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Chapter 6: Cyclops, Demigod and God Tree-END

Staring at the collapsed girl before him, a puddle of blood formed about her prone form that was steadily growing larger with each passing moment, Naruto hummed as he sheathed Yamato. He ignored the other demigods, who seemed to have frozen at the situation, and kept his eyes on the girl who would become an important piece in his plans.

A heartbeat later, the redhead twitched as the sea churned, roaring and raging as it swarmed towards him; it spoke of nothing but deep anger and a burning desire to hurt him. The child just really didn't know when to take the hint. His hand clasped Yamato's hilt, training his eyes on the blond girl's body. 'Perhaps I could use his loyalty to my advantage. All it requires is manipulating the situations...'

Turning about ninety degrees, he unsheathed his sword in one smooth motion, the blade gleaming like the stars in the night sky. In one single, imperceptible slash, the roaring wave headed towards him ceased to exist; there was no breaking of the wave into smaller droplets, no beam of light that had incinerated the wave or even several slashes that had cut it into minuscule pieces. It had just...gone.

Taking no chances with the others, he stamped the earth with his foot. A big section of the earthy floor shot up from its position and smashed into the chest of the other demigod with them. She screamed as the earth sent her crashing into the nearest object, which just so happened to be the woodland creature dressed in human clothing and frantically trying to remove something from his pockets.

The two were sent tumbling about the grounds, eliciting a pained cry from the girl and a similar whimper from the creature. The sounds seemed to snap Percy out of whatever funk he was in and the demigod charged, uncapping his pen to reveal his sword. It was about 3 feet long (including the hilt) and weighed about 5 pounds, a shimmering bronze sword with a double-edged blade, a leather-wrapped grip and a flat hilt riveted with gold studs.

Naruto, still paying more attention to the paling girl's body, flipped his sword, tossing it into the air in a perfect cartwheeling motion. Calling forth Hyourinmaru, the redhead turned to meet the charging demigod head on. However, as he glanced back towards the girl once again, his eyes gleamed when he saw the bloody puddle receding. 'Excellent...the curse has activated. At least I managed to ensure that happening...'

Now, all that was left was to deliver the Fleece to Haruhi before resuming the search for Kushina. As such, playing around with the demigod, no matter how important he was, would have to take a backseat. Still, he mused, he couldn't just leave like that. If he left abruptly, without installing some fear into him, the boy might be inclined to just get in his way once again. So...what to do?

Hmm...perhaps severing the bond between the two? It certainly would be the best thing to do, since negative emotions fueled the curse whilst concepts like love, friendship and trust would hinder its growth and development.

However, Naruto wasn't prepared to take the girl with him on his search. Whilst she could be very helpful in narrowing down the locations and whereabouts of Kushina, it would be better to leave her with her companions until the curse had sufficiently corrupted her mind.

So, what to do?

When Percy's first strike was blocked, the redhead countered with a straight punch that snapped Percy's head back, followed by a kick that spun the demigod about like a drunken sailor. Coincidentally, it was that moment that Yamato descended from the sky; deftly catching the sword by the hilt, Naruto slashed Percy across his back, making sure to keep his grip on Yamato as light as possible.

Still, even without the usual strength that backed Yamato's terrifying swings, the cut was deep enough to put the demigod out of commission. Like a wounded bull he roared, dropping his weapon with a clatter as his legs gave out beneath him. His arms struggled to move, fingers clawing desperately towards Annabeth. "N-No..." He grit his teeth furiously, his sea-green eyes stinging with tears. "It can't...end like this."

Naruto flicked the blood off Yamato and sheathed it once again, discarding Hyourinmaru to his pocket dimension. "One thing in life you must learn, Jackson, is that no matter how strong you grow, no matter how fast you become, there will always be someone stronger out there." The boy growled something unintelligent towards him, most likely something derogatory towards him. "Curse all you want, but I won't feel any regret over my actions. I needed the fleece, and it was most likely that you would respond negatively to my demands; as such, striking your friend down and retrieving the fleece was my alternative."

Crouching down to gaze into burning green eyes, Naruto chuckled. "Let this be a lesson to you, Jackson. I am neither your ally nor your friend; for all I care, you could've died and I wouldn't give a damn. I'm here for one thing and one thing only...so the next time you plan on interfering with my quest, either have a will ready beforehand or information pertaining to my goal."

