The Scarlet Dilemma

By Ardanexelia

Robin named her Scarlet, just to annoy will. Marian was so annoyed with him she slapped him, then re-named her daughter Elizabeth. But as she aged, Elizabeth became a rather flawed name. Elizabeth, or Lizzie, as her mother called her, was strong, athletic, agile, and didn't care much for her mothers life, preferring to stay in the company of her father.

So she was re-named, yet again and to Will Scarlet's dismay, Scarlet. By the time Scarlet was 7 months, she could walk, and by 8, she could run, often tormenting her parents by walking off when their backs were turned.

She was a reckless toddler, but she played well with the animals, taking a particular interest in foxes, and she enjoyed the occasional climb up to the tops of trees, her mother crying for her to come down, her father laughing heartily until Marian yelled at him.

But as for academics, she was hardly well schooled. Her mother recited the occasional poem, and read her books when she could. Scarlet could talk well by the age of 4, but writing and reading were beyond her, and politics she never understood very well. But oh, how Marian loved to sing to her. Everyday, anywhere, doing anything, you could hear the clear notes from a far ways off.

The two loved the little girl, despite the trouble she caused. But years go by quickly. Soon little Scarlet was 16. She excelled in archery, foot races, swordplay, and climbing trees. She was horrible at being patient, writing, and reading, but she was clever, and she had the potential. Perhaps less potential then her mother thought she had.