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Prologue: Heir of Chaos…

He stared at the night sky, his rippled eyes uncomprehending and wide with shock. A few golden locks of hair obscured the vision of his left eye, but he could still see the sight before him with horrific clarity. His tattered clothing flowed in the breeze, exposing the hole in his chest that pumped dark, rich blood like a fountain. The cold, bare ground kept his broken, dying body as the screams of pain and clash of blades sounded dimly.

Up in the sky, taunting him with its gaze, the moon stared down at him. However, unlike its usual lavender-coloured illuminating surface, it was blood-red, with four concentric circles and nine tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil.

The calling card of the monster that had slain all his men. Also the sign of his failure.

He had been so stupid to think that he could defeat it, even with the tools he had fashioned to aid him in battle. He had thought that the beast's power which flowed within him would tip the scales in his favor, at least long enough for him to seal it away and end the bloodshed.

He was wrong. Oh, so horribly wrong.

His mother had entrusted him with her dreams, the desire for peace and stability. She had sacrificed so much, done everything she had just to protect him and her people. She had been his sun, the light in his darkness that helped him push through even the most horrible of war times.

The beast had taken her from him like one stepping on an ant.

He had the misfortune of being on the other side of the continent at the time, dealing with the Satsuma rebellion which threatened to . He returned to find his mother missing, his home in shambles and the beast patiently waiting for him at the Land of Solitude.

Like an amateur, he let his emotions get the better of him and recklessly charged to confront the monster, which led to his current situation.

With jerky, pain-wracked movements that left him with barely enough strength to breathe, he lifted his head from the ground to stare at the monster he couldn't defeat. He cared not for the trail of blood dripping from his lips, or the fact that his left eye saw nothing but darkness. He ignored the pain he felt from the hole in his chest, disregarded the fire in his belly and stared at the being that had shattered his world.

The object of his despair was staring at him with dead, indifferent eyes; unlike his, which brimmed with tears and anguished despair, the eyes of that monster never changed in the slightest. It's expression was fixed, eternally blank to the point that the man believed that it couldn't comprehend such emotions; even when it had slaughtered over nine thousand highly trained warriors as well as all of his followers, it had used the same cool and precise attack methods that killed off the Nirvit Tribe in the North.

It stood at the height of a child, about the age of thirteen, and wore nothing but a black cloth fashioned into garments for his lower body. Despite the fact that it took on the appearance of a child, his body was certainly ripped yet his muscles were compact and streamlined, unlike the somewhat grotesque physiques of samurai and mercenaries. Long crimson locks, a lighter shade of red than his sister's, floated gently in the night breeze. They were of shoulder-length, spiking about all over the place with a certain exotic and feral appeal. Bangs which were so long that they covered most of his right eye was only enhanced by the impression.

However, what scared the man most was the creature's eyes; the same design as the shape on the moon, the more complete form of his own special eyes and the most powerful of the two. It scared him to know that his powers came from that monster, that he owed his strength to this beast.

The boy dropped the beheaded cadaver uncaringly, still keeping his eerie gaze on the dying man. Slowly, the boy's right hand stretched out towards the downed survivor. With movement so fast that even the special eyes of the man couldn't see, tree roots exploded out of the boy's arm and stabbed the dying man.

The man groaned in pain as he felt the roots move into his body, setting his body aflame as it sapped his chakra and vitality. His miserable, broken and unsightly body was lifted from the ground like a toy puppet, dancing to the tune of the monster's strings. He was brought right in front of the boy, who just stood there and let the wooden appendages do their work. A slight movement caught his eye and he blearily saw one of the wounded members stagger unto his feet.

Seeing the wounded trying to escape, the man felt his despair reach new heights as the boy arched a brow. The injured man made two steps before a large purple hand smashed him into nothing but splattered guts and blood, kicking up dust and carving a crater in the process. The hand, connected to the boy by a limb of chakra, looked like a demonic flaming skeleton and the heat from the limb alone was enough to send the man into a whole new world of pain.

"Why?" He rasped, wondering if the creature even understood his question and paying no attention to the blood that flowed into the being's hands. He could feel his skin turning to ashes, but he paid it no mind.

The boy drew him closer, his indifferent eyes observing the dying man. "Because you stole something of mine. Now, I take everything of yours." With a pulse, all the chakra remaining within the man was absorbed back into the boy, leaving the man bereft of any life.

That was the moment when Hagoromo Otsusuki, the Sage of Six Paths, died.

After confirming that there was no life within the corpse and that his power no longer resided in the body, the boy tossed his dried husk of a corpse aside and sat in a crossed legs position. Reaching out again, the boy grabbed Hagoromo's head and wrenched his soul out of the body. Staring at the soul with the same disinterest, the boy clenched his fist and the soul was compressed into a small sphere.

"A high affinity for water, huh? How interesting…" Tossing the soul up, the chakra limb latched onto it and clenched its fist. Crunching noises were heard as the arm repeatedly shifted and crunched the soul within its grasp. After a few moments, the limb presented itself to the boy, who stopped his planning to gaze at the weapon in the limb.

Instead of there being crushed pieces of Hagoromo's soul, what remained was a katana; it looked mostly normal, but the guard was a four-pointed bronze-colored star. Its hilt was light blue and it was wrapped in a dark blue sheathe. Grasping the weapon, the skeletal arm faded into nothing as the boy examined the sword. "I suppose I should say something profound, but I just don't care enough to do so." He stated, rising to his feet.

"I see you've reclaimed your prize." Turning to face the newcomer, the boy finally broke his impassive gaze to scowl lightly. The man was a fairly tall, fair-skinned man with long blond hair which had black tinged ends and two long bangs framing his jaw line, making his golden hair look like a mane. His stormy blue eyes shone in the darkness with the force of a raging whirlpool. He wore wore a black T-shirt with white stripes in the middle of the sleeves. On his arms he wore black sleeves with metal arm protectors over them. He also had leather straps around his back and chest, with some black pants. "It's good to see that we wrapped our searches at roughly the same time, else we would've been delayed by who knows how long."

"Have you managed to find her?" The boy asked, earning a sharp nod from the man. "Where?"

"The realm of the Greeco-Roman gods. Chaos is most likely the one orchestrating this, though Order has reasons to doubt that idea." He reported, arcs of lightning sparking about in random bouts. He crossed his arms and stared defiantly at the boy. "I want you to bring her back for me, Naruto. This injustice cannot stand. I will not have that imitation of a Moon Deity steal my daughter and get away from it!"

The boy calmly strapped the sword unto his back using a green sash. "Don't worry, Susano'o. The Greeks will get what they deserve." His eyes glowed menacingly. "No one steals my friend and gets away with it."

Susano'o nodded stiffly as Naruto disappeared in a swirling vortex. If anyone could return his daughter to him, it would be him. "Thank you…Shinju (God Tree)."

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