Rising to his feet, he cracked his knuckles. "The next time you meet them, inform the Olympians to contact the Fates. If they are still hostile towards me, then all bets are off." With that said, Naruto tapped his fist against Percy's skull. The boy was instantly out cold, his head slamming down against the ground with a sick crack.

Tutting at the fragility of the boy's body, Naruto grabbed the unconscious demigod and threw him into the sea. With his luck, he'd be up and running by the next day.

Turning about, Naruto's eyes shone with an emotion that was difficult to discern.

There, standing tall and proud, was a person that could've been Himari's twin. The transformed woman now had a voluptuous figure, longer hair with split bangs and hazel eyes with cat-like pupils. Her clothes, which had once clothed her well, now stretched against her body and there were a few noticeable tears on them.

Bowing lowly, the transformed Annabeth spoke. "Greetings, Shinju-sama. I am honored to be of service to you, my king." Her tone was raspy and odd, though that was most likely due to the fact that the merger wasn't complete.

Naruto shrugged. "Are there any problems with the girl?" Whilst she could indeed become an advantage, it would be prudent to ensure that there weren't any problems regarding the girl before he could leave.

The young woman shook her head, though there was a small frown on her face. "The merging is almost complete, Shinju-sama. Whilst there are a few things to do, like lowering her inhibitions and amplifying her instincts, I am certain that she won't reject me and my sister. However, it most likely means that my control over her body will be temporary...that is, until the merger is complete."

Naruto nodded. "Very well. Keep an ear out for any information pertaining to a woman with red hair called Kushina; should you hear anything, be it something vague or seemingly unnecessary, open the link between you and I." Turning about, he begun walking towards the bird summon, which had kept out of the way and was perched not too far away from his position. "Until then, keep the girl alive. It would be more beneficial to do so."

"Hai, Shinju-sama." Saluting her lord's back, the curse manifestation relinquished control back to the pale, weakened but very much alive Annabeth. As the blonde girl came to, groaning through the haze of pain, her eyes widened at the sorry state of their group.

Percy was nowhere to be found. Grover was unconscious, a caked layer of blood coating his head, and was tangled in a mass of limbs with Clarisse, who was also in a very bad shape. Whipping about frantically, a frantic lump welled up in her throat. The Fleece, what they had sacrificed and endured so much for, was missing.

No one could've ever imagined what would come as a result of this.

-Naruto, The Skies Above-

As the huge beast flapped its wings through the air, Naruto leaned back against its body and pondered the latest developments. The curse had taken root, but there were still a few glitches, mostly due to the relatively low stress the girl had undergone. Leaving her with her friends would benefit him twofold; not only would he plant his 'Right Eye' within the camp of the gods, who would eventually run into Kushina, but the stress of her lifestyle would further strengthen his grip on her.

However, something bothered him about Haruhi's proposal. Whilst she was prone to trying to help him, there were always reasons for which she did. His eyes narrowed. 'And yet, back in the cave...'


Clapping her hands together, she gave him a deep bow. "Nii-sama, would you be so kind as to retrieve and deliver the Golden Fleece to me? In return, I'll help you find whatever it is you're looking for...pretty good deal, isn't it?"

He frowned. "And what do you get out of this deal? In fact, why should I be bothered when you could easily get it yourself?"

She pouted, crossing her arms together. "Nii-sama, you know that we can't fight each other like we used to before. Since the last Great War, Lady Order prohibited us from ever engaging in another three-way fight lest we bring her wrath on us. However, I know you and Siegfried; the two of you will fight when you inevitably meet. I can't just stand back and let my worlds be ravaged and destroyed by your over-the-top battles...as such, I'm setting up an alternative means to check your fights."

-Flashback End-

He wasn't sure what she had planned, but it merited some preparations. After all, he wouldn't put it past her to try and stab him in the back.

-Camp Half-Blood-

Haruhi was waiting for him at the hills that skirted the borders of the camp. As he trudged through the woods towards her, his mind was elsewhere.

"Ah, Nii-sama! I hope this wasn't much of an inconvenience to you."

He said nothing, just tossing her the fleece like it was a football before disappearing in a puff of smoke. After a few moments silence, Haruhi pouted once again. "Nii-sama...you're so mean."

Still, with this her plans were one step closer to fruition. All she just needed to do was to bring her Pawn into play, ensure that Nii-sama met the Moon Goddess and use the subsequent beat down to have little Artemis in her grasp.

She giggled. "Otou-sama was right after all; being naughty is definitely more fun than being a good girl."

With that, she turned towards Thalia's tree with a sick look on her face. The wheels were beginning to turn.

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