Ch. 1

Ningenkai: the human world

Hiragana: one of three Japanese writing systems, for Japanese words. The other two systems are katakana, for foreign words, and kanji, complex characters derived from Chinese writing.

Ch. 2

teme- very rude way to say "you"; roughly "you bastard"

Reikai- the spirit world or afterlife

Makai- the demon world

Ch. 3

Shuiichi- Kurama's human name

sensei- master (of a discipline or area of study); teachers, doctors, martial arts masters, etc.

Inari- a Japanese deity, of grain and foxes; Kurama was originally a fox demon

Ch. 4

Tantei: "detectives", the word used in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom to refer to the group

Shichi-go-san: a Japanese holiday where children aged seven, five, and three are taken to the local shrine to be blessed

spells: I don't speak Latin, I don't know anyone who does, and I don't have any idea what most of the grammar labels in my L-E dictionary mean. So any resemblence between the "spells" and real Latin is pure dumb luck.

Ch. 5

"It is a terrible thing, to slay a unicorn..." etc. Quote from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, pg. 258

Ch. 6

oniisan- older brother (slightly formal)

Youko- Kurama's pre-human name and his species of demon

manga- Japanese comic books

Ch. 7

ningen- human

Jagan- Hiei's third eye

youkai- demon

"He was a real wizard, then... - quote from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, pg. 666

Ch. 8

I am totally b. (making up whatever I can get away with) everything about prefects. I have no clue what their duties and privileges are, because I survived the American public school system and we don't have them. Please note that this chapter was written prior to OotP being published, and has not been edited to reflect the canon post-GoF.

Since the Tantei are trying to blend in at Hogwarts, Hiei, Yukina, and Botan needed last (family) names. They don't have any in the series. Naming them after their type of supernatural being seemed the logical solution.

Ch. 9

Dumbledore's pre- and post-feast speeches are, for the most part, borrowed from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, pages 208, & 210-211, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, page 92. It feels kind of like cheating, and I mean no offense and want no credit, but I can NOT write the man. Believe me, I've tried.

I've repeated myself a lot about the reversing of names. It'll take a while for the Tantei to get used to using their names the other way around, but luckily they're pretty much done with introducing themselves.

katana - a type of Japanese sword

The Tantei think in metric, the standard for most of the modern Muggle world. The wizards think in non-metric (inches, miles) like Americans do.

Ch. 10

Kurama is using his nonhuman personal name, b/c the other Tantei aren't used to calling him Shuiichi. Plus, I like the name better, and I (and most of the people I know) are used to thinking of him as Kurama.

oseizonsha-sama = "survivor" (with most formal and respectful honorifics added)

Kokuryuuha = "Black Dragon Wave" (roughly). This is Hiei's most destructive attack. When it's inactive, it's a tattoo of a black dragon around Hiei's right forearm, and needs warded bandages to keep it inactive. When Hiei activates it, it turns into an angry, hungry, several-hundred-foot-long dragon of black fire, and destroys everything in its path.

oni = one of the many Japanese words for demon. In this case, it refers to the troll-like beings that work in Koenma's office.

Ch. 11

youkai - demon

Kaasan - mom (This was written as "Mom" in Chapter 3, before Kurama recieved the translation charm. He was speaking Japanese then, as opposed to English as he is now.)

okane - money

gochisousama deshita - a word the Japanese say after a meal. It loosely means "thanks for the food". ("you have been a generous host", I think is the more literal translation?)

Ch. 12

Inari - a Japanese deity of rice, whose messenger is usually the fox. The YYH fandom claims that Kurama either worships him (some fics say it's rather casual, with Kurama laying the occasional offering and taking his name in vain, and other fics say Kurama's a favored worshipper or more), or is related directly to him.

Ch. 13

- four thousand million This is equal to four billion in American terms, but I am told the British billion is equal to the American trillion, so they use this instead.

- I'm sorry if Genkai's class seemed disappointing, but the Hogwarts kids need some more information before they can get to the real 5th-year stuff. They're woefully behind. Blame Lockhart.

- I wish you could blame me for the schedule, but it's all JKR's.

Ch. 14

- Kanji is one of three systems used in Japanese writing. It uses Chinese characters, and most names are written with kanji to give them deeper meaning. All the Tantei labeled their things in their usual (Japanese) way, as well as with roman (English) letters.

-Hiei's name is written as "flying shadow" in kanji. Yuusuke saw it at the Tournament. That's why it was funny when Draco called Hiei "Kurama's shadow".

-The wratrix is my creation. Mine! All mine! Mwahahaha! ('s kind of my beta's, too. But she'll let me laugh manically anyway.)

Ch. 15

- 15 centimeters = 6 inches

- Surprisingly, the explanation for Hiei and Yukina's last names was planned from the beginning. I wasn't intending to bring it up quite so soon, but… oh well. Please notice that they got their letters BEFORE anyone came up with the "they're twins" cover, and therefore Hogwarts had their full names on the roster.

