My entry to RobStar week! I'm a full out BBxRae shipper, but who doesn't like this pairing once in a while? It's great!


Dear Diary,

I've only noticed just yesterday how Starfire laughs. Normally, she'll giggle until she falls out of her chair. Sometimes, she laughs so hard it hurts my ears. But yesterday, I noticed that when she really laughs, it sounds... Sweet. Like a warm hug.
I wonder if she has a diary. I'll probably find out as soon as Cyborg does.

Dear book of daily occurrences,

Today, I have noticed Robin laughs in several different manners...


She was the new kid. It was understandable that nobody wanted to sit with her. That nobody talked to her. That when she spoke in her strange way, everyone near her flinched and walked away, shaking their heads while she silently cried inside.

It was understandable that Dick Grayson was the coolest kid at Jump City High. He could do any sort of martial arts possible, blindfolded. He was brave, funny and ridiculously handsome. He had his own posse of outstanding students.

What wasn't understandable was why he sat at her table.


Why does he hide? I've asked him so many times. He's always there, but behind a curtain of black and white. I've never seen him without that cursed mask. Never. Not in the five earth years I've spend here, not even in the two we have been together. I see him working away throughout the day, and find him sleeping at his desk in the next morning. Never without the mask. Never.

I remember that Robin once told me that his mask protected his "identity". It kept the villains from knowing who he truly was. Unfortunately, it kept it from me also. I spend nights lying lonely on my bed, pondering over who he could be, but to no prevail. I confess I have cried about it on more then one occasion.

I do believe, however, that I will find out soon. Robin has been doing the "warming up" to me lately. He has spend more time with me ever since I was nearly incinerated in the fire in downtown Jump. I believe he cares for me very much, now. Someday, I shall see the face behind the mask. Someday.


Who could have thought a letter could bring so much misery?

It was probably around five in the afternoon when she got the tiny slip of paper in the mail. None of the Titans considered it much, as they got fan mail frequently. It was only Robin, who noticed that the slip was from Tameran.
Robin watched out of the corner of his eye as she opened the envelope. She took out the piece of paper and read it. It only caught his attention, though, when her eyes filled with tears as she reached the end of the letter. He sat up and opened his mouth to say something, but Starfire beat him to it as she said in a hoarse voice, "I-I am going now."

She ran out of the room, crying. Robin quietly exited after her, ignoring the faces his fellow teammates were giving. He walked down the hall to Starfire's room, gently knocking on the door. He heard a muffled sob from inside, followed by a quiet voice whispering, "I do not wish you to see me like this."

"Star, it's ok," Robin replied. "What happened?"

Starfire opened the door, tears running down her cheeks. She beckoned Robin inside and sat down on her bed. "Galfore has... passed," she whispered. "He died from a deadly illness on Tameran."

Robin could have sworn his heart broke at the sight of Starfire, who was holding her head in her hands. Galfore had raised her, nurtured her, taught her everything she knew. He had been her sitter, teacher and guardian. He had been her mentor. And now he was gone.

"Star... I'm sorry," Robin murmured. "I didn't know."

"It-it's ok, Robin," Starfire whimpered, throwing her arms around him. "You do not have to give the apologies. My mentor may be gone, but at least I still have my best of friends."


To Blackfire,

You may notice it has been quite long since I wrote last. Everything is joyous on Earth. I do hope that the Centari jail guards have been treating you well. Even though our last encounter was... unfortunate, I wish you happiness and the earthly mustard, which is quite delicious.
The Titans have been doing "the kicking of the butt" most brilliantly lately. We have captured Control Freak and the Doctor Light recently. Cyborg did the upgrading of his systems, and Raven has learned a new way of doing the meditating. She has seemed most pleased about it. I believe she and Beast Boy will be doing the "getting together" soon. Beast Boy has been giving her the flowers, and occasionally the non-cotton candy.
Speaking of the getting together, Robin and I are the girlfriend and boyfriend! He has been very sweet lately. Maybe from the superior butt-kicking. He has taken me on several dates, one to the walk of boards. The Ferris wheel is most enjoyable.
Oh well. I wish I could speak to you in person one of these times. I do miss you very much.

Your sister,

Blackfire smirked at the inmate next to her. "Told ya my sister would end up with Robin. You owe me five Okaarans."


There she was. Sitting in the sunlight on the beach, near the surf. The rays not hurting her, but rather strengthening her. A soft breeze blew through the air, tickling her skin.

Robin watched her absentmindedly out of the corner of his eye, doodling quietly in a small notebook. Beast Boy and Cyborg were wrestling in the water, while Raven, seemingly the referee, watched them carefully from the safety of an umbrella. As Cyborg dunked Beast Boy underwater, Beast Boy shifted into a dolphin and shoved him. Cyborg shot the waves with his cannon, causing a huge wall of water to surge Beast Boy away. Robin could see Raven smiling fondly as he shot out of the saltwater, leaping onto Cyborg with a loud battle cry.

"Excuse me, Robin, but what is the point of friend Beast Boy's exercise?"

Robin grinned as Starfire, looking quite confused, asked the question. "They're just playing, Star," he answered happily as Cyborg threw Beast Boy, now in whale form, away. A huge wave hit the boy wonder. "At least, I hope that's what they're doing," he added.

Starfire smiled, the wave having no effect on her. She looked like a goddess in the sunlight. Robin almost caught himself drooling.

"Robin? Robin? Are you conscious?" Starfire asked, concerned. "I do believe your eyes have crossed."

Wicked grin:

There it was. The look he would have never expected from his innocent, adorable girlfriend. A look, so evil, the only Titan known to have mastered it was Raven.

"It seems I have you trapped," she drawled. What the heck? Starfire didn't drawl! It was the look! It was corrupting her!

Robin pulled at his collar, confused and uncomfortable. "I-I don't know what you mean," he said, buying more time.

"I'm sure you know EXACTLY the meaning," Starfire replied, her malevolent grin growing.

Robin couldn't find a way out. The walls were crumbling, the tide was turning. He was defeated, and she somehow knew it. He sighed. "Dang it."

Starfire's wicked grin disappeared at once! "I have done it!" she cried. "The checkmate, Robin!"

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