It has been five years since Callie left their house and two years since he saw her for the last time. They met by chance. Everything with them is by chance and ruined by the wrong timing.

He was in Boston on some piano master class and he saw her on the street. They spent the afternoon together and of course ended in bed. It didn't take them long to go back to their routine of feeling guilty for the feelings they sheared. He told her about twins, Jude, moms and everybody she asked for. He even told her his moms made him go back to Talia after she left. He confessed she was still the same but he doesn't care about that.

''I felt so empty when you left that I didn't care who was I with. I walked around like zombie untill I saw you today. I still love you… Come back with me…''

''I can't… It will cause troubles again…. I can't …. I'm sorry….''

''Don't be… It's your right to stay or leave… I just…''

''I know…. Me too. Next time when you see me…Ask me again and I'll say yes…. I promise I will.''

''Then, I'll hold you to that promise.''

She kissed him and made love to him again…

''When will I see you again?''

''I have no idea, but I know you will. As usual… when you don't expect it…''

She got dressed and so did he.

''Let me walk you to the metro…''

''You don't have to…''

''I want to buy us some more time…''


They walked by a small jewelry shop and he got her in. He picked two identical bands and in them engraved ''Forever yours B'' and ''Forever yours C''. He gave her a C ring and promised that the next time he sees her that ring will end up on her finger and she would be his wife. She smiled at him, but it was obvious she was on the verge of tears.

''You are hopeless romantic….''

''I'm hopeless only when it comes to you…''

''I promise Brandon not to fail our promise… When we see each other again, I'll be yours…''

He walked her to the metro and she missed four trains not being able to say good bye to him. When she finally got into one, he felt like life got sucked out of him again the moment their hands and lips broke contact. Through glass they mouthed ''I love you'' ant the train left…That was the last time he saw her…

He was two weeks away from marrying Talia. She was pregnant and her family insisted they get married as soon as possible. He didn't want to do it. He wanted to be there for hic child but, not marry her. His moms insisted he marries her because it was right thing to do. Jesus knew how much his brother would suffer and not be happy about it and Mariana couldn't wait to organize all. She hated Talia, but loved weddings and parties. As the wedding was getting closer, he thought about Callie more and more. He even started praying for God or someone to send her his way. He was not religious person. He didn't believe in God, but that was his last resort. He remembered someone told him that sometimes God gives you what you want. So, he did it… One day he went to the church and prayed for her to come back into his life…

His two friends planed lost weekend in Las Vegas for him. Jesus was invited but he didn't go because he knew Lexy wouldn't approve of that. They called him names, but he didn't care. He would rather live in peace with his wife than go with the boys. Brandon didn't want to go but then he became aware that is a chance to be away from the brideszila and he took it without second taught . Next morning they were on the way to Vegas. Boys had too many ideas Brandon didn't like but he stopped listening after some time. He was just glad to be away. They checked into their hotel and went out. Boys were chasing girls and he was taking pictures of too many pointless things. At ten in the evening they took him to the club. It was a strip joint and they paid a lap dance for him. Hostess took him to the private room and the lady came few seconds later. She had beautiful body and long hair. He felt butterflies in his stomach as she approached him. Then he saw her face…


She was in shock. She never expected them to meet under these circumstances….


It was her… His wish came truth… He took her cheeks in his hands and kissed her. She kissed him back. Instead of the lap dance he got heated make out session.

'' When is your shift ending?''

She smiled at him…

''You are my last…''

He stole one more kiss…

''Change and let's get out of here…''

''Give me fifteen minutes…''

They left the private room and he went back to the club. His friends were drunk and busy with some girls. He took his things and sneaked out . She changed and met him by the main entrance. She looked more like herself now. She had very light make up, jeans, boots and very pail sweater that showed her bare shoulders. Her hair was in a messy bun. He noticed she had his ring around her neck…

''Where to now Mr. Foster…''

''We are in Vegas and you live here.. Surprise me…''


She took him to a karaoke bar. They drank and sang whole night. He was so relaxed and happy to see her. Next morning he woke up because his phone was ringing.


''Dude, where are you? You disappeared on us…''

He looked the room and had no idea where he was… He was in a hotel, but that was not his room….or his hotel for that matter….

''I have no idea… ''

And then he saw naked Callie sleeping beside him.