Ch. 16

- I hope Genkai's explanation made sense. It makes sense to ME, but then, I'm the writer, and I know what's going on inside my head…

- Tucking the rose up Kurama's sleeve. This is sleight-of-hand, meant to make observers think that he keeps his Rose Whip with his wand. Why reveal that he REALLY keeps his seeds in his hair at this point in the game?

- Sneeze = someone is talking about you. This is a Japanese superstition. The number of sneezes indicates if they're saying nice things or bad ones, but I can't remember exactly how many sneezes means which.

Ch. 17

- Ghostslayer was dubbed in the US as The Shadow Sword, and is the artifact Hiei kept when he, Kurama, and Gouki stole the three artifacts from Enma Daioh in eps. 5-8.

- No, Keiko does not remember Hiei kidnapping her in ep. 8. She didn't remember little details like "the supernatural world exists" until Botan caved and told her that Yuusuke was at the Tournament… at which point, Keiko fainted.

- Oh, come on. You *knew* I was going to put at least one Tantei in the Quidditch games.

- Weasley's Indoor Smoke Bombs. Get out of class free! (And get rid of that greasy stuff your professor calls hair while you're at it. Guaranteed to cause no actual damage to people, unless he catches you, at which point you'd better have backup to get you out of detention. Try Weasleys' Fever Chews.)

Ch. 18

- Fun fact: Madam Hooch overdosed on properly-brewed Hawkeye Serum in her 5th year. According to me, anyway.

- Thanks go to my beta, the ever-astounding LV, who suggested the DADA class activity.

- Genkai's testing is based on a technique from HunterxHunter, another series by Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho. I could've used her own canon testing, but Muggle videogame machines wouldn't work in Hogwarts, and running the class through the Forbidden Forest… no.

- Yes, I'm evil. What, you thought I'd just reveal Harry's core magic this early on?

- Twins have related abilities. Hiei and Yukina are directly opposing. Fire-ice, healing-destruction. See?

Ch. 19

- Not that Kurama needs to be reminded of the lesson learned from Hiei's observations of the DADA classes (don't underestimate people), but just because you already know something, doesn't mean you can't appreciate the value of the knowledge. Right?

- Reiki is magic. Core magic, aura, whatever you want to call it. It's the magic humans use. In contrast, demon magic is youki. Same stuff, different word. "Ki" is life power, sort of, and "rei" and "you" refer to whether it's human/ghostly or evil/demonic/ghostly.

- bare seconds to (read): Kurama's had centuries to practice. I figure he can read really fast.

- S-class… into numbers down around E-class. I got this idea from a doujinshi, I think. The canon is that S-class is the most powerful, then A, then B, and so forth.

- Yeah, another explanation chapter. I don't even know if this much detail about core magic classifications is needed. But it's better than confusing readers later on, or making people wonder why so-and-so is suitable to help teach so-and-so.

- Quest class is the only class I'm using that is canon to YYH. The rest of the classes, and the number of classes I'm using (17, and I wish I knew where that number came from!) are made-up by yours truly.

Don't ask how I came up with the names, I'm not entirely sure myself. I think it was a mix of sugar, a week of backwards sleep patterns, and some extremely weird thought processes.

17 magical classifications of core magic and a short description or example (in an order that probably makes sense only to me):

Official name (Logical name) Description

1. Castle (White) Healing, protection, order

2. Oracle (Divination) Premonition, clairvoyance

3. Divine (Light) Images, light, absence of

4. Siren (Sound) Enchantment, Sirens, Banshees

5. Forest (Particulates) Disease, chemical gas, some fogs

6. Ember (Shapeshift) Animagus, Metamorphmagus

7. Province (Remote) Voodoo dolls, models

8. Quest (Probe) Uses and controls power in object

9. Dragon (Element) Metal, stone, air, water, fire

10. Philosopher (Conversion) Matter to magic to matter

11. Net (Merging) Mixing magics

12. Knight (Warrior) Manifestation of weapon, pen

13. Gauntlet (Power) Self-enhancement, self-reinforcement

14. Feast (Absorb) Power consumption

15. Crucible (Black) Destruction, corruption, chaos

16. Rogue (Spacetime) Luck, invention

17. Catchall (Everything else) All magics that can't/haven't been classified

Ch. 20

- Shubun no hi = the day of the autumn equinox

- "doubtless they (the media) would be on school grounds if they could be" - Reporters were only allowed at Hogwarts for the official events connected to the Triwizard Tournament. Otherwise, I figure they would've been crowding into the school since Harry's first year like paparazzi. Can you imagine? Morning headlines: "Boy Who Lived in Gryffindor!", "Gilderoy Lockhart Exclusive: Teaching the Boy Who Lived!", etc. Rita Skeeter, as an invited journalist, abused her privilege.

Ch. 21

- "gargoyle shuddered, then leapt aside": I'm picking the book description rather than the movie action. It's just plain easier.

