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The Blood Of A Chaste Warrior

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Epilogue

Four Years Later

"Hey mom; long time no talk, I've been happy for the last four almost five years. I finally found someone who saw the good in me. His name is Jacob Black, you would have loved him. I fulfilled my destiny, I defeated Sam Uley even though it happened two years ago, I can finally sleep and so can you. I don't blame myself for your death anymore now that I know he's dead you can rest in peace and so can I," I smiled

As I stood in front of my mother's grave for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel it was my fault anymore, I set the flowers down on her grave and turned to see none other than the love of my life. I smiled and ran towards him.

"What are you doing here? I thought I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow,"

"Well, I got an early flight out here and I wanted to surprise you but I just happen to see a beautiful blond in a grave,"

I blushed and smiled

Over the last two years, everything had changed but gone back to normal. Jacob and I stayed together for the year but once I had to go away for school, we continued in long distance relationship, it was working great. I also dyed my hair back to blond again because I actually started liking it. Jacob finally followed his destiny to be true Alpha and new council member replacing Billy. My dad finally decided to meet someone new and begin exploring females again. All our friends either resided in La Push or in Paul and Rachel's case got married and moved to Seattle.

I took Jacob's hand and we got in my car driving back to my apartment, once we got inside Jacob lifted me caveman style I squealed and giggled

"Jacob, put me down," I giggled

He carried me to my room and threw me down

"You're an asshole," I huffed

He growled and ripped my shirt in two


He grinned darkly; I bit my lip and pulled him down to my lips when Jacob finally accepted his true Alpha nature it was a good thing but also a naughty thing. Every time he saw me that summer, he would ravage me so bad I couldn't walk for a week. But the last time he visited we didn't use a condom nor was I on birth control, I did take the test and it was positive. Jacob is going to be a father and I was going to tell him tonight. After Jacob and I made love we lay in each other's arms.

"God I miss being with you, I mean with me in La Push and you here it feels like I'm needed here more,"

"Trust me, I missed living in Arizona it makes me feel like my mom can finally rest in peace but Jacob, I need to tell you something,"

"I need to tell to tell you something too," he smiled stroking my cheek

"You go first," I smiled

He took my hand and kissed it then took my cheeks in his hands

"Baby, I love you, we've been through a lot over these four years but nothing will ever compare to the day I met you. It was the best day of my life. This is why I want you forever because I know you will never give up a fight to be with the one you love. So I'm asking you." He grabbed his jean pocket and took a velvet box opening it and I gasped. He was freaking proposing!

"Will you marry me?" he asked

I laughed hysterically and pounced on him.

"Is that a yes?" he smiled

"Hell yes!" I giggled

He chuckled and kissed me softly

"So what did you have to say?" he smiled

"Listen to me closely and tell me what you hear,"

"Okay?" he questioned

He listened intensely and chuckled

"Shh concentrate," I scowled

"Okay, okay. This is so weird,"

I rolled my eyes and covered his mouth

He opened his eyes and listened in intently on my stomach and smiled

"You're pregnant?" he said tears streaming down looking up at me

I smiled and nodded

"I'm going to be a father?" he said tears coming down more


He smiled and kissed me softly

"I love you so much Mrs. Bella Black," he smiled

"Not as much as I love you Mr. Jacob Black,"

Wedding Day

As I stood in front of the mirror, I smiled and sighed. Today I was going to become Mrs. Isabella Black.

"Bella," Dad called

I turned to see the door opened a crack and my dad peering in

"Hi dad," I smiled

"You look beautiful, your mother would have been so proud of the young woman you became."

I smiled

"Bella," Rachel whispered "It's time."

I smiled and lifted my dress making my way to the beach; I held my dad's arm and smiled walking down the aisle. I looked up to see Jacob smiling, he still looked like the baby-faced boy I had met the first day in Judo, the man I would devote my heart to for the rest of my life. When I reached the altar Jacob took my hand and smiled as my dad whispered something in his ear. When we finally reached the vows Jacob professed his love to me and making me cry and sob trying to say mine.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss-

Before Billy could say bride Jacob pulled me into a searing sweet kiss making everyone hoot in excitement, I laughed and cried as he lifted me and carried me down the aisle to our car. When we drove down to the La Push town hall; I couldn't stop smiling.

"Hey, Mrs. Black,"

"Yes, Mr. Black,"

"I love you and our little baby,"

I smiled and touched my little baby bump

"Have you thought of names for him,"

"Well, I know he will take after his daddy, so I named him Embry Jacob Black,"

"Embry would be honored, so would I," I smiled

As we drove we decided to just road trip for our honeymoon and drive seeing the marvelous lights at night and the day time as bright as us