really want the kids to waste away and do nothing over their fall break," she thought to herself. Just then she looked a brochure that had just come in the mail. "This is it!"

After dinner....

"Chaz?" said Kira in a sweet voice. "Are you fre next Thursday to Monday?"

"I have to work," said Chaz. "Is anything up?"

"Well I was thinking, I don't want our kids to sit around and do nothing over break, so maybe the Pickles, Devilles and us can all go on a camping trip."

"That sounds like a great idea Kira," Chaz said enthusiastically. "I'm sure the kids will love it! And I'll be happy to take off of work."

"Great, then it's settled," said Kira. "I'm going to call Didi.

Ring Ring

"Hello?" said Didi.

"Hello, this is Kira. You know next week is out kids fall break, so I was wondering if maybe our families and the Devilles can go on a camping trip during that time."

"Oh that sounds great," said Didi. "Let me just go ask Stu."

A few moments later....

"Our family will come."

"Great, can you call the Devilles?" asked Kira.

"Sure," said Didi and with that they hung up their phones.

Next Kira went upstairs to tell the news to her children. After knocking Kira wnt into Chuckie's room to find Kimi too, on Chuckie's computer while Chuckie was reading.

"Hey kids," said Kira. "You know what, this fall break you two are going on a camping trip!"

Both kids nodded without taking notice of their mother and with a sigh she left and shut the door.

After a few minutes, Kimi asked, "Hey bro, what did Mom come in here for?"

"I don't know," he replied. "Something about taking a camping trip over fall break."

"WHAT!!!" they both shouted.

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