- "hated being flash-blinded": it takes a person's eyes very little time to adjust to sudden bright light, usually. I'm well aware that Hiei's Jagan is taking a lot longer. But the Jagan is completely focused on vision, no pun intended. Its entire existance is to see. Imagine that you, as a human, have just been blasted with an entire rock concert - complete with mosh pit, cigarette smoke, food, cheering, light show, and music - crammed into the space of half a second. It's gonna take you a while to get back to functioning right, no?

- still can't write Dumbledore... *sigh*

- Botan's mannerisms. Not rude, per se, but very unlike Yukina.

Ch. 22

- iie = no, nani = what, gomen nasai = sorry

- Fighting really isn't Kurama's profession. He's a thief. ^_~.

- I'm a writer. I'm not omniscient, and I don't know a thing about martial arts of any sort. Heck, I don't know how I managed to pass gym class waaaaay back in high school. It certainly wasn't from any sort of athletic ability! Anyways, I've tried looking up information on the web, but if I'm WAY off, please tell me!

- strange reed matting = tatami mats

- bokken = wooden Japanese practice sword. If you've seen Kenshin, that's what Kaoru uses. If you've seen anything else with people in white karate-like tops and (usually) blue skirt-like pants, holding objects that look sort of like tapered poles with a handguard, the pole-thing is a bokken.

Ch. 23

- Lumos solarium: from the movie, not the books. A more powerful light spell than mere "lumos".

- sunset came before tea: teatime, as in 4 pm-ish. Don't know how widespread the custom is anymore in the UK, but us silly Americans think of "teatime" and think Victorians, Britains, and 4-o'-clock. (And little cakes, but I've got a sweet tooth... mm...)

- kippers: smoked herring

- still can't write Dumbledore. Thank my beta for him.

Ch. 24

- Sorry to disappoint in regards to Draco and Yukina. But plotness demands that I get ON with things. *gets out mental to-do list* Everybody in tutoring - check.

- You know the outfit Kurama wears sometimes, with the long yellow or green overtunic? I always think of the white shirt and pants underneath as being linen. I don't know why, since I'm equally sure the colored tunic is silk and Kurama could easily just have the whole outfit of that fabric. But I say it's linen, so it's linen.

- Yes, he's still pretending to hide things in his sleeve rather than his hair.

- The reporters. Why haven't they been in the HP books? Years 1-2: before Harry could go to Hogsmeade. Year 3: Didn't have permission. Year 4: Rita staked claim first. OotP: Not compatible. But they're there for Genkai. It's not their fault if Harry just happens to be in their shots. Really. (*sarcasm*)

- "instinct to shove every shopper away". Directly contrasts the equinox, which he got through in earlier years with the help of Tokyo crowds, right? Wrong. It's simply not the equinox today, and Kurama is feeling normal.

- Kimi wa doko desu ka = where are you

- Hiei's sweet tooth is fanon.

- Pasties are a sort of large, hard-shelled dumpling, filled with something similar to stew. If I recall correctly - and I probably don't - they originated as miner's lunches. The miner would stuff it into his pocket when he left for work, and come lunchtime, it would be cold, but still intact (unlike sandwiches, which would fall apart). And I know perfectly well that Cornwall ("Cornish") and Scotland are about as far apart as you can get in the UK, but I don't care. If you can have Chinese and Indian food all over the UK, you can have Cornish pasties in Scotland.

- Dandelions are generally considered weeds in America. They're cultivated for salads in Europe, though.

- The Funimation dub of YYH changed Suzuki's name to Suzuka, my guess is so that they wouldn't get sued by the car company.

Ch. 25

- Makai gaigane is standard demon currency in my little world here.

- Quolla: Australian marsupial similar to a rat. Found the word in my last issue of National Geographic.

Ch. 26

- I've seen orange rolls of sushi, where the rice does look orange. I've also seen pictures of colored rice, though I'm not sure it comes in orange. But the coloring for orange sushi is visibly a separate ingredient. The Halloween rice coloring was not.

- I'm twisting Niinamesai. The day itself was changed in 1948 to Kinro Kansha no Hi (Labor Thanksgiving Day), on November 23rd, to honor the Japanese worker. It used to be the day for a Shinto ritual where the Emperor makes an offering from the new rice harvest to the gods, but these days the Emperor only does that on the first Niinamesai after he's crowned. If I've gotten my information correct. Anyways, Niinamesai is NOT Halloween. I'm twisting things so they have the same effect on Kurama, that's all.

- "'Youko has returned', they cry." Youko Kurama, from the YYH dub. Again, this is if I've got my info correct... I prefer the sub.

- Do NOT attempt to knock someone out using Hiei's method. He knows what he's doing and how to avoid causing brain damage or death, and Kurama isn't a normal human. (Basically, don't do this, because I wouldn't know what I was doing either!) (Credit for the method goes to Maldoror, and her GWing "Whispers" series.)

