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He would be forever in his father's service of that he is sure, he will have to do as his Lord father wants him to do and do it without complaining about the task, after all he had been the one to convince Robert to 'unmake' him from being a Kingsguard, but what his father couldn't or wouldn't allow himself to notice is that, no one stops from belonging to that white cloak, or he is hoping is only a matter of time.

But it wasn't, it was hard for him to shed every vow he had took, well even he could admit that some had been easier than others, what he could never get around was to be at his father's back and call, to be Tywin's expectation of the perfect son, that is why he and his brother are traveling to Winterfell, because the head of House Lannister wants news on North under the disguise of sending his sons to have a better relationship with House Stark.

It had been days of traveling, he had heard more than one complaint from Tyrion, but it was only a matter of time before they stopped near a whorehouse or somewhere with good wine to be served that his younger sibling would shut his impressive mouth and be merry, telling stories and betting over anything – luckily he almost never loses.

Now they see Winterfell, it is grand, impressive, cold looking and demands respect as the Starks demeans it so. He would never forget the face of fucking noble Ned Stark when he had seen the King dead at his feet, he had been so judgmental and talked of lack of honor, but to Jamie lack of honor would have bend his knee and let Aerys burn the city down, in his eyes he had killed one man and spared thousands, including Ned everything-honor Stark.

He and his man pass over the gates and as they get nearer the entrance, he sees Lord Stark his face the epitome of icy and his wife and children waiting in line for the sons of House Lannister, almost all of the children look bored, but two, one of the youngest boys and the younger girl who seems to bounce on her feet every step his horse goes nearer the family.

He jumps from his ride and is followed by his brother and then he sees that the girl becomes happier when she sees Tyrion, he can practically sense his brother's apprehension, but it slowly goes away when there is no evil on the girls grey eyes, only interest. Jamie bows in front of Lord Stark, Tyrion does the same and then Lord Stark and his family are doing the same, he and his brother stifle a laugh when the girl curtsies and is anything but graceful and yet she doesn't seem to care in one bit, but her sister and mother cringe at the sight.

"Lord Lannister, welcome to Winterfell," Jamie can clearly see how it pains Ned Stark to say those words to him, he is sure he is the reason because Ned had never met Tyrion, but he would bet that it is probable that the Stark already hates him for his name only because he is a Lannister, but even so Catelyn gives Ned a look and he continues with the pleasantries introducing – again – his wife, Catelyn moving to his older children (even his bastard) and then he reaches his youngest daughter "Arya and next to her is Bran and Rickon."

"I am sure you are all very tired, your rooms have already been set up" Catelyn says from beside her husband, Jamie nods at her words.

"Thank you, Lady Stark." He says with his most pleasant voice but the smile he has is real when he sees the clear disappointment on Arya's face.

They had been at Winterfell for two days and Arya if not following her brother Jon around was searching for Tyrion, who seemed to come to care for the girl, he would tell her stories, play games of riddles and most of all he would let her pick his brain, and she in turn would laugh with him, would tell him it was okay to pet her direwolf and make him feel truly welcomed into her home. Jamie had also noticed that Tyrion also enjoyed to pass time with Jon Snow, his brother always had a soft spot for bastards.

So at the end of their first week there he had found it odd that the little Lady was not found in the company of his brother or her own brother, he remembered that her mother was always trying to make her go to lessons with her Septa and older sister, but the girl would evade it as much as she could and today perhaps her mother had finally captured her and locked her on the room with her Septa and sister to learn how to needle.

He finds himself under a tree feeling at ease whilst seeing the fall of the snow, it had been some time since he could feel tranquility wash over him, his father never allowed him to have time for himself "You are the next Lord of Casterly Rock and we do not have time to spare" he would say every time he thought Jamie was doing nothing, in truth he wasn't but everyone once in a while needed a breather.

He finds his anger starting to rise when he hears someone coming from behind him, he wanted more time to himself, to his thoughts but there was always something getting in the way of that, even if he had already spent more hours alone in a day than he had for the past years. He doesn't unshed his sword because he turns to see who is coming his way and he sees Arya Stark, cheeks flushed, red rimmed eyes and yet murderous Stark grey eyes, she tries to smile to him but anyone could see it was forced and it came looking like a grimace, something both of them knows that would make her Lady mother cringe at the sight.

