CHAPTER 8: "Don't you cry No More."

An returned then, carrying an arm full of clothes and quickly set to work putting them onto the two freshly made twins.

"So...Spill!" She grinned at me as she worked, "How'd you pull it off?"

"I tapped into Bettenou's powers, I think," I laughed. "I made up some bullshit lie about us having a plan to split them apart and give them separate bodies, and she believed it! I don't know if the memory thing I said I was doing worked or not, but... I guess that'll have to wait until they wake up!"

"I hate to intrude," Kodaka spoke up then, "but what about us? There's no way we can't go back to our normal lives after this. I mean..." he motioned around the room. "Yusa's been orphaned, there are two Yukimura's... and... one of them is a mass-murderer who Also made herself an orphan... I do we move on from something like that?"

Rie just shrugged, "When in doubt, move houses!"

"...What?" Kodaka asked flatly.

"My house got exploded in the last major case we had like this!" Rie laughed, "So I moved in with Shinjuurou!" She then mused, "Since I'm guessing Yukimura's not been staying at her/his place all this time, that shouldn't be a problem taking in the other one, especially since they're probably going to want to sort things out for themselves... Yusa's in the same boat too, but I'm guessing that she can just stay with one of you until that's sorted out too."

"Rika's guest rooms are going to be filled up at this rate," Rika lamented.

"The biggest problem will be keeping quiet about this," Kazamori spoke up, looking at the two girls, Kobato and Maria, who had been completely silent through the whole ordeal. "In that, I don't think that would be much of a problem at all. Will it?" I asked them.

"Nope!" Maria said with a giggle.

"This One has seen Nothing new tonight," Kobato said in a slightly different accent before chuckling a "Ku Ku Ku...!"

Kodaka looked down at the two girls in surprise for a moment, then sighed in agreement. "Yeah, I don't think we'll have a problem with this..."

"Rika will commit her silence for finding out more!" Rika said.

Shinjuurou came back in and said, "Katawase's on her way over. Though, she says that all the evidence completely points at Yukimura... It's going to be hard to explain there being two of him...her?"

"Why not just tell the truth?" Rie asked. "I'm kind of tired of all the lies my dad started..."

"Well," I spoke up, "what would you believe? Demons possessing people and then being made into their own person, or...What? Rogue Hypnotists?" And then everyone just said "Rogue Demons." and I kind of had to agree... "You know, that's got a nice ring to it."

Three days later, cameras flashed against sunglasses.

"The end result, whether anyone will believe it or not, is that the Rogue Demon "Yuuko" that went on a murderous rampage the last two weeks has been slain," Katawase said to the awaiting Press before her. "The child that the Demon was possessing is expected to survive physically, although we all hope for the best for their speedy recovery mentally. No-one should have to go through the experience they went through."

"What was the child's name?" Some reporter asked.

"We're not at liberty to discuss that," Katawase said. "If the child can recover, we wish for them to be able to lead a normal life outside of being the subject of scrutiny."

"So...Demons and Magic are real, then?" another Reporter asked.

Katawase took her sunglasses and lowered them down her nose ever so slightly so she could look at the Reporter. "You're kidding me right?"

The Reporter glanced around, ""

"What's your name?"

"Eva Kitsumi, Ma'am."

"Eva-chan, I've got two words for you: Toaster. Cats." Katawase said those two words, and then shoved her shades back up her nose. "Magic is real, folks. So are Demons. And Kamis. And the Monsters that live under your bed and in your closets." She then said- "Now, believe me or not, but that's the truth of the matter. We at both the Prossecutor's Office and the Police Department struggled over whether or not to say the truth of this case, but after The Rising Sun's internet hacks revealing the Torrid History of the old management's dual deceptions, it was decided by the New Management that the Truth, no matter how strange or bizarre, should be put out there."

"Well, it's out there," Katawase said as she took off her sunglasses and pocketed it. "Whether or not people believe it is another subject up to debate."