''Call you latter….''

He hung up on them and turned to look around. There was nothing that he remembered, but a girl beside him. He went back to laying beside her and stroking her naked back… She was still the most beautiful thing in the universe. She was still something special to him. He noticed that she had their ring on her finger and that he also had it… He got out of the bed and on the table he saw their marriage certificate… Steff is going to kill him along with Talia's family. He read the certificate several times and a small smile appeared on his lips… He was married to her…for real… She was his wife… He got back to bed and started kissing her back…

''So, it was not a dream… You are here Brandon Foster…''

''Yes I am…Mrs. Foster…''

She opened her eyes in surprise…

''How did you just call me?''

''Mrs. Foster…Oh, pardon…. Mrs. Callie Marie Jacobs Foster…. At least that is what you signed you name and our marriage certificate…''

She suddenly was awake and sitting in bed. She looked him with surprise .

''We are married?''

''That would be correct…''

''How is that possible?''

He gave her the certificate and she looked at it for some time.

''Hm… So we are married…''

''Very married…''

''Apparently even drunk out of our mind we didn't forget the promise you gave me.''

He kissed her and she returned his kiss.

''I could never forget the only promise I couldn't wait to fulfill.''

''I don't want to let you go…not ever…''

''Then, don't.. But I believe I would never be able to walk away from you again.''

''There is something you must know…''


''I was supposed to marry Talia next weekend. She claims we are having a baby…''

''Oh, my God! Brandon!''

''I'm not sure that is true… She has no symptoms…. She didn't let me go to the doctor with her..''

''Brandon, this is so wrong…''


''Our marriage…''

''Don't you dare walk away or say something bad about this. I 've waited for years to make this possible and I'm not letting you go….Never again…. Do you hear me?''

''I heard you….But…''


''I've been in love with you for years… I will not give up now when we have our chance…''

''But then we build things on someone else's unhappiness…''

''And we should be miserable for someone else to be happy and rub it in our nose that SHE was the one who married me?''

''I don't know… I just hate her…''

''Me too…''

''So, we are having a baby with a she devil?''

''Yes, WE are…or so she says….''

''I hate you…''

''You see, we are already good at this marriage thing…''

He pushed her lightly to the bed and made love to her again. His phone was ringing and he saw Talia's name. He didn't answer…

''It's your fiancée…''

''I'm busy with my wife…''

''You are bad Brandon Foster… You are so bad…''

''Babe, Jude's sixteenth birthday is in two days… Let's go home… It's time…''

''I'm scared…''

''I know… But, first of all… I don't live there anymore so we would have our own space where you could hide and male your peace with all that happened. Second, Jude never stopped thinking about you. He loves Mariana and Jesus, but you are his everything even after all that has happened. And most important thing… He knows now about all that happened with Liam and how much he hurt you.''

''He knows? How?''

''Liam was sending you letters from jail. Steff and Lena didn't hide them well so he red one of them where Liam described very graphically one of nights he came to your room. ''

''Poor baby…''

''He wanted so see you and say sorry.''

''You say that is your place. Where would you live with Talia?''

''In her parent's pool house. They wanted to give us all. But I saw that as the way to controle us. Like I would be afraid not to love her in front of them…''

''What's wrong with your place?''

''It's too retro for her…''


''You'll see…''

''Now, you are scaring me…''

''You will love it… SHE hates it…''


''I can't tell you… Be patient….''

''I was never good with that…''

''With what?''

''Being patient, waiting for the right moment…''

''And now you tell me? I could have married you and brought you home in Boston?''

''Not really. I had some different agenda then… But I was so close to going back…''

''I would have taken you home the minute you left…''

''I know… But, we are doing it now…. Few years later…''

''But, not to late… ''

''You think Jude would be happy to see me?''

''He will…. All of them will.''

''I haven't told you…. Jesus and Lexy might be pregnant…''

''That is amazing…''

''They still don't know… But soon they will. It's just a suspicion…''

His phone rang again. It was Steff…

''Hi mom…''

''Don't hi mom me….Where are you and why are you not answering your phone. We were going crazy.''

''I'm having fun in Vegas. It's supposed to me my time where none of you calls…''

''We wouldn't if you stupid friends didn't call this morning asking if you came back home.''

