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"Beer little bro?" Emmett boomed, beginning to pour before he'd even finished asking.

When Bella Swan had asked - completely out of the blue - to meet me I'd insisted we do it at my brother's bar. She'd seemed to be pushing for neutral ground but I figured I had the casting vote whether she liked it or not.

It'd been seven years since I'd last seen Bella, shoving her graduation cap in a trash can and stalking off campus towards a life of...I didn't really know. Being a total A-grade bitch somewhere else I guessed. There weren't many members of Forks High School's Class of 2006 who weren't glad to see the back of her because there weren't many people, teachers included, that she hadn't treated like dirt and although the handful of us who were still in touch sometimes talked about her we had no idea where she'd disappeared to.

So when she'd suddenly requested my Facebook friendship I was intrigued. I accepted thinking that, if nothing else, I could put that discussion to rest. But her page gave nothing away. She had a few friends but no information about where she was or what she was doing and the only interesting thing on there was her profile picture, it wasn't the clearest of photos but she was definitely smiling. The Bella Swan I had known never, ever smiled.

I took my beer to a booth, watching the usual Seattle rain pound the window while I waited. Emmett reluctantly disappeared off for a meeting with a craft brewery out on the peninsula, having left it as late as possible in hopes of spotting Bella before he went. He'd been a couple of years ahead of us at school but not immune to the odd 'bricks-for-brains' and other insults referring to his brains/brawn imbalance.


She'd slipped into the bar without me noticing and was standing next to the booth, looking sheepish. She hadn't changed. Or at least she didn't look any older. Dressed in a pale blue cotton dress and high heels, wearing hardly any make-up and free from the nose and lip rings she'd been put into repeated detentions for refusing to remove she looked totally unlike her old self.

"Bella! Hi!" I exclaimed, standing up and indicating the bench opposite me, "can I get you something to drink?"

She asked me what was good and I brought her a beer - Emmett was pretty well known for his selection of speciality brews.

"So you look...um...different," she stumbled over her words, "different good I mean..."

I couldn't help allowing myself a small smile. While I hadn't been the nerdiest guy in school I was never exactly cool. I wore glasses and braces, had a terrible haircut and man, had I been scrawny. Things were pretty different now. Not to be arrogant but let's just say that Emmett claimed he only invited me to play gigs at the bar because it increased his female clientele by 100% - his words, not mine.

"I'm going to get straight to the point," Bella traced lines in the condensation on her glass, refusing to look me in the eye, "I want to apologise for the way I treated you back when we were in high school. I know I was kind of a bitch."

I choked on my beer, "yeah, kind of."

She grinned, finally looking up at me through thick lashes. Ugh, she was even more beautiful without all the eyeliner and I couldn't help but remember all the teenage fantasies I'd had about her, all the time I'd spent locked away in my room, ahem...thinking about her. Yeah, she was a horrible person but teenage boys don't get all-consuming, passionate crushes on dazzling personalities.

"So why now? And why me?

"Oh, not just you," she explained, "I've tried to get in touch with a few of them. Jessica Stanley cussed me out in an email, I met up with Mike Newton which was fine, Eric Yorkie spoke to me on the phone. For the most part I couldn't find people or they ignored me. Can't really blame them, huh?"

We sat in silence for a moment, me sipping my beer and staring, Bella chewing her lip.

"Long story short Edward, I had a shitty childhood. My parents split when I was really young, neither of them knew how to deal with me. I guess I was angry and scared of getting close to people. Look, I don't know exactly, but that's what my therapist thinks and she's probably pretty close to the truth."


"It's no excuse for being mean but I'm different now, a lot has changed. All I want to do is apologise. Whether or not you accept it is up to you but I want you to know that it was all me, you were such a great guy and I just picked on you because you were an easy target."

"Thanks," I rolled my eyes.

She slapped a palm to her forehead, "I didn't mean it like that. I mean...I knew you liked me and so I guess it was easy to hurt you. Argh! I don't know! I'm sorry, that's it, I just want to say sorry. It wasn't you, it was me. There."

"You knew I liked you?" I was blushing. I didn't blush, what the hell was wrong with me?

"Uh, it was pretty obvious Edward. You really didn't need to sit as close to me in biology as you did."

"Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten about that." I hadn't.

"And keeping your textbook in your lap wasn't the subtlest way to…" she stifled a laugh and I banged my head down on the table.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed into the tabletop.

"Edward?" She tapped the top of my head, "Edward? I'm sorry I shouldn't have mentioned it."

I looked up at her, one eyebrow raised questioningly, "you really noticed huh?"

Her cheeks turned blazing red - the power of the eyebrow, "it was kind of difficult not to."

"So what do you do now Bella?" I changed the subject, putting myself back on the front foot while she recovered herself.

"I'm a paediatric nurse. I know it's funny, Eric thought it was fucking hilarious me helping sick kids. What about you?"

