Disclaimer: I own none of the concepts or characters from Infinite Stratos, I'm only borrowing them.

Infinite Stratos IS Yuri

"You know, I'm kind of confused about how often my classmates change their dorm rooms," Ichika Orimura noted as he and several friends were having lunch in the cafeteria of the academy, "Why is that?"

Cecilia Alcott blinked and exchanged glances with Houki. "You don't know?" she asked, confused.

"He's a little dense about these things," Houki Shinonono noted with a sigh.

"What things?" Ichika protested.

Cecelia pointed to where two girls were sitting, staring into each others eyes while little sparkles and roses danced around them. "What do you see?" she asked.

Ichika looked, confused. "Two girls who are friends?" he replied questioningly.

"Ack," Houki sighed.

"Ichika, you know about all girl schools, right?" Cecilia tried.

Ichika looked impatient, "What? They have lots of girls?"

Cecilia ran a hand across her face while Houki groaned. "I knew you were kind of clueless about relationships, but this is a BIT much," Houki noted.

"I think I better get going," Ichika got up and headed off, walking right be the couple still looking adoringly at each other.

"Maybe if I lend him my Strawberry Panic set it might get through to him," Cecilia suggested a bit wearily.

Houki gave her a odd look, "You own Strawberry Panic?"

Cecilia blushed faintly, "It was part of my cultural training for coming to Japan."

"Right," Houki drawled sarcastically.

To be continued...

Notes: First of a couple short segments I plan to stitch together as a longer chapter later. One of the things that always bugged me about Infinite Stratos was the total lack of yuri in a all girls's school. It occurred to me that since Ichika is our POV character and he is notoriously blind to love, he might ALSO not be seeing the yuri going on.