"Hello, little Lady," he says and is amused to see her frown, even though she is clearly sad she still has makes sure to show him that she is annoyed with the nickname.

"I am not little, I am thirteen! And I am not a Lady!" he sees her calming her urge to show him her tongue and she knows that would only support his argument to call her little Lady, she crosses her arms in front of her and stomps to where he is sitting, taking a seat next to him, not in the least bothered in propriety and he questions himself if the wild girl even knows what propriety does actually mean, "What are you doing here?"

He gives her a small smile and turns his head to look ahead as he had been doing for the past hours "I could ask you the same," he looks at her from the corner of his eye and sees the way her eyes narrow at him in annoyance.

But she sighs and shrugs "I am getting away from perfect Sansa and stupid Jeyne Poole." Her face morphs in something close to disgust for the two other girls.


Her eyes cast downwards and he can practically feel the sadness coming off of her in waves "It's stupid, they are stupid," she speaks and Jamie is sure she has been telling herself that since whatever happened to upset her had happened. He doesn't say anything waiting for her to say something, she sighs "they kept laughing at everything I did wrong on the needle work and then when they thought I wasn't near to hear they would call me Arya Horseface."

He continues to be silent, knowing that she will continue to speak and she doesn't disappoint him "And I hate that Sansa is always wondering if I am a bastard or not, when she should be the bastard because father says I look like his sister and she must hate that he says that to me, because she wants a idiot to call upon war over her!"

He laughs while shaking his head "War would have happen with or without your aunt," Jamie tells her and she nods her head.

"I know but stupid Sansa doesn't, or pretends she doesn't."

"You shouldn't listen to them" he tells her after they had stayed quiet for far too long, he can already feel the wind and cold picking up, he knows that Arya must be feeling cold by now but would never say anything to him.

"I don't" she says stubbornly and he smiles at her.

"They wouldn't know true beauty, Lady Arya." He says while getting up and offering his hand to her, he is sure that the blush on her face isn't from the cold but from his words; he feels pride in himself bloom for making the wild Arya Stark have such womanly feelings.

Three years later.

He could smash his father's head through a wall now, he could not fucking believe it, how could his father ever suggest a thing like that? It had been mildly entertaining to see the face of Ned Stark and notice the angry flush that seemed to grow on his neck, but still it didn't made the situation lighter.

"Calm down, brother." Tyrion says from the arm chair he is sitting on, watching while having a glass of wine his brother pace up and down on their rooms at Kings Landing.

"Calm down? Would you calm down, when your father suggest to the King to unite the Lannisters and Starks through marriage?" his eyes are narrowed dangerously towards his brother, who has at least the decency of not laughing at his face.

"You are lucky father chose her as your wife-to-be, she is more than pleasant and she has grown to be quite a beauty," he laughs now "I think Ned Stark prefers you leering at his daughter than the King, I am certain Cersei will kill him or her if he keeps calling her Lyanna."

Jamie stops pacing and looks at his brother the idea of someone hurting that wolfs blood child-woman made his blood run cold, he could see the resemblance of Lyanna and Arya, but their spirits were much more alike than their beauty were, Robert only thought she was his long lost love because she was the only female Stark that actually looked like a Stark and not a Tully.

Tyrion had always seen the affection his dense brother carried for the child, it had happened from the minute they had arrived at Winterfell, Jamie had found the child amusing. He had seen at the time they had stayed there that after the first week he had risen to her defense and had once given her lessons on how to fight with a sword, he was lucky that Lady Stark had never heard of said lessons only Lord Stark who had appreciated the gesture.

"How do you think she is taking the news, Jamie? She would always say to me that she would never marry, she wanted something else than sitting at a parlor and gossip with other people," Tyrion says and Jamie falls to his chair, passing a hand through his hair "maybe, dear brother, you are what is best for her."

Jamie gives a snort at his brother "I am fifteen years older than her, Tyrion! How am I the best for her?"

"You won't cage her as father did with you, that is the first reason, the second is because Arya actually likes you." Jamie looks at his brother speechless, what was he saying that she liked him? And he asked him about it, Tyrion shrugged "She once told me that you weren't what people said you were, she couldn't see you as a cruel person."

"Why you never said that to me?" Jamie asks with furrowed brows.

Tyrion gives him a sly smile "Didn't need to give you a bigger ego."