Fandom: Power Rangers
Pairing: Eventual Jason/Kim; mentions of various other Ranger pairings
Summary: A series of oneshots exploring Jason and Kim's relationship through Jason's POV as he loves her from afar.
Disclaimer: I do not own any person, place or thing you may recognize.
Rating: T overall; each individual part varies, depending on the subject matter; a 'shot specific rating, warnings and spoilers will be posted for each one
Warnings: Ranger related violence
Word Count: 7,327
Author's Note: So, this is a series of oneshots that I started a while ago. Back in '09, actually. I thought about making these individual posts in a forum, but I decided to go back to the original idea of just posting them as a single story.

When I first watched Power Rangers, I was a diehard Tommy/Kim shipper. Even when I first started getting back into the fandom. But then I actually rewatched the first four seasons and both movies, and I realized that I loved Jason/Kim more. (It was actually supposed to be in the Turbo movie, but got cut when the movie got too long.)

I have fallen head over heels with Jason/Kim, and I have grown to be fond of the Tommy/Kat pairing as well.

Anyway, as the summary says, this story explores Jason and Kim's relationship through Jason's eyes as he loves her from afar, starting at the beginning of their friendship, through all the tests and trials they faced over the years, and ending fifteen years after the first Ranger team gained their Powers.

Edit: So, I originally posted this over on my other account, Gu4rd14n-Kn1ghts, but I recently decided that I wanted to have everything on one account, so I've been deleting, editing and reposting all of my stuff here on this account instead. For the most part, it should all be the same. Some of the author's notes may be a little different, but that's about it. Also, I did end up explaining my reasoning for The Letter in one of the author's notes, which I forgot to do the first time around.

Anyway, let me know what y'all think.

Title Leave Her Alone
Characters: Jason, Kim, Bulk, Skull; mentions of Billy and Zack
Rating: K+
Warnings: Nothing specific
Summary: The First Meeting
Word Count: 151/7,327

He stood, watching.

She seemed lost, alone.

He was supposed to meet Billy and Zack on the playground, but he couldn't draw himself away from watching the girl.

She's pretty, he thought.

But why? She was a girl.

He was only eleven.

Girls still had cooties.

But she still looked alone.

He saw Bulk and Skull. They went to her. Said something.

She started crying.

He didn't even realize he was moving. He had to help her.

It was what he did.

"Leave her alone." Voice hard. Fist clenched.

The two bullies knew.

They ran.

He turned.

"You all right?" Voice softer now. Didn't want to scare her.

She looked up, tears in big, brown eyes. Whispered, "Thank you."

He almost didn't hear.

"Don't mention it."


Then, "I'm supposed to meet my friends on the playground. You want to come?"


They walked towards the playground.

Shyly, "I'm Kim."