Thor came down on Tony's landing pad, walking the short distance to the door, seeing Tony, Bruce, Steve, and a strange man with long black hair and a metal arm inside at the bar. Tony paled when he saw the expression on Thor's face and quickly put bottles under the counter and put up different bottles. "You did not see me hide the good scotch." He muttered to the men. Tony turned to Thor, "Ah the prodigal son returns. Want a drink?" Tony asked hospitably enough, with a twinkle of humor in his eye.

"Not this time, Metal Man." Thor growled at Tony, "Can you send for Barton and Natasha? They are needed."

Steve looked up at Thor, "What's going on?" he asked as Tony pressed a button to alert the pair that their abilities were needed, before taking a seat beside Bruce at the bar.

"I need your help." Thor replied taking a bottle of scotch from the bar, he turned to the strange man, "Who are you?"

He shook his hair from his eyes, "I'm James Buchanan Barnes." He replied, reaching out with his metal arm to shake Thor's hand.

Thor took it, firmly shaking his hand before turning to the group of assembled Avengers, "It's about Loki."

"That guy really pisses me off." Bruce muttered. Steve, Barnes, and Tony looked at him and then each other, edging one chair away. "Oh come on you guys, I've got the Big Guy under control!"

"How is Reindeer Games anyway?" Tony asked, ignoring Bruce.

"He is well." Thor replied, "And he is married to Lady Jane."

"MARRIED?!" Tony burst.

"And the father their twin children." Thor said quietly.

Tony snickered, trying not to laugh. He wasn't trying very hard though, and was soon doubled over, laughing his ass off.

"Are we talking about The Loki, your brother Loki? The Loki who tried to take over Earth?" Steve asked, completely shocked.

"Who's Loki?" Barnes asked.

"It's a rather long story that I'll have to tell you about later." Steve said to his best friend, "I promise Bucky." Bucky smiled and took his partner's hand in his.

Bruce didn't say anything. He just sat there with a flabbergasted expression. Tony's laughter began to subside, as he gasped for air, grinning madly as he wiped a tear from his very red cheeks.

"Yes. My brother Loki. Married and the father of twins." Thor repeated. Tony started laughing again.

"Wow." Steve said, all astonishment, "Wow." Bucky looked confused, glancing at the other Avengers for a clue.

"When...when did all this happen?" Bruce asked.

"Loki married Jane six years ago; together they were crowned as king and queen, and then she became pregnant during their honeymoon." Thor specified before turning to Tony who was still giggling, "Are you quite finished yet?!" He snapped.

"Yeah...yeah I'm good." Tony said, gasping for air.

"Then let's go to Jotunheim." Thor said.

"Where are we going?" Clint said just coming onto the scene with his trusty bow in hand. Natasha was close behind him fastening her electric cuffs.

Bucky leaned toward Steve, "Where is Jotunheim?" he whispered close to his cheek.

Steve whispered back, "I don't know. I think we'll just have to find out together." And then kissed Bucky's cheek. Steve made a gagging noise, and was silenced quickly by Steve, Bucky, and Bruce glaring at him.

"To Jotunheim, to save my brother and Jane." Thor growled, tired of repeating himself, throwing a glare at Tony. "I'll explain when we get there, but suffice to say, Loki is an ally." He got up and walked to Tony's Iron Man launch pad with the Avengers in tow, Tony acquiring his armor as they walked. "He and Jane are married, with twin children. A race called the Frost Giants have taken them, and Loki cannot take on their army alone." He turned to the skies, "Heimdall!" Thor called, "Take us to Jotunheim!"

The Bifrost opened up, startling everyone as they soared through space at an impossible speed.

They landed on the icy realm of Jotunheim, soon joined by Sif. "Ready?" Thor asked her, grasping her forearm in his hand, as she did with his. She nodded, and the group took off at a steady pace toward the heart of Jotunheim.

Loki woke in a cell beside Jane's, his side still bleeding; he pressed a hand to the wound, "Jane?" he murmured.

She turned to him; her skin and clothes were covered with a thin layer of frost, and her lips were blue. "Loki." She breathed, pressing against the bars of her cage. Loki reached a hand out toward her, letting it rest against her cheek. He channeled his magic into his hand, making it warm.

Jane pressed her head into his hand, feeling warmth flood through her body and into the children. Slowly they stirred in her arms, "Daddy?" Isabelle said, rubbing her eyes.

"I'm here sweet Belle." Loki murmured, touching her hand.

"Dad." William murmured, opening his eyes. Loki grasped his children's hands in his, "Are we going to be okay Daddy?"

"Yes Will." Loki said, "Uncle Thor and Aunt Sif are coming. They'll help." He saw the frost giants looking at them closely, "We'll be alright."