''Mom… Let them be…''

''Where are you…''

''In a bathroom… You interrupted very intimate moment…''

''In you hotel?''

''No, a restaurant…''

''Oh…. Fine… Call me and call Talia. She is worried…''

''You call her. I want nothing to put me down this weekend.''

''She will be your wife… Don't talk about her that way…''

''She was not my choice…''

''Brandon Michael Foster, I raised you to take responsibilities for your actions…''

''And I will. Talk to you later..''

''When will you be home. Jude's birthday is tomorrow.''

''See you at the party…''

''Fine… Be sober…''

''I will..''

He put the phone down and looked at her.

''My ever charming mother…''

''That's Steff just being Steff…''

''I know… Shell we pack your things?''

''Yes, of course…''

''Were do you live?''

''This is where I live. This is club's hotel. It gives girls possibility to bring costumers back here…''

She noticed that there is the question hanging in the air…

''No, I never did that…''

''I know… You pack and I'm going back to hotel to get my things. See you soon. ''

He kissed her and left the room. She still had troubles believing this really happened. She would look at her hand and at the piece of paper saying that they really are married and that last night did really happen and that now some new chapter in her life starts. She is Mrs. Brandon Foster and she has to deal with the hell waiting for their marriage and going back to the families… Her bags were ready in a few minutes. She was used to travel light. They went to the club where she told the owner she was leaving and got her things out of that place too. They put it all in his car and hit the road. Callie took so many pictures on the way home. He teased her that she is like a tourist… She takes pictures of everything there is. They arrived late. He took their things into his apartment and closed the door. She turned on the light and the second she saw the apartment, she knew why Talia hated it… It was so her and Brandon. It looked like they decorated it together. Walls were covered in pictures she took and left at the Fosters. Furniture was second hand and heavy wood and leather. Bookshelves were full of old books and his music sheets. On leather sofa were pillows and a blanket that seamed Arabic. He took her to the bedroom and she was certain then that it was ''their'' apartment. The room had a roof window and it was very big light and white. In the center of the room was huge black canopy bed with white pillows and all together looked so beautiful and them. on every shelf there was big candle in a vase. It looked same as the thing she had imagined when they were younger. This was all for her.

''When did you do this?''

''After Boston. I bought the place from the money I got from my grandfather and did all this bit by bit…It took me almost a year to get everything.''

''It's beautiful.''

''It was made for you. I knew we would meet some day…''

'' So did I.''

They spent magical night in their little apartmant and next morning they were woken up by the phone. He answered and it was Talia.

''Nice of you to finaly pick up the phone.''

''What do you want?''

''What do you mean what do I want? We have so much things to do for our wedding…''

''No, you have… I have nothing to do with the wedding…''


''You heard me… Talia, that is all your idea…''

''You behave like you don't care…''

''But, I don't…. I never said I wanted to marry you. Your parents and my moms decided I have to. Now, I must go. I have things to do…''



''She is anoying as hell…''

''I know love…''

He came back to bed.

''I love you…''

''I love you too.''

They cuddled for few more minutes and then the phone started again. It was his moms calling.

''Yes mom…''

''Talia called…''

''Oh, I'm surprised…''

''You can't treat her like that…''

''Mom, please stay out of it…''



''Jude's party starts at six…''

''See you there…''

''What did you get him?''

''Something special…''

''Fine… See you and behave with Talia..''

''Bye mom…''

''Turn that thing off. I want my husband just for myself for a few hours.''

''I like the sound of that…''

He turned off the phone and dedicate all of his love and attention to his beloved wife. Around five they became aware of the time, so they started getting ready. As usual, when the couple decides to shower together it doesn't mean that they will be on time or save time. It was seven thirty by the time they arrived to the house. He asked Callie to hide and rung the bell. Jude opened the door and looked disappointed to see Brandon without the gift.

''What did you get me? Mom said it is special…''

''Close your eyes…''

Jude closed his eyes and Callie came out of hiding.

''Hi baby love…''

Everybody who had idea who she was kept silent . Jude didn't open his eyes, but his tears were coming out of them…

''It is not possible… He didn't… No… You are not real…''

''Open your eyes love…''

And he did… He opened his eyes and saw Callie standing in front of him. Brandon made his promise. He found his sister… He launched himself at her arms and she held him tight….