I patted the guitar case next to me, "musician. I play locally and I've written a couple of songs for relatively well known artists. Nothing huge but it pays the bills you know? I'm playing here later if you wanted to come down?"

I don't know why I asked really, I think it must have been for the inner seventeen year old who still needed to put a science textbook in his lap when she tucked her hair behind her ear, revealing the pale skin of her neck.

"Really? You'd want me to come back?"

I shrugged nonchalantly, or in a way that I hoped was nonchalant, "sure, if you've got nothing else going on."

We chatted for a while longer, she told me about some of the kids she worked with, how they had inspired her to make amends for her past behaviour. She asked me about my songs and my family - Emmett and our sister Alice - and I promised to give her number to Angela Weber. She left promising to be back before my set started.

But when eight o'clock rolled around and I stepped up onto Emmett's makeshift stage she was nowhere to be seen. I can't say I wasn't disappointed, I'd enjoyed speaking to her and couldn't deny that the flame I'd held for her in high school had been reignited. She was just as smart and funny but in a different, better way. She seemed kind and good and my God it had taken all of my strength to keep my eyes off of the button which had come open while we drank, revealing a sheer navy blue bra. So yeah, nice person...kind...bra.

A crowd had gathered, mostly the usual college girls who would try to hit on me once I finished up, when Bella finally walked in. She looked straight at me and mouthed 'sorry,' before settling down near the back of the room with a glass of beer in front of her.

I couldn't help but keep glancing over at her while I played. She was still wearing the same dress - albeit with the button sadly fixed - but looked somehow even more attractive under the dimmed lights, staring at me with an awed smile on her face. Or maybe it was the free drinks that came with having a bar-owning brother. Whatever it was I wanted her and I wanted her bad. So bad that I hit a couple of uncharacteristic bum notes so obvious that Emmett's wife, Rosalie, frowned at me from behind the bar where she was holding fort in his absence. She wasn't an easy woman to please but then it wasn't her I was trying to impress and it wasn't her that was making me lose all concentration.

I finished up my final song and packed up my guitar, dodging the usual advances from the college girls as politely as I possibly could while making it clear I wanted them to fuck off and quickly. With my guitar stashed away I made a beeline for Bella and she stood up with a huge smile.

"That was...I had no idea you were so talented!" She exclaimed, jumping up to hug me, nearly knocking me off my feet.

I groaned, "please don't do that."

"Oh God, I'm sorry. How inappropriate, we don't even…" She wittered, waving her hands wildly.

"It's not that," I breathed, "come with me."

Confused she allowed me to pull her into the corridor leading to the storage room where it was quieter.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice trembling slightly as I pulled her to a halt and glared down at her, "it was only...I was just…"

Unable to control myself a moment longer I grabbed her roughly by the arms and pulled her to me, kissing her. Hard. She moaned loudly and I pulled away, worried I'd overstepped the mark but she reached up and pulled on my hair, dragging my head down to her. I was immediately hard, desperate for her, as much for my now-self as for the speccy boy who had lusted after his mean biology lab partner.

Our teeth clashed and tongues tangled, she bit down on my lip and I think I let out something approximating a growl, pushing her up against the wall of the corridor, hitching her dress up around her thighs and kicking her legs apart so I could push myself against her as I kissed my way down her neck, making her moan out my name. She dug her fingers into my backside, while I palmed at a cotton covered breast, pinching her hard nipple through the material.

"Oh. My. God. Wait until I tell Emmett about this!"

Rosalie was leaning in the doorway to the bar, arms crossed with a huge shit-eating grin plastered across her face.

"Shit," Bella cursed, pushing her dress back down and squeezing out from between me and the wall, "shit, shit, shit. I should go…"

And with that she dashed back out into the bar. I followed her out into the street.


She turned to look at me, rain already plastering her hair to her face, "I'm sorry Edward, that was a really fucking stupid thing to do."

"I disagree," I took a step towards her, then another until we were toe to toe, "very strongly."

I leant down to kiss her again, more gently this time and she responded by wrapping her arms around my neck, letting our lips lazily touch, ignoring the Seattleites dashing past with their umbrellas, desperate to get out of the cold rain. Eventually we pulled apart.

"It's kind of wet out here and my apartment's just over there," I pointed, "just saying."

"Have you got coffee?"

"Sure," I grabbed her hand and practically dragged her across the street to my building.

I leant down to fumble the key into the dodgy lock and as the door eventually swung open she slipped in front of me, turning to grab me by the lapels of my jacket, slipping it off of my shoulders.

"You need to get out of these wet things," she purred, "you'll catch a cold."

"What a cliche," I managed to choke out, leaning in to unbutton the top buttons of her now almost completely transparent sodden dress.

She manouvered herself backwards towards the stairs leading to my apartment, dropping my jacket and closing in on my shirt, "you're soaked through."