Ch. 27

- "most of (the clothes) swiped from Harry's trunk" Harry is the closest to Kurama in size, and his school clothes DO fit.

- "forced to use his own tie and Slytherin-colored things" I succumbed to the movie uniforms. The tie, outer robe with attached badge, and the sweatervest are all marked with House colors. The slacks and dress shirts aren't.

- Hermione doesn't have Divination with Harry and Ron (as we so well remember!), but she would probably meet up with them at some point before Transfiguration. Same destination, after all.

- Hiei sort of submitted to Kurama in the third scene. It's not exactly an acknowledgement of superiority, but rather one of "I guess I kind of sort of maybe owe you for what happened, whether it was necessary or not".

Ch. 28

- I thought about it for a long while, and though the movies show no signs of an on-field locker room (in CoS, when Ron's wand backfires and he hexes himself with slugs, both teams were fully dressed in their gear and coming from the castle), I decided to put them there. (I'm pretty sure there ARE locker rooms, or pre-game rooms for the teams to prep and do the pep talk and whatever other things sports teams do before they hit the field. I certainly wouldn't know; I hate sports.) I don't see why the pre-game rooms would be in the castle, anyways.

- According to JKR and "Quidditch Through The Ages", Quidditch is actually moderately popular in Japan. Given the Tantei's flight test, though, they can plausibly claim to have never seen a Quidditch pitch, and thus would be as curious as any Muggleborn first-year (with allowances made for temperament and maturity).

- Um, I said I hate sports. So any resemblence between my attempts at Lee Jordan, and real sports commentary, and in fact real Lee Jordan commentary, is really bloody good luck on my part.

- Quidditch is hard to write. (Starting to dislike it now... real respect here for people who actually CAN write a match! And damn my muse for making a different match the plotful one!) I'm trying something new for writing this scene: JKR's "flit around the stadium" approach. Hope it works.

- "My head's harder than a rock!" is canon. Yuusuke's head has taken blows that broke stone slabs, during the Ankoku Buujuutsukai (Dark Martial Arts Tournament). Heck, Yuusuke's head has broken stone slabs... gone right through several concrete walls known as "stadium seating". (Er, well, concrete's pretty weak for a stone, but still...)

- Yeah, yeah, "spellcheck". The joke just doesn't work Latinized. Um, it's a modern American spell? We rarely learn a second language.

Ch. 29

- I just know people would ask, so... Why Snape Didn't Accuse Harry Of The Theft. (I may make this a side chapter, or I might not. We'll see how cooperative my muse is.) Due to Snape's movements, Dumbledore can pretty well pin down the time of the theft to "during the game". Therefore, by logical deduction, the only people who could've DONE the theft were the ones who weren't at the game the entire time. (Of course, Kurama didn't operate by logic, but they don't know that.) Therefore, Dumbledore ordered Snape to keep the investigation as quiet as possible, which means No Accusing Harry And Letting Him Know What Happened.

- Once again, Jo = clueless about athletic stuff of any sort.

- Hiei's test is a different sort of concentration than, oh, say, scanning for the Snitch. That's why it gave Harry a headache. I can't think of an example of how it works that everyone will identify with.

- tisane = an infusion, such as of medicinal herbs, in a beverage form (not to be confused with a tincture, which is an infusion of medicinal herbs in alcohol). Think herbal tea. Willowbark contains natural asprin, so willowbark tisane is just asprin in a liquid rather than a pill.

- shimatta: a mild Japanese curse word. I've seen it translated as everything from "oh shit" to "uh oh" to "oops".

- monocot = one-lobed seed. An example is corn; it has one plant embryo and one food source. The other type of seed plants are dicots, which have two-lobed seeds: one plant embryo and two halves of a food source, like beans and peanuts. The two types have some differences in the leaves and flower structure, as well as the seeds. Don't worry too much about it.

- don't ask about the apron. You'll find out.

- viewing globes. Not intentionally using Power Rangers reference, but it's as good a term as any.

Ch. 30

- Grampians: the Grampian mountains, which run though central Scotland and are the remnants of massive ranges that used to stretch across the supercontinent of Pangaea. Just think that's neat.

- mou = meaningless, sort of "oh man" or "geez"

- teme = rude way to say "you", roughly "you jerk"

- hora = hey

- the point of the broom-stealing bit? Um, shits-n-giggles. My evil muse tossed it in when I was trying to kill a bit of time last chapter, and now I fear for my life if I don't follow through and give the actual incident to the readers.

- the fox is clearly shown with 4 tails in Artifacts, when Kurama is telling Yuusuke his history. But this story takes place after the Tournament, and Kurama was FAR stronger at the end of the Tournament than he was in Insect Flute. I figure he's earned another tail.

Ch. 31

- of perhaps fifty human years (of age): Azkaban aged Sirius considerably. He's actually in his late 30's, according to the Lexicon.