He saw Laufey on the throne, holding Gungnir in his fist. Rage washed over Loki once more, and using his magic, he took away Gungnir, putting it on Sleipnir's saddle, mentally instructing the horse to run back to the Bifrost.

Laufey stood up in a rage, "WHERE IS IT?!" He bellowed at Loki.

"Away." Loki said bravely, standing up, letting go of his family.

"You will be punished, until you return the staff to me, my son." Laufey replied.

"I am no son of yours, nor am I a son of Odin!" Loki said, "I am Loki, King of Asgard, Son of None."

Laufey laughed, a deep rumble like boulders crashing, "It matters not." He beckoned Loki forward. Two frost giants entered his cell and dragged him out, forcing him to his knees before the king of Jotunheim.

Jane snarled as several frost giants converged upon her and the children, removing them from their cell as well. "We will execute your family one at a time, until you relinquish your staff and throne to me Loki, Son of None."

Thor watched a dark dot in the distance rapidly approach. It was Sleipnir. Quickly, he intercepted the great beast and reached out to him.

"Woah Sleipnir, woah, easy boy." Thor said grasping the horse's bridle, calming him.

"Thor, Gungnir is in the holster." Sif said.

"Loki is in trouble then." Thor growled, "As are Jane and the children."

He lifted his hammer, "FOR ASGARD!" He bellowed, taking Sleipnir's reins, lifting Sif into the saddle. Thor soared forward, with Sif close on Sleipnir.

In mere seconds they reached the ruins where he had once tried to start a war with the Jotuns.

Sif leaped off of Sleipnir with her sword in one hand and Gungnir in the other. She dove for the frost giants holding Loki, spearing one in the chest, and stabbing the other through the neck with her sword. She dropped into a roll, releasing Gungnir for Loki to take, removing her sword from the dead giant.

Thor tackled a giant that held Jane, and smashed his chest in. He turned with a growl, bashing the other Jotun away, "Go to your husband." He said to Jane. She grasped her children's hands and ran to Loki's side.

Tony in his Iron man suit soared overhead, blasting a frost giant away from Jane. He landed easily on the snow, and took a punch from a giant. Tony shot a little rocket into the giant's chest, and blew him to smithereens.

Loki pulled his staff free of the frost giant's body, running toward Jane, Isabelle, and William. He embraced his wife briefly, before he took the children into his arms, Jane following. He called for Sleipnir, placing them on his mount's broad back, turning to Jane. She wasn't behind him anymore. She screamed as a frost giant dragged her away. "Take the children to safety, but wait for Jane." Loki said to Sleipnir. The horse whickered in response, and galloped away from the battle. Loki turned to the frost giant, "Let her go!" He roared. The frost giant just laughed and tossed Jane to the side like she was a ragdoll. Loki screamed in rage and charged the giant.

Jane slid on the ice, clawing at the frozen land as she slid dangerously close to the edge of a ravine. Her feet went over the edge, but at the last moment, she managed to stop before going over. Her heart pounding like a rabbit's, she stood up slowly. The ice beneath her cracked ominously. Looking down, Jane's breath caught in her chest. She was on thin ice, transparent, giving full view of a black chasm beneath her... and it was shot through with cracks. If she moved at all, the ice would shatter and she would fall.

She looked up at her husband, who had just slain the frost giant that dragged her away. "Jane!" Loki cried out, dashing toward her. Another frost giant threw himself at Loki. With a furious shout, Loki swung Gungnir, slashing the giant across his chest. The creature collapsed, and Loki continued his sprint to his wife. He made it to the ice, fracturing and crackling underfoot, taking Jane's hand. He pulled her against his chest; he embraced her, kissing her forehead, and tossing her to solid ground; all in a fraction of a second.

Jane looked at him, astonished, "Loki!"

"Jane my love, go to the children, get to safety." Loki said with a sad look, "Give them a hug for me."

Jane shook her head sorrowfully, backing away. She drank in the sight of her husband once more before she turned and ran toward the other side of the battle to her children on Sleipnir. Loki used his magic to hide her from the frost giants, watching her reunite with William and Isabelle.

She stroked Sleipnir's nose, "Thank you." She said quietly, turning to gaze at her husband.

Loki teetered on the edge of the abyss on weak ice, clutching his wound, his side paining him grievously as he leaned to one side. His blood stained the cracking blue ice. "Loki!" Jane screamed. She was too far away to save him. He looked to her, sorrow painted across both of their faces. Jane covered her mouth with her hand, collapsing to her knees.

Thor looked from the frost giants to Jane. He had heard her cry, seeing her looking straight at Loki. "No!" he bellowed, swinging his great hammer across a frost giant's jaw, dashing him against an ice wall.

Loki looked at Jane, "I love you." He mouthed to her as he collapsed to one knee. The ice beneath him crackled and groaned, dropping into the blackness beneath him. Loki fell with the ice.

"NO! LOKI!" Jane screamed.