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Just who got the job of telling 'Nana Harley' that Deedee and Deedee had been arrested in "Return of the Joker"?

"Home Visit"
By J.T. Magnus, 'Turbo'

When the door opened to the house, the white-haired woman raised her hand to show the badge in her wallet, "Mrs. Jonathan Ryder?"

The woman who had opened the door frowned, "Yeah?"

Barbara Gordon closed her wallet and slipped it back into her pocket, "Normally this would be done by phone or a uniformed officer, Mrs. Ryder, but due to circumstances I thought it best to inform you personally as you are their legal guardian that your granddaughters, Deidre and Delia Dennis are currently under arrest pending charges of theft, assault and being involved in gang activity, specifically the 'Jokerz' street gang."

Mrs. Ryder shook her head, "Aw, geez..."

Barbara reached out and put a hand on the other woman's shoulder, "I'm sorry, Harley."

Harleen Ryder, nee Quinzel, sighed, "It's okay, Babs, I was kinda expecting this ever since I first heard of that gang. Those two just never understood that I was trying to warn 'em with those stories of the old days, I wasn't meaning to inspire them or anything."

"I know you weren't, Harley," Barbara nodded in agreement, "These kids that dress in greasepaint and idolise him never knew the Joker like we did, they just see some image of anti-authoritive immature funny man, not the psychopathic murderer and kidnapper... and no, I don't hold that against you, Harley."

"I wouldn't blame ya if ya did, you know," Harleen told her with a tear in the older woman's eye, "I wasn't any better than they are - it took years of therapy after he died before I finally got clean and I still sometimes wake up from nightmares about people I hurt, including the kid."

Barbara shook her head, "You were probably one of the worst victims, Harley, what he did to you isn't any different than what he tried to do to Tim, you just weren't as prepared to resist it. We all forgave you a long time ago."

"You did, I didn't," Harleen corrected, reaching up to wipe the tear away, "What kinda Nana am I if I can't keep my grandkids from making the same mistakes I did, Babs?"

"Sometimes kids are just too headstrong to listen, but they'll figure it out sooner or later," Barbara tried to console her, "I know I did."

"Do ya know how much their bail is?"

"Forty thousand credits for the two of them," Barbara answered, having already checked, "It's the gang activity that brings the cost up. I'll drive you down to the station myself to get them."

Harleen frowned, "Let me get my cane."

"You don't look like you need a cane," Barbara answered, trying to be complimentary.

"I know that," Harleen rolled her eyes, "The cane ain't to help me walk, the cane is so I can swat those two with it."