- brightest true-star. Venus and Jupiter are brighter than Sirius, but they're planets, not stars.

- catching the 'Gate to Platform 5 and 2/3rds. As if a Malfoy would condescend to set foot in the Muggle part of anywhere? There are certainly other platforms, and ways for the rich and snobby to take their children around without getting - Merlin forbid - dirty from a Floo, or exposing them to Muggles. So, I invented a little system of Gates of some sort at King's Cross (and all the London stations)... don't ask, I haven't worked out much more in the way of details.

Ch. 32

- shortly after dawn, but before lunch: a detail I messed up in Ch. 29 or so (I think I've mentioned this before). They get about 6-7 hours of daylight in Scotland at that time of year.

- the tree stands are not Muggle tree stands, which have to be adjusted with screws and require two or three people (one under the tree messing with the stand, one holding the tree up, and one optional person to say if the darn thing is standing straight). Wizard tree stands have auto-adjusting and sticking charms so you just plunk the tree in.

- Snow Tsunami. Like we've ever seen Yukina actually USE her powers, except for a bit of healing ability? Granted, it wasn't much of a 'tsunami', but consider this: she brought an almost deadly chill to her prison every time someone entered the space, and that was after 5 years of spirit-crushing torture, no practice, and wards that probably weakened her anyways. She's got SOME power there.

Ch. 33

- Everlasting Gobstoppers courtesy of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (And Hollywood, and the Willy Wonka candy company.)

- thanks to Allie for helping with Dumbledore. I still can't write the man.

- this chapter's image of Dumbledore brought to you by PoA and Jo, who thinks that the costuming department for PoA messed up with him.

- the blue-white plant with the flowers is frostgut, as seen in the chapter where Neville gets pissed off and blows up four cauldrons. Frostgut pollen induces fever. Hiei was pulling heat from all the objects in the room, including the people. (He wasn't doing too well with the air, though.)

- "Private in a way that Harry had no idea was even possible between two boys... was it?" : Harry's just a leeeetle clueless, here. It's not like he was allowed to watch much television or go to movies or anything in the Muggle world, and I'm not so sure about the wizarding world (I can't be sure. JKR has censors).

- this magically binding oath is not Fidelius. It's something Oriental or possibly Makai that I haven't bothered to figure out.

- Kurama didn't use memory-wiping pollen, like he did in the series, because it isn't quite precise enough and it has certain effects wizards will notice. (The time he did use it, the girl forgot not only the several hours of the evening, but her longterm crush on Kurama.) Plus, he's never tested it on even partially-trained wizards. Plus, I needed him to explain what was up with Hiei.

- Dark Phoenix Sutra: surface magic spell from one of the lower levels of Eastern Makai. Associated with darkness, fire, and rebirth/resurrection/rekindling.

- Shin Go : thanks to Allie again, this time for knowing kanji. She looked up "trust" and "care/guard" to give me a name for this Makai custom I made up. It doesn't really translate to human terms (it's NOT a marriage proposal or something like that). Yes, this IS a plot point, not a random swerve into shonen ai. Addendum: years later, Homestuck has given me a word for what I was aiming for. I'm not going to change the terminology in here, but Hiei and Kurama are pale bordering on red if you wanted to know.

- A rather long explanation may be needed here, regarding the whole core magic/surface magic thing. Core magic is dangerous, but instinctive to use once you've figured out what it IS, which is why it tends to be the magic of choice for demons to use - you don't have to rely on being able to think rationally in a surprise attack. Surface magic is safer, and universal to everybody, so it's the magic of choice for Hogwarts to be teaching. There's no distinction between which culture uses them; Western animages are using core magic, for example. Here, Kurama is using Makai and Eastern spells of surface magic, because his core magic isn't useful in this situation. As for longspells, they're surface magic taken to an extreme level, and are called "longspells" because they take hours, or sometimes even days, to cast. Hogwarts is built from core magic and longspells.

Ch. 34

- Christmas Eve is a very popular date night in Japan, as major as Valentine's here in the States. Hiei just has no reason to know that the custom isn't universal.

- Er, I don't actually really know how to skate. I never got lessons. I can get around on the ice, barely, but I prefer to pull myself along using the rink railing. So I can't elaborate on that bit of the scene.

- Tantei is NOT shorthand for "Genkai's students". They're lying. It means "detective" (Japanese doesn't have plurals, though there's a -tachi suffix and various counting words), and in the case of the YYH gang specifically refers to Reikai Tantei, or Spirit World Detectives.

- Additionally, I know nothing about knives, either. I can't even remember if it's Asian or Western culture that says giving knives is bad luck, but I'm pretty sure it's one of them. Makai culture, of course, is entirely different... they think giving weapons is great, sort of like giving large amounts of money is to us. And it's very practical.

