0: "But I hear the Voices say..."
1: "I Rose above the Noise and Confusion."
2: "Just to get a Glimpse beyond this Illusion."
3: "Masquerading as a Man with a Reason."
4: "My charade is the Event of the Season."
5: "Carry on My Wayward Son."
6: "There'll be Peace when you are Done."
7: "Lay your Weary Head to rest."
8: "Don't you cry No More."

CHAPTER 0: "But I hear the Voices say..."

Lips met in the dark...and a flash of violet light briefly illuminated a woman's green eyes and Red-Brown hair.

She pulled away and licked her lips with a desiring moan, "So tell me, dear..."

"Yes?" The boy with her asked, voice sounding haunted.

"What animal are you?"


"Good boy," Said her sultry voice, "now 'Nyaa' for me..."

"N-Nyaa," the teen purred.

"Good...!" A smile... and then her lips took his again.

And the darkness was filled with a brief flash of violet light.

I had no clue how it had gotten to this moment.

Everything had seemed fine and normal after that day at the amusement park, and, despite the unsettling discovery made that very same day, everyone seemed to come out of it better.

But something had gone awry somewhere. After some unknown divergence, everything had gone pear shaped. I had to ask myself, "what caused this ridiculous scenario?" It was practically something right out of those galgames Sena and Yozora had played on occasion.

How did I, Hasegawa, Kodaka, end up trying to climb the side of a bell tower in an attempt to keep a fellow club member- no, a dear friend- from jumping off?

Perhaps I should rewind a bit? But maybe not. I shouldn't get distracted at such a critical moment.


The Wayward Soul Job.