"Emotionclone Storm" Or Why Raven never lets go of her emotions


Raven's eyes shot open. Beast Boy's screams pierced the air, conveying helplessness and pain. The empath barely had time to take a breath before a loud thump followed by a shriek sounded from the hall.

The empath leaped out of bed, grabbing her cloak and phasing through the door. It seemed her green teammate had been dragged somewhere down the hall, out of her sight. She took to the air and rocketed through the passages of the Tower, desperately trying to sense the changeling's aura. She nearly sighed with relief when she felt it pulsing nearby.

Tracking the panicked spirit, she soared into the corridor that contained the signature. She barely had time to see Beast Boy's hand clawing at the rug before he was pulled around a corner. She flat out sprinted through the air before turning the corner and nearly gasping at the scene in front of her.

Three multi-colored versions of herself had Beast Boy pinned down to the rug, specifically red, green and purple. A few others such as orange and pink were poking at him curiously. The terrified changeling himself seemed more or less unharmed, but was clearly scared out of his mind.

"What in Azar is going on here?!" Raven roared. Beast Boy took the chance of the empath's doppelgangers looking up and raced across the rug behind her like an alarmed gecko.

Completely ignoring her question, the red one screamed, "After him!"

Raven was nearly knocked over by the stampede of multicolored clones charging down the hall. She made as if to follow them before noticing one had stayed. The brown-cloaked clone had seeming passed out during Raven's shouting and was lying dead to the world on the carpet.

The empath walked over to where her copy was snoozing and kicked at her shoulder angrily. The emoticlone let out an indignant squeak and opened her eyes, glaring up at her original with a hiss of, "What was that for?"

"What did the other emotions do to Beast Boy?" Raven growled, ignoring her question. "Don't act like you don't know, Sloth," she added.

Sloth let out an inaudible mutter and curled up into a ball. "I wasn't really paying attention," she mumbled. "I… I think they might have sat on him or something…"

"Sat on him?" Raven hissed almost disbelievingly.

"Maybe they… I dunno, kissed him-"

"They did?!" Raven nearly yelled.

"Ugh, it's not like they actually hurt him," Sloth slurred irritably. "He… he was only scared… 'cause they took him by surprise… think he was sleeping…"

"We'll settle this later," Raven interrupted. She abruptly picked up Sloth, provoking a half-hearted shriek of surprise from the exhausted emoticlone. The empath took no notice of her copy as she stalked down the hall.

Hearing Beast Boy's screamed complaints against her emotions from down the hall, Raven was able to find the confronting group easily. Rage had Beast Boy pressed against the floor again, and seemed to be trying to pin his arms behind his back. The empath dropped Sloth to the floor, not worrying about her rather lazy emoticlone, and rushed towards where the emotions were crowding.

The group didn't take any notice of her until she let out a loud yell. "I ASKED, what is going on?!"

Knowledge turned around and opened her mouth, but was rudely cut off by Brave. "He was teasing Happy, so we decided to punish him!"

"By sitting on him?" Raven questioned angrily.

This time, Knowledge beat Brave. "We never sat on him," the yellow-cloaked emotion pondered. "What on Azarath gave you that idea?"

Raven cast a glare at Sloth's form, which was now being tentatively examined by Timid. The doppelganger opened one eye and mumbled, "I said… I wasn't paying attention…"

"Well, what happened, then?" Raven growled. Beast Boy looked like he wanted to reply, but Rude slapped an orange-cuffed hand around his mouth.

Brave stood up and walked over to Beast Boy, who immediately started to struggle. Muffled screams fought their way free of his gag, and his eyes darted around the hall, looking for an escape that wasn't there.

The green-cloaked emotion pryed Affection away from the changeling, causing the purple copy to let out a soft complaint. Brave took no notice and pulled one of Beast Boy's arms from the stiff position he had assumed at his side. Beast Boy squeaked in terror.

"I didn't say demonstrate," Raven intervened hastily, stepping closer to the center of the group. She didn't know what her emotions had been doing to poor Beast Boy, but it seemed to be anything but good.

Brave shrugged and without warning, started tickling Beast Boy's armpit.

Beast Boy let out a screech of laughter, wrenching his mouth free of Rude's hand. The other emoticlones pounced onto the green boy like a pride of lions, causing him to start gasping for air. Raven was dumbstruck.

She immediately joined in the clump, hauling clones off of her breathless teammate. Some let out brief complaints, while other attempted to fight back. She took no notice and started trying to pull Brave away from Beast Boy, succeeding when she deployed her telekinesis.

Beast Boy slumped to the ground, panting and staring fearfully at the group of Ravens gathered around him. Their original was positioned next to the changeling, looking down at him with a growing expression of craftiness. "Rae-"

Beast Boy was cut off as Raven abruptly pinned him down and picked up where Brave left of

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to EX3451, who claimed I ruined his day. Either this makes up for it, EX, or you're just going to have to deal with it.