- In the Insect Flute arc, Yuusuke and Kuwabara get upset when a gang pulls knives on them. They don't approve of gang fights with knives, but that was psychotic and unprovoked. Harry is NOT going to be encouraged to fight with his knife unless he's attacked by Death Eaters or a rabid animal or something. It's a "you've lost your wand and don't have a sword and your core magic is still unknown" last resort.

Ch. 35

- Kurama added New Year's plants to the Christmas garlands. Pine is one of the essential New Year's decorations, so he recycled. New Year's is one of the most important Japanese holidays.

- The Tantei ate Western Christmas food, so the Hogwarts students can have Japanese New Year's food. The pasta is soba (buckwheat noodles), and the soup is something that has a mochi (rice cake - not like the nasty, crispy things dieters complained about in the 1980's and 90's) at the bottom. I've never had either, but I looked up the reciepes and I do know what they should taste like.

- No offense is meant toward the traditional Japanese mode of dress. I love wearing kimono, in fact, not that I do very often. The characters' opinions do not necessarily reflect the author's! (If that were true, I would have a nervous breakdown from Hiei, Draco, and Harry's contradictory beliefs, now wouldn't I.)

- Kosodesho: kosode means small-sleeve, and is an old word for what's evolved into the modern kimono (with the sleeves sewn at the ends so there's only a relatively small opening for your hand). Desho is a verb of some sort, but I'm not quite sure of the linguistic concept. My J-E dictionary lists it as "will", but also as "don't you think so?"

- If you are alive, your kimono is tied with the left flap over the right. If you are not alive (namely, during the ceremony before your cremation), it is tied with the right flap over the left.

- kimonos is not correct. The plural of kimono is kimono. Harry doesn't know this.

- Yuusuke would not be late to his own funeral... mostly because Botan pestered him into going to the wake.

- "Hogsmeade - which looked far different in the dark": I've decided that students have to be back before nightfall on Hogsmeade weekends.

- Hogmanay is New Year's Eve in Scotland.

- 30 proof is 15% alcohol. Regular grape wine can only legally be 14% alcohol, or 28 proof, at most.

- Long after writing this chapter, I discovered that drinking age in Japan is 20. But like Yuusuke's a law-abiding citizen or Genkai gives a damn, right?

Ch. 36

- white heather: protection, wishes come true. Don't know if it means anything in Japan.

- "Cards," Hiei answered, without any hesitation. "Clothes. Candy.": he's lying. He got cards and the flowers.

- Rani. Kurama's been around for over a thousand years; he's gotta have more names in his past than just Yomi and Kuronue. So I've made up a few. As characters, they will not appear in the story - in fact, most of them are long since dead. They're simply to round out Kurama's past a bit, and the only other reference I have planned to them is to help him explain something at the beginning of February.

- Accio Circumspectus: a limited summoning charm, for when you want an object only if it's within the same room as you (so you don't damage it or break windows getting it)

- "despite the fact that Fluffy didn't inhabit it anymore": the hospital wing moved from the first floor in CoS to the third in OotP (which this is not compatible with, plot-wise, but I'm still taking the occasional element that I figure wouldn't be influenced by the Tantei's presence. Except Harry's prefect status, which I established months before OotP was released). The 3rd movie's hospital wing is on what looks to be the 2nd or 3rd floor, behind some clock that JKR certainly never mentioned.

Ch. 37

- the overt alarm system (aka, the portrait gossipers) didn't go off when Kurama got dragged to the Infirmary, because they were all asleep.

- twenty percent: there are two ways you can make this calculation. The simple one is to divide one hundred percent percieving ability by five human senses (not counting ESP of any sort), resulting in twenty percent for each sense. I'm not using that one. In story writing, imagery is best applied following the natural usage of human senses. It's different for different people, with a notable gender gap, but in the end, it breaks down to about 70% sight, 20% hearing, and 10% for the other three senses, with touch being used least often because of the intimacy of it.

- lateblood, midblood, pureblood: different levels of the wizarding family age-prestige classes. All are pureblood, but this is how far back you can trace your wizarding ancestry. The oldest families, like the Malfoys (from France, 11th-century or so), are pureblood. The families who can trace back to the late 14th-early 17th century are midbloods. The families who can trace from the late 17th century to their grandparents are latebloods (Harry is a lateblood on one side, because of Lily, and a pureblood on the other because of James). And it's not canon.

- B-movie: the sort of movie that is used for Mystery Science Theater. They have low budgets, bad actors, and titles like "Attack of the 60-foot Preying Mantis Aliens From Mars".

- I should hope most of what was said in Japanese can be figured out from context, but just in case...

iya da: extremely rude form of "no". I'm not entirely sure this is the correct spelling.

Konnichi wa: "hello", used from about 10 am to sunset

Asuka no yojuuichi: Asuka 41

Gohyakukyuujuusan no Ei Di: 593 AD

Arigatou gozaimasu: "thank you", one of most polite forms

Honshu: the largest island of Japan, which has Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima

Shikoku ni Moriko-ohaha no niwa ga arimasu: In Shikoku, Moriko-mother's garden (still) exists. Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. Ohaha is the most formal word for mother and is generally used to refer to other people's mothers, as far as I can tell. I made up Moriko.