''You've grown so much… Now you can hold me…''

''No, you promised I'll always be your baby brother…''

''You will..''

Someone got Steff and Lena and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Callie and Jude were together at the door. Lexy, Jesus, Talia and Mariana noticed something was going on at the door and they went there. None of them could believe their eyes… Lexy heard Talia whisper…

''She is back… Oh, my God, she is back…''

And she was back. She was more beautiful than ever and Lexy could swear there is some other reason, beside Jude why the long lost family member came back. She knew that look in their eyes. This would be hell and she was thinking where to run for shelter. Jesus looked at his wife and had pretty good idea what was she thinking. He was thinking the same thing. He saw Brandon look at her and the way she returned those looks. To Jesus and Lexy it only meant trouble. They knew there was something going on. They were first to find out even then…

Brandon and Callie got into the house and Jude introduced her to his friends she didn't know.

''This is Callie Jacobs, my sister…''

''Foster sister?''

''' My real sister….''

''Oh, the one who left?''

The mood dropped after this question… Jude and the rest of the family still didn't get over that thing.

''Yes, the one who left…''

Brandon came to Jude and put his hand on Jude's sholder.. She is back now… And she is not leaving you again.''

Jude hugged her again.

''I missed you so much…''

Then she went to Steff and Lena…

''Hi Callie…''

''Hi, Steff…''

''It's nice to see you…''

''Nice to see you too.''

Lena opened her arms and Callie hugged her…''

''Welcome home love….''

''Thank you mama…''

''I missed you so much…''

''I'm back to stay. I made promise and I'm not leaving again.''

Lexy was next. She hugged her and whispered…

''You have so much to tell and don't try denying anything…. I've been there before…''


Jesus hugged her and started spinning her around the room.

''Hey, sis… Welcome back…''

''Thanks Jesus…''

And now it was Talia's turn. Callie didn't know how to behave. They were in a weird situation and only she and B knew how weird it was… They knew they should at least for the night avoid the talk about them. They didn't want Jude's birth day to turn into one of scenes from Mexican telenovelas Mariana was always fond of watching. She was in the kitchen with Steff, Lena and Lexy.

''So, how was life Callie?''

''It was…. different… I graduated college. I have major in photography. I worked many jobs just to keep survaving and I'm still here…''

Steff noticed her ring…

''You are married…?''

''Yes, I am married….''

''Does my son know?''

''Yes, he does…But, I haven't told Jude. I would be grateful if you left it to me.''

''Where is your spouse?''

''Not now Steff. Tomorrow, lunch, dinner…I'll answer all of the questions any of you has. But not now…''

Talia got into the kitchen.

''What are you talking about?''

''Callie just told us she was married and doesn't want to sheare anything else before she talks to Jude.''

''Oh, is it recent?''

''Marriage? Yes…''

''Well Brandon and me are getting married next weekend…''

''That's nice…''

Callie ignored what Talia was saying. Lexy took her hand and led her to the yard.


''What? ''

''You and Brandon… All the looks… And it turnes out you are married to someone….and B knows…''

''Yes, Brandon knows who I'm married to…''

She smiled an evil smile at Lexy….

''Brandon knows the person very well….very, very well…''

It took Lexy few seconds to connect the dots…

''No! No!''


''You are so going down when it comes out!''

''I know…''

''So, you and B again?''

''Pretty much…''


''I don't know…. We met and…one thing led to another….''

''That usualy means sex, no marriage… Did you know that?''

''I know…But that is not the first time we met…''

''When did you meet?''

''Few years ago…''

Callie told her about Boston and what happened there. Lexy was so happy for them.

''So, you are the ring around the neck?''

''On his finger now actually…''

''You are crazy… One part of me thinks this is insane and other screams it's hot…''

''It is hot…''

''Callie, this will be huge…''

''I know… But I love him Lexy. It took us so long to find each other again…''

''I know that Jesus and me are on your side… We hate Talia…''

''I know…''

''Callie, how do you think everyone would take it?''

''I have no idea. I only know I have no regrets…''

''And B told you about…''


''Yes. I know she said she was pregnant. B is under the impression she is not… But I'd rather be a step mum than far from him again. Trust me I wanted to leave when he told me….but…''

''I know. You love him and he loves you and it has been like that for over five years. We all know.''

