Co Written By the lovely Spiritblaze

Disclaimer: We Own Nothing

Achilles groaned and opened his eyes. Where am I? he thought. Suddenly, all of the memories concerning the sacking of Troy rushed back to him. I have to find Patroclus, he thought, frantically trying to stand. A sudden pain shot through his foot, causing him to groan and fall back. His whole world was filled with pain and he could see black, clouding the edge of his vision. Closing his eyes, he allowed himself to fall into blessed unconsciousness.

Patroclus sprinted into the courtyard, stopping dead at the sight in front of him. Two Greek warriors were kneeling over Achilles who was unconscious on the ground. Everyone else was standing in shocked silence.

"NO!" cried Patroclus, moving toward his cousin's body. He felt two strong arms wrap around him. It was Odysseus.

"Let me go!" Patroclus yelled, struggling against the older soldier's hold.

"Patroclus, your cousin is hurt, and you are no help to him in this state. Let the healers do their job."

"How can you say that?!" screamed Patroclus, his voice breaking. "It's your fault that he is like this! We could have been home now if it wasn't for you!"

Finally struggling free of Odysseus' hold, Patroclus ran to his cousin's side and clung tightly to his hand.

"Achilles, please cling to life," he sobbed. "Please hold on because I still need you."