Nani sore?: What's that?

Nan demo nai: It's nothing.

Arigatou: "thank you", a less formal version

Ch. 38

- Setsubun: Japanese holiday, Feb. 3rd

- before I get swamped with reviews of "are they or aren't they?!", the answer is: "We've all been spoiled by Disney and Hollywood. This ain't eternal luuuuv at first sight, there are no grand epiphanies - except for the one I've already been forced to do - and there are going to be no sappy pet names and kissing and sex all over the place no matter WHAT. I have a PG-13 rating!

Ch. 39

- oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi: demons out, happiness in - what you say when throwing soybeans around your house on Setsubun.

- baka: idiot; aho: fool

- baka wa soto: idiots out

- Saotome: George Saotome, Koenma's purple Reikai ogre lackey

- "had five students over the course of his life". Not that big a deal. It was less than 50 of his over-1000 years alive. I just needed him to have enough plant-mage students that there would be multiple girls to tell him what the day felt like. It's very important as to why he taught Neville to feel it NOW rather than earlier.

- "hurt like Kaasan's crisis days in the hospital": crisis means the patient's suddenly sick enough to die, like maybe they had a heart attack or stroke while hospitalized, or stopped breathing, or some major organ started to fail... things like that. Shiori had a crisis the night Kurama used the Mirror.

- "fight a dragon for the beauty of it": inspired by Larissa's "The Beginning"

Ch. 40

- two pages' worth of writing over every page: according to Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books, this was a method sometimes used to conserve paper.

- "The unicorn's horn, blood, and hair all have highly magical qualities.": JKR's "Fabulous Beasts and Where to Find Them", pg. 41

- the beverage nicknamed unicorn-blood: No, it's not REALLY unicorn blood. Sheesh. Same deal as Long Island Iced Tea (which is a lot of alcohols and a dash of coke or pepsi)- it only looks like its namesake.

- only girls give things on Valentine's. By Japanese custom, men don't reciprocate until White Day, March 14th.

- the letter that arrived for Kurama late during breakfast is from his mom, if you really think it's that important to know.

- Aneki is the term Kuwabara uses for his older sister, Shizuru.

Ch. 41

- I'm overdoing the reporter thing on purpose. It'll last until Harry either (A) tells them where they can stick their Quick-Quills, in a manner that makes them feel their behavior is reprehensible, or (B) gets the idea that he can use his clout to make them work FOR him rather than exploit him, and finds a good reason to do so.

- I'm messing a bit... well, okay, a lot... with kitsune legends. Example: They all manage to talk, but I'm not too clear on how it's voiceless without telepathy. Since I only want Hiei to have telepathic abilities, I'm making Kurama talk with his mouth (and a bit of magic, of course - canine mouths aren't shaped for human speech).

- The Lady: the only kitsune with more than nine tails.

- doppelganger: body double

Ch. 42

no notes

Ch. 43

- "half his roommates at practice, and the other two in the library": there are 5 Slytherin 5th-year boys, not counting Kurama. Since that's an odd number, half in this case equals three.

- my Draco is such a nasty little brat. I adore him, when I'm not desperate to throttle him.

- "the idea was too complex for his (Kuwabara's) pea-sized brain": Hiei has a low opinion of Kuwabara. I personally think he's the most honorable and heroic of the boys (consider that he's the only one that you don't have to bribe or threaten to save the world).

- Yukina is sobbing (tearlessly) for all the people she's ever had to hurt, for the undeniable fact that Kuwabara wouldn't understand, for her missing brother and dead mother, and for upsetting her poor little human student. (Draco, you jerk!) It pretty much just all came out at once.

- three teenage brothers and a game board do fit on a twin bed. SUIM: shut up it's magic.

- "captured the pawn with his rook and announced "check and checkmate"." erm, I don't know if this move is possible in chess.

- Snape has leftover Mandrake potion from CoS. Who says it doesn't keep, after all?

Ch. 44

- yes, I skipped White Day. Author's perogative.

- mattaku: indeed

- bokken: wooden practice sword

- inarizushi: inari sushi, pockets of deep-fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice. Personally, I think of them as Japanese twinkies. Yummy!

- gaijin: foreigners

- there IS a reason Kurama's being affected more than Hiei. He'll think of it once he's had a chance to.

- before I get questions about whether or not anyone but Kurama and Hiei felt Neville's accident: I don't know and it doesn't matter.

Ch. 45

- not letting Ron get the door until Harry had put a shirt on. My wizarding culture thinks sleeveless shirts are shocking (see Ch. 12), so no shirt in front of a girl is bad.

- the Weasley twins' birthday is April 1st, according to the Lexicon. How very unsurprising.

- gingko trees are abundant in Japan. I've read that the fruit is inedible and puts up a terrific stink (like rancid butter) when it decays.