"That's about all we can ask," Shinjuurou said. "Did you get what I asked for?"

"Yeah," Katawase rolled her eyes. "They in there?"

"Yeah," Shinjuurou nodded.

And with that, he turned to knock on the clubroom door.

Kodaka opened it. "Oh, hi...Um..."

"Relax! We come bearing gifts," Katawase said. "Is Yukimura here?"

A nod, and he let them in.

"Good afternoon, everyone," Shinjuurou greeted.

"Hello," was the general greeting from the presently half-sized Neighbor's Club.

"It's good to see you again," Yukimura bowed, showing off his different hairstyle.

Shinjuurou raised an eyebrow, and Sena spoke up saying, "He's experimenting around."

"Ah," he said with an understanding nod.

"You said you brought gifts?" Maria asked.

"Mostly a birthday gift, of sorts," Katawase said, pulling out a small envelope from her coat, and handing it to Yukimura. "Since Yuuko took your old body, and you've got a whole different set of fingerprints now anyways to boot, we thought it best if we whipped up a new one for you."

Yukimura opened the envelope and pulled out its contents to look it over.

"Yukimura, Harley?" he raised an eyebrow at the Birth certificate that was the main bulk of the envelope's contents.

"We wanted you to still keep your common name, but we had to switch it up to the last name, rather than the first, since, well, Yuuko, again..." Shinjuurou said, grimacing slightly.

"Thank you," Yukimura bowed. "I feel like I can finally start my life properly now."

"Just be sure to stick close to your friends, alright?" Katawase said. "Can't go wrong with people like them."

"Will do." Yukimura nodded, then paused to ask, "How's is she doing?"

The room went tense for a moment, then Shinjuurou sighed.

"Honestly," He explained, "she's awake last I heard, but...she's pretty much lost all of her memories save basic things like how to move and talk. But the more complex things math and identification... it's like she's just never learned it to begin with."

"Can you remember the name of this food item?" A doctor asked, holding up an apple.

"Sorry," The girl in the bed shook her head 'no', "I can't."

He turned the apple around, and asked, "And what color is this?"

"I don't know, sir."

It was green.

"We're hoping that she'll right herself out eventually, make new memories and all that..." Shinjuurou shook his head, "But the doctors don't think she'll be getting out of the hospital any time soon."

"I see," Yukimura frowned slightly. "And you still think it would be for the best if we don't meet face to face?"

"We just don't know what will happen with her until she forms her own memories," Katawase shook her head. "I haven't even spoken with her. There's just too much of a chance she might relapse into a coma."

"In the end, though," Kodaka said, "I suppose this is about as much of a happy ending as we could get."

"I suppose so," Shinjuurou agreed, then asked. "So how's Yusa-chan doing?"

"Settling in," Kodaka said. "She's staying at Rika's place. Rika and Kobato are with her right now helping her get everything moved into the guest room."

"You're not helping?" Katawase asked.

"Yusa wanted to move the light stuff by herself, she insisted really." He then said flatly, "Yukimura and I have to take care of moving all the heavy stuff when we head over later."

"You're staying with Kodaka and Kobato, right?" Shinjurou asked of Yukimura.

"Yes," He nodded. "It's somewhat more appropriate, I think, given Rika's...ah...hobbies." He seemed embarrassed to a degree. "I'd rather not be subject to any scientific experiments right now."

"Oh, speaking of Rika! I've got a gift for her too," Katawase then pulled out another envelope from her coat and placed it on the table. "It's the application for internship at the Police Department's tech office she requested. So be sure to get that to her, and have her send it in to my office. The address is printed on the side of the envelope there."

"I'll make sure she gets it," Kodaka said as he picked the envelope up and went over to his bag to put it inside with his school books.

"Thanks," Katawase said with a smile.

"So what about us?" Yozora asked. "Got Anything?"