"Do you think you could stop talking now?" I asked as she tripped, falling gently and possibly not so accidentally, taking me with her.

She raised her eyebrows, "you never would've spoken to me like that at school."

"Shhh," I cut her off with another kiss, gentle at first then harder, responding to her insistent removal of my shirt and her short, sharp gasps every time I ground myself into her.

We stayed there, uncomfortably lying on the stairs, until I couldn't take it any longer. I pushed myself up, pretending not to notice her hungrily eyeing the erection trying to fight its way out of my pants, and lifted her bodily from the stairs, throwing her over my shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing?" She yelped, "put me down!"

"Really?" I opened the door to my apartment and carried her in, taking the opportunity to ogle her ass, barely covered by her hitched up dress and rearranged navy panties.

"No," she breathed.

Heading directly for the bedroom, not overly concerned about the state I'd left the place in when I left this afternoon; sheets ruffled and old coffee cups on every surface, I placed her gently on the bed, her wet hair spread out around her, large eyes peering up at me, dress barely still in place.

"What now?"

"What do you think?" I laughed, kneeling between her legs and popping another button open on her dress. Then another and another, "I've been waiting for this for ten years, I'm not going to wait any longer."

She said nothing, just let me rip the dress away from her, finally. She was perfect, navy blue against pale skin, the vision I'd only imagined for years making me impossibly harder.

As I took in the sights she palmed me through the tight denim of my jeans, sighing at the uncontrollable twitch of my cock, straining towards her.

"Bella…" I groaned and she took the hint, deftly flicking open the fly and pushing the pants down my legs, looking me dead in the eye the whole time. The part of me that just wanted to be inside her fought with the part that wanted to make this last, savour every moment, appreciate every inch of her skin. The brain won out, just, and I bent down to place a mouth on her breast, nudging the cup of her bra to one side and swirling a tongue over a taut nipple, taking it between my teeth and gently biting down, moving to the other breast and repeating the action until she was gasping, her breath ragged, chest heaving.

I traced a tongue down, as slowly as I could bear, tasting her skin until I reached the barrier of her panties. I'm not sure if it was she or I that got rid of them but they were gone in a second and I was gently running a tongue across her centre, already dripping with want, becoming wetter as I dipped inside.

"You taste amazing," I mumbled, going back for more, pressing a tongue against her clit, causing her hips to buck. I carried on, flicking my tongue against her and gently easing two fingers inside, moving them back and forth, curling them to find just the right spot. Faster.

"Oh God, oh God…" she chanted, "I'm going to...Edward…"

She pulsed around my fingers, loudly whimpering as she came, her body convulsing until the orgasm subsided and she went completely still, her breath slowing.

"I'm not done with you," I whispered, climbing back up her body, leaning across to the nightstand to retrieve the condom I, with uncharacteristic grace, tore open and rolled on, kneeling in front of her, enjoying her eyes raking over my body appreciatively.

Taking my weight on my arms I gently rubbed my cock against her, letting it slip through the wetness, sliding against her still sensitive clitoris, enjoying her writhing beneath me, trying to ease me inside. I took the hint, sucking my breath in through my teeth as I pushed into her, feeling her tightness around me, fighting the urge to pump my hips, instead lazily easing in and out, one hand tracing her nipple, looking her in the eye as she stared back at me, her eyes barely open, her lips swollen and red.

As the sensation became too much and both of us neared release I pulled out, kneeling again and giving her a wicked grin, "too slow."

Her eyes widened in something like surprise and giving her a wicked grin I grabbed her, lifting her easily with one arm and flipping her over, placing her on all fours, I stroked a hand across her ass, up her back to her neck and down before I entered her for a second time feeling the warmth and wetness of her all over again, just as perfect but this time tighter, deeper.

I began to move, pumping in and out, reaching around to find that hard little swollen mound, rubbing a fingertip across it. She pushed back into me, forcing me deeper and I moved faster, forgetting myself, roughly rubbing with my finger while I pounded into her, feeling myself nearing the edge, her gasps and near-screams driving me on. And then, as I felt her tighten around my cock, heard her pull her breath in, felt her shaking beneath me I came, cursing, slamming myself into her one final time.

We fell into each other, tangled in the sheets and searching for our breath. I don't think either one of us said anything for hours. We just laid there, slumped across each other, neither of us with anything to add.

Eventually I rolled over to kiss her but she was already asleep.


I awoke the next morning to find her standing over me, already dressed. The sun was streaming in through the window, illuminating her from behind.

"I tried not to wake you."

"S'ok," I yawned, although it kind of wasn't. Being a musician wasn't consistent with early starts, "what time's it?"

"Early. I have to go get changed before work." She was a state in her crumpled dress and knotted up hair, dark shadows under her eyes.

"Will you call me?" She asked ducking her head, blushing.


Bella Swan smiled a last time, turned and left.