- kanpai! - as far as I can tell, this is the rough equivalent of "cheers" or "bottom's up".

- Kurama has, in canon, shown the sense to test a potion before he needs it, but not to first find out about possible side effects and duration and the like. Potion of Past Life, anyone?

- trying to fly by throwing himself at the ground and missing. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

- "Ugh, I'm heavy... limp deadweight". I know Kurama had 250-pound charms on each limb once; that doesn't mean he can't claim something half that weight is heavy. Besides, it's true that a limp person seems to weigh more than a tense one. Every toddler knows this.

- the kiss-to-transfer-back. No, this isn't the only method, it's just the one that Kurama figured out. It amused me to have him do so.

Ch. 46

- I chose the minimum number of students to showcase, believe it or not, and I'm still a bit worried that it's repetitive and dull.

- I used a funny-shaped rpg die to pick the student sequence, except for Kurama, Harry, and Hermione.

- Genkai lied about random selection. The disks are charmed to come out of the bag in a certain order. The students are staying in that order through, um, magical author's perogative. Or something. And the clearing Kurama chose is one they all have to go through because I said so.

- There are two varieties of spidervine, just as there are two types of spider webbing: "sticky", and "unsticky". A real spider doesn't get caught in its webs because it walks on the unsticky threads.

- Ron's encounter: many of you probably noticed that Ron's game started with only two "pieces": Youko-Black King, and Molly-White Queen. This violates the rules of chess, but wasn't time for a full game, and 2. it's very, very important that Ron have control of the number of pieces used.

- "you little reds are vicious": Gryffindors. Youko's pretending not to know the Houses, but he can notice the different badges.

- Patronus is dependant on the wizard, not the wand, otherwise the shadow Patronus from Kurama's wand would've been a fox.

Ch. 47

- I really hate the lie-lay-lain/lay-lay-laid mess. I've got a 50 percent chance of being right using "lay", instead of the 16.5 percent chance with the other three, though, so here's hoping I got the damn word right. I vote we get rid of the other three words and the exact meaning can go hang.

- Keiko is starting to register on the radar, now that she's gotten a little training. Happy now? Sheesh.

- mwahaha. Yes, Harry's power is blocked! I get to keep it locked up and secret until the big showdown!

- Laugh Tracks, because there's a flavor of ice-cream in my home region called "Moose Tracks", and it's also the name for the recorded laughter used in sitcoms

Ch. 48

- Kurama knew the moss would induce fever and delirium. If Harry hadn't been told and convinced himself that seeing Youko was a hallucination, Kurama would've done it himself. So he took the opportunity to needle Harry in one last failed attempt to provoke him into using his power, since he didn't see Harry was awake until he was already next to the beds.

- part of the point of potions is perhaps the leeching of beneficial components from the ingredients into the liquid (a detail pointed out to me). But the point Kurama is making is that many of the Muggle compounds - vitamins, minerals, but particularly chlorophyll (that nice stuff that makes plants green in the first place) break down at high temperatures (hence the reason cafeteria peas are sort of a yellowy-brown shade of green- they're overcooked). So why is the potion bright green in the end? As Hiei says, "shut up, it's magic".

- transdermal, as far as I can tell, would mean "through the skin". Wizards don't use IVs (intravenous: within the vein).

- daisies, "innocence" (I tried to find a normal flower for "health", but only yarrow was listed. I had to look up what that is, and it looks like a weed and is alternately called "Devil's Plaything". Very amusing, but not happening.)

Ch. 49

- Ron's chess set is King Arthur, Queen Molly, Bishops Bill and Charlie, Knights Fred and George, and Rooks Percy and Ginny. I don't know what the pawns are.

Ch. 50

- remember, Snape confiscated the Cloak back in January

- chapter title taken from name of the 4-holiday week surrounding May 1st in Japan.

Ch. 51

no notes

Ch. 52

- considerable parts of McGonagall's and Snape's dialogue based on Order of the Phoenix, pgs. 661-663

Ch. 53

- in an 8-person-wide, horizontally-aligned grid (students sitting next to people in alphabetical order, rather than behind), including the Tantei, JKR's mysterious disappearing Sally-Anne Perks, and two unknown students I've placed in my list, Harry is indeed directly behind Draco.

- Yukina's ritual dress is red, because the pre-modern-era Japanese believed red was fireproof. This is why so many kimono have red linings and underkimono have red panels and linings, and probably why Yukina's underkimono, hair ornaments, and eyes are red.

Ch. 54

- Osteo Potion, for osteoporosis.

- Kurama would've been careless, to be upwind (upwind means the wind is blowing your scent towards your target; downwind means the wind is blowing your scent away from your target), but the air was calm until then.

- I shuddered many many times while inventing this demon and fight. Nail damage squicks me.

Ch. 55

no notes

Ch. 56

"Kochira de! Hayaku, hayaku!" - "Over here! Hurry, hurry!"