Shinjuurou and Katawase shared a glance, and then Katawase added, "I suppose I should mention that that application is completely blank, beyond the division name that it's for, and could be photo-copied at any Family Mart within the city. Really, could be copied about as many times as you want..." She then added in a slightly-fake-serious tone, "But you shouldn't do that copying thing at all! It's against the law you know!"

"There isn't a copyright on it though, is there?" Shinjuurou asked.

"Oh, right!" Said in a fake surprised tone. "No there isn't..." Katawase laughed with a "Hue Hue Hue!" and then said, "So be extra careful about keeping that away from any photo-copier machines!"

Yozora laughed a single "Ha!" and ordered: "Kodaka! Be sure to get Rika to get us a copy of it for each of us!"

"Don't you mean 'don't get us a copy' of it?" Kodaka asked flatly.

Sena just put her hands over her ears and mumbled, "I'm not hearing any of this!"

"Same here!" Katawase grinned, "I hear Nothing! Nothing at all! Consider that an early graduation present."

"Anyways, we've got places to be," Shinjuurou said with a small bow. "I hope we won't be seeing each other again any time soon." The way he stressed the "won't" made it sound like he was expecting the opposite. "Especially on any sudden Internships that nobody was expecting?"

"Of course not," Yukimura raised his hand in a salute. "You have our word on that!"

"And no crossed fingers, guys!" Katawase said with a grin as she and Shinjuurou turned to leave.

The heavy wooden door closed with a muted 'thunk' through the monitor's built-in speakers.

Kashiwazaki, Pegasus, frowned slightly as he turned the camera feed away from his Daughter's Clubroom to the hallway that the Detective and Police Chief were walking through.

"Just what is your game, Defeated Detective?" He asked aloud. With a scowl, he opened a small drawer and slid out an old-fashioned rotary phone.

He picked up the receiver and spun the dial.

After a few moments, he said into the receiver, "Cell 69 please."

After a few moments, a light on the phone came on, and he put the receiver down.

The moment he did such, the image on the monitor suddenly cut to a live camera feed of a familiar face.

"Ah, Pegasus-san," Kaishou, Rinroku, said with a smile. "A pleasure as always. To what do I owe the sudden and unexpected call?"

"Yuuki, Shinjuurou has just left the Academy," Kashiwazaki said. "He and the new Police Chief delivered letters of internship to my daughter's club."

"Unexpected, but I doubt Shinjuurou knows of our" Kaishou frowned. "My daughter on the other hand... Rie might have begun to see through the ruse..."

"Given the rings on her and the Detective's fingers, I'd say that's a fair bet," Kashiwazaki growled. "Your information had better be good, Kaishou. Associating with a a real life Convicted Criminal is never worth the risk like it is on TV."

"It's never worth it on TV either," Kaishou gave a smirk. "But yes, My information is as solid as it has ever been."

"You thought the Detective would never catch on to the Academy either," Kashiwazaki hissed at the man who had once been so powerful. "And yet he did. He brought a giant magnifying glass down upon St. Chronica's Academy, and nearly exposed the dark underbelly of our alliance to the light of day! They put EYES on the SCHOOL, Kaishou! There's talk of the Prosecutor's Office forming a Supernatural Investigation Squad! All it takes is one sudden deduction and-!"

"Relax, Pegasus-san, as long as you keep things calm for the foreseeable future, nothing will bring their attention back to the School."

"How can you be so calm for a man in cuffs?"

"Because my daughter comes to visit once a week with ultrasound photos. They're surprisingly calming on the soul."

"Says the man who's daughter is sleeping with the man we both fear will destroy everything we've worked so hard to build."

"He's lost the use of Inga's powers, as well as the R.A.I.'s technological advantage. He's crippled. There's nothing that he can do to suss out the full truth of things now."

There was a knock from behind at the door to alert him to someone's presence. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to cut this short," He then hung up before hearing a reply.

He turned around in his chair to face the other side of the desk, and then pressed a button to hide the monitor and phone, as well as to signal the person outside his office to enter with a buzzer.