''I just want to live normal life and not feel like this is something wrong. Steff and Lena will be angry.''

''They were angry at Jesus and me when we got married few hours after I turned eighteen and here we are… In college, having a normal life and they talk to us…''

''But none of you left Talia potently pregnant…''

''That is true…''

''Lexy, I can't put everybody before me anymore… I will do all I can for that baby to have everything, but I can't give up Brandon… Not anymore…''

''Then, don't..''

They went back to the house and Jude brought her to sit with his friends. They were nice and she had fun listening to all the stories. She noticed that Jude and Connor are dating or at least are close to that. She was happy he had someone. She danced with Jude, his friends and even Jesus. She always had fun dancing with him. When the party got into slow dance mood, she left the room and gave the kids their privacy. She didn't see Brandon with the adults.

''Had fun Callie?''

''Yes, I left them to slow dance… I remember being sixteen and I know this could lead to something nice for some people…''

''I remember being sixteen too and slow dancing…''

Jesus kissed his wife and winked…

''We all remember that… After that Steff had to give Lexy day after pills…''

Lexy responded without thinking….

''Not all of us could forge signatures to get regular pills Mariana.''

Lena looked at Mariana in surprise….

''You were on the pill Mariana?''

''No, I was…''

''Callie? But why? Wyatt and you? You said you two never….''

''No…We never slept together…''

''Tell us who… It has been a long time…''

Jude's guests left. He and Connor joined them in the kitchen.

''What are you talking about?''

''Callie's secret boyfriend before she run away…''

''Jude turned pail…''

''Did you tell them?''

''It doesn't matter now…''


She looked at Lexy and Jesus…. She had no idea what to say… Jude, Lena and Steff noticed the looks they were exchanging..

''Lexy? Jesus? You knew who she dated?''

'' We know nothing…. It's up to her…''

''Callie, tell us…''

''It was Brandon…''

''Brandon as….''

''Yes mom, brandon as your son… He and Callie dated and Jesus and Lexy covered for them. All the time she pretended to be with Lexy she was with him…''


''Is that true Callie?''

''Yes, Steff it is true…''

''And you never told us…''

''She left because of him. She left so he wouldn't get into trouble… She covered for him…''

''Jude,please stop…''

''I heard you that night. You told him you love him more than anything in the world and that he must be patient and give you time. You promised you'll meet again… And here you are… Again…''


''You didn't come back for me, but for him…. But ,you are too late… He is marryng someone else… I wish you never came back…''

Jude rushed upstairs and Connor looked at Callie.

''Give him some time… I knew all along about you and Brandon. Jude told me and I kept it a secret because he told me it could get him also out of the Fosters. He suffered after you left. He missed you and seeing Brandon that near makes him jealous…Give him time to realize you came back for him.''

''Go to him… He might need you.''

''I will..''

''Callie… Why? You knew you could never…''

''That's why I left. I could never see him as a brother… I had to leave and save us both…''

''And now?''

''What about now?''

''Do you see him as a brother? You are married, he is about to marry Talia who is pregnant… Be carefull.''

Callie got out of the chair and into the garden. Lexy found her and set by her. Callie hugged Lexy, and started crying. Brandon found them and he looked worried.

''Callie, is everything Ok?''

''Yes, your wife is little bit overwhelmed.''

He smiled after Lexy called her his wife…''

''So, you know…''

''I do… And Jesus is on the trail…''

''Oh, God…''

''He will not say anything.''


''I'll live you to it…''

''I broke up with Talia…''


''No, when I was taking her home…''

''Oh, and what did she say?''

''Nothing… She cried…''

''I'm sorry….''

''I'm not…''

''What happened to you?''

''They know now about our past…''

''Oh… And?''

''I shouldn't play with my life because I'm married and you are about to marry Talia…''

''Is that so?''


He hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

''Do you want to go home?''

''Yes, this was tiring…''

They got back to the house and picked up their things. Lena and Steff were in the back and they haven't seen them. Lexy let them out and wished them good night. They spent that night holding each other like their life depended on it. He could never let go of her. At four in the morning his phone rang. It was from the hospital. Steff told him that Talia tried to kill herself and was very critical.