The door opened, and a familiar figure stepped in through the door.

"Kate-Sensei," he greeted. "I take it that the powers of both Kami 'Inga' and Kami 'Bettenou' are now forever out of our reach?"

"It seems that way, Kashiwazaki-dono," Kate Takayama, Maria's older sister, nodded with a flat expression on her face. "Their combined powers were completely extinguished in transforming the Demon 'Yuuko' into a human. Subject 'Yukimura' shows no signs of residual energy, either."

"How goes the research into the remaining Lost Kami Statues?" He asked.

"Research indicates that there are shrines in China and Africa that seem to be untapped," she replied. "Shall we slate them for recovery and transport to the school?"

"No," He shook his head, "we drew too much attention to ourselves by drawing the remnants of 'Inga' and 'Bettenou' here, and further merging them with the child 'Yukimura'...the experiment was a complete failure in too many ways..." He frowned. "Send an agent to each location, and have them attempt to draw the Kami within into themselves." She nodded and turned to leave, but then he added, "Oh, and make sure they know this is a completely Voluntary act of self-sacrifice, Kate-Sensei. We don't want anyone thinking we're forcing this on them like the last experiment..."

"Understood, sir..." Kate nodded, and then turned to the door.

With that, Kashiwazaki, Pegasus, pressed the button again, and turned around to face the camera monitor, now displaying empty hallways and an empty club room.

"Kaishou, you'd better be right about this..."

"Of course I'm right!" Rie said with a nod. "This is going to be the best post-dinner dessert ever!"

Kazamori and Inga both stared at the giant bowl (Which really used to be half of a glass globe that had survived destruction) of Strawberry jello that had random fruits stuffed into it.

"I didn't even think we could use that as a bowl," Kazamori said.

" that a banana in there?" Inga asked as he spied a yellow curved fruit sans skin floating in the gelatin.

"Geeze! You guys act like I'm a horrible chef or something! You two haven't even tried it yet!" Rie pouted.

"You filled a three gallon bowl and expect us to eat it for desert!" Inga practically yelled- "I don't think all four of us could eat that much even if we skipped dinner and lunch first!"

"Hm..." Rie considered the giant bowl for a moment, "Maybe I did fix a bit too much..."

Thus was the sight Shinjuurou saw as he walked in through the front door. "...Is that the the Glass Globe that broke when Yuuko attacked?" he asked upon seeing the glittering glass bowl.

"It is," Kazamori said as a matter of fact.

"How much-?" He blinked.

"Three gallons," Inga said.

"Do you think I made too much?" Rie asked.

Shinjuurou just sighed and shook his head. "Yeah. I think that might be just a bit much for us alone... Think there'd be enough room in the fridge for left overs?"

"HAAH?" Inga cried out in surprise.

"Hm, I think so!" Rie nodded.

"Kazamori! There's gotta be no way we can eat all of that ourselves!" Inga protested.

"I have to agree," Kazamori nodded. Then... "We must invite everyone we know over to help finish it."

"Now that's the right idea!" Rie snapped her fingers.

And so, as an atypical family interacted in a somewhat typical manner (with in the confines of being confronted with a 3 Gallon Bowl of Strawberry Jello), a single Toaster Cat just watched them from the counter top, and meowed.

Yes, Kato thought, this was certainly a decent, ordinary life to be had.

A Cell Door slammed shut.

Kaishou, Rinroku stepped out of his cell, and was lead down the hallways to the phone room where the prisoners would chat with a visitor.

With a calm look on his face, Kaishou, Rinroku sat down at a chair, and picked up a phone to speak to the person on the other side. "Hello there, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of introducing ourselves," He greeted as the other end was picked up. "But since this is the second surprise I've gotten today, I'm in a curious mood, so I won't ask your name just yet. Would you mind telling me what this is about?"

The man on the other end smirked, and then put a small envelope into their end of the Item-Tray drawer before sliding it over and stating, "Why, it's a Mystery, Kaishou-san."

Kaishou picked up the envelope and opened it, pulling out the contents to read. "Well well, I'll certainly say it is." He looked his visitor straight in the eye and asked. "Since you already know my name. I'd consider it rude if I didn't know yours."

"I'm just...The Messenger," There was a chuckle over the line, "my Employer is the one who wishes you to solve this."

"Sorry, but I'm out of the Detective Business, don't you know?" Kaishou apologized. "Maybe my Daughter or her Husband-To-Be would-"

"My Employer wants you, Kaishou-san, and not your daughter." The man cracked a grin, and said, "In case it wasn't clear, we're not asking you to do this." He stood up and concluded, "I'll be in touch, Kaishou-san, to check in on your progress." And with that, he hung up and turned to leave.

Kaishou frowned, and looked over the contents of the letter once again with a sigh. "And I was actually starting to enjoy prison life," he stood up and turned towards the guard that escorted him. "Could I request a stop to the Library? I have something I need to check out."



The Lost Souls Job

The Lost Souls Job came about as a sequel to The Working Title Job, namely to tie up the loose plot threads of Inga and Kazamori's relationship, and the explosion of energy that transformed the world. I'm not ashamed to say that it was a hollow plot at best. All I really had in mind for the story was a single conclusion- of Inga protecting Kazamori from a soul-taking, and then turning it back upon the alter-ego that he'd shed in TWTJ. I started work on TLSJ soon after completing TWTJ, but found myself stumped soon after introducing the first victim- Atsuhiko, Hirokazu.

I forgot about TLSJ for a short while, focusing instead on other projects (Mainly Vamola! Kyoryuger! a sequel to XWAU02) for a time... And then my mind wandered to one such project that I'd also run into a stumbling block with. It was a HaGaNai story, in which Rika and Kodaka saved Yukimura from a suicide attempt. But soon after that critical opening scene... Just like with TLSJ, I soon hit a stumbling block.

As I worked the plot out in my head for that story, I found myself inspired by a fan-piece for HaGaNai that involved Yusa and Kodaka. Admittedly, I was originally going to write something of a Lemony nature at first between them...but as I worked out that plot, I realized that it was vastly out of character for the both of them, so I had to come up with a reason WHY this was happening and... The idea of Yukimura going Yandere and killing Yusa's father popped into my head.

Almost immediately, I fused the two stories together, and... The full plot of TLSJ was formed. Plot points were heavily rewritten, of course, as now two separate stand-alone stories were now fused together into a Xros-Over... One major plot line that was to be the B-Plot of the HaGaNai story ended up shoved into it as what appears to be an after thought. Kobato and Maria just...ended up being barely there in TLSJ, much like Inga and Kazamori ended up barely being there in TWTJ. If pattern continues, the sequel to this story may just feature them a bit more.

The HaGaNai cast in general ended up taking less of a center stage to the story. There...just isn't much room for them in this rather random Xros-Over. I mean...I took an Echii Harem Comedy and meshed it into the same universe as a Detective's Story. You don't see these things mixing very often and... There's a reason for that. This story is that reason. Writing this was a long and tortured experience and after a long break half-way through, I just pushed myself through to the ending.

God, the first draft of this story is just... It was a mess, I'm going to say that right now. Who knows how even the second draft compares to it...Better, yeah, but there's a lot of polish that needs to be (or has already been) done (depending on the point of temporal divergences that this authors note is being read from).

As I said at the end of TWTJ, Kazamori and Inga weren't... really a stable couple. Over the course of the time skip between stories, these two tried to work things out. They were making progress, sure, but... there was something that was nagging them both. "What if Inga got his powers back?" There was a subtle tension I had in mind that didn't really carry into the story's first draft, and I feel like the piece suffers for it.

With regards to merging two uniquely separate stories into one... I feel like it's a hit or miss thing. Some scenes blended perfectly together, while others...really didn't. The first draft also had a major problem with the first/third person problem, again from rather conflicting narrative styles. HaGaNai is First Person, and Un-Go was mostly Third Person. Marking POV switches in the first draft was a major puzzle as well, and somewhat confusing. I settled on a mostly First Person story this time around, with occasional Third Person perspectives that also sometimes turned out to be First Person perspectives!

The Chapter Titles come from lyrics of the song "Carry On Wayward Son," which helped me push through the first half of the story. Naturally, I first heard it from the TV Show Supernatural. Hah. Irony right there...I suppose?



Shinjuurou Yuuki takes a less...leading role in this story. He's less of a lead than the other leads, I think. The intent of his character arc in TLSJ was not-so-much for him to be the Hero that he was in TWTJ. He's there to support the other leads and to be there as a sounding board of sorts, even though he IS running an investigation. He's a sort of Decoy Protagonist, I suppose, to Inga, given the conclusion of the story.

Rie Kaishou as well has a reduced roll in the story due to the above and also...She's two months pregnant, as a consequence of what happened in TWTJ. In writing TLSJ, I found that I was written into a corner... Rie ended up being just an expy of herself, flanderized, basically, to the point of her having random cravings for strange food. I tried to keep her in-character as she appeared...but...there's just something off in the writing that I know is off.

Inga was horribly out of character in TWTJ. He barely did anything, and... That wasn't right. TLSJ was my way of correcting that. The Lost Souls Job is Inga's story, although it doesn't show completely. He's struggling with becoming human, and having lost most of his Demon-y powers. Inga wanted to be of use to Shinjuurou now that these changes had happened, and so when it turned out that someone with his Powers was out causing trouble... He had to jump in and correct it.
Inga could have used that final moment to regain his full powers, but instead let it all go and used them for another purpose... The first draft of the scene was horrible in showing this, but I'm not sure if later revisions make it better or not. It's up to you to make a descison on it, dear reader.

Kazamori Sasa, like Rie, was heavily reduced in playability due to the events of TWTJ. (If it hadn't been such a heavy plot device...) Kazamori, however, gets quite a bit of focus in TLSJ. She's now using an actual computer to do her hacking work and is even more settled into having a human body now.
Kazamori and Inga were set up for a fall with Yuuko's appearance, and the idea that what they'd done together was a 'mistake' was a thought that weighed in the backs of both of their minds. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but that First Draft... Ect. Ect.

Mayoi Katawase- in a sense- was the UN-GO side's other lead, possibly the main one of the entire story all things considered. Having established her in TWTJ, TLSJ was meant to show her getting into her element and being the Police Chief she was meant to be. She's definitely aware of all of the magical stuff going on around her, but is hesitant to admit it aloud...
Then comes the ending where she does just that. Katawase has to be the coolest Chief ever to make up for both of her predecessors. She definitely starts to hit a stride here, I think.

An Osada makes her dramatic return! I think she's accepted by this point that she'll be a part of any major events that happen from now on. She's alright with that now, having felt a sort of...Triumph after throwing Izumi-san's own words back at her at the arrest in TWTJ. We see that here in TLSJ as she helps Inga out with his girl troubles. Sadly, we don't get to see her efforts pan out, damn it Kato! Did you have to steal those chocolates?


Kodaka Hasegawa takes on the HaGaNai side's Lead roll. He is the protagonist of that story, after all. The HaGaNai narrative has branched off given some subtle background changes from the original story. Instead of his troubles starting after Rika presents a "Time Machine" to him, they start with that conversation going off the rails, and Rika saying her rant from a later book. He rushes in to save Yukimura, but after the next morning, he and the others start falling under the influence of Inga's powers.

Rika Shiguma is a smart girl. She comes up with the idea of turning Homestuck's Auspitice quadrant on it's heels. In the original draft for the HaGaNai story (Tenativly named Diamond Club), this would have worked out a lot better than it did here in TLSJ. There was a whole story line I'd had in mind, but, alas...merging the stories just didn't allow for it. She's a bit quicker at noticing Yuuko's manipulations, and starts to wonder what it's all about. She'll probably be working alongside Katawase in the future.

Yozora and Sena didn't get to do much. Yozora is trying to play detective, and wants to solve the mystery around her. Sena is just trying to be supportive given all that's happened. In the DC Draft, they were to fall into Homestuck's Kismesis quadrant, to provide a stable Kismesis compared to Kobato and Maria...

Who were meant to Vacillate between Kismesisses and Matesprits. There was a whole emotional plot I had in mind for them...and... I just couldn't show it all in this. Only the basic start and Conclusion of it. You could literally cut out both mentions of this plot line and the story wouldn't be affected by it. The reason I left it in, though, was to show that even though all this supernatual stuff was going on, normal life was progressing. Pieces of it might show up in the future as they get older though.

Aoi Yusa... Poor thing. Her story just went all over the place. In the DC draft, she and Kodaka were to end up Matesprits. Their emotional conflict and resolution was to be a good chunk of the story... But, since Inga and Kazamori had that plot for TLSJ, I decided to slow their relationship down for future stories to touch on. Her comment of wishing her father would choke was what gave Yuuko the idea to do the killing in that way. She's really regretting her choice of words now.

And finally, the "Villain" of the story... Yuuko, who was possessing Yukimura. Yukimura's plot was changed somewhat with the introduction of Yuuko with Inga's powers. But that original plot was just too damn depressing. Yukimura's presence in the story feels like it's barely there at all, despite being a driving factor of the story. That's a subtle clue to the reader that Yuuko is messing with people's memories. Okay, not so subtle, given that I practically spell it out after the Yusa confession scene.

Yuuko was damned hard to write. I tried to make her a coherent character, and yet, at the same time, not. She was just a collection of memories from Inga's dismissed powers that settled into Yukimura somehow, and caused trouble. She has a chance at redemption now; however, what comes of it remains to be seen. Yukimura, however, has gotten what he wanted all along: "To be a Real Boy!" Yes, he is Pinnochio. It is him.


Yukimura's unnamed Parents and Chef, and even in the HaGaNai Light Novels I think they're really stuck up for telling their daughter that she's a boy.
Hirokazu Atsuhiko, may he rest in peace, really didn't deserve to die, all things considered. His first name is a shoutout to Digimon Tamers own Hirokazu.
Watanabi-chan's Memories. She's going to wish she could remember what she forgot... But she never will.
Buriki Matsuda, his first name was randomly dragged off of the HaGaNai TV Tropes page (Buriki was the illustrator), his last name is a shoutout to Takato Matsuda of Digimon Tamers (yet again!). No offense was meant to the illustrator by using his name, I just grabbed it at random.
Cronus Yusa, Aoi's father, was basically Cronus Ampora from Homestuck, "Nyeh"s and all.


Kashiwazaki, Pegasus, Sena's father. Apparently instigated an experiment which drew in Inga and Bettenou's powers into Yukimura with out his knowing.

Kate Takayama, Maria's older sister. She really doesn't act like a Nun in the main series, and she's definitely not acting like a nun here in TLSJ. Seemingly(?) cares for her younger sister.

Kaishou, Rinroku. Damn this man. He gave Kashiwazaki Sr. the info about Inga and Bettenou, which caused this whole mess! But...what's this? it seems someone else is entering, stage left...!

The Messenger. Who's this Douchebag? I'll admit, I was imagining Koizumi from Haruhi fame when i wrote his dialogue. But is it him? Or someone else? He works for some mysterious employer.

WH4T NOW? :]

I finish proofreading this, and upload it, then get back to Vamola! Kyoryuger! Buuut... I can leave you all with a mysterious title to tide you over for the sequel to TLSJ.

The Caged Con Job

I think you can guess what it will be about. ;)

Thanks for reading this non-linear piece of cross-over fiction